Picking Up Women is a Subversive Act

At first I wanted to title this article, “Pickup is a Subversive Act”, but the issue with the Pickup or Seduction Community is that those guys hardly ever get laid. Trying to have sex with women does not subvert society. However, being successful at picking up women, in common parlance: pumping and dumping, is a subversive act, and in this article I’ll explain why.

We are all familiar with the 80/20 rule in dating: the top 20% of guys have sex with 80% o the women. The exact numbers are irrelevant as it’s just a rule of thumb. However, it cannot be denied that women are much more selective regarding sex than men. The average man would be quite willing to have sex with a wide range of women. Heck, even Chad sometimes bangs a 5/10 just for the convenience. There is a similar phenomenon with women as well where they basically have a one-night stand with the first guy who approaches them that meets the bar they have set for themselves. That bar is comparatively high, though. Being a mere 5/10 in her eyes won’t be good enough.

Men are happy to just pump and dump. You pull some slut home from the club, blow your load, and then you’re on your merry way again. This is not how it works with women. The number of women who happily get pumped and dumped is minuscule. There is even research out there that shows that a high number of non-serious sexual encounters positively correlates with self-esteem in the case of men, but it correlates negatively with self-esteem in the case of women. It’s obvious why: guys conquer women whereas the women were only used and discarded.

In the sexual market place, the man has to play the active part. If you don’t approach, you may be a Giga-Chad but have no sexual experience to speak of. Yet, once an attractive guy approaches a woman, his chances are reasonably good. Sure, even good-looking guys have to go through a few women to find someone to take home, but the odds are really not that bad. At this point, the guy does not think beyond plowing her. In contrast, the woman thinks way beyond that. For her, a one-night stand is the potential start of a relationship. In fact, based on her experience, that may very well be the only way she knows of how to start a sexual relationship. Sure, most guys have just pumped and dumped her, but the occasional dude who stuck around for a bit entered her life as a one-night stand as well.

When a woman has a one-night stand with you, it’s normally a lot more than just a one-night stand. The Chads among you have certainly experienced that almost all women will want to see you again, and not just because you’ve given them the best dicking they have ever had. At the very least, she will want you to stick around for a few more weeks to keep her entertained while she keeps looking for a provider boyfriend. However, to me it seems that more or less all it takes for a woman to want to seriously date you after a one-night stand is learning that you have a decent job. This was my biggest surprise when I briefly reentered the dating scene after my first marriage dissolved: every single woman, upon learning what I do for a living, wanted to keep seeing me. Cheating girlfriends or wives assured me that if I was serious or interested or would be open to considering commitment they would “take care” of their current relationship. Others asked me right away if I was looking for a girlfriend or if they could be my girlfriend.

For a woman, a one-night stand is a gamble. They engage in sex in the hope of getting you to commit to them. Of course, she may not have it all planned out when you take her home, but if she wasn’t at least potentially interested in seeing you again, she would not bother with you. The hope is always there, even if you turn out to not meet all her criteria. After all, some women have an impossibly long laundry list of boxes you need to tick.

At this point, it should be quite clear why (successfully) picking up women is a subversive act. The reason is that it undermines, at an individual level, female mating strategy. If you never had any interest beyond having some fun with her for one night, she wasted time and energy, and got some further emotional damage as a consequence as she only ended up feeling used once again.

Women who have a lot of sex with a lot of men tend to not be particularly happy. The older they get, the more jaded they become. Some are genuinely toxic. It is not surprising why they ended up this way. Just put yourself in her position: she had high hopes, or at the very least some hope, that the guy she’s going home with would be her next boyfriend. Yet, she only got disappointed over and over again. Once she realizes that she’s indeed getting older and the hottest guys are increasingly out of reach, her best hope will be swallowing happy pills and getting a cat.

There is also an aspect of seduction undermining society as a whole. As you know, a woman who wants to have sex with you does not necessarily insist on using a condom. The majority of women you bang you could bang without a condom. Some will tell you bullshit stories about them being on the pill or even that they are sterile and can’t get pregnant. I heard that one from a chick in her early 20s. “It’s okay, Chad, you can cum in me!”, they tempt you. Their hope is that if you knock them up, even if it’s during a one-night stand, you’ll surely stick around. The epidemic of single mothers also shows that this gamble does not work out so well in reality. We shouldn’t blame Chad for undermining society, though, because women are the gatekeepers of sex. If they weren’t so willing to forego contraception, there wouldn’t be so many children growing up in fatherless homes.

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4 thoughts on “Picking Up Women is a Subversive Act

  1. “If you never had any interest beyond having some fun with her for one night, she wasted time and energy, and got some further emotional damage as a consequence as she only ended up feeling used once again.”

    This is analogous to when guys take women on dinner dates, but the women never fuck them. The guys end up wasting time and money. Their resentment grows and some of them go black pill. So we have:

    guy’s time/attention/resources = woman’s pussy
    black pill = cat lady

  2. I’m not the biggest fan of Dr. Drew Pinsky, but he’s always made a lot of sense on this issue. He would always make the point that women have an endorphin release from sex that creates a bonding effect with their partner. Where as men are just blowing their load. So it is very rare for women to enjoy casual sex with many different partners.

    He said that for women to have many sexual partners without getting attached, they basically have to train their minds to not be in the moment when they are having sex. Essentially they are not enjoying it. One way to get in that frame of mind is intoxication. He also explained the reason why so many promiscuous women were sexually molested as children. Having already trained their minds to turn off their emotions during sexual experiences. So sluts basically are either turning off their natural emotions during sex, drunk, or consistently getting their hearts broken.

    1. Escorts must be masters at turning off their natural emotions during sex. I guess that’s why kissing is kind of a big deal for them.

      I’ve never banged escorts, but I have banged some regular chicks who seemed to be distant and disconnected during sex and the sex wasn’t as good for that reason.

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