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83 thoughts on “Open Thread #63

  1. Is anyone here a fan of the Witcher games? If you haven’t watched the Netflix series, you should keep your expectations low. It’s woke garbage, for the most part, with some good fight scenes. What you’ll encounter are strong and independent women, love interests of the main character that are, unlike in the games, remarkably unattractive, and lame attempts at creating woke memes. One key scene has one of the main female characters undergo some kind of magic cosmetic surgery to turn her from ugly to average-looking. For some strange reason, this procedure entails her losing her fertility. To me, it seems that this entire scene is supposed to pander to transvestites. There is a particular stress on a phrase like, “to be reborn one must become barren”, arguably hinting at “gender reassignment” surgery leading to infertility.

    The only male with some agency is the main character. Otherwise, women call the shots in the Netflix adaption of The Witcher. It’s just tedious to watch at times. The most cringe-worthy scene has a queen who leads an army, swears like a sailor, and drinks lots of alcohol, just like the guys. The king, in contrast, is some meek cuck.

    1. I’m wondering how shit The Last of Us on HBO is going to be. I’m not a fan of the game but some people I know have hyped it up.

      I’ve heard great things about the Witcher 3 and contemplated getting it for Switch, but I’m just not willing to make the time investment at the moment.

      By the way, I’m currently playing through Alien: Isolation and I think it’s pretty good. The Alien is a bit overwhelming sometimes, but I probably just suck at the game. You play as a Ripley’s daughter, and thankfully, she’s just a timid (understandably so, given the situation) engineer with many normal human qualities and traits. It has a very 1970’s Alien horror vibe to it.

      Also, I recently played the main campaign of Celeste, and even though the game is made by a small team of hipsters, it’s an insanely good pixel style puzzle platformer. I was pretty delighted with it.

    2. I’m not a fan of The Last of Us. In an earlier post I wrote about its woke agenda, and that was before the atrocious trailers for the second game were released.

      The Witcher III is a good game. I played through it on PS4 a few years ago. Some of the quest lines are better and more substantial than entire games by other developers.

      Celeste is on my list. Another platformer, 1001 Spikes, soured me on the genre, so it’ll probably be a while before I give it a try.

    3. The Witcher looks a good game, tried playing it but it felt too much of a slog for me.

      I actually like the tv show, bit confusing with the time lines, but it was a good show to have on the background. Was not too bothered with all the propaganda, but it is so prevalent it just slides past me and doesnt affect me.

      Last of us, had a lot of promise, interesting game play, but did not capture me into wanting to carry on. I am big fan of story driven games, ie like heavy rain, final fantasy. No good story, I dont carry on.

      A good game on the PS4 which I liked was Spiderman, just dont do all the side quests first as you will get bored and not complete the game.


    4. Last game I played was Metal Gear Solid 5. Played about a third of it I’d say. It’s pretty cool, but the open world thing paradoxically makes it more repetitive. When a mission/side mission takes you to a part of the maps (there’s two open world maps) which you’ve already been, things start to feel stale. I wasn’t offended by any woke stuff in it although there may be some woke ish that comes up later.

      Wish I could make more time for video games honestly. I’d like to finish MGS. I’d also like to play some of the GtAs (last one I played seriously was 3, and I probably got a quarter of the way through it)

  2. Do you guys generally go after/get signals from girls that are at you’re same looks level? Like if you’re an 8/10 do you only go after girls that are 8’s? Of course if you go after a girl slightly below you have a better chance. On the same note, do you try with girls above your looks level?

    In my experience I only get strong signals from girls that are at my exact looks level. I think it’s because I don’t check out girls below my looks level even if they are checking me out, unless they have a certain quality that I really like even though they are a 7. Same goes for 9/10. I love how hot they are but assume they are taken, or I have no chance anyway, so I look away. Basically I just get smiles, and girls brushing up against me if they are 8/10, and we’ve already made strong eye contact, perhaps multiple times. What are your guy’s thoughts/experiences with this?

    1. You can only get girls who are attracted to you, and your looks determine if they do indeed feel any kind of attraction to you. Consequently, any girl that signals her availability is fair game.

    2. Dont nitpick on attractiveness levels so much. Its not an exact science, there is plenty of wiggle room for both males and females

    3. Man I was just gonna comment you’re starting to overthink things to an unhealthy level with your questions, and then comes this comment.

      Just go who for chicks who

      A) Give you an erection
      B) Show interest

      you dont have the time to analyze if they’re your looks level since you dont know your level accurately and you dont know theirs either. So you cant be like I’m a 6.5 guy and this 7.5 is eyefucking me, so I cant make a move since were not looks matched.

      Fuck that.

    4. Too much thinking not enough action!!!

      The more you think about this stuff, and dont trust your feelings/gut, the more time you lose, the window of opportunity closes and she leaves or others take advantage.

      You can think about all the important stuff later, ie relationships, why she was into you etc, after you have had her.

      Curse of intelligence is we overthink, when we should act and trust that evolution/genetics has gave us the tools to achieve what we want in terms of sex


    5. Agree with the above that you’re overthinking this. Are you doing the normal dating thing at all? Not everybody has to do bathroom pulls (sorry if that’s insulting to your intelligence, just in case you needed the reminder is all). Just make some introductions, get some contact info, invite some girls to dinner, then see if you can go back to either of your places for a “movie”. Some girls may make you wait a few dates. That’s fine imo as long as it’s not so many that you get massively pissed off.

    6. Step 1: Be as attractive as you personally can
      Step 2: Look which women are checking you out / give you signals
      Step 3: Of those girls, go up to the ones you like the most

      The whole last year I did exactly that . Didn’t went out a lot, but when I approached a girl it was mostly a one in done situation. No false numbers, no flaking, follow up date after meeting every time (I don’t do ONS, hate them) . Lay ratio 1/4 approaches – not 100 dead end approaches to get 1 fake number like all low IQ “coaches” teach.

  3. I just watched Terminator: Dark Fate. It’s woke garbage and much worse than I had expected. In all fairness, the opening is pretty good, with excellent action scenes. The movie falls apart when granny Sarah Connor appears. Here’s a summary of all the non-woke and woke bullshit you’ll encounter:

    – John Connor gets killed within the first few minutes by Schwarzenegger’s characters; it looks totally trivial, which makes you wonder why he couldn’t manage to do so in Terminator 2
    – the replacement of John Connor is some Mexican Chick, Dani, which, we are told, will lead the future resistance; she’s puny, yet is seen beating up guys twice her size, and swings so hard she can knock back a Terminator (lol). She’s a Mary Sue, too, immediately picking up how to shoot a gun; recoil is no issue for her when handling a big gun either
    – Dani’s protection is an “augmented” human, incidentally a lesbian looking female named Grace
    – Granny Sarah Connor has the biggest role; despite visibly falling apart, she is a one-wahmen army
    – Dani is Mexican and there is a plotline where Sarah, Dani, and Grace cross the Mexican-US border illegally; they end up separated and locked in cages
    – Mexican Dani drops the line “I wish you weren’t so white”, addressing Sarah and Grace, but presumably the male, white viewer as well
    – Terminator Schwarzenegger found purpose in life by simping for a Mexican single mom. I almost spat out my herbal green tea when this was revealed; he refers to the kid as “his son” and also tells the viewer that simping gives him purpose and “without purpose, we are nothing”

    What a bullshit movie! The woke elements were shoehorned in. Why the f… did they need the Mexico plotline? Why did they dig up Linda Hamilton’s coffin so that she can reprise her role as Sarah Connor? Why did they have to kill John Connor? What does the movie gain from that? They just alienated the entire audience.

    I’m glad this movie flopped, but imagine the hybris of the SJWs in charge! They thought nothing about running a billion-dollar franchise into the ground. Terminator: Dark Fate was supposed to have two sequels. Now it may be the end of the franchise. (It probably won’t be as there is a new crappy sequel coming out every few years that fails to rejuvenate the franchise.)

    1. I have not seen the film. People joked that they blew a huge amount of the budget for that movie on the opening scene, picking apart the subsequent cgi scenes in comparison. It’s pretty much a big middle finger to fans of Judgment Day, I think. I loved that movie as a kid, so to see everything they strived for in that movie basically be balled up and thrown in the trash from the onset is a pretty good set up for what apparently was to come next. It may as well be considered a spin off and hopefully people will forget about it. I could literally spend an evening and come up with a way better plot line than that. Just about anybody could. I can’t even believe James Cameron was involved in this film.

    2. The movie is pretty good (minus the assassination of John Connor) until Sarah Connor shows up, if you ignore the story. There is some top-notch action in there. Sadly, there is nothing in the rest of the movie that is even remotely as close. You wonder if this approach was chosen to keep people from walking out of the movie theater, i.e. you keep them seated due to waiting for more great action scenes. By the way, some video games do the very same thing. God of War comes to mind, where the first one to two hours are generally the best part of the games.

    1. Well, I would have imagined it had to do with having a super dense population. Supposedly the Spanish Flu and the Black Death got their start in China, both of which were technically before the CCP around, I believe.

    2. You can make the argument that the planet has reached a carrying capacity, and human population in its current state is not sustainable long term, thus, human life has to be depopulate.

    3. A related issue is that the West supports both segments of societies that couldn’t survive on their own as well as countries that can’t govern themselves. The explosion of births in Africa is primarily due to foreign aid, just as the explosion of the underclass is due to welfare.

    4. I thought the seasonal flu very commonly emerges from the United States.

    5. I have now watched the video. It focuses on animals being a spread vector. However, the wet-market hypothesis regarding Covid-19 has been questioned. The virus may very well have been created in a laboratory. Amusingly, there are now MSM journos in the U.S. accusing the Chinese of having released the virus in the U.S. as a biological weapon, just as some have suspected that the U.S. originally launched Covid-19 in China as the timing was just too suspicious, i.e. just when the CIA-backed color revolution in Hong Kong was petering out. Also, it’s a bit of a weird coincidence that Iran was the second country after China that was hit hard, which fueled some “conspiracy theories”.

  4. Hi Aaron,

    I’ve been combing through some of your old posts in your previous blog,and found this:

    I don’t think you ever got to reviewing 60’s classic “game revision system” book. I know its old news at this point,but do you still plan on getting to writing that review? If I’m not mistaken,you do consider it good material,but I’d certainly be interested in seeing a detailed breakdown/review of it.

    1. Reviewing two of the three books I mentioned in that post is a decent enough ratio, I’d say. With Sixty’s books, the problem is the writing. His writing is pretty poor, with each sentence being its own paragraph. I found this painful, so I couldn’t bring myself to finish reading his books, let alone writing a review on them.

  5. Aaron,

    I had a thought today regarding something that has been on my mind for quite a while. If the women who hold out for the perfect guy the longest end up not having kids, won’t that breed their personality types out of the gene pool? In the past these women would have made some dude’s life hell with their constant nagging, so maybe it IS best if they stay single forever. Thoughts?

  6. Ok so I ran into this girl I used to work with the other day. Nice girl. Sweet girl. We exchanged numbers and today she texted me about hanging out. I said cool. But then she asked me where I was taking her. She clearly wants a date but I am completely uninterested in her sexually. I don’t know WTF to do because I like her as a friend and don’t want to hurt her feelings. I haven’t texted back yet. Any suggestions?

    1. Why do you want to hang out with a girl you don’t want to bang? This is a serious question.

    2. I don’t know. I’ve never had a female friend outside of work (aside from group interactions). Are there no benefits to it?

      She gave me her # on the pretense of having me write her a letter of recommendation for a new job. Then she got pretty bold in pushing for a date. I’ve never dealt with that before. I guess I’ll just tell her I have a girlfriend.

    3. There are no benefits to having female friends. This one is into you; if you turn her down, she’ll see if she can exploit you in any other way, e.g. emotionally or financially. The former means abusing you as an emotional tampon, the latter that she will explore how much money she can get out of you. Some women also try turning you into their errand bitch boy or personal driver. Have fun!

      If this woman is a narcissist, expect her blowing up in your face if you turn her down.

    4. Shit……I shouldn’t have given her my #. I guess I would feel like an asshole if I didn’t. Funny, as soon as I thought I had come into my own with my masculinity I fall for this shit. I realise that I follow the same bullshit that society feeds us. That good looking girls are the only ones that can be evil. I understood that everybody can be mean regardless of looks, but I didn’t know how women can be wolves in sheep’s clothing.

      I knew a friend that even fucked this girl at work that was being used. She was a fucking tweaker who would call him at 2 am asking for a ride. She even admitted to having guys at work under “her spell.” She included me in that.

      Another friend continuously does favors for this chick against my advise. He never gets laid and she talks about her boyfriend with him just as you said. This is not the first time he’s done this with a girl.

      I guess I still have a lot to learn. But hey, most guys never learn, right? At least I’m on the right track. I’ll text this girl that I have a girlfriend and see how it goes.

    5. Leave telling that kind of lies to women. Just cancel the date. Tell her that something has come up, and if she suggests another date later, you ignore her.

    6. Aaron, do you think female friends being used for the purpose of getting with THEIR hotter friends?

    7. If you befriend some uglo in the hopes of banging her hotter friends, your uglo bestie will torpedo your attempts. In fact, she’ll likely feel betrayed because the only reason for her to become your friend was to get your dick or your resources.

    8. @Herkerderker: Wait, isn’t that the reason we all even accept female friendships in the first place? At least in this cabal. 😀

  7. A question I have for Alek Novy. (although anyone else here for whom this situation applies to can also give their input)

    You’ve talked about “Escalation levels” here before

    Particularly,I’d like to ask about this part: (I dunno how to blockquote here so pls bear with me,lol)

    {The good news is that if you move gradually and don’t skip steps, the worst you’ll ever face is a “very flattered and deligthed no thanks, but you’re so awesome for trying, thank you dude, can i hook you up with a friend?” }

    When these women choose to hook you up/play wingwoman,do they usually try to hook you up with friends who are of equivalent(or greater)attractiveness level to themselves or below in your experience?

    1. Equivalent. And primarily because chicks tend to be friends with chicks of equivalent levels. Not because “I can’t hook him up with a friend more attractive them me”

    2. There is also the phenomenon that girls want to actively hook up the women in their circle of friends who don’t have a boyfriend, and those tend to be the less attractive ones. Of course, this all depends on a tipping point. If the majority is single, they gang up on the ones with a partner to make them break up, and if it’s the other way around, the single women need to lock down a guy, too.

      Also, you can rest assured that every girl will look out for herself. If the hottie you talk to is single herself, she’d much rather see her less attractive friend (every girl in her circle probably thinks that she’s the hottest one) remain single than try to hook you up with her.

  8. How is everyone’s local area? My state is currently surrounded by those that have confirmed cases of coronavirus. I just heard the NBA has suspended it’s season and that flights from the U.S. to Europe are being limited. People in my local town are starting to hoard hand sanitizer and toilet paper.

    1. In light of the stock market turning down, I think we should postpone all professional sports indefinitely and allocate those funds more strategically. When professional sports ball is allowed to return I think we should put a cap on an athletes salary maxing out around 50-100k. Then see how many of them stick around for the passion of the sport afterward. Also, anytime some dipshit gets the idea to protest during their nation’s anthem, saying they’re being oppressed while simultaneously making millions (not anymore, though) and getting tons of easy hot pussy, they should be immediately pulled and suspended for the duration of the season, first offense.

    2. Letting players take a “political” stance has been backfiring quite a bit. Nonetheless, I’d wish the various leagues would rein in their athletes because it’s yet another example of a minuscule minority forcing their views on the majority.

    3. In Europe, the situation is being handled about as well as you’d imagine, i.e. really poorly. Closing the borders is still a taboo because it clearly won’t keep Covid-19 from spreading. I’m not woke enough to understand the logic. Sweden has found creative ways of limiting the numbers of infections by simply not testing a large part of the population, even if they show symptoms. This will work as well as turning a blind eye towards migrant rape sprees, bombings, and robbings.

    4. “Sweden has found creative ways of limiting the numbers of infections by simply not testing a large part of the population, even if they show symptoms.”

      This is what is happening in my state, so far. The process for screening is so lengthy and inefficient. Samples basically have to be sent off to a state laboratory for confirmation (none have even been confirmed yet, they’re just now starting to consider preparations). I could imagine it taking days to get some results back. People in the local healthcare industry walking around thinking everything is fine and that this is over hyped. But when workers are working short and at high risk for getting sick and being knocked out for like 2-4 weeks, swamped with patient overload, they will change their minds.

  9. Looks like Joe Biden is going to get the Democratic nomination. Trump is going to destroy him. The debates should be funny. What do you think the odds are that the DNC cheated again? I mean, nominating a guy that clearly has shown signs of senility? WTF? At least Reagan didn’t get senile until late in his second term.

    1. Just wait for Joey to take your AR-14.

      I mean… you can’t make this shit up

    2. He also told that guy that he was “full of shit.” And told a staff member to “shush.” There are definitely more professional ways to treat your staff, but the media keeps reporting “female staff member.” Why not just “staff member?”

    3. With the economy doing poorly now, Trump’s chances go down some. Not saying he will lose, but Dems could also cheat and manipulate voters. Who knows. We will see. Also, Biden is a great choice for Dems if you think about it. They could literally get him to go along with anything, given his declining cognitive state. This is starting to look like a perfect set up, honestly.

    4. I don’t agree trump will destroy him. It’s disingenuous to say he destroyed Hillary, whom I consider to be a worse candidate than Biden. The demographics have continued to shift considerably under Trump’s watch. Biden definitely has a shot. Idk if he’ll fuck up the debates enough to blow it or not. It could happen, but I’m not sure. Either way, I’m fairly confident Trump will be the last republican President. Win or lose.

  10. Anyone here playing the markets? I am thinking that once warmer weather comes in and COVID-19 infections start decreasing, strong equity stocks like Apple and Microsoft will rebound to January levels.

    1. @Neutralrandomthoughts, I’m especially interested in your thoughts on the situation.

    2. Uhm… honestly, given the Fed will have to print the shit out of the USD to “fix” the repo-issue and to prop the markets so that our dear boomers can retire, I suggest another play: Long gold and long BTC (especially in light of the upcomming halving).

      I mean… they blasted what… 1.5tr into the markets today. This wasn’t even a “dead bat bounce”. Stocks keep tumbling.

      It’s “bitcoin, bitches” time again.
      I call 50k in the next 12-18 months.

    3. well, that was a good call.
      BTC closed at 57k on 12th March 2021.
      And it was 4.5k on 12th March 2020.

      over 12x the initial investment within 12 months…

    4. I guess an all time high of 250k-400k somewhere late this year/early next year.
      Then a cool-off of less than 80%, but in any case $60k will be the absolute rock bottom (and that’s conservative). With a maturing market and less selling and more collateral-backed lending, I think 50% drawdown from the all time high is realistic.

  11. I was just reminded of a BBC documentary I saw on Thomas Paine (American revoltionary) that was made during the 1970s. The narrator said Paine was a feminist. But qualified it by saying that he wasn’t the type that hated men and children, but just wanted more equal rights. 😆 This is from the BBC of all places! How things have changed! This is from the 1970s which is not considered a conservative era even by today’s standards. Well, not in the US at least.

    1. The headline is needlessly alarmist. So far, most of the people who died were close to dying anyway.

  12. Aaron,
    I came across this website that gives different figures to the corona virus relative to what mainstream media is claiming.

    I’m not sure how accurate the information is, but I figure you might be interested in the data.

    1. The numbers seem pretty close to the websites I follow. I think real numbers are far higher than anything reported online as there is no mass testing going on in most countries. On top, there could be deliberate underreporting in order to not cause a panic. (Let’s see how that one will work out.)

  13. I was having a conversation with my friend yesterday about self-confidence in social situations. He is a self-described beta. He looks up to fake, phoney, cheesey guys. I told him that if you are fake then you don’t like who you are. Therefore, by definition you are the opposite of confident. He seemed pretty receptive to it. Of course in the workplace you have to compromise a little.

  14. Aaron,
    Here’s an update in the State of California. I live in the L.A. area. Gov Newsom calls for bars and restaurants to close and/or reduce the capacity of people.

    I wonder how women will react to this. they will be deprived of attention from beta males.

    I made a joke with my friends saying that the price of pussy is plummeting since people are too scared to go out and congregate, thus, hookers, strippers are struggling to make a living now and must therefore lower the of pussy. Its a buyers market.

    1. The price of pussy will plummet by necessity. Also note that sexual intercourse, or merely talking to women, increases the chance of transmission. We will most likely see some clubs (and brothels) go out of business. Escorts and sugar babies must be struggling these days, too.

    2. @Chris:

      I anticipate seeing instagram and other social media feeds of selfies where these t-hots pose showing their ‘survivalism’, or more likely, their “suffering” in this time of angst. In the latter case, some Beta males will still make digital donations to their Patreon account. (To them, they are playing the ‘futures’ market! They will surely get some poo-tang if the virus panic subsides, right?!)

  15. Supposedly, in the DEE the peak of the pandemic has passed, but the reports that people are already coming out of their house and breathing with peace and joy seem a little exaggerated to me. What do you guys think?

    In any case, we can conclude that the worst part of the crisis lasted roughly 2 months. But we can’t really extrapolate that from a highly centralized government to the Western “democracies”, much less to our Latin American banana republics, who will apparently be the last ones to get rid of the virus.

  16. I realised today one of the reasons the US Congress is so fucked up. They are mostly former lawyers. Lawyers are really good at using confusing, dodgey, shady language to fuck people over. That’s exactly what they do to fuck the American people when they write legislation. Except when it comes to bailing out their criminal friends on Wall Street. That stuff is straight forward. I heard they recently got another bail out BTW.

    1. It’s the same problem in many other Western countries. The biggest issue with lawyers is that they don’t care about the truth. Instead, their goal is to defend a position, e.g. preventing Tyrone from getting locked up. In that case, the defense lawyer’s stance is that Tyrone “dindu nuffin”, even if he has a rap sheet that’s a mile long and multiple witnesses for whatever he’s on trial for. It’s the same in other areas of the law: you start with the conclusion and then you try to get X by any means possible, seemingly regardless of truth or logic. In contrast, China is run by doctors and engineers (real ones, not low-IQ third worlders), and it shows.

  17. Hello. I’m incel and Single.

    I broke up with her because she wanted to fuck other guy in front of me and she wanted me to lick her pussy full of milk.

    This is not for me.

    1. I’m happy to hear that you do indeed have personal boundaries. I think you’re willing to take way too much b.s., but at least you’ve now learned where your limits are.

  18. Have you guys seen the interview where Sean Connery tells Barbara Walters it’s fine to give your woman “a little slap” when she gets out of line? Just curious what your thoughts are.

    1. I vaguely remember coming across that one. Doesn’t she seem to get turned on by him saying this?

    1. The problem with many survivors (even young 20 somethings) is that once they’re recovered CT scans are showing up 20% permanent lung damage. Even in some non-smokers. That would make someone very susceptible to future infections from things like the flu or even and upper respiratory infection.

    2. @ Pickernanny

      Presumably the lung damage is not an issue in asymptomatic infections? Or even mild cases. Is the damage proportional to severity of symptoms?

    3. Answered my own question by reading the link:

      “Of 112 cases, 82 (73%) were asymptomatic, 44 (54%) of which had lung opacities on CT. Other 30 (27%) cases were symptomatic, 24 (80%) of which had abnormal CT findings. Symptomatic cases showed lung opacities and airway abnormalities on CT more frequently than asymptomatic cases [lung opacity; 24 (80%) vs 44 (54%), airway abnormalities; 15 (50%) vs 15 (18%)]. Asymptomatic cases showed more GGO over consolidation (80%), while symptomatic cases more frequently showed consolidation over GGO (38%). The CT severity score was higher in symptomatic cases than asymptomatic cases, particularly in the lower lobes [symptomatic vs asymptomatic cases; right lower lobe: 2 ± 1 (0-4) vs 1 ± 1 (0-4); left lower lobe: 2 ± 1 (0-3) vs 1 ± 1 (0-3); total score: 7 ± 4 (1-17) vs 4 ± 2 (1-11)].”

    4. GGO = Ground Glass Opacities and are non specific. They could be:

      “normal expiration, partial filling of air spaces, partial collapse of alveoli, interstitial thickening, inflammation, edema, fibrosis, cancer”

      Some relatively young recovered victims in Hong Kong were noted to be gasping for air from brisk walking. The disease itself appears to be very aggressive in attacking the lungs, and there is also the issue with cytokine storm which is basically when the immune system overreacts and attacks even non infected portions of the affected organ. That was supposedly common with people during the Spanish flu outbreak.

      Also, it’s kind of hard to know what is true and what isn’t at this point. Like non peer reviewed studies coming out claiming that people with A blood type are more susceptible than people with O blood type. Apparently months ago white and blacks were significantly at less risk than asians, but now look at Italy (they have a huge older population btw). It could just come down to the individual for all we know.

    5. Comment on the study from an M.D. I correspond with:
      Turns out simple x-rays are as good as ct scans for dx; the pattern shown with infection is pretty specific/diagnostic; and cleaning ct facilities after each scan is prohibitively time-consuming.

      I don’t believe the findings predict permanent damage. they show acute inflammatory effects.

    6. Thanks for sharing, GMoney. I think there is a lot of confusion and misinformation right now.

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