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What Avid Video Gamers and Crazy Cat Ladies Have in Common

It is a self-evident truth that men and women are different. Nonetheless, the leftist mainstream wants women to compete with men in male domains, with various levels of success. Yet, letting men compete with women in female domains is much less important as that would, presumably, lead to increased oppression of women. One of the effects of increased competition between the sexes is that it harms members of both sexes. Women have evolved to bear children and nurture them, but if they spend their 20s climbing the corporate ladder, their chances of ever having a large family increasingly approximate zero. Men also suffer because they increasingly get squeezed out of the workforce. Of course, preferential hiring of females, as well as the diversity-is-our-strength act lead to there being fewer jobs for men.

The enlightened social engineers that run society may think that there is nothing wrong with women having fewer children, and men being unemployed. In fact, that may be their very goal. Yet, there are consequences to this way of running society that harm both sexes. I think they mirror each other, so let me explain.

In the title, I mention “avid video gamers” without mentioning the sex of said gamers. Well, video-gaming is a clearly male-dominated hobby, in case you have not noticed that the titty streamers on Twitch don’t care about the game they are playing. Video games have become a huge industry. A big part of the appeal of games is that they provide you with a sandbox in which to compete and climb hierarchies. If you get good at a game, you can assert your dominance over others. Competency-based games are particularly attractive because in those games you win because you are the better player, not because you spent money on micro-transactions to get status boosts or a superior weapon.

It is easy to see why men flock to video games. Clearly, if the real world denies them chances to compete and climb status hierarchies, they need to fulfill this need somewhere else. I think this is simply an expression of a biological need. Many guys feel bad if they sit around and don’t do anything. Imagine sitting in an office, not having anything to do, but needing to pretend that you’re actually working. To most guys, this is hell on earth, at least after a few days. Sitting at home, not having anything to do would be just as tiring. In contrast, earning “achievements” and climbing leaderboards is a lot more motivating. Men want to achieve something. Video games are simply a band-aid in that regard.

Women also follow a biological program. They want to have children. Every woman you see is the last in a generational chain with hundreds of thousands of members. All her female ancestors were put on this earth to have children, not to create crappy PowerPoint presentations. Women may be able to suppress their wish to have children for a few years or a decade or two. If they are that good at it, though, they will find themselves childless.

The biological drive to nurture a child needs an outlet, however. This is where cats (or small dogs) come in. Did you ever notice that a cat has approximately the size of a baby? This is not a coincidence. Having missed out on their chance to have children on their own, today’s professionally successful but childless woman needs a replacement. If she can’t bring herself to let some random dude knock her up on a one-night stand, or to get artificially inseminated and raise the child with the help of the welfare state, then something else needs to fill that void in her life. Thus, it has to be a cat or any other small pet. There is a sickening number of posts online in which women, supposedly after smashing through the wall, write on why they think cats are better than kids.

In summary, the reason we have men devoting their lives to video games just as we have women doting on their kitten is that they need an outlet for their biological drives, but cannot satisfy them in the real world. It’s a sad state of affairs. However, guys tend to be able to drop video games quite quickly if the real world comes calling. With crazy cat ladies, that is not necessarily the case. They are office ladies during the day, and crazy cat ladies at home.

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7 thoughts on “What Avid Video Gamers and Crazy Cat Ladies Have in Common

  1. I think with video gaming you’re wrong. Competing and climbing up hierarchies assumes, that a person has the will to achieve a self-defined goal. Taking a look at most addicted video gamers, they’re not ambition at all.

    „It is easy to see why men flock to video games. Clearly, if the real world denies them chances to compete and climb status hierarchies“

    The real world gives men plenty of chances to compete, before entering work life. Think about sports in and outside school.
    The reason why many men (and also women) flock to video games is the fast and intensive release of happiness hormones. Guiding a self designed person through a virtual world without obstacles.

    1. I don’t think your views are mutually exclusive. Aaron is correct because video game addictions aren’t evenly distributed across all categories but are concentrated in highly competitive multiplayer games. This is aptly explained by innate male drive to climb hierarchy.

      What makes video games addictive is their structured progression. It is much less chaotic environment than real world, route to progression is much clearer and latency between action and reward is much lower.

    2. I had competitive multiplayer games in mind, the kind that dominates the top 10 on Twitch or YouTube. You can bet that the player base is predominately male. The same applies to the entire speedrun community. The latter is a bit amusing in that regard because they sometimes promote a “female” speedrunner, and it normally turns out that it’s a male-to-female transvestite.

    3. You have MMORPGs in mind, it seems. Those games essentially play themselves, based on my impression. Also, they are quite popular with women. In contrast, in a game like Counter-Strike you probably have 95+ % men in the player base.

  2. Also, it does not help that cats and dogs have co-evolved with humans for so long that they have adapted to elicit our protective instincts. For example, they have specialized muscles to do the “sad puppy”eyes, which wolves and foxes cannot do.

    Also, they are pretty good at communicating with us via non verbal language so we can actually “relate” to each other, sort of, in a way that a fish, snake or lizard never could.

    1. There is a homeless dog that lives in my parents’ cottage village. Every time they go for a walk the dog joins them and acts all cute running around. When they return back to the house that dog starts acting extra cute basically asking to be taken in. It’s a mini-heart break each time to get back in the house and leave the dog out.

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