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How Women Try to Gradually Milk you For Money

Arguably the key element of seduction is sexual escalation. If you don’t push the interaction from hello to sex, with various steps in between, you will hardly ever get your dick wet because women just won’t do the work for you. Exceptions to the rule exist, for instance if some gold-digger targets you for your sperm as this is the golden key to your resources. While men have to take care of sexual escalation, it seems that women engage in a scheme that could aptly be called financial escalation. The following is an exploration of that concept. It relates more to relationships than hook-ups, and more to Beta-Bucks Billy who is abused as a provider than Chad who gets used for his cock.

At first, dating is cheap and easy. A mere coffee may be enough for her, which costs just a few bucks. Yet, that is only the beginning, and comparable to a guy “accidentally” touching the thigh or arm of a woman. He wants to see how she reacts to this. I refer to this and similar moves as “testing the waters” in my books. Yet, simultaneously, she gradually explores how much money you are willing to spend on her. At first, she has to feel out if you are willing to spend any money at all. If you are too stingy to pay for her coffee, this does not bode well for her and she may ghost on you quickly as you are not a suitable target to be exploited financially.

The costs only keep increasing. After coffee, she may suggest having dinner, but not just at any place but “somewhere nice”. For her, getting you to pay for dinner is an important next step to getting her hooks into your bank account. It’s a more significant expense and if you balk at it, you certainly are not a suitable provider of beta bucks. Those still comparatively minor expenses are a prelude much bigger ones.

After multiple dinners at nice restaurants there will be requests for “nice things” in increasingly higher price ranges. Jewelry, clothes, or paid-for trips will be the next logical step in her ladder of financial escalation. Not being content with what she has gotten so far, she’ll only double down. She wants to move in but your place is too small for her and the location isn’t good enough. It has to be an apartment in one of the nicest parts of the city. What, you can’t afford it? In that case, you’re a loser who only deserves to get dumped. Yet, you can’t expect her to be particularly grateful if you do fulfill her wish because it’s what she deserves anyway. Of course, Beta-Bucks Billy is now on the hook for most, if not all of the rent, for her clothes, and any big-ticket item. If her phone breaks, Billy will get her a new one.

Do you have a shitty car, Billy? Well, that one has to go, too. She can’t be seen in a beater. It has to be a car that signals status. Of course, she is of very high status, even if she comes from a low-class family and works in a call center. In response, Billy tells himself that he kind of wanted to get rid of his car anyway, so he gets a new one, which she mostly drives. Of course, he’s paying for maintenance and insurance. Now that Beta-Bucks Billy has proven to be willing to spend an inordinate amount of money on her, it is time for the kill. To really get her hooks into him permanently, she has to get him to marry her and an easy way for doing that is by getting pregnant, but maybe not by him.

The wedding will be expensive, but it will be nothing compared to her demands of having a nice house because she and the kid need it, nay, deserve it. It’s, like, kind of a human right for her. She’s acting as if the United Nations released an International Declaration of Slut Welfare, according to which she has to get money for nothing. Once there is a kid on the way, Beta-Bucks Billy is really fucked. What started with a coffee for a few dollars has turned into a limitless liability. Her work is done now. She has financially escalated to the very end. Her work is done. It’s Game Over.

Of course, we are not like Beta-Bucks Billy. Instead, we get laid without having to shower women with gifts and money. Yet, if you enter a relationship, you will likewise encounter that your women suddenly voice certain demands. Oftentimes, they test the water by asking you to spend a little bit on some completely frivolous item. Of course, you better nip that in the bud right away because otherwise, you’ll see the balance of your bank account decline precipitously. If you don’t push back, chances are that she’ll only want more and more.

Indeed, the greed of (some) women is boundless. For giggles, while I was preparing the divorce from my first wife, I asked her what kind of upcoming expenses she has and if there is anything where it might make sense I contribute. Well, her plan was, anyway, to have precisely one kid, for the reason outlined above. Having more than one was “oppressive” to her and a sign of “female slavery”. Of course, that kid necessitated either buying a big apartment or a house. But before she got that kid, she wanted to travel, though. Her idea was to spend “at least one month” traveling through India, and I had to plan everything. She called me a “nazi and a racist” when I elaborated what India’s Third-World status meant in practical terms. She was not aware that a significant part of Indians practice, er, open defecation. It has the status of a national pastime over there. Paying for a house and an expensive trip would be bad enough, but that was not nearly all. She wanted to get some cosmetic surgery done, i.e. a nose job and a boob job and after pregnancy, she wanted to get a liposuction done because, apparently, any kind of physical exercise is an act of oppression, too. Note that this woman did some fitness modeling in her prime. A few years later she had one excuse after another for why she was paying for a gym membership, but never went. With my finances basically fully intact, I got out of this marriage due to Sweden’s absolutely wonderful divorce laws.

As disturbing as all of this may sound, you can bet that there are countless hapless guys out there who live exactly that kind of life. Their existence largely consists of making money just so that their sweetheart can spend it. I have met plenty of cases where women got themselves a permanent meal ticket the way I outlined it. Getting married, pregnant, and divorcing after a few years is pretty popular in many parts of the West. In solidly middle-class or upper-middle-class milieus, divorce is hugely lucrative for the woman. There are several examples I know from first or second hand where the woman ramped up significant expenses just before filing for divorce, like making him pay for a car, a really expensive trip, or some more cosmetic surgery. Those guys could have saved themselves a lot of money and pain by blocking her attempts at financial escalation. The worst that can happen is that some greedy gold-diggging parasite moves on to a new host.

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4 thoughts on “How Women Try to Gradually Milk you For Money

  1. Love the analogy. Never thought of it this way…

    But it definetely explains those women who crudely ask how much you make or ask you to spend a bunch when you barely know them.

    In those terms these women are like the clueless guy who crudely stands too close on hello and wants to skip steps in physical escalation.

  2. I find myself chuckling or nodding in agreement at most of your posts until I am smacked senseless by the incongruence of your second marriage. Aaron, what practical benefit does round two of “until death do us part” give you that dating or living together with your angel would not? I assume that you once again made the necessary precautions to avoid any downside but what is the upside that escorts, fuck-buddies, a live-in “fling” or some combination thereof could not provide you with?

    I ask you this because I am genuinely curious. Based on all the information we have available about you, you do not lack options. It seems strange that you would choose to exercise them in such a limited capacity.

    I have been following your writing for years but this is only my second post. Unfortunately, I can’t recall the original username that I first used.

    1. My primary motivation is wanting to have children. I think that bringing them up in a conservative environment as a married couple will lead to a better outcome for them than any kind of social experimentation.

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