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42 thoughts on “Open Thread #354

    1. Nah, she doesn’t turn into a Stacy. They just get really horny.

      A poorly cooked piece of sinewy ham doesn’t turn into a masterfully cooked steak, but if you’re hungry enough, sooner or later you’ll eat it. Hunger is the best spice. 🙂

      I imagine most of them would rather tap a decent-looking local woman or a hooker, though.

    2. Some men fuck basically anything if they are drunk enough. Still, I think that if we are not talking about a deployment on a small island military men would simply bang local hookers.

    3. Yep, that describes me when I was younger, Aaron. Considerable beer goggles.

      Within reason, though. Never anything quite as vile as the woman in the clip.

    1. Hestia, the Japanese version, is a character in the manga “Is It Wrong to Try to Pick Up Girls in a Dungeon?”, also referred to as DanMachi. This big-titted waifu is probably the main reason it is selling so well. In fact, there is a surprising overlap between mangas and animes that do well and mangas and animes with hot or cute chicks in them. Boobs even carry somewhat mediocre mangas like Fairy Tail, but this is hardly a surprise.

    1. “Mobile phone – I carry it in toilet. Juggle it between hands when masterbating.

      That’s why I don’t like to hold other people’s phone.”

      Good Lord.

      Also, I subconsciously read that with an Indian accent in my mind. 😀

    1. I think we are seeing the start of a backlash against DIE. However, let us not get carried away. The structures that enable DIE have been gradually built since at least the 1960s. My expectation is that we will see the collapse of many institutions and companies. Only few will manage to turn the ship around. Even in the case of MIT, it will surely take at least a decade to remove the rot. On a related note, in the UK, DIE has started to harm the reputation of Cambridge and Oxford. For a few years in a row, the most selective university in the UK has been St Andrews.

    2. Wow, I did not know that about St. Andrews! That’s great! 🙂

      Yeah, I agree that we’ve got a long way to go. In addition to DEI, there’s also the long march through the institutions to contend with:

      They’ve been crawling in through every crevice they can find. Now I don’t think that “long march” was organized on a major scale, and I don’t think there’s a unified elite trying to achieve it (it’s quite clear to me that there are several factions among the elite that clash with each other and vie for control), it’s definitely happened on a significant scale, whether intentional or not.

      Brilliant plan, though. I wish the right had a leader who could organize a long-range plan like that today. We’ve always been better at management (even Stalin admitted the communists could learn from the west there), while the left has always been better at mass movements (excepting Germany during the rise of Arnie Hister, when the right eventually beat the left hands down even there).

      All that aside, I’m happy to see every slight cultural shift to the right. I’m also excited by young men on our side taking more action – like that Roma camp I posted about the other week that got wrecked, or those two guys who attacked the “dick game” guy. And just the other day I heard about a pedophile in Ireland who was attacked and beaten on the street. 🙂

    1. But why should it still work when no one believes the deaths were natural?

  1. I’ve posted a few times lately about some small cultural wins we’ve had in the political arena.

    Well, we’ve talked a bit over the past few months about the decline of architecture, so I’m happy now to share something I found about the aesthetic aspect of culture as well. Seems that in Budapest they have been actively remaking ugly, brutalist buildings into their old glory:

    I really hope this is a sign of a greater cultural shift happening in architecture. 🙂

    1. This is incredible. I really wonder who in their right mind would say that brutalist buildings are more attractive than neo-classical ones. Important to point out is that subversive architects and social engineers promoted the removal of beautiful facades in the 20th century:
      Let us not look too deeply into that because otherwise some people might be inclined to conclude that it is anti-semitic to like beautiful buildlings.

    2. That is so ridiculous!

      I could understand why a person with no sense of beauty would build a brutalist building. It’s cheaper, so if they just want to create low-income apartments or something to throw people into, then it’s profitable.

      But to actively remove the decorations is ridiculous. The savings on cleaning must be minimal when you consider the total upkeep cost of a whole building.

      Another thing we should not look into is why brutalist architecture is associated with communism, DDR-style apartment buildings, or the apartment buildings created during the “million program” of the Swedish government (when the government paid to build a million housing units in 10 years).

      Not that there’s any problem with looking into it either, since there is no connection to anything to be found. So don’t look into it. But just to save you from wasting time!

  2. When looking for a serious girlfriend/wife, how much of a red flag is it when she says she likes to travel? Should I discard her immediately or is her level of retardation within the normal range for a woman?

    On one hand, it took myself a while to figure out that travel is a scam; on the other hand, since I got disappointed every time I travelled I did not travel all that often, so my situation is different from someone who has been on twenty trips abroad and still claims to like it

    1. Well, that depends. Honestly, almost everybody likes to travel. It’s the kind of travel that is important, I think.

      Likes to go to Paris, Vienna, or Rome for cultural reasons? Or an in-country resort town for swimming and sunbathing? Or the Alps for skiing? Not a big problem IMO.

      But likes to go to Greek or Spanish islands for heavy drinking and partying? Major red flag.

  3. I was just thinking that for many years that “wife beating” has always been emphasized more than child abuse. Let alone women physically abusing their husbands. Child abuse is worse IMO. But doesn’t get near the attention, Maybe for the same reason that female on male abuse doesn’t get attention. The culprit being females many times, and the victim being males much of the time.

    1. @GoodLookingAndSleazy
      Off topic, but have you’ve been to Brooklyn Boyz Pizza in Oceanside? Its of off Vista Way and Jefferson of off highway 78.

    2. No, I’ve been to Newport Pizzeria in Ocean Beach right by the pier on Newport by the board walk. Highly recommended if your in town.

      This is a crazy coincidence, because I recently moved right into the neighborhood you mentioned! Highly recommended?

    3. @GoodLookingAndSleazy
      If you’re ever in Orange County, I recommend Fuoco Pizzeria Napoletana in Downtown Fullerton. Its good.

    4. Thanks man! I’m from OC and still have a lot of family there.
      For burgers in SD, try Hodads in Ocean Beach (same street as Newport Pizzaria).It was ranked top burger joint in the NATION by the Food Network 🙂

  4. Oh, boy….

    Since you are in San Diego, you can visit a nudist beach and report back.

    Also, Advocates Diaboli talked about going to a seedy sex club their and getting laughed at. (He also got laughed at at Wrecks Beach in Vancouver!!!)

    1. Blacks Beach is the nudist beach. But plenty of people wear bathing suits there, I’ve never actually been, but that’s what I’ve heard. Also that some who don’t wear swim suits should.

      Not familiar with the sex club. Why did Diaboli get laughed at? Cheetahs gentlemen’s club is our best strip club. I’ve had great experiences there. Good hand jobs.

    2. I’ve gotten more than just hand jobs there, but that was on rare occasions. I think it’s the whole experience. Like why the massage parlor industry exists. The girls treated me very well. Let me do what I wanted to do. And they’re hot as fuck.

      Anyway, I haven’t been there for a long time.

    1. Fixed. Thanks for letting me know. It is not clear to me why that comment ended up in the spam folder other than WordPress not liking gentlemen’s clubs.

  5. On another note, this looks kind of like wear I was in Asia. The place in Asia was much cleaner tho. You could buy food or meat a lady boy so if someone you knew might see you they would probably think you were buying food and the real women were at places called “massage” but not so pretty. Plus there service was bad.

    Anyways, I want too try the Chetahs place and maybe Tijuana!

  6. On another note, why are these clubs called “gentleman’s clubs” when we are nothing of the sort?

  7. “People often like to cover up degeneracy with euphemisms.”

    tehehe, I guess like “empowered feminist womanx”

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