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In the spirit of my previous post, I should probably have titled this post “women dog-lovers”, but because this is not mainstream usage, it would sound as jarring to your ears as “woman doctors” did when you first heard it. Anyway, in this post I will talk about some of the disgusting realities of the relationship some women have with their dogs. There is the old phrase “carnal knowledge”, which expresses that you managed to put your pee-pee into some woman’s fufu. Similarly, there is the entire subfield of canine knowledge, which is not readily acknowledged by the mainstream.

My first encounter with women acting in bizarre ways with their dogs was in the household of a girl I used to see. They had a big dog, some expensive breed. The mother seemed more affectionate towards this dog than her husband. Once when I was hanging out at their place, mom was not home. Then the dog jumped up because he thought that she was coming home, and he was right. What I then witnessed took some time to process: The dog jumped up, as if he would hug this woman. After a while, both squatted down. The dog licked all over this woman’s mouth, nose, and chin and then — I feel disgust just thinking about it — she stuck her tongue out and engaged in some kind of lewd tongue play with this dog for what felt like an eternity but which was probably only about a minute or so. This was a disturbing sight. I watched in disbelief as my girl whispered that I should look away because I am creeping out her mother.

That chick I was seeing pretended that it was completely normal that adult human females engaged in some tongue action with their dog. Unsurprisingly, though, I began to pay more attention. I noticed the occasional remark on the dog’s boner, but both by the girl and her mother. In private, I asked the chick, in a teasing tone of voice, if her mom jerks off the family dog. The reaction was priceless: this girl blushed and then got really pissed off. She insisted that it was completely normal that you jerk off your dog from time to time. It had to be done because it “relieves stress”. As I later learned, she also jerked off the family dog, presumably when the mother was not around and doggo needed some extra love and care. I wonder if I would have felt any different if I had discovered that this was a family of cannibals or that they eat rats. The thought of engaging in sexual activity with an animal is revolting to me. Afghan goat herders fucking their dogs, pajeets getting it on with cows, and Western women relieving their dogs would beg to differ, of course.

After this utterly bizarre encounter, I paid more attention to how women interact with their dogs. Occasionally I saw women kiss their dog on the mouth in public, but just a peck on the lips. It is as if these women do not know that animals are full of germs. Their doggo licks the assholes of other dogs, but presumably this only makes it feel hotter for them. To absolutely no one’s surprise, Reddit is also full of women who talk about getting frisky with their dogs. Some even mention penetrative sex, but I have my doubts about it. It would certainly be the start of a good dystopian horror movie: dog-human mixed-breeds and foreign doctors and engineers fighting over the remains of Western civilization. If we let women run society, this is what we would get.

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    1. Rickety Cricket smoked too much PCP, that’s how he fell in love with the dog. I think the women Aaron is referring to were completely sober when they gave doggo a handy.

    1. Sweden’s finest, Karl! She was super hot and even her mother looked very good for her age, probably one of the most attractive women in their 40s I have ever met. This may also be part of the explanation because attractive women simply get away with anything throughout her life. If life is just some kind of game for you, why not jerk off doggo and see what happens?

    2. Darn it, Aaron! I was sitting here with my fingers crossed like “Please don’t be Sweden, please don’t be Sweden.” 😀

      It sounds like you ended up in the wrong part of the hot-crazy matrix. 🙂

    3. Speaking of that video, banging a hot chick who lives in a different reality is still better than banging a tranny. Yes, I know, one of our regulars might disagree with this statement.

  1. Man, the fallout from women not being mothers and dealing with nurturing their children is just absolutely INSANE…

  2. Just found out my next door neighbor and his live-in girlfriend are moving out next week. Finally don’t have to hear their cat and dog anymore. Seems his girlfriend is destroying his life with her pets. It could have been both of them living together for $3700/mo. but instead they upgraded to a larger place for $5500/mo. It’s one thing for a medical resident and a Ph.D. student to have to upgrade their living space for children, but pets?

    Originally she had a cat but got the dog thinking her lonely meowing cat with have company in the apartment. Turns out that neither of them interact with each other. No matter what higher education women work on, they still seem to have these delusions.

    1. Pets hijack nurturing instincts in the same way porn hijacks one’s desire to have sex. They both are maladaptive. It’s crazy how people think that having pets is good. Of course, redditors think that porn is great as well, but you rarely meet people in real life who admit that they jerk off every day, whereas having pets is seen as completely normal.

    2. I’d like to point out that I think hijacking certain natural instincts/urges within us isn’t always a bad thing. In fact,it may even outright beneficial. Even Aaron,with his conservative viewpoint,espouses voluntary celibacy if you have been born with unfortunate enough genetics that you’re stuck with terrible options in dating.

      https://youtu.be/o9mH3Y0dft8?t=823 (13:40)

      I think most of the readers here would agree that “porn addiction” would be a godsend compared to this guy’s life. This is definitely one of the worst cucks I have ever seen,and that’s saying something considering how much beta behavior we commonly see from men.

      Personally,I think genetically unfortunate women choosing to take care of pets instead of having children is a good thing. Alek,I,and a few other folks here have ranted about entitled ugly chicks before,but when you imagine yourself in their shoes,you can understand why they are bitter. Sure,they could go “WGTOW” but female biology being what it is,its a quite a bit harder for them to do than for us men.

      Don’t get me wrong,it doesn’t excuse the crab mentality and hallucinated rejections common among their demographic (and I’m definitely not suggesting you lay them!),but you can understand where the bitterness comes from.

      Being born an ugly woman is almost a guarantee of an unfulfilling life for them. (Similar for men to a somewhat lesser degree of course,but that’s besides the point) The less of them born in that unfortunate position,I’d say the better. Again,more reasons to hate Dumpster Diving and “Dumpster Settling”.

      inb4 “Eugenics”!!

    3. Actually his my neighbor’s live-in girlfriend is pretty hot. From what I’ve inferred from multiple conversations with them and other neighbors, both seem to be from wealthy backgrounds. Although both are “starving students” at the moment, they both have family resources to back them up. I’ve even seen the guy’s aging parents physically help him and his girlfriend move them into their unit several years ago.

      Once I heard his girlfriend talk to another female neighbor about the topic of taking “the pill”. The latter was younger and wondering if she should do it while the former told her about how much energy she had once she stopped taking it. I guess you can’t have your cake and eat it. Either way, the younger female neighbor stopped seeming like the innocent “girl next door” once I heard her even mention the idea of taking “the pill”.

    4. ” told her about how much energy she had once she stopped taking it. I guess you can’t have your cake and eat it.”



      Seriously speaking though (too bad this isn’t as easy as I’m making it out to be. Doctors will often refuse to give you one if they deem you’re not old enough and/or don’t have enough kids. r/childfree on reddit has compiled a recommended doctors list fortunately),I want to comment on something Blackdragon wrote on that article…

      “if you’re out with a hot, childless, younger woman who’s 22 or 26, and you mention you’ve had a vasectomy, she’ll nod politely, and when the date is over, you will never see her ever again. I’m not kidding. She’ll vanish so fast it’ll make your head spin.”

      Now,I’m definitely no expert on women,but if you run into this problem,I think you’re dealing with a manipulative woman who only sees you as a potential provider. A lot of “game” advice from the past just seems to come down to out-manipulating manipulative women. Personally,I’d rather just have the vasectomy and have the manipulative harpies stay as far away from me as possible.

    5. Interesting take, Cycle Path. I’m not sure I agree, but I can’t dismiss it out of hand, either.

      It _is_ worth noting that our first pets (dogs) were not originally kept just for companionship. They were hunters, herders, guard dogs – they were kept to fulfill some purpose, not to hang out with.

      That doesn’t mean that their owners didn’t grow fond of them or even loved them, but that’s not the purpose for which they were acquired.

      I’ve read that certain behaviors cats have towards humans are evolutionary adaptations that serve no purpose other than making them more lovable to us, so we treat them better, and feed them. It wouldn’t surprise me if some dogs have such behaviors as well.

      (Of course some dog breeds were created just to appeal to humans, but that was by our intervention, and not by undirected evolution.)

    6. Maou:

      Why would that mean the woman is manipulative, or only sees you as a potential provider? I think it’s natural for most women to want to have children, and the more they like a guy, the more likely they are to want to have children with him.

      In that scenario, if she’s told with 100% certainty that the man will never have children, I think it’s actually a quite rational and reasonable reaction on her part to cut things off.

      Small Wonder:

      That’s pretty sad about the pet-friendly obsession. When I was still renting I hated moving into an apartment where the previous owner had had a pet. No matter how well they clean there’ll always be stray fur, and possibly some smell as well.

    7. @Karl

      When I wrote that,I was thinking in the context that BD is laying out.

      She’ll vanish so fast it’ll make your head spin. This is still true even if she already has kids and even if she says “I never want kids” and even if she only sees you as a potential fuck buddy and nothing more.

      And in BD’s particular case,I’m sure women primarily think of him as a potential provider. Having thought about what I wrote a little more now,yeah,its a reasonable decision for a woman who dreams of having a traditional family to cut off a man who can’t give her that before she ends up catching feelings for him.

      I don’t think its any of a girl’s business to know about the vasectomy in the early stages though. Just don’t mention it if all you’re aiming for is a casual arrangement.

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