Women in Representative Roles in China vs. The West

A few weeks ago one of my readers posted a video of a brief report on North Korea and remarked that the women in it are very good-looking. This piqued my curiosity, so, for the sake of research, I watched that video and concluded that the native women were indeed quite pretty. Likewise, the comments on YouTube agreed as well. This shows that men can reliably identify female beauty, not that this should be any surprise for anyone with eyes to see. The claim that beauty is in the eye of the beholder is certainly promoted by unattractive people, just like fat women claim that they have a “beautiful personality”.

This post is not about bashing deluded fat people, though. Instead, I’d like to talk about the role of women in North Korean propaganda and Asian reality versus the West. It can be assumed that any woman in North Korea that is filmed by a TV crew got hand-picked to show off the country from its most fake best side. I noticed something similar when I traveled to China last year. At Beijing Airport, you encounter service staff of exceptionally good looks. There were even a few really hot women placed around to guide arriving passenger, not that there would have been any need to. But, compared to following a mere arrow, I certainly prefered having an astoundingly attractive woman point in the direction we have to go.

As we made it through the spotless clean airport, I couldn’t help but be marveled at the beauty of the people working there, men and women alike. The woman who checked my visa would not have been out of place on the cover of a magazine. I shouldn’t just gush about the women. The guy who checked my luggage at security was around six feet, in excellent shape, and had very pleasant physical features. He surely gets Western women wet. I think the Chinese authorities pick young, attractive people to work in public-facing roles so that visitors get a very good first impression of their country, and this makes perfect sense. In contrast, there was a noticeable drop in attractiveness in people once we made it to Beijing, but that is not to say that there were many unattractive people around. The world just looks so much different if almost everybody is slim.

In contrast, airports in the West give you a pretty poor first impression. Well, you could of course say that they adequately reflect society, with their filth and disrepair and the preponderance of unattractive employees. I can barely remember any attractive service personnel at the airports I’ve traveled from. All I see are washed up women, often in middle age and with visible tattoos and men who seem to have been recruited from the underclass, judging by their mannerisms. Many of them have an immigrant background, by the way, particularly in the airports of Berlin and Frankfurt. In contrast, can you imagine China staffing their airports with people who don’t look 100% Chinese?

Let me go on a bit of a detour because I just remembered my incredibly piss-poor recent experience at Berlin’s premier airport Tegel was. I wanted to get tickets for public transport at the official tourist booth, which is run by the city. There, the woman was unable to speak English, which I spoke to her just to confirm my suspicion that they put an utterly unqualified person into this role. Shockingly, her German was completely crappy, too. She spoke with an ungrammatical low-class Berlin dialect that only makes you puke, oh and she was fat and dim-witted. Admittedly, she was a perfect representation of contemporary Berlin, but surely your average traveler would deserve a better experience. As she struggled a bit, a male colleague helped her out and sold me the tickets I had asked for (a special type of ticket for four journeys; you’re probably not aware those exist if you haven’t spent any time in Berlin before).

Oh, speaking of airports, I’ve taken the lovely picture below also at Tegel airport. It shows the entrance to a toilet near a row of busy gates for flights with destinations outside of Germany.

Berlin is making Third Worlders feel right at home

This is Germany, a country that is overflowing with money that they can take in two million doctor-engineers from the Third World. As you can see, the Third World is being romanticized in Berlin. There, nothing gets fixed anymore. You have someone kick in a wall made of chipboard (!) and nobody gives a fuck. This country is quite literally falling apart. It was only fitting that the soap dispenser in that restroom didn’t have any soap left in it.

As you can see, in the West we don’t seem to care much about appearances anymore. But let’s go back to the topic of women. It used to be the case that companies put attractive women in front-facing roles, such as sales clerk, sales representative, or receptionist. This must be sexist nowadays, based on my recent experiences. For instance, a few months ago I had an off-site meeting at a pretty large European company that has a few thousand employees in total. Seeing the receptionists at the busy headquarter, however, didn’t quite lift my spirits. I got my visitor pass from a grotesquely overweight white woman who, for whatever reason, wore a dress that exposed her flabby arms, which also revealed a fading tattoo that amounted to a “sleeve”. Most of her forearm was covered with a colored tattoo. If you ever had a need to point out a clear sign for societal decay in the West, such women would make a good example because, unlike some washed-up whore in a club, those receptionists are hired by corporations and have supervisors who seem to think that it is perfectly fine to let let someone unattractive be the first face a visitor of the organization encounters.

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One thought on “Women in Representative Roles in China vs. The West

  1. I recently went through both Frankfurt/Main and Köln-Bonn airports and I can confirm every word is true… except the disrepair part, save for a single non-working escalator, things did not seem so bad there.

    I am surprised by the state of some of the trains, though…

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