Gym Thot, Cover Thyself!

This post is a follow-up to my recent article, The Gym Thot Invasion of the Free Weights Section, which I concluded with the observation that gym thots don’t seem to be getting the kind of attention they want. Consequently, they may ramp up the sluttiness to even higher levels. It is already the case that plenty of women on the treadmill are dressed like hookers. It’s worse when it’s the middle-aged crowd because fat, cellulite-stricken thighs really don’t look that appealing in yoga pants.

What I dislike about those thots putting themselves on display like that is that I really don’t want to see any of them. Very few women are physically attractive and for every hot chick there are at least ten whose appearance you could classify as (passive) sexual harassment. We have HD porn and sex dolls now, thots! Nobody cares about your 6/10 body and face anymore.

I recently added rowing to my workout routine. I like the meditative aspect of it and it uses more muscles than the treadmill. Yet, the problem at my current gym is that the rowing machines face the stationary bikes. This strikes me as odd since all the other equipment faces the other way. If you use the rowing machines, you have to look at people from the front. On the treadmill, you look at the backs of people.

Rowing is fine if I don’t have to look at anybody. It’s worse when there are some women using the stationary bikes at the same time. I had a particularly bad experience recently, when some thot wearing a loose singlet showed up. She did not wear a bra. Once on the bike, she put in a few minutes of an half-assed effort, yet she was bending forward and her boobs were bouncing. I demonstratively got up from my machine and used the one furthest away from her so that I did not have to look at her. A little later, she got up and left.

I don’t want to sound like a puritan, but I do find women who put themselves on display like that hugely off-putting. Sure, if you are looking for a quick pump-and-dump, none of this has to bother you, but a woman showing such kind of behavior is certainly not suitable to be your girlfriend. Would you want to walk around with a chick hundreds of guys have seen the boobs of? I’m not even taking into account all the dudes she’s fucked but just guys who walked past her while she was pretending to work out at the gym.

I think the big irony embodied by thots is that some of those women would do a lot better, i.e. attract a higher caliber of men, if they didn’t dress so sluttily. A chick shaking her boobs at strangers at the gym while she’s on a stationary bike is like retail sales offers with heavy discounts. Sure, on paper a discount of 75 % on some widget may sound great, but you should also keep in mind that there is probably a good reason why you can suddenly buy something below the cost price of the seller. There must be a catch. Similarly, if those women didn’t show off their bodies like that, absolutely nobody would be interested in them, so you can tell that they are not making a serious effort.

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