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The Gym Thot Invasion of the Free Weights Section

Based on my admittedly limited knowledge that is based on the one gym I go to, it seems that we have a reached a tipping point with regards to the collective effort of thots to conquer gyms. While, numerically speaking, women may well have been a majority in gyms all along, even though many of them barely break a sweat on the treadmill while watching some inane TV show, I quite recently found myself in the uncomfortable position that there were more women than men in the free weights exercise hall as well.

The free weights section used to be colloquially refered to as the “men’s section” because that was were thots did not dare to tread. The issue is not so much that I am a raging misogynist, which I am of course not, but that it seems that women take up a lot more space than men and they take longer, too. You may have two thots occupying a squat rack, doing one or two squats with an empty bar, but somehow they need fifteen minutes for that.

In another squat rack, there was a chick with see-through leggins and a hoodie. She wore really heavy makeup and she was more concerned about posing in front of the mirror than doing the exercises. Since she was using a Smith machine, which can easily ruin your back as it is enforcing a range of motion that puts too much pressure on your spine, that was somewhat of a blessing in disguise for her. Also, if I saw a guy in the Smith machine, I may briefly talk to him and inform him that this machine is potentially harmful. A woman, on the other hand, would immediately assume that you’re hitting on her. Heck, she’s primarily there to get hit on anyway — remember see-through yoga pants and hooker makeup — and I don’t want to give them any validation.

Among guys there is some unspoken agreement to not be in the way. Most put the disks back on the racks after use. They also use disks in a smart way, i.e. they add 5kgs on both sides, then replace them with 10 kg discs, and so on, as they progress during their workout. On the other hand, I saw a woman who had 4×5 kg discs on each side on the bar for a deadlift. Things like that are annoying because the weight racks obviously don’t hold unlimited numbers of disks.

On the topic of the women wanting to get hit on, I had to ask one chick if she was still using her weights. She was chilling on a bench, frantically typing away on her phone. When I addressed her, she immediately gave me a stern look and turned her face away. This pissed me off because I was of course not hitting on her. Thus, I repeated my question rather sternly and asked her if she’s still using those weights. She was a bit flustered by that, as if the thought that men in the free weights section really want to work out and really need to make use of the equipment. She left around ten minutes later. I didn’t pay any particular attention to her, but it seemed as if she didn’t do a single exercise. She just occupied one of the bench press stations, hoping that some Chad would chat her up.

Wasn’t the entire reason for women-only gyms to protect women from all those creeps constantly hitting on them? I don’t know how that business model is working these days because based on my observation, thots have begun swarming into what were once seen as informal male-only areas in mixed-sex gyms. Judging by how men react to them, viewing them mostly as a nuisance, I don’t think the thots are too happy about the results. We’ll probably see thots ramping up their efforts soon, showing off even more cleavage for starters. Of course, going to the gym for the purpose of working out will only become more of an afterthought.

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One thought on “The Gym Thot Invasion of the Free Weights Section

  1. I live in South Beach and the gym I go to is high end. The Instathots were so busy taking pictures and videos at the squat rack that they had to put in two additional ones because nobody could get leg day done. The gym is a nightclub with weights-the only thing that I see women take seriously at the gym is the StairMaster , yoga classes, and Barre classes.

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