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My Second Stint in Clubs

Alek Novy asked me recently to elaborate a bit on my second time hitting the clubs (see the comments here), i.e. after my first marriage had fallen apart. As my reply got a bit long, I’m posting it below.

Compared to my first time, the age of women was skewing a bit higher, mid-to-late twenties as opposed to early-to-mid twenties. This was probably also related to the fact that the crowd in London and Berlin was younger than in Sweden, where there is an additional hurdle that college students very often party with their own in college-associated bars and clubs, so clubs are primarily for the post-college crowd.

My second stint in clubs coincided with the mass arrival of “doctors and engineers” from the Third World, which hit Sweden pretty hard. Consequently, security in clubs got increased dramatically. I noticed fewer people out and about. Some clubs had security in front of bathrooms due to rapes or attempted rapes by immigrants, which meant that it was a lot more difficult to do bathroom pulls. I had very few of those; a few times I bowed out because the vibe in the place felt off.

In particular I am thinking of a club where the girl was hot and horny; I skipped the bathroom because there was a lot of security swarming around — and as I am about to leave the place with that girl, a bouncer stops us, asking my girl if everything is alright, if she has drunk anything, and if she’s leaving on her own volition. This was a hugely uncomfortable situation.

From another club I got kicked out after a (black) girl complained to security; she didn’t like that I completely ignored her and hit on a girl who stood next to her. That black woman lied that I had forcefully fingered her and the security guy told me that I could either leave and nothing will happen or that if I want to make a fuss, they can call the police and let them sort it out, letting me know that rape and rape accusations are serious business in Sweden. That was either the last or one of the last times I ever went out. It just got too bullshitty for my taste.

The bullshit is partly related to Sweden, though. Friends and acquaintances of mine in Berlin are still partying it up. Some tell me that the nightlife has gotten even more extreme. My buddy Byte from Sleazy Stories, for instance, told me about women dancing in high heels and just their panties on, vying for maximum attention. No, we’re not talking about hired dancers but regulars. The chicks arrive with a long coat, under which they are basically naked. There have been club closings in Berlin, too, though, so I don’t think the scene over there is unaffected by the societal change due to dating apps.

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4 thoughts on “My Second Stint in Clubs

  1. Aaron,

    Going to Berlin with a few friends for the weekend. Any 2-3 clubs/nightlife spots you recommend or general area to hang out in?

    1. For clubs, check out Berghain, Chalet, and about:blank. Berghain is still around; if any of the others have closed, look up their successors as that is how it normally works, i.e. if a club closes because they lose their lease, the people involved try finding a new venue and often set up a club with a similar theme.

    1. It’s only growing, and it’s not a trend that shows any signs of slowing down… so yes.

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