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What Nespresso Capsule Coffee Machines Reveal About Women

You may know about those Nespresso coffee machines for which you need special capsules to get your coffee. A small pack costs a few bucks, and more than half a kilo of ground coffee would cost you. When I first learned about those machines, I thought that the concept was utterly ridiculous. Why would someone get such a machine, which will lead to staggering costs in the long run when you could instead get high-quality beans for the same price? I quickly forgot about it, but as it so happened, two women refreshed my memory, technically three.

When I was still living with my now ex-wife, she once brought home a brand-new Nespresso machine. Her mother thought it was great buy and of course she got all excited and immediately bought two, one for herself and one for my ex-wife. Well, she was not too pleased when I made a quick calculation, showing what an utterly ridiculous purchase this was. I made her look up the price of 500g of espresso beans as well as regular coffee beans and then I asked her how much a pack of her coffee pods costs. She was not pleased about that. In the long run, even an expensive coffee maker would have paid for itself. It was as if the concept of total cost of ownership was completely foreign to her. Oh, and what about all the waste she’ll produce by going through a stack of “coffee pods”? Wasn’t she a self-professed environmentalist? Well, that led to an argument, which ended up becoming reason #742 to divorce her. I added a bit of fuel to her fire by asking her why she lets her mother ruin her personal finances, which triggered her nicely.

In the end, her Nespresso machine still got plenty of use, even though that woman could not even make ends meet back then. With those coffee pods, she could make ends meet even less.

The other example was given by my current girlfriend. She interned in a company in female-dominated industry. I was very amused when I learned that they have a Nespresso machine in the office. If they had a man doing their books instead of an aged cat lady, they would have figured out that they could get a prime coffee maker and would save money in the end — and would get better coffee, too. Well, I can’t say I was pleased when my girlfriend mused about buying a Nespresso machine herself, but, unlike my ex-wife, she does listen to reason. I got a bit of hamstering when she claimed that “it would be cheap compared to getting coffee at Starbucks”, but that kind of reflexive female pseudo-reasoning quickly subsided when she realized that a Nespresso machine is an absurd purchase.

I think that an item such as a Nespresso machine is a perfect example of the economic incompetence of women. Sure, not all women can’t handle money, just as not all men can handle money. However, it seems that whenever there is an item with poor total cost of ownership or something with a poor to non-existent resale value such as fashionable clothing, it targets women instead of men.

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6 thoughts on “What Nespresso Capsule Coffee Machines Reveal About Women

  1. Just like with leftists women can really into second order effects.
    Or recognizing anything which is beyond more than 1 step of thinking.
    The high correlation showing women being more lefty is not surprising.

  2. Actually, there are refillable cartridges for these machines in which you can put in your own coffee beans, thereby making these a great investment. With these you can make just enough for one person, rather than having to eyeball it and risk making much more than you need.

  3. this blog post is funny.
    The answer lays in the concept that a woman has a different brain to a man.

    She probably bought the coffee machine because all her friends were buying one, it was shiny and had nice colours and maybe was ‘trending’ at that time in chick-land.

    Economic incompetence, absolutely.
    It’s ‘chick -logic’ or ‘Blonde-logic’. Some of the decisions my one makes for buying expensive stuff is ridiculous.

    George Clooney in the adverts. it’s definitely targeted for women.

  4. Thanks, will read the linked post later.
    I’ll say before that, I’m pretty familiar with the idea and concepts of “chick-logic and even “dumb blonde-logic”. It’s commonly known the hotter the chick , the more “chick-logic” will be operating.
    Very Hot chicks have high degrees of chick-logic present for various reasons.
    That’s unfortunately the trade off (usually) getting involved with Hot Chicks.
    Appreciate of course the guys around here are looking for the ‘Super-Hot + Super Smart’ variety.
    Personally I’ve been happy to pursue the Super-Hot aspect mainly and deal with the high degrees of “chick-logic” as I compensate for that with my Logic 🙂 I am primarily interested in ‘great genetics’ for sexual selection the rest is a trade off for me.

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