The movie “Mean Girls” and Female Aggression

I only heard of the movie Mean Girls due to Linsey Lohan who claimed, a few years ago, that Rockstar Games had portrayed her in Grand Theft Auto V without her approval. That was of course just a Hail Mary to get some publicity. Back then, in 2013, I think, Lindsey Lohan was quite washed-up already. Today, she’s beyond the pale. I’m not even sure if she’s still alive. She could well have offed herself with an overdose. I can’t be bothered to check.

Anyway, when Mean Girls came out, which was in 2004, Lindsey Lohan was still reasonably young. I don’t think she was particularly hot back then either, but that is not the point right now. Instead, the interesting part is that Mean Girls is surprisingly politically incorrect. I don’t think a movie like that would be green-lit in today’s climate. It’s about a small clique of college girls who are overly concerned about their looks and who scheme against everybody else, including the few girls in their own group.

While there are claims of “toxic masculinity” whenever guys use either logic and argumentation or sheer physical force to resolve their conflicts, girls do something differently: they bitch behind each other’s back, they bully, they backstab, and they play mind games with their victims. This is all beautifully illustrated in Mean Girls. For instance, you have girl A fuck some guy just to mess with girl B who has a crush on him. It’s all thoroughly vile.

I don’t know where the idea that women are sweet and innocent comes from. It’s certainly nothing that can be found in the wisdom of the Ancients. The Bible warns you of the evil ways of women. The Ancient Greek philosophers tell you that women are bitches, the Romans philosphers do the same. Basically every philosopher or author of note has spilled the beans on the true nature of women. Yet, somehow, we ended up in a society in which it is “misogynist” to point out that women are less trustworthy and loyal than men. In other words, reading divorce statistics is nowadays an oppressive act, apparently.

What I disliked most about Mean Girls is that in the end, all the bitches grow up and turn into respectable adults with the beginning of the next school year. Meanwhile, the next generation of bitches arrives in high school. I found this disappointing because that movie could have very well ended at a much better note: there is some Chad one of those mean girls, incidentally Lindsey Lohan’s character, is into. When she is finally about to get him — of course by trapping him in her bedroom and trying to seduce him — he does not go for it but instead tells her, after a moment of hesitation, that she is just as artificial as all the other girls. Yup, even Chad got fed up with thots. Then, a few scenes later, the thots all turn into young, respectable women. All it takes are a few stern words from a bunch of teachers when things go completely out of hand.

I would not watch Mean Girls for entertainment. The women who play those teenagers are all in their 20s and not as hot as I would have liked, which means that I didn’t even get a good wank out of watching it. Yet, if you want to watch a movie in which women are depicted as shallow and evil, on other words: a bit more realistically than the usual pretense that they are all angels, then it’s worth your time.

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3 thoughts on “The movie “Mean Girls” and Female Aggression

  1. “I didn’t even get a good wank out of watching it”

    Man, I don’t wanna have your levels of horniness, if you can jerk off to a “normal” movie… Takes more than that for me 😛

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