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Emotional Reactions are for Women, not Men

When watching 500 Days of Summer, I also noticed that the man is acting like a woman. He shouts, he cries, he loses control of his life. We see him drink, stop going to work, or behave like an ass to colleagues because he doesn’t feel good. This seemed incongruent to me because these are not typically male behaviors. However, it reminded me of what I have seen of boys and men who have been raised by single mothers.

Have you had to endure some real shithead back in school? You can bet that he is simply behaving the way he sees his mom behave at home: crying, shouting, becoming violent is how a messed-up woman with poor self-control acts. It is not how a composed man would act.

From a big-picture point of view, one could argue that the violence we see in, for instance, the black community is due to them overwhelmingly being raised by single mothers. Now add increased aggression due to a different genetic makeup from whites, and you end up with young men with raging hormones who shoot each other because they have some “beef”. Here in Europe, we have a problem with other minorities. In Germany, young Turks are a big problem. From what I gather, men in that culture tend to be very little involved in bringing up their children, male and female alike. Thus, you end up with young men with problems that are quite similar to what Jamal and Tyrone are going through in Detroit.

There is the saying that hell has no fury like a woman scorned. The impulsive and irrational anger of women is indeed a sight to behold. The only difference is that they lack the physical strength to seriously harm anybody. Yet, what do you think would happen if it were not women acting like that, but men? Yup, you’d have shitheads that tell each other about how they are going to have sex with each other’s moms. Then one thing leads to another and those dumb fucks beat each other half dead or shoot each other. This makes you wonder what such hamstrung communities would be like if there were more fathers present.

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2 thoughts on “Emotional Reactions are for Women, not Men

  1. And single-mom raising can drastically be reduced by removing incentives for divorce.
    A different question is, if there is a way to get turkish/arab men more involved in childraising.
    I have no clue…

  2. It’s not that arabs are divorcing. The father is within the household. He’s responsible for the income in theory. While the women stay home raising the kids. It’s more that these young boys are never corrected because they consider it normal behaviour for young men. And their mother isn’t even allowed to correct her son’s. A male child is socially placed higher on the ladder than a female adult. And crime against non-believers isn’t considered wrongdoings. It’s more likely to be glorified than punished. They see Western societies as moraly corrupt. So why would they consider it a sin to dominate and abuse Western people. In their eyes we are a extension of the devil. Dominant male behaviour is praised. They are only required to behave respectful against older men from their own culture who are muslim. A turkish boy wouldn’t do those things against his own group. Only against others with another believe and culture. Only against those who they see as rival groups or non-muslim. (Us against the world.)

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