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Married Men and Hookers

Quite recently there was a comment by a new reader of this blog. He wrote the following as a response to my article Would you bother with women if prostitution was legal and (very) cheap?.

I’m actually living this lifestyle.

I live in Austria, prostitution is legal here, and I have sex with escorts/prostitutes on average 1-2x per week. I had some girlfriends in the past, but figured I actually prefer to be single and just use porn/escorts to fulfill my sex drive.

To counter the “you are just another frustrated loser” argument anyone might come up with, as I said, I had girlfriends, and I even rejected some women who wanted to have sex with me (fatties). By the way, the biggest customer base for prostitutes is actually middle-aged married men. This tells you a lot about the quality of your average marriage.

The last sentence is one that is worth zeroing in on. It reminded me of a city tour I recently did. I attended an international conference in Germany, with quite a few guys from the USA in the audience. At those events, there is normally a bit of a “cultural program”, which means you do a bit of sightseeing, and then there is the chance to get wasted, too, if that’s what you’re into. Our tour guide wanted to be a bit edgy, I presume, so she also talked about facets of German culture that would not be mentioned in polite company. Besides, it wasn’t as if there were any women in our group anyway.

Thus, we learned a bit about how prostitution in that city works. This included a brief description of the difference between brothels and streetwalkers as well as the different audiences they target. (I presume that was to get the Americans up to speed.) I was quite amused when our tour guide even mentioned that brothels might be very busy during lunch hours as that is when all the salarymen tried to squeeze in a bit of fun. The implication was obvious, because you have to take your lunch break anyway, while the “working late” excuse probably doesn’t always fly with the dragon of a wife brooding at home who insists on you being at home no later than 6.30 pm.

The point is that it is apparently so common that married men frequent hookers that people with a bit of insight into that area joke about it. Well, what else would married men do? Most women are pretty unattractive, and even in their most fertile years, they were far from being lookers. As they age, they just get more and more unattractive. Thus, they go from pretty bad to abhorrent. I don’t quite see what’s in it for men. Yet, I can see that plenty of men get trapped early. Then, their career stabilizes or even takes off. However, they are already married and they don’t dare to divorce. Instead of trading their wife for a new and much better model, similar to how they move into a better apartment or get a decent car, they choose the only option they think they have: paying hookers.

Interestingly, in some cultures, it is not seen as cheating when the husband bangs whores. The reasoning is quite plausible. After all, he does not really deny his wife any resources. He’s essentially spending his pocket money on a bit of fun. In the West, we are not quite as progressive. Instead of promoting whoring as a healthy alternative to a nagging and sexually unappealing wife, feminists try to outlaw it in order to limit the supply of sex. Now, if your only supplier cuts you off, and does not tolerate male sex toys or even a doll in your (!) house, you can try watching some porn on your smartphone and hope that you can rub one out fast enough while you are hiding in the toilet. I’d say, let unhappily married men have some dignity and bang hookers instead.

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  1. On a societal level, prostitution laws would be the first indicators of health when I had to look at a place to immigrate. In that regard, Eastern Europe is miles ahead compared to say the US.

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