The Psychology of Sluts, or: Women and Boners, and why you not Getting One Makes them Upset

One of my clients recently shared a story with me that covers a topic that is not often discussed, if at all. I’ll remove all details. The gist was that he couldn’t get hard after foreplay with some random woman, and the chick got pretty pissed about it. Instead of trying again later, she eventually took off. Now, why could that be?

Let me point you to a different phenomenon, which may seem completely unrelated: Have you ever seen a woman with a flabby ass and fat thighs in yoga pants? What about fat chicks in leggings? It seems fat women just love to squeeze themselves into clothes that showcase their complete lack of physical attractiveness. I used to find this baffling, but eventually it dawned on me what the matter is. Take a deep breath, it’s the following:

Some women have a self-image that is in complete contradiction to their actual physical appearance. In other words, a Six may easily believe that she is a Ten.

Let that sink in. It’s the equivalent of some low-IQ moron believing he is as smart at Einstein.

The reason why there are fat women in yoga pants is because they get bombarded with pictures of hot women in yoga pants. They somehow think that they are hot, too, so they can wear what hot women wear. Thus, you end up with women who are proud of being fat. They are not ashamed of their ugly bodies. Instead, they want to show them to the world. It does not bother them one bit that they are twice the recommended weight for their height.

Now, going back to the issue with women feeling offended if you can’t get it up in the bedroom. It doesn’t matter what a stud you are, at one point you have blown your load and need to recharge. You could have a deranged nympho who gets upset because she wants to ride you yet again and thinks that you should be perform on command. Or you could just be sleepy, drunk, or on drugs and therefore not get it up on the first try. Yet, that does not matter to the utterly narcissistic female whose self-image is that she is so hot that every man, no matter what condition he is in, has to get a raging boner right away.

If it happens that a guy comes along who can’t get it up, it’s a grave insult to her because she, in her endless fixation on herself, feels insulted by it. After all, if she is the hottest girl on the planet and, in her min, so hot that every guy can’t help but pop a boner in response to her, then the fact that you don’t obviously means that there is something wrong with her (with you, too, of course). You ended up invalidating her self-image. As a consequence, in her mind, she has every right to feel insulted.

Your garden-variety slut views men getting a boner in her presence as a source of validation. If this sounds bizarre to you, you should have spent a bit more time in clubs. Had you done that, you would have bumped into sluts who grind up on one guy after another and then move on. Some guys think that the reason those girls moved on is because they felt that they were getting hard, which made the girl uncomfortable. Well, the boner is the reason, but the interpretation of the guy is wrong. The issue is not that she felt embarrassed by your boner. Instead, she wanted you to confirm that she is sexually attractive and once she felt your bulge, she got that confirmation. Your job is already done. Thus, she grinds up against the next guy because it’s better for her ego to feel fifteen bulges in her ass crack than just one.

There is an even bigger picture. Have you ever wondered why some women need to bang dozens of guys? After all, if they only wanted to have sex, they would get a steady boyfriend. Again, it’s the same reason. A thot simply wants to know that she is sexually desirable, and what is fucking one guy when she could instead get dicked down by a new guy every time she goes out? It’s all about them wanting their self-image as being sexually desirable validated.

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