Blaming a community for the behavior of an individual

In the Open Thread 2018 (#6), a self-declared female reader infiltrated our male safe space. She wanted to know the stance of “this community” towards the driver of the recent van attack that happened in Toronto. The connection between that guy and my site is of course non-existent. Furthermore, the connection between that guy and the “incel” community is quite absurd as well. The term “incel” is a short-hand for “involuntarily celibate”, and describes men who want to get laid but can’t. The claim that the Toronto van killer is an incel is based on a supposed Facebook post that appeared to have been made by that terrorist, in which he refers to incels and wishes death to all “Chads and Stacys.” Even if this is an authentic post, it is irrelevant. There is no organized incel community. Furthermore, even if there was one, you don’t represent a community just because you belong to it.

All of you are surely aware that the left loves to speak for blacks, gays, transgender paraplegic Jews, and whatnot. This is a very popular strategy. Yet, it is not necessarily popular among those minorities who do not want some deranged whackos to speak for them. One expression of this resentment is the “Not Your Shield” initiative during the “GamerGate” fiasco, which robbed video game journalism of the last shreds of credibility.

Another important point to make is that the left is also very myopic. Whenever someone’s actions can be pinned on a group they don’t like, i.e. anyone who is not a leftist retard, they happily do so. However, you certainly are also very well aware of how the leftist mainstream reacts when members of their favorite suppressed minority fuck something up. You know, whenever Ali kills a few infidels with an axe and shouts “Allahu akbar”, it has nothing to do with Islam. After all, Islam is the religion of peace and if a Muslim kills some infidels, he obviously can’t have been a real Muslim. If you object to that, you are clearly an islamophobe and thus a Nazi. It’s funny that the same kind of argument is considered invalid for anybody the left is opposed to.

In business, whenever some executive gets caught doing something shady, his employer “distances itself”. Nobody is ever responsible for anything. This has become the default and there hardly ever is any pushback. Nothing is ever systemic. Oh, no, instead there are a few “rogue traders” or, even with an undertone of sympathy, “mavericks”. At most, some scumbag is declared a “bad apple”. Even if it can be shown that the corporation knew full-well what was going on, fines are normally trivial. Life’s surely sweet when you’re backed by billions of dollars. Yet, if there is a chance to bash a lone white man, the attacks can’t be vicious enough, even if the accusations are tenuous at best. It is no wonder that the audience of mainstream media is dwindling.

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6 thoughts on “Blaming a community for the behavior of an individual

  1. This female reader called herself „Sophia“ and wrote one answer „If you find me out of place in an otherwise sealed echo chamber, feel free to email me privately at

    If you google sophy carrick, you’ll find a twitter profile called sophie_carrick with a description „gaps to make you haps“, calls herself gay, rainbow, overweight and so on

    1. I would not be surprised if that is her. It certainly fits the impression she made.

  2. Everybody at UBS knew that the rogue FX traders did have green light from management. Same for the Libor scandal, the precious metal manipulation and the blow up of the MBS market a decade ago.
    Everybody knows that everybody knew.
    It is systemic, proven by the fact that if you change incentives, not actors, the problem goes away.

  3. It’s just easier to attribute the attack to some “loser who can’t get laid…” Instead of doing a deep dive about what happened and why. The driver is said to have mental issues (severe Asperger’s)…. That’s not mentioned anywhere because mental health issue is a protected touchy area. If you say mental health is the cause, you look like a dick.

    But connect the attack to misogyny and toxic masculinity, then you get the public to nod along (and talk about how the patriarchy is alive and well).

  4. I feel obligated to respond.

    I never described myself as a female reader, I just didn’t deny it. I don’t mean to be pedantic, but be careful about making unsubstantiated claims in the future. No, Daniel. I wouldn’t use my real name on a site like this, I’ve just always liked the name Sophia, and an inauthentic name wouldn’t discredit any point I attempted to make.

    Aaron, I addressed your Muslim argument in Thread #6, and you know that you’re misrepresenting my stance. However, I do applaud you for stating your position on my main question from Thread #6.

    I look forward to further correspondence, if you’ll allow it.

    Sincerely (besides the name),

    1. It doesn’t matter what name you use. You’re a liberal dipshit no matter which of your postulated gazillion of genders you identify with.

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