Female Deception: Corsets, Waist Trainers, and Columbian Girdles

One of the worst days of my life was when I pulled a chick home from a club who seemed pretty hot, she was the second or third woman I managed to leave the club with. Her waist was slim, her bosom ample, and her ass looked really good, too. When I unpacked her, though, I almost puked when I noticed her fat rolls expanding. She was wearing thighs that went all the way up to her ribs. They pushed her ass up, and there was some kind of a disc made of special fabric that pushed her fat in and up. As I later learnt, this is called a ‘control top’. Anyway, I wasn’t going to fuck this chick, but I was stuck somewhere in the outskirts of London in the middle of the night. I had no idea where the closest bus stop was, and I wasn’t willing to pay for a cab either. I got out of this by pretending to fall asleep. In reality, I was lying awake for hours, as I was afraid to fall asleep. The last thing I wanted was this chick taking advantage of me.

That was my first run-in with the gross deceptions of women. I thought I’d be safe by not doing online dating as they can’t cheat that much in real-life, but boy was I in for a surprise. Sure, we all know about makeup and cosmetic surgery, but we guys may not pay enough attention to low-level trickery like so-called ‘shapewear’. The average thirst beta cuck happily fucks whales, so those people probably can’t be saved anyway. Guys like us, on the other hand, who either go their own way or are highly selective may get tricked. As a crash course, I’d suggest you look up the following items online.

1) Corsets
Yes, those still exist. You may think they are old-fashioned, but that is only the case when worn as a fashion item. On the other hand, as an undergarment, they are not uncommon. If you ever wondered how some women manage to have fat legs, fat arms, but a surprisingly slim waist, look no further.

2) Waist trainers
This is the devious daughter of the corset. Of course, the term is designed to deceive because those women don’t train their waist. Instead, those are products made of very thin and strong fabrics that squeeze the fat. Unlike corsets, they can’t be detected so easily. They are sometimes referred to as ‘waist cinchers’.

3) Colombian girdles
This is probably the biggest bullshit you can run into as a man. A Columbian girdle is the female equivalent of the muscle suit, which male actors had to endure who didn’t want to juice to bulk up. That item takes care of thighs, ass, and the entire torso. It comes with butt implants, support for the tits, and squeezes thighs as well as the stomach. In short, it is close to full-body deception as it turns your average pear-shaped fattie into someone sexually appealing. I wonder how many guys thought they were pulling a 10 when they got a 6 with a ton of makeup in a Colombian girdle instead.

None of this is a big deal, obviously, because as a society we do not discourage women from deceiving and women are above reproach anyway. The problem, of course, is only with us men because we don’t want to fuck ugly chicks. On the other hand, imagine you did something equivalent as a guy. Feminists are already pushing for “rape-by-deception”, i.e. exaggerate how much money you make, and it’s rape a woman engages in sex with you. The double standards are hard to stomach.

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