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How Social Media Provides Irrefutable Proof that Chicks Bang Chads and Tyrones

When I was publishing “lay reports” online, one after the other, there were people around who claimed I was a bullshitter. That someone could bang a chick in a bathroom stall seemed like fiction to people. Doing this with a girl you were dating, say a fuckbuddy, was enough of a stretch for them already. Getting some random chick to do that within an hour or even minutes of meeting her seemed unfathomable to them. Heck, I even recall that some guys were adamant that one-night stands didn’t exist. There was one insecure jackass who sent me emails for months, every few weeks, in which he told me that women don’t have no-strings-attached sex and that I’m a reprehensible human being for perpetuating that myth.

In the seduction community of yore, a good 95 % of people didn’t get laid at all, and roughly the remaining 5 % got lucky every now and again. Then there were a few outliers. Even guys who got laid four times a year were hailed as superstars. There was a guy called Kipp (?) on mASF who had written a thesis-length document on how to pull chicks in clubs, and his total count was 16 women in an effing four years. He mentioned this fact in support of his claim that he was such a big player. It was ridiculous.

To this day, the belief that girls don’t really go out to get laid seems hard to shake for your typical cucked beta guy. He may tell himself that all those sluts in clubs really only want to dance with their friends, and if he sees a girl leaving with a guy, he’ll tell himself that they most likely don’t have sex. In his mind, the guy she just met only wants to make sure the slut in the tight skirt gets home safely.

Women having sex in alleys, cars, bathroom stalls, elevators in real life, as opposed to porn, is unimaginable to a lot of guys. So is chicks doing threesomes and getting facials. Well, thanks to the Beta Cuck Brigade of Silicon Valley, there is now ample evidence to the contrary available online. Reality porn has been around as a niche for quite some time. It’s a case of genius business acumen because you serve an audience with very little money. Reality has been busily imitating art, though. Due to mobile phones with decent cameras and ample storage becoming ubiquitous, and people having no concept of privacy, there is so much material available online nowadays that even the biggest cuck just has to believe that (some) women really are colossal sluts and don’t care about how nice you are.

My recent research unearthed absolutely amazing material. I’d love to link it, but I don’t want to get into trouble with my host for spreading porn. If you look around online, you’ll surely have no problem finding videos that were once only shared among bros on Snapchat and Facebook. Some I found laugh-out-loud funny like a dude on a late train pulling his dick out and having some drunk chick giving a blowjob, while other passengers pretended not to notice it. Other highlights include a chick blowing a dude at night at a gas station, chicks getting railed in bathroom stalls (and filmed by a bystander), or chicks getting spit-roasted.

Joe Cuck may still think that this is all staged, but that would be absurd, because nobody would make such an effort for a one-off clip that’s a few seconds to a few minutes long, with no commercialization built around it. In contrast, the men and women you see in reality porn are stars and starlets who have plenty of on-screen appearances. I really wonder what Joe Cuck’s new line of defense is. They are probably engaging in mental gymnastics at a level I am not aware of yet.

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34 thoughts on “How Social Media Provides Irrefutable Proof that Chicks Bang Chads and Tyrones

  1. If you’re in the top 20% you can get laid sometimes.
    Top 10% on regular basis.
    Top 5% All the time.
    Top 1% Just snap your fingers.
    If you’re in the bottom 80% you’ll get the leftovers.
    Most women have no problem sleeping with a strange guy if he’s attractive enough. They just don’t do it with the bottom 80%. If you’re in the top 5%, even most happily married women will sleep with you. Guy’s who don’t believe women sleep around are probably at the bottom. Any guy that has ever been in the top 5% knows that women are worse than men. They are just more selective. But the picture that they’re not dirty is just not correct. Their sexual fantasies are often far worse than men’s. Lot’s of women love being taken by a attractive mysterious badboy in the toiled. They just don’t want their social circle to know about it. Most female sexual fantasies are about taboo behaviour. It turns them on to secretly do stuff they know people would condemn.

    1. My thoughts exactly. That is also why the PUA community is utter bullshit. They sell their frameworks that will work for 100% of men, all the time. I would like to know the investment required in time/energy/money for average Joe in the bottom 80% to just get a couple of lays in a couple of years. Not counting the fact that the female pool is utter shit at the moment. Ugly nagging spoiled bitches everywhere. What a reward for so much effort.

      But men won’t accept that. Most men won’t accept that *beta males* won’t get laid as much. They BELIEVE that they can improve their chances massively. That they can become *alpha*. But they are lucky if they can improve their chances slightly. Everything else is a waste of time.

    2. Oddly enough, these same experts do occasionally admit the success ratios, but brush them aside. Like they do admit they can get a guy lay one out of 50 random chicks.

      How does that investment of time and effort make any sense?

    3. Zero: I wouldn’t say that the PUA community is utter bullshit. There is some value in understanding female nature. But as you said it’s not a real game changer for most. Learning pick up is valuable for men that have bad social skills. But it won’t have a huge impact. You can raise your sexual market value only a small portion. It mostly only helps not to screw up with women that are already willing to have sex with you. It’s one of the things i like about the minimal game concept. Don’t pick up randomly. Work on situational awareness. Women that want to have sex with you give signs. Instead of wasting time approaching women randomly. Until you hit a lucky shot with a woman. Just learn to recognise body language. If women never give you signs at all. Pick up skills aren’t the problem. It’s your SMV. And pick up won’t compensate for it. Money would be much more effective in raising your SMV. Or working out, dressing better, buy a hot sports car. All better investments.

    4. Alek Novy: (How does that investment of time and effort make any sense?)
      It doesn’t!
      If these guys just want to get laid. Escorts would be a better way to go. If they would invest all that time on their career instead. They would make enough money to hire high-class escorts. They would have higher quantity. And higher quality looking women. Plus they can give their career a push into the future. If they ever get bored with fucking random women. They can always benefit from their time investments in other ways. Time is money, money is power. Power can be used to attract women. But also in most other areas of life. So working extra on career would be a much better investment.

    5. “If these guys just want to get laid. Escorts would be a better way to go. If they would invest all that time on their career instead. They would make enough money to hire high-class escorts. They would have higher quantity. And higher quality looking women. Plus they can give their career a push into the future. ”

      Wishful thinking, ben.
      They are betas and as such they don’t think like that. I swear to you they want it handed on a golden plate. So they will suck at dating, they will suck at career. It’s just like that. While the spectrum is much finer than “alpha” or “beta”, there are some people who won’t make it anywhere in life – be it with pick up or with their job.

      And let’s be honest. Those who are good a t pick up were good at it before entering the community. I had my fingers stuck in a pussy before I had internet access and I’m a 1990s kid. To be frank, the PUA shit added very little value for me compared to taking some phenibut and just escalating on chicks who already show interest (Thanks for putting this in a book Aaron).

    6. Neutralrandomthoughts: (I had my fingers stuck in a pussy before I had internet access) LOL same here. Maybe that’s just it. Most communication takes place behind a computer. They don’t know how to communicate real life. When i was 15 i would take girls to my room. Where i would have a bottle Passoa and a game console. Getting drunk and playing mario cart. Losser would take off a piece of clothing. Needless to say my computer adventures with girls actually resulted into sex. Good times! I got most off it out of my system when i was in my 20s. If i look at these PUA guys in their 20s. I mostly see them behave like teenagers. They are 10 years behind from my viewpoint. No wonder i’m getting the girls of their generation in my mid 30’s. They behave like boy’s. It’s sad these guys are struggling so much. And even worse that they get financially exploited by these PUA guy’s for insane amounts of money. Me and my friends just discovered this stuff on our own in our teenage years.

    7. Although I don’t care anymore, yet sadly enough, I am not one of those guys who had my fingers in pussy when I was fifteen. Heck I was a virgin for much longer. But I turned out to be good. In fact I now have to push away my female friends who are literally always trying to fix me up with their girl friends and themselves. Its just funny now.

      Unlike others here as per their own admission, I got to first base with a girl after reading minimal game. I still remember my notes from it where I wrote, test the waters and ask her home. Then I had sub points under both. But I can’t attribute all what I have archived to Aaron. (Sorry) I had to work so hard (hours at the gym among other things) to get here. So much so that I too feel like escorts would’ve been a better idea. But I don’t feel like calling one. So, I had to do randoms somehow.

    8. “I am not one of those guys who had my fingers in pussy when I was fifteen”

      I was more like 8 or so. I didn’t know what I was doing exactly, for sure, but I felt attracted to the idea of doing it so I did it. Maybe this is why escalation was never thaaat much of a big deal to me. I just recalled childhood easiness (subconsciously?).

    9. “They don’t know how to communicate real life.”
      Yeah, that for sure.
      There a re a lot of subtleties. Just think of Alek’s ladder where say 1 is “hi” and 20 is sex. I mean, the spectrum is very fine. And the average woman is very good at the finer reads relative to the average man. I remember when girls flirted with me when I was 19 and I couldn’t tell if they made fun of me. Same for them making fun of me and me thinking there was something. Girls can be very mean, but once you master the game of subtle communication, both verbal and non verbal, you’ll discover that women are not so good at the game – they are just above average, but the average is ridiculously bad.
      Maybe guys just care more about soccer and other physical games at the same age that girls develop these skills through their own games.
      To come back to your point, I can tell you quite honestly that hadn’t I been working at a hotel reception for three years, I wouldn’t have developed the social skills I have now. And I was a late learner as I started this work at age 21. But no, just imagine how many nights out are needed to gain the same experience I did…

      Another important point is that “naturals” usually had a strong father figure, be it the father himself (ideally) or say an uncle. The PUA public is full of boys who lack that father figure. I think it is totally underestimated how much impact it has for a boy to have been exposed to a very manly father figure interacting with a very feminine mother figure.
      The naturals just “re-play” the dynamics they have been exposed to. They just do it.
      “So, like… how did you kiss her?” – “Well, uhm… I just do it, dunno man, just kiss her, what’s the problem…”

    10. I was lucky i had a great father. And i had many other men in supportive roles in my childhood. My mother failed me on almost everything. So i was always educated by men. I also started martial arts at 7. So i wasn’t afraid of anything. At 15 i was fighting adult men. If i wasn’t afraid to fight men much bigger than me. Than why would i be afraid of a girl saying mean words. I simply didn’t give a dam about what people would think. It’s sad many boy’s didn’t have the male support i had. My childhood wasn’t exactly without drama. The trouble with my mother has done enough damage. But my dad and many other men were absolutely great. I consider myself lucky for that. And i feel for the guy’s that had to miss that. Father’s are absolutely essential for boy’s growing up. It’s child abuse to take that from a boy.

    11. Well being fatherless and late virgin as well, I can totally confirm all comments here. But PU is a joke. Anything beyond minimal game (roughly) is a joke. Girls want sex a lot, with high quality men, so if you really really don’t want to pay for it, then become a quality man. You cannot fake it by browsing enough forums or attending enough PU meetups or paying for whatever DVD there is out there.

      For my part, I got it out of my system with escorts. I got maybe 30 of them, I stopped counting, and I stopped booking them when the law in my country changed some time ago. I have absolutely no regret and would never come back neither to PU nor to escorts. I got what I wanted from this whole experience.

      Now I’m learning how to invest all this money that I’m not spending on dates or escorts, to see if I can retire early. I have hope that I can retire by the time I’m 50.

  2. and his total count was 16 women in an effing four years. He mentioned this fact in support of his claim that he was such a big player. It was ridiculous.

    To be fair, if he wasn’t good looking, that is a great feat. Provided he only went out during the weekends and went for one-night-stands. There’s a rapid acceleration in difficulty level based on looks.

    A handsome guy getting laid every weekend requires the same skill as an average looking guy getting laid once every 2 months.

  3. Funny that you mention this Aaron,awhile ago I just read an old thread in Sluthate(formerly PUAhate)bashing StrengthbySonny,because they couldn’t believe the kind of feats he pulled off with women.(very similar to your sleazy stories adventures)that he spoke of on his website.

    As the saying goes;
    Just because your lifestyle takes all your time, doesn’t mean that’s all there is to life.

  4. This reminds me of the game concept of the “Secret Society”, there’s a very good Alek Rolstad post on it:

    Essentially, most men have no idea how women and attractive men behave when away from prying eyes.

    I’ve experienced this myself when guys I know have straight up told me I was wrong when I told them that women sometimes hit on guys in bars and clubs. They insisted this never happened. I didn’t bother telling them that I had actually experienced this myself on several occasions.

    1. Thanks for sharing. Such a great resource. I think it should be shared with guys more often. Really good stuff.

    2. @Alek Novy, I once shared this same link on somewhere on the blog/forum. No one said it is at all interesting then. What changed?

    3. I take that back after watching more of his vids.

      He seems to be a contrarian, so overplays some of this shit and takes it to an extreme. Seeing he made great points in the first 2 videos I assumed the rest would be like this… But then he overplays his hand.

      – Apparently all MGTOWs are ugly male twos who couldn’t get laid anyway, and never could

      – He severely underplays the effect of money and status AND completely ignores height

      That right there is a red flag. A tall guy with an ugly face will beat out a shorter guy with a model face any time. That’s never considered here. This guy is obsessed with faces.

      I think he’s trying to battle one sort of delusion with another. Some guys are delusional in thinking that aging will make them more attractive by itself… ok? But then this guy makes you think that the moment you pass 25 you’ll be unable to bang hotties.

      Do some guys think money and status are a magic pill? Sure. But then this guy makes it seem like they don’t have any power at all. He’s trying to fight delusion by over-proving the opposite point.

    4. A tall guy with an ugly face will beat out a shorter guy with a model face any time.

      Ok, not quite. I was just using his terminology. As he compares average male faces (and calls them ugly/unattractive) and compares them to model faces.

      I’d say a truly tall guy with an average face will beat out a shorter guy with a handsome face, no holds barred. But this guy never factors in height. It’s never mentioned. In any of his videos. That right there is a red flag that he doesn’t have a complete view of things.

    5. That video is from Invisible, the Lookism moderator. Lookism is the grandson of PUAHate.

      They kind of took the PUA “Looks don’t matter” thing and proceeded to invert it to “Only your face matters”.

    6. Guys may be better served if they approached the women they are highly attracted to (which may not include traditionally attractive women) and played the numbers instead of looksmaxing all the time. If you are above average in looks already, the marginal benefit of looksmaxing is minimal while its cost is humungous. Form a cost benefit point of view it doesn’t matter anymore. In my view girls are highly forgiving.

      For this I seriously suggest going out alone or with another guy with similar objectives so that you risk less humiliation in front of your friends if you fail your first few attempts. After the first few though, you won’t care anymore. If you are shy however, I suggest that you do what Stelar said and go around asking women for a lighter. If they did have one, just say “Oh wait, give me a sec” and move on to the next. You can even go into conversation if now if you like as her guard will be lower.

    7. @Don, the issue I guess is how realistic is one’s perception of their looks… Most guys think they’re “already above average” even though they’re average.

      So in that sense this guy has a point. I think look-maxing is this thing that will get a guy from a 5 to a 7… Which then will be enough. The problem is that guys who are 5 think they’re a 7… So you have to convince them they need to “become a 9” in order for them to become a 7… Make sense? Kinda convoluted way to put I know lol.

    8. @Alek, That is if you want a LTR. If its just sex that you want, escorts are a million times better option. If you want a LTR however, the looks requirement is lesser (science) than a pure ONS, SNL or STR so I would say harping on about looks maxing for LTRs is pointless.

      I am not ignoring the possibility of turning a ONS to a LTR but that’s just an exception that proves the above fact.

    9. Also, I don’t believe in the 1 to 10 looks scale. Instead I think its binary. On or off only. So, trying to looks max from 5 to 7 or 7 to 9 mean nothing. If you agree, you’ll also agree that its all a numbers game after a point. The most looks maxed guy can be turned down. While looks maxing is important for say a beggar who hasn’t showered, for someone who is normal (no aspergers, no beggars, no obese and no etc.) your marginal benefit for looks maxing is minimal. (original point)

    10. It’s not contradictory to have a scale from 1 to 10 and a binary scale. Let’s say you fuck any woman who is at least a 7, and all the others you stay away from.

    11. The quoted post wasn’t intended towards you though. It was towards noobs however. Because, for normal people who are noobs to picking up girls, there is again a binary set of options. Lower your standards (approaching less and select easy targets) or law of large numbers. (i.e. approach more and be less selective) Although, you have to be selective enough to only approach women who turn you on only.

    12. @Don… yeah I agree fully. Escorts are a far better investment by far. If I could mentor any 19 year old… I’d be like bust your ass off in making money, get escorts. Free pussy will come as a bonus anyway.

  5. There are women who are sluts, I don’t doubt that but to say that this is typical behaviour is a bit over the top. I would say the 80/20 rule is in action, too. Some people do really insane shit but the vast majority doesn’t do it. And if your are in the situation that you are encountering it on regular bases you really should rethink the people you are hanging out with. I know social circles filled with normal people but also social circles where everybody is fucking anybody.

    1. Johnny: (but to say that this is typical behaviour is a bit over the top.) No it’s not. Women don’t fuck around when they can’t get the men they want. But one word from Chad and she’ll be naked within seconds. Women are worse than men. Just more selective. And much better in keeping things secret. They often have multiple social circles that don’t know each other. And all her friends will cover for her anyway. Almost all women have skeletons in their Facebook.

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