Arguing with Females

I live in a fairly quiet neighborhood, but sometimes, there are disturbances like that crazy chick last year who shouted at the building I live in. All of a sudden, I hear a woman shouting loudly, mixing two languages. She’s just unloading on the guy. I really wondered what was going on, so I pretended that I was reading something on my phone. Then she came close. What emerged then baffled me quite a bit.

I had made the assumption that she was arguing with someone in real life. Instead, she was just shouting into her phone. I then remembered how I have experienced women arguing. It seems they just start lashing out at you, and guys just take it, not shouting back or putting them in their place. It does not really matter if the guy is physically there or not — the argument seems to be carried out the same way. This points to a somewhat strange cultural norm: we just let women get away with acting like spoilt little brats, and they expect there are no consequences.

In contrast, how do guys argue? Do you scream, shout, or cry? Hopefully the last time you did that was when you were in kindergarten, at the very latest. With women, it seems incredibly rare that they are able to keep a cool head and discuss anything objectively. Heck, even in professional settings have I experienced women crying in an argument. She made a suggestion that was pretty stupid, so some guy makes a one-line remark that completely invalidates her ten-minute speech, and instead of saying anything to respond, she is using tears in an attempt to win sympathy. It is beyond ridiculous. Women like that should get kicked out of the workforce. If it’s your girlfriend or wife who is acting like that, she should likewise get kicked to the curb.

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8 thoughts on “Arguing with Females

    1. This was unbelievable, and that is not even taking into account how fat and ugly his girlfriend is.

    2. worst part of the vid: he gets up, and puts his arm around her.
      Both oughta be sterilized.

    1. Sad thing about bill burr is that while he knows most of the theory he is married to an ugly, abusive woman.

    2. Dino: I really don’t understand it either. I love his comedy work. But why he’s with that woman? Really what the fuck? He stayed single for so long. Working hard to make it. Not compromising. And than settles down with her? He can do so much better.

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