Club Game reviewed by Charles Sledge

Fellow blogger Charles Sledge recently published a review of my book Club Game: The No-Nonsense Guide to Getting Girls in Clubs and Bars. Overall, his review provides a good overview of my book and also highlights why you should consider picking up women in clubs. Here’s an excerpt:

In Club Game Aaron talks about his success at nightclubs and how to replicate them yourself. Aaron is also the author of Minimal Game which I reviewed recently. I like Aaron’s style as he’s a big fan of no nonsense practical advice. Not some uncalibrated nerd telling you to memorize scripts, wear eye liner, or other ridiculous nonsense. But instead focuses on the tried and true basics that most men ignore (and then wonder why they don’t have success with women). Aaron covers a lot of ground in this short but to the point book starting with why women go to clubs.

With the rise in popularity of dating apps, going out is no longer as popular as it once was. However, it’s still an efficient way to get laid. To get a head start, read Charles Sledge’s review of my book, and buy it afterwards.

9 thoughts on “Club Game reviewed by Charles Sledge

  1. I can sense a pinch at Mystery’s peacock thing 😉
    Anyway what happened to Mr Markovik?
    The “Venusianarts” website is still up and running, Bootcamps starting at $1500 and stuff…

    1. Is that site still actively maintained? I checked it some years ago and it seemed defunct, with missing links and various error messages. Some time ago I heard that one of Mystery’s coaches took over Venusian Arts.

    2. Markovik himself actually does promote himself still. I randomly saw him (verified account) arguing some PUAs on some FB pages about his coaching or some shit.

    3. Alek, is he still into his “Opener, DHV, last resistance” bullshit or whatever his 37 steps to getting laid was?
      So, real quick, I have a question, who’s lying more, guys or girls? 😀

    4. No idea. I don’t follow the community.

      I just randomly saw him pop up on some FB page arguing with PUAs in a comments section, I didn’t even read the debate. But it did include him talking about “his coaching” and talking about upcoming coaching or workshops (or whatever) of his.

    5. Interesting.
      Hey, there’s something I have been wanting to ask you for a while Alek. What do you think – does RSD believe their own fluff?
      From one point of view, I’d say, “NO” and that they know that their fluff makes up their business model (Aaron’s “Minimal Game”, is proof that you can put everything you need on ca. 150 pages). From another angle, I almost can’t believe how you hold up that pile of BS for more than a decade and not get tired of it. You gotta believe it somehow.

    6. Wasn’t there an expose once that showed they don’t believe their own fluff? It might have been even shared/discussed here.

    7. You gotta believe it somehow.

      Well, I believe most of their fluff too. Fluff doesn’t mean untrue… It means “practically useless” or “filler material”. You can have filler that’s entirely true, but it’s still filler.

      When they discuss 178 different things that make a 0.01% difference in practical terms… they can believe in those things. All they have to do is blank out the part that they make a 0.01% in terms of results.

    8. Wasn’t there an expose once that showed they don’t believe their own fluff? I

      Correction: That they know it doesn’t produce results but is just filler to keep people hooked and buying more and more stuff.

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