The Increasing Appeal of Slim Women

Think of when you attend a typical social gathering. Few people are in shape, and if there is the rare slim and good looking woman, she appears quite attractive in comparison, even if she may not look quite as hot without that backdrop. Indeed, as Western women have been getting fatter and fatter, it seems that the comparatively small number of slim women are attractive almost by default. Consequently, we have arrived at a situation in which more or less any girl could become at least a 7 if she only managed to put the effing fork down. Let me illustrate this with a few examples.

A few years ago I met a young woman from Eastern Europe. She was essentially the girl-next-door type: her sense of fashion wasn’t particularly developed and her face looked quite plain. You would not turn your head if she crossed your path. However, if she walked in front of you, you would likely notice her. As poor as her fashion sense was, she had figured out that she could command quite some male attention if she squeezed herself into a pair of very tight jeans. She’s very tall, close to 6 feet, and if you’re into tall slim women with nice legs, she would have been right up your alley. I had completely forgotten about her, but I accidentally ran into her a few weeks ago. At first I didn’t even recognize her. You can probably guess what had happened: she has gained quite a bit of weight. No, she hasn’t gotten fat, but she has gained enough weight to completely wreck her appearance. She no longer wears tight jeans, it seems. Thus, she went from quite decent looking, depending on your taste, to — I don’t want to say that she’s at the bottom of the barrel — not particularly appealing at all. Assessing her looks objectively, I don’t think she has any redeeming features anymore.

Even worse is the case of a Thai girl I had hung out with a few times about a year and a half ago, when she was essentially fresh off the boat. She’s very short and she was incredibly petite. Yet, she also had firm small breasts. I’d say she was as close to a (realistic) real-life sex doll as you can get. Back then I wasn’t quite aware of how much of her appeal was simply due to her physique. As it so happened, I quite literally ran into her at a crossing the other day. Man, she really isn’t a natural beauty. I was quite shocked, to be honest. Just like the other girl, it’s not the case that she had ballooned. No, she just packed on a few pounds too many, and instead of looking petite, her legs looked somewhat stout. Since she is so short, this led to her dropping on the looks scale down to easily a 5. Back then she once said to me that she hasn’t gained a single pound in the few months she’s been in the West. I guess she later on discovered the joys of having a tub of Ben and Jerry’s ice cream instead of lunch.

With both women, I am quite baffled how they managed to let themselves go so much. They are likely still a bit slimmer than the average Western woman, but compared to what they used to be, they are nothing special. Had they played their cards right, they would have settled down with some guy when they were in their prime, dropped out of the workforce and spent some of their spare time to stay in shape. Now they are caught in the rat race, and their chances of getting a decent guy are much reduced. Personality-wise they are more pleasant than your typical Western girl, since they both didn’t grow up in the West, but that only takes you so far. Yet, on that front they may also have suffered.

A stark contrast to this was when I bumped into a group of four Asian girls not too long ago, two from Korea and two from Hong Kong. When I encountered them, they had turned their back to me. Now imagine this: you walk into a room and see four perfectly slim women — when all you see all day long are women who are at best only slightly overweight. The contrast was almost surreal. Yet, a few decades ago this was normal. Being slim used to be the norm for girls. Today, it’s the exception. It has gotten so bad that if you want to date a slim girl, particularly if you want to date one with a pleasant personality as well, you’re almost forced to get an Asian girlfriend. Going forward, I think that the premium in terms of sexual market value of slim girls will only increase. Most Western women, though, won’t care.

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18 thoughts on “The Increasing Appeal of Slim Women

  1. If you think about it, humans evolve due to sexual selection. A healthy male mind and body is naturally attractive to a woman and vice versa (let’s leave aside hypergamy for the moment).

    80% of women should be more than attractive for the average man.

    1. You’re right in principle. Yet, women increasingly neglect that they have to be physically appealing. Consequently, the numbers of men who stop chasing women, which is also due to the poor attitude of your typical woman and an antagonistic legal system, is now so large that the media have been trying to shame men into hooking up with your typical (garbage-tier) woman.

    2. I don’t think they can shame a man to fuck a ugg.

      Unfortunately it’s working on a percentage of the male population.

    3. In my town there’s this very tall, well dressed, full head of hair, fine looking, white lawyer guy who even attempted to run for senate a while back. He’s now engaged to chunky Mexican looking single mom in her mid 20’s. This is no exaggeration. I could even point you to the guy’s public profile full of pictures to prove what I just described if I had to.

      Another thing to note is that the guy is an annoyingly outspoken lefty in a red state, so there you go. He deserves his welfare queen.

    4. @Don: “I don’t think they can shame a man to fuck a ugg.”

      With recent mainstream publications going “diverse”…and pushing all sorts of ‘body positivity’… I see it more as re-defining what is an ugg…which is that no one is an ugg (unless that woman is a Trump-supporter or a right-winger, of course!)

      Sports Illustrated had some, ahem, “plus-sized” models on their collection of swimsuit posers. Now they are having other types, for example: http://archive.is/21DoU

  2. There is a certain body shape of women that I’ve always been attracted although, even though I don’t think it’s that common. It’s not fat but a sort of thick type where there is a lot of mass in the legs and arms, and there is this built upper body usually with sizable big breasts, and these types are usually tall. A lot of these types tend to be usually athletic with somewhat big shoulders.

    I don’t know what the name for this body type is, if it exists, but I have only seen Northern/Western/some Eastern/ European women that have this, 1 Brazillian women, a few black and Middle Eastern and Indian women that have displayed this body type.

    Its not that common to come by in general, but I don’t know what the name of this type of body is, but I’m sure readers here might know what I am talking about…..

  3. When an entire society develops a health problem, there’s something going on besides individual choice. We see this starkly when people come to the west and suddenly become overweight – there’s more going on than “just put the fork down”.

    1. Gut bacteria produce hormones which introduces cravings for certain foods. Normally there is a large diversity of gut bacteria, so diversity is our greatest strength. However it appears certain types of junk foods eliminate diversity, so that ppl become obese and will only have cravings for junk foods. They tested it by exchanging stool samples in the intestines between skinny and obese ppl. The ppl changed weight.

      So fatphobia is literally criminal. Its not a choice so hating on obese ppl should be forbidden.

    2. “We see this starkly when people come to the west”

      It’s not “come to the West,” it’s “come to the U.S.” You’re the ones with 40% obesity and 70% overweight overall, not we Europeans.

      And the reason is cheap and ever-present fast-food restaurants. Not having a high VAT on that food really screwed over Americans – not arguing for higher taxes, just noting it’s what happened. It was easy for families to go out and have fast-food for dinner a couple of times a week. Then you get fat parents who turn their children fat, as stats show. When fast food came to Europe it was more expensive and there were more health warnings right from the beginning. The fast-food joints do exist in every town and city but not within arm’s reach like in the U.S. The fattening in the U.S. then led to eating more of the junk sold in grocery stores, leading to even more fattening. There is no reason to look for more obscure explanations than that.

    3. More and more people are becoming overweight in Europe as well over the decades.
      Western Europe and US have similar prevalence of overweight. US however win the fattest western nation award because they have more obese people.

      My money is also on the quality of food we eat. A lot of folks don’t have time or willpower to cook so they turn to fast food.

    4. As skepdick said… The US is only worse in terms of the number of “obese” people (i.e. overweight people who are VERY overweight)… But in terms of people who are overweight (not thin), europe is the same.

      At least in the context of this distinction, that’s a difference that doesn’t matter. Skinny chicks are just as rare in Europe as in the USA… The fact that more of the non-skinny chicks in europe are “only chubby and not as fat as the american fatties”… well that isn’t of much comfort to us.

    5. At least in the context of this distinction,

      Sorry, I meant “In the context of this discussion”

    6. “Not having a high VAT on that food really screwed over Americans – not arguing for higher taxes, just noting it’s what happened.”

      Are you fucking nuts? What the fuck is wrong with you people delegating more and more responsibility to the state and favouring interventionist politics?

      You can challenge that the educational system does teach about calories, food quality, etc., but you can’t demand a protective tax on certain types of food. People can make an active decision to consume or not consume fast food. So what do we do, try to protect every motherfucking idiot from doing dumb shit? That’s not how we got here, man.
      Let evolution handle this. As a matter of fact stop spending insane amounts of healthcare money on treatment of obesity-related diseases and just let these idiots die.
      Just take this a bit further: what kind of irresponsible, nanny-state worshipping genetic pool are you breeding there?
      These people are, absent a tax payer funded health care system support, a danger only to themselves.
      Remove the cause of moral hazard, aka health care for treatment of obesity related diseases. Make sure education explains things. If they don’t wanna listen, just let the god damn genetic pool weed itself out.

  4. It’s a cultural problem. Western culture has changed. Women working isn’t exactly helpful. Not only do they burn less calories when they work an office job. They are also less likely to spend a long time preparing a healthy meal. Women use to watch their body weight when they were young. Because they understood that men wouldn’t marry them if they got fat. After being married they were most valued for being a good housewife and mother. Preparing a good meal was also part of that. These days it’s hard to find a woman that can cook at all. They just prepare a meal that’s fast and easy. Fast and easy isn’t healthy in most cases. They also feed this garbage to their children. These children will also get fat ad a early age. When people are fat as children. It becomes almost impossible for them to get slim later in life. Their bodies are formed feeding on garbage. Garbage in = Garbage out. Combine this with a “all women and children are beautiful” culture. And you’ll get a BLOB disaster.

  5. Don: (I don’t think they can shame a man to fuck a ugg.) I slap my friends when they do it. I just smack them and tell them to have some self-respect. I do it in a bit of a joking way. But they do get the message. They even come to confess their sins and get their slap in the head. Explaining that they were drunk and won’t do it again. It has become just one of those joking things bro’s do. They know they deserve it. And that it’s all for their own good. And i expect them to do the same for me. If you do the ugly girl, you’ll get slapped. It’s part of our bro’s code now.

    1. I am whole heartedly adapting the slap with my friends. This is great. Do the ugg and get the slap. You are a genius.

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