Club Game

In Club Game: The No-Nonsense Guide to Getting Girls in Clubs and Bars, Aaron Sleazy systematically and thoroughly describes how you can maximize your chances for success with the women you meet in clubs and bars. The knowledge in this book is based on the experience he gained in years spent partying, mainly in the hottest clubs and bars of London and Berlin.

Through his life as a Lothario, Aaron Sleazy had innumerable pleasurable encounters with women, but he also gained many invaluable insights. Consequently, Club Game contains Aaron Sleazy’s distilled wisdom on clubs and bars, and serves as an effective crash course to success with women in that environment.

Club Game is the guide to success in clubs and bars. It covers everything you need to know, including the following:

・non-traditional fashion advice
・finding the right scene for you
・dealing with social pressure
・the importance of polarization
・how to become a much cooler guy
・what girls are looking for
・how clubs and social circles relate to each other
・understanding the doorman (door policy)
・going out with friends and on your own
・alcohol and drugs: pros and cons
・club logistics
・female receptivity throughout the night
・how to effectively meet women
・specific signals
・general signals
・subtle signals
・capitalizing on opportunities
・successful approaches
・dealing with groups
・dance floor approaches
・three great game plans: beginner, intermediate, and advanced
・dealing with distractions
・recovering from semi-successful attempts

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Paperback: 174 pages
Language: English
ISBN: 978-3-942017-04-6

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I finished reading your club game book. I like the part where you advise that we shouldn’t spend most of the time, during our 20s just chasing girls: under the chapter making it a lifestyle. Thanks for that! I also like your kind of mentality, the kind of mentality where you don’t wait for things to fall from the sky.

I just finished reading “Club Game” and greatly enjoyed it (read it in one sitting.) In short, this book is a fountain of wisdom. In the past, I admit to having “cold approached” women in bars and clubs. “Club Game” shows a better, more efficient, and more effective way.
In terms of writing style, Sleazy’s advice is superbly concise and straightforward. Each section is only a page or two in length, which makes for a quick read. “Club Game” is also very funny. Sleazy’s incisive perspective on the underlying social dynamics of bars and clubs often results in hilariously blunt statements and brilliant moments of sarcastic humor.
In addition to providing advice, “Club Game” makes several poignant observations about dating and society in general. Personally, I found that I had never fully considered the social importance of bars and clubs, nor the extent of the positive impact they could have on my life, until reading “Club Game.” Improving your ability to navigate the club scene can be extremely rewarding. If you would like to get more out of your nights out, this book is simply a good investment.

I loved the book. The author discusses shortcuts he found to manage your time better in a bar/club/party setting. You skip all the trials and errors in his life so that you can jump to his current portion of reasoning and his minimalist point-of-view. It’s kind of like he sorted through all the PUA psuedo-science and trashed them, burned even the reasonable sounding ideas that seemed like they’d work but don’t, tested everything that was left over, and then published an efficient A to B guide to getting girls in this setting.

Club Game is a great book for those who have been led astray by shoddy pickup advice or just want to become more confident in general. He focuses a lot on things you should work on outside the club, such as looks and style as well as picking the venues you enjoy with the type of people you like rather than just hitting up mainstream places all the time. It’s also not a heavy read and you can definitely read within a few hours if you’re a moderately fast reader. Highly recommend to have in your library!

This book is a great read for anybody who wants the truth about getting laid in the clubs. Sleazy is not an Internet marketer virgin who is trying to sell you theory he is a guy who clearly knows what he is talking about. The problem I’ve had in the past with books on getting laid is the mental masturbation that ensues from sitting around and not taking action. This book is different because instead of filling your head with a bunch of theory and useless information that won’t get you laid he is telling you in a very nonchalant way how to successfully pull in the clubs. I also have to say how I like that he doesn’t take a one size fits all approach to pick up and makes it a point to emphasize that not all clubs and bars are similar and not all girls are similar. So anyways, if your looking for REALISTIC advice and you are tired of put theory brainwashing I urge to read this gem of a book.

last month I probably fucked the hottest alternative black chick in the social circle. And I didn’t do shit. I didn’t game her or talk to her much. Honestly. At a convention we went to, she literally called me and asked what hotel I was sleeping at. After the rave was over, I just took her with me, walked to my hotel and fucked her. That lay was the easiest lay of my life. That says a lot about finding your niche and going for girls who are into you.

Aaron Sleazy is the guy that introduced the concept of fast lays. I can’t say that any of his material was very helpful to me because there were some things that I handn’t fully grasped. Most of his stuff sounded so unbelievable because there was no “game” until I got to the point that I could consistently fuck women in under an hour. Truthfully, there is no “game” when you get to that point. You simply do because you can. I guess that is the reason I think most of the guys think that I constantly troll them, when I’m not trolling them at all.