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Open Thread 2018 (#3)

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64 thoughts on “Open Thread 2018 (#3)

  1. Aaron,

    First off I think Minimal Game should be required reading for every man!

    Do you have any advice regarding something that progresses slower like “dating”? ex. going on 1/2/3 dates with woman?

    I find myself striking out after the 2nd/3rd date and I get the “lets be friends” text. I try to retrace my steps and in all scenarios I escalated and what not. Assuming I have all my ducks in a row(dress well, in shape, can hold a conversation, etc..) should I just not fret about it as it’s just random if a woman will have chemistry with you?

    1. Thanks for your feedback. Minimal Game has a section on that regular dating as well, which may be helpful for you.

      I don’t know enough about your situation to give you specific advice (that would only happen in a personal consultation session anyway), however, you should keep in mind that some women are “professional daters” who just want attention and a free meal. If that is your crowd, you’re playing the wrong game.

    2. Why would you move slower on purpose?

      It’s the girl’s job to slow the process down.

      If you’re getting the “let’s just be friends” thing, it’s because you moved too slow.

    3. I’ve seen some guys say “but i’m looking for a girlfriend, my future wife (etc)… I can’t move fast, because I don’t want the girl who sleeps with me on the first date”…

      *-I have no idea if this is you. That’s just the only argument I’ve ever heard from guys on why they’d move slower on purpose…

      But like… (responding to that argument)… that makes no sense. You still want to move fast. If she sleeps with you fast, it’s not you who made her a slut. She was a slut.

      And you’re not gonna chase away a chick by moving too fast. Even conservative chicks have no issue with you trying to move fast. In fact, they prefer taming a player too. The difference is that she’ll slow you down (unlike the slut who’ll being taking off her clothes).

    4. Thanks! Will look into setting up a time.

      Also, what do you think about women who date guys who have children? What’s the reasoning there?

    5. A guy with children can still provide. You can’t compare this with single moms living off welfare cheques.

    6. Anthony: I agree with Alek. You move to slow. You should speed up your escalation process. There is no reason to hold back unless she slows you down. You want to go sexual as fast as possible. Women will look at you in a more critical way before it go’s sexual. After she has given in with some sexual stuff. She will start making justifications for her behaviour in her own mind. If she slows you down. Just let it cool down one degree. Never let things get cold. Dont let it get to you. It’s her job to slow things down. It doesn’t have to be a rejection. Maybe you can try another location. This could also be a reason for women slowing down or stopping escalation. Maybe they dont feel good about escalating things in that location. Women often want to meet in a very public location that they know on a first date. But this is often not the type of place she wants to escalate things. You want to move it somewhere else after you gained some trust. Leading her to an other location also has a subconscious effect on her

    7. Anthony: Moving things to another location can be a way of moving things forward. You can show initiative. You can show good taste if you pick the right location. You have an opportunity to take the leading role. She has to surrender to your leading position and follow you. You can take her more private. Where escalation is more easy for her. (maybe a lounge?) The step following you home will also become smaller. She has already followed you to an unknown location one time before.

  2. Serious question:
    If you don’t ever plan to become a father(and the girl is on board with it),should you still retain the same level of strictness when evaluating a potential LTR? I imagine you can afford to be a little bit more lenient in this case.

    BTW,may I ask your opinion on adoption? If a genetically below-average couple(and/or they have a history of inheritable diseases)decided to adopt rather than risk propagating bad genes,do you feel this is a genuinely noble thing to do? Personally,I say yeah.

    1. If you don’t want to have kids, then you may want to ask yourself why you even want to be in an LTR. Also, the personality defects of a slut will be obvious even if she doesn’t want to have kids.

      Regarding your second question, I have doubts that a couple of inferior genetic stock would be able to properly raise a child.

  3. Hey Aaron,

    long time reader, first time commenting. I read about your GF’s friend Clark Kent and he reminded me of my own IRL friend who is in a pretty similar situation. High SMV guy marrying garbage tier woman because he doesn’t realise his real market value. I’m talking about a 1.85m dude with a “skinny ripped” physique and a decent IT job marrying a fat feminist slob who is literally flipping burgers at McDonald’s.

    I think that ilustrates a point I raised in another forum some time ago: over confidence (or “game”) doesn’t help you, but a LACK of confidence or an inability to realize you “could do better” is definetly going to harm you.

    My question is this: do you think it’s worthwhile to advise friends (or men in general) to seek help regarding their self esteem? Lifting, meditation or even fucking escorts. ANYTHING that can help a guy break free from the enslaving “scarcity mindset” your GF mentions in her article.

    Thanks for all your work, man. I own Minimal Game and I’m going for the meditation book next. Cheers!

    1. Thanks for the feedback and your support! Please consider leaving reviews for my books on Amazon. I’d greatly appreciate it.

      The problem with trying to help other guys is that they have to be open-minded. I’d say very few guys question society based on insight. Most have to first run into real problems. Some guys, though, can hit rock-bottom and not draw any conclusion from that. I’d suggest that you shouldn’t expect too much from pointing your friends in the right direction. Yet, keep in mind that your typical guy is very afraid of change as this means that they have to invalidate their current self-image.

  4. LOL! Wall hitting bipolar feminist with STD who doesn’t need a man. Has a mental breakdown because men don’t want her anymore. And she just has no idea why that is. Another great Popp video.

  5. Aaron – is there anything in Minimal Game that you would consider updating?

    While there are “principles” that could be “timeless” and still applicable today as when you originally published…

    …Are there some items/issues that readers may need to factor in these days…such as crazy #metoo stuff, or Tinder/dating apps/social media that grossly inflate women’s egos…that may make picking up harder?

    1. There are a few rather minor things I’d modify, but it doesn’t justify putting out a new revision. The landscape has definitely changed, though. Mobile apps are playing a much bigger role, while meeting women in real life seems to be getting a lot less common. Fundamentally, what I write in Minimal Game is still valid as you will eventually interact with them without your smart phone.

    2. I’d be interested in reading about pickup post #metoo as well, as now you can get convicted for sexual harassment just for escalating, just because she changed her mind afterwards. But maybe it’s a bit too early for this, to assess what the implications will be for man. I know a lot of PU guys will say “if you’re smooth that won’t happen” but frankly, I’d rather give up completely rather than risking anything, it’s just not worth it.

    3. This is a perfectly valid position to have. Plenty of men, for instance, don’t interact with women beyond the absolutely necessary at the workplace in order to not be a target for frivolous claims of sexual harassment.

    4. Tinder is so fucking easy. Particularly because of the ease of access to large number of girls at once. Aaron doesn’t need to write a book about it. Unless he wants to. But it’s not needed. The dynamic of tinder is different. Just as with in real life where you have to identify dtf girls you have to do the same on tinder as well.

      You do that by mass massaging your matches that you want them in every position. When I say mass massage I don’t really mean send he exact same text to girls though. But the basic premise is to ask them to fuck them on the opening massage itself.

      That way you weed out attention whores and bitches. Besides that the game looks just about the same as if you brought a girl from the club.

    5. @Don re: “Tinder is so fucking easy”

      This is definitely where the debate on what matters most in the “Looks vs. “Game” vs. Money dichotomy can be proven…

  6. Almost everyone who follows this blog seems to harbor a wierd a need to do the opposite of what feminists would want to do. Similar to when we should also not jump off a bridge just as much as a feminists wouldn’t. But the tone of this blog for the lack of a better word is opposite of feminism and not anti feminism. I say this because it had last taken a turn to being anti sex just because feminists are pro sex/slutty behavior. This is a bitter joke because a avid commenter Ben once commented that he cares more about society and it’s propergation than sex itself. At least that’s what you can garner from his rhetoric.

    I on the other hand don’t give a pigs shitty fart about society. Or what ever that they mean by society.

    1. Don: (This is a bitter joke because a avid commenter Ben once commented that he cares more about society and it’s propergation than sex itself. At least that’s what you can garner from his rhetoric.)
      I do discus biological issues. I do discus effects on society. I do discus sex and pick up tactics. I do discus traditional vs feminist values. But never have i told you i care more about society. I consider western society lost. And i’ve said so many times. And i consider feminisn and multiculturalism the root cause of the decline. If i thought society was the most important. I wouldn’t been mgtow. And i wouldn’t move to thailand. I would probably joint one of these identity movements or something like that. And made white baby’s with a tradwhore or whatever. So what the hell are you talking about?

    2. Don: If you just want to fuck around that’s absolutely fine by me. No one here is telling you that you shouldn’t do that. No one here is anti sex. We often discus the effects on men, women and society. But no one here is saying you should get married and have children. We do discus the best possible options for those who do want a relationship and family. And the warning signs of dangers involved in that adventure. The topics and reasoning are not restricted to one ideology. Redpill, mgtow, pickup, MRA, traditional rightwing. All viewpoints are discussed here. Hell even Jon with his crazy sjw trolling is tolerated here. But convincing people that feminism is a good thing? Yea that’s a difficult sell to make here. So don’t get budhurt if it doesn’t go your way.

    3. Crazy sjw trolling? Ben, you should lay off the ad hominems. That is a tactic that fascists use and we all know fascists are the most dangerous ppl in the world. We dont want another genocide.

      Im not a sjw ben, im a moderate centrist. I dont do ideology like left or right. All my opinions are backed by science. So im definately a neutral unbiased observer.

      Ben, i fear you have been indoctrinated by some rightwing propaganda to view even neutral ppl as the left. You probably dont see your bias. Please wake up. “take the red pill” like in the movie the matrix.

      I hope you dont need anymore intervention and I saved you from fascism indefinately.

    4. In fact ben, you didnt even realize that you actually replied to a troll, that is Don. Look at how he copied my name and changed one letter just to troll me, and then goes write these nonsensical comments talking about his massive net worth and access to lots of womyn. Cmon, be smarter than that.

      Luckily for you im highly gifted in intelligence and likely the smartest guy on this blog so its easy for me to recognize it and warn you to not fall in the trap. Although Alek is probably a close second, tho he may be too biased at times. He was smart enough to evade the trap.

    5. Jon, I’d bet money that your IQ is distinctly average, in the region from 95 to 105. If you wanted to feel smart, you’d have to move to a place like Africa.

    6. Some observations I made from this comment, Aaron, sadly, once more you are incorrect. Its getting repetitive…

      You appear to extremely jealous of my high IQ, I wonder if you can pass this IQ test?
      Its obvious because you attack my IQ for no reason at all, you must be insecure.
      You equate IQ to intelligence and smarts which is incorrect. In fact science cannot currently define what intelligence is, and IQ is just something random that can be tested and positivly correlates with income. But its not intelligence.
      You claim that africans are less intelligent. based on what, aaron? No science exists that can confirm this.
      You equate intelligence with inferior/superior humans and their worth. Tell me, aaron, how low is your self-confidence? Because we can do the same with money. so you are “inferior” to George Soros. Well you do have lower wealth, I hope you now see that this kind of fascist thinking is nonsense. Because this means you are worth less than Soros? Basic error aaron. Every human soul is valuable Aaron. Because we are all created equal by the Creator.

      Summary, you are too obsessed with IQ/inferior/superior thinking and in danger of being preyed upon by fascists. Stop right now. Just like me, Aaron, start embracing science and the truth.Ofcourse it begs the question, can you handle the truth?

    7. Look up research on the IQ of nations.

      Of course I have less money than George Soros. Almost everybody has. Yet, that kind of comparison doesn’t help your cause because IQ is a very good predictor of future success. If you’re born smart, chances are that you’ll do well in life. However, if you give a moron a lot of money, he won’t get very far.

    8. Nonsense aaron, use your common sense. So these parts of africa have no food but they have IQ tests? That conveniently indicate lower IQ? LOL then I got a bridge to sell to you.
      Secondly, you cant even calculate IQ per country, then compare.
      The reason is that the data is normalized to a baseline where 100 is the mean of a normal distribution. I hope you paid attention in stats class.
      And this baseline is different for every country, every gender and every age. Thus having an average IQ lower or higher than 100 in any country is impossible. Your IQ is relative to your peer group. you cant even compare directly an IQ of a womyn to IQ of a myn. Absolute numbers mean nothing. Whats important is against which peer group you are compared. And we can assume that racists manipulate data as much as possible to get the results they want. Lack of consistency in behavior, these guys hate the jews which makes no sense! My IQ is in the far right tail of the distribution at infinity, btw.

    9. Sure, if you take a group of retards who would score 70 on an IQ test and normalize that data, you bump the average to 100. However, you don’t make them any smarter. Leftist idiots who believe that language creates reality, on the other hand, think that. You’re close to another ban as I’m getting quite tired of your intellectual dishonesty.

    10. Aaron: (If you wanted to feel smart, you’d have to move to a place like Africa.) He already thinks he’s smart as hell. Most crazy people do. They think it’s the world that’s crazy.

  7. Spotted this in the MGTOW reddit:

    Seems like ‘blind’ hiring, in theory, would lead to more womyn getting hired…but it hasn’t.

    Oh well, back to blatant diversity and female-preferred promotions at places like Google! Pity the (male) fool who slaves through programming education and has a female manager who bosses him around (but is herself clueless about programming, etc.)

    Reminds me of that adage…those who cannot “do”, teach.

    Perhaps..those who can’t do work, manage those who can (and get paid well for it).

    1. I had some experience with that. Only she couldn’t teach or manage. Luckily i wasn’t working in the same building. This woman was paid 6 figures. And i would be surprised if her IQ would score over 90. Absolutely worthless. She was basically just there so they could say they had a woman in a higher position. We all had to find ways to bypass her. She never did anything of value. She should in theory answer our questions when we got stuck on something. But everyone working under her knew 100 times more. Not only was she useless. We had more trouble because of her. She only made it harder to do our job. I wouldn’t be surprised if she would try to sharpen a pen. I would have understand if she would be hot. And she would be there to blow the CEO or something. But she was ugly as well. Maybe she was his retarded sister? I really have no clue why she worked there.

    1. This is very interesting. Thanks for sharing! Incidentally, my girlfriend and I had been discussing the issue of how to properly ‘red pill’ a teenage boy and keep him from making horrible mistakes.

    2. Aaron: (my girlfriend and I had been discussing the issue of how to properly ‘red pill’ a teenage boy and keep him from making horrible mistakes.)
      I found a solution to your problem.

      How to redpill boys!

  8. According to Roosh, PUA Trainings Richard La Ruina’s crowdfunded game “Super Seducer” is due for an imminent release on 6th March 2018. Available for MAC/PC Windows 7 and PS4 network.

    There’s a short preview trailer under that link:

    I thought the PUA industry was pretty much dead but it looks like there’s always another way to maximize profits…

    1. That article is thinly veiled paid advertising. I skimmed it. It seems as if the ‘game’ consists of prerecorded video sequenced with overlaid prompts to the user to provide some input to progress. It looks quite insipid.

  9. Here is another thing to wrap your head around.

    If you are not a top 20% man in attractiveness, you can realistically kiss ONSs good bye. Stressing on realistically. Then you are left with LTRs for which we have to deal with useless women you’d rather go MGTOW. Don’t you see that the less than ideal examples of the male sex is weeded out. Its survival of the fittest. Just like in a jungle. Which leaves me guessing, what is that glimmer of hope called the top twenty percent.

    1. That being said, I know a guy who hires body guards when he goes out. He gets laid by more hotter women that I envy him. The reason he has body guards is not to pickup girls though but because he is genuinely worried as to his safety. But you have to see the type of ass he taps.

    2. It’s the unfit, unproductive and plain stupid people that reproduce the most in our society. because they are subsidised. And the fit, productive and smart people reproduce less because they are taxed. If government wouldn’t be involved. It would be survival of the fittest. Now it’s more like the opposite of that. Stupid people have more children because smart people are forced to pay for them. I’m absolutely in favour of natural selection. Thats one of the main reasons i oppose feminism and other leftwing politics. They transfer wealth from the fit and productive. To the unfit and unproductive. This is taking resources from K selective people. And giving it to R selective people. Inferior animals reproduce more because in a natural situation most of their offspring dies. While more evolved animals produce less offspring. But take better care of them. Thats why most survive. Giving resources from superior to the inferior. Will not result in more superior animals.

  10. “If you are not a top 20% man in attractiveness, you can realistically kiss ONSs good bye”

    Unless you are rich.

    “he has body guards”

    Bodyguards= Status symbol. Money = status. Google says, an armed bodyguard can easily cost $1k per day + expenses. There you have it.

    1. “Tom Ford thinks they should”
      A gay man says they should, who would’ve guessed?
      “Vulnerable” implying they don’t fuck because they enjoy it.
      Also what is that is exactly vulnerable in it?
      Why is it more vulnerable than me putting my cock in her pussy?
      Or letting a girl suck it? They can bite it can’t they…that sounds more vulnerable to me.
      These fucking people have absolutely no idea what they are talking about they just like to spit out pretentious and completely meaningless bullshit around some kind of victimization because it is trendy.

    1. The true delusion is this:
      A total of 55% of women would trade their body for the one of either an athlete, a celebrity or a lingerie model. I think we can safely assume that “celebrity” is some Hollywood chick with a rather slim body. So, overall, I think we can safely say, that these 55% would trade with someone who’s slim.

      Now, the best: At the same time, 58% find all body types + curvy to be the “ideal” body type.
      I’m not saying the same group but…

      Imagine I was like: “The best diet is a well balanced regime, with not too much calories and a good equilibrium with regards to macros.” – And, Sir, what would you like to eat if you had a personal chef cook for you every day? – “Oh, gimme that pizza”

  11. I was at 15% body fat when I met my favorite fuck buddy or rather girlfriend. I am now teetering on the edge of 20% body fat at 19.99% odd. Funny enough, my said girlfriend says I look better now. She is very hot and exercises with me as well. She says that she doesn’t want to be able to count my abs. She gave a example of Rony Coleman (bodybuilder) vs James Deen (pornstar). Rony Coleman is clearly not the attractive man on that comparison. What do you guys think? Should I work on getting back to 15% or not?

  12. I have a problem with the arguments used by men who live with their parents or anything less than ideal conditions about why they can’t get laid because of their living arrangements. Without further ado by listing those arguments I will tell my take on living with ones parents and also getting laid at the same time from clubs. I talk only about clubs because that’s where my experience is but I wouldn’t say any other place to meet women be it Tinder or something is any different.

    For me, this is what plagued my sex life so badly when I was younger. I din’t live with my parents but my parents lived with me. Being that they are conservative as fuck, it didn’t matter if I brought girls to my house or their house. Therefore, I am uniquely qualified to answer this problem to other men who are similarly plagued by less than ideal living arrangements.


    That’s just what it is. You can’t hide things like your living arrangement with people you sleep with. Think about it this way, you show her your naked body but not your living arrangement? WTF?

    I know. I am a pathological lier too. I lied about everything including everything I said to my girlfriends. But you just need things to naturally happen with women who will let it happen with you. Stressing on “naturally” and “let it”. You don’t have to plan each step of the way in a seduction if you call it that. It takes two to tango.

    If you guys can’t get laid, go out and try the easiest game. In my opinion that is Stelar method from the forum. It is great although not the greatest. It doesn’t matter if you live with your parents. Go to her place. Tell her that you have your parents right when you are entering your car to go have sex. I advice you wait till the last moment so she’s horny that if she lives with her parents too, she probably is more likely then to agree to fuck in public.

    Good luck to all you fuckers!

    1. By the way, out of all the times I got laid off of clubs, I think about 50% of the times were in the girls place. So, you have a statistical advantage. If the girl is not willing to let you in her house, go to the other girl. There is always the next girl.

    2. You don’t want to be like me who still regret the time when I didn’t got laid when I was younger because of living with parents thing. When you are 65 years old, you shouldn’t want to tell that “I wish I would’ve…” now do you?

    1. Jon: (So it will be quite easy for china to take no. 1 spot.) Not that easy. China is making progress. But other countries aren’t sitting on their ass waiting for China to surpass them. Maybe you should lower your expectations a bit. Nobody knows for sure what the future will bring. Being optimistic is one thing. But your communist utopian dreams are just not realistic. It’s not going to happen like that.

    2. @Jon:

      You should find one of those $$$-millionaire “leftover” women…

      …but beware of hypergamy, because rich women won’t date down.

  13. Stone Mcknuckle does some of the highest quality video game covers in a heavy style that I’ve come across. I’m really fond of the Mega Man tracks he’s put out:

    What’s really interesting is how he only usually writes off of the main theme or melody of a specific tune and adds layers of thrash and power metal types of riffs, soaring lead guitars and driving percussive arrangements. If you were a fan of the catchiness of retro gaming sound tracks and enjoy heavy metal, then you’ll totally dig his remixes.

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