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Guest post by my girlfriend: Two exemplary cucked Asian men

A topic I’ve been discussing quite a bit with my girlfriend recently is how Asian culture affects men much more negatively than women. After all, a submissive woman is desirable, while a submissive man is not. In this post, my submissive Asian cutie describes two of her cucked friends. I will follow this up with a post in which I elaborate on my view on Chinese culture and its effects. I find her post interesting as it describes two complete cucks. Yet, their behavior does not raise much of an eyebrow in their country.

I would like to share some of my observations on the relationships of two of my male friends from home whom I know quite well. These friends of mine are a few years older than men and between 25 and 26 years old. What has intrigued me to write this post is that as Aaron and I have come to learn more about the problems in their relationships, we and especially him are increasingly taken aback by their dutiful willingness to put up with girls who are evidently a bad deal. I suspect that certain aspects of Asian culture and the way of life at home have cultivated such a mindset, but I probably would never have noted this without Aaron opening my eyes to perspectives from the wider manosphere. This is a significant aspect of the “cultural exchange” that we have from our interracial relationship, because without his dissing of them as “cucked”, I might not have seen their situation in such a stark light, and by extension probed deeper into my culture.

I’ll focus on the stories of two friends whom I’ll call Clark Kent and Light Saber.

In my opinion, Clark Kent has an impressive sexual market value. The only thing that may be setting him back is his choice of degree in the social sciences, but as he is about to graduate from an elite university, albeit with poor grades, this compensates for it somewhat. He has a long list of other things going for him, however. He’s taller than the average man back home, is good looking, is buff, athletic and works out, has an impressive family background and family home (his father is the CFO of a large and wealthy corporation), and exhibits many personal qualities such as self-discipline, a strong work ethic, trustworthiness, etc. [I have to add that for someone with his background he has achieved precious little. Even calling him an abysmal failure wouldn’t be much of a stretch. He is the son of a 1%er, or more like a 0.1%er, and has superstar academics in his wider family, names you most certainly will have encountered if you are in their field. I would describe him as a weak-willed slacker devoid of ambition. For instance, he once turned down a spot in the national team of the sport he is pursuing, which would likely have led to him attending the Olympic games, just so that he could spend more time with his girlfriend. — Aaron]

Yet, Clark Kent doesn’t seem to realise his attractiveness and has a scarcity mindset when it comes to girls. He’s currently in a relationship with a rather unattractive 27-year-old who’s had perhaps five sexual partners before him, wants to go to graduate school in a bullshit subject, and who more importantly has not had sex with him for months. She’s his first girlfriend and they got it on initially, but their lack of a sex life now is eating away at him inside, especially since he has higher than average testosterone levels, at least for Asian standards. Her excuse is that she has a low sex drive, and my dutiful friend thinks he has to suck it up, try to work on it, and hope the problem can be resolved over time. Out of the fear of rejection he’s stopped initiating sex. Previous boyfriends of hers have left her because she didn’t put out enough, and as she’s afraid that my friend will too, he tells me that he won’t do this to her. They’ve since even discussed marriage and moving in together. They are thinking of buying a place, but of course Clark Kent will have to foot the bill.

My next friend, Light Saber, presents an even more sensationalist case. He’s dating a 24-year-old who comes with drama and a bag of problems: she’s extremely needy and unreasonable, demands for her way and his pandering, and whines frequently about anything imaginable. Aaron and I are her mere acquaintances, but she’s already shared with us about her use of anti-depressants. Furthermore, she enjoys modelling for free and still goes out to meet new guys. [She lets guys take highly sexual pictures of her. I would bet money that she’s fucking her photographers. — Aaron] I simply can’t understand why Light Saber puts up with her crap, but it baffles me because he goes much further beyond that.

As he identifies as a male feminist and believes in the ails of the patriarchy, he’s adopted these ludicrously permissive views towards his girlfriend. He doesn’t put his foot down when she meets other guys and says it’s fine for her to sleep around as long as she doesn’t catch feelings, because “it’s her body and she can do whatever she wants with it”. He sticks with her in spite of her drama because he loves her, they do actively have sex, and to a lesser extent because he thinks he cannot do better. [You should be more blunt, honey! Light Saber’s girlfriend actively pursues other guys and fucks them. I suspect she only mentions a fraction of the guys she has sex with to him. On a side note, her Instagram account is chock-full of suggestive if not downright provocative pictures. — Aaron]

While a sample size of n = 2 is hardly representative, I have pondered if Clark Kent and Light Saber’s sense of duty could possibly be rooted in Asian culture, in particular the gender roles expected of men (to provide and anchor), and also “Asian values” of obedience and the unquestioning of authority. I’m not sure if this connection sounds like too much of a stretch; after all what my friends are doing doesn’t seem too unlike that of “blue pill betas” of the West. On a final note, I’ve tried to gently suggest to these friends that they could certainly do better. They listen but I’m not getting through to them, and I’m generally not getting the sense that manosphere perspectives or the “red pill” resonate much, if at all, with my countrymen.

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42 thoughts on “Guest post by my girlfriend: Two exemplary cucked Asian men

  1. Is it at all possible that this is due to the skewed sex ratios in China? I have heard that there is something like 25% more men than women in the 25-42 demographic, which works out to an excess of 40 million men!

    I know this is a pretty low-effort post, because I usually research these things again to make sure my numbers are accurate, but I can’t help but think that part of their scarcity mindset and general surrounding culture, might be based on some level of actual scarcity of Chinese Females.

    1. Okay I did a brief lookup and found an article that states that, in 2012, there were already 41 million more men than women in China, and number expected to rise to 55 million by 2020. For a country of 1.5 billion that’s not as bad as it sounds, but that’s still roughly 7.5% more men than women, concentrated I’m sure more among the young. So it might have some impact on the culture in general. Would be very interested to see a breakdown of these demographics by region in China, along with a sociological study of male and female sexual behaviours.

    2. “I’m not from China though. I’m Singaporean.”

      I KNEW it. Guessed it the first time around!! 😁

      Pay up!! (Wait, we did not bet on it?)

  2. I’d say both assume that the value of their own company is very low to their respective partners, and are accepting of this. Pretty sad. Light Saber seems to think women are special only because they’re women, and Clark Kent seems to think his girlfriend is special because she’s his girlfriend, but not because he’s her boyfriend. Neither seem to realize that they are the ones elevating their partner, nor do they seem self aware of the uneven trade that’s happening in the business of their relationship. Bad deal.

  3. “especially since he has higher than average testosterone levels, at least for Asian standards.”
    You did well to put the “higher than average” in relation to the local standards, simply because I think that the overall Asian standard must be way lower than in say Eastern Europe (OK, extreme example, I know).
    If it is true what I believe, and that is that soy consumption in Asia is really much higher than in the rest of the world, then that might be an explanation.

    Makes me think of PJW’s video

    Taking it one step further, multi-generational excessive soy consumption might be the reason for the smaller dicks, too.

    1. (Taking it one step further, multi-generational excessive soy consumption might be the reason for the smaller dicks, too.)

      They mostly consume a different type of soy in Asia.

      If you make love with a Asian woman you’ll understand wy Asian men are smaller. Asian women are not build the same as White women. They are build for smaller men. Just try it and you’ll understand immediately. One of the perks when dating Asian women. Trust me, you won’t be disappointed. You’ll feel like a true conquer.

    2. Your last sentence made us laugh! I’m sheepishly petite at 158cm. And got so happy when Aaron’s mother said she thought I was 165cm.

    3. “They are build for smaller men. Just try it and you’ll understand immediately. ”

      Asian experience wise, I had the pleasure of a Korean and and a Malaysian girl. Let’s not count the former, I was young and inexperienced.
      But, to prove your point, after we finished business and were chilling it on my bed, I casually asked (not having anything sexual in mind): “So, how are Malaysian guys?” First thing she says: “They have small dicks”

    4. “They mostly consume a different type of soy in Asia.”

      Can you say more on that?

    5. Neutral, in asia most of the soy they eat is rather unprocessed or lightly processed, or fermented,like tofu or natto. I think fermented soy doesnt have alot of isoflavones, the fermentation takes care of that? Also soy sauce also seems to lacks them.

      Now you dont have to worry about soy consumption imo, look at how manly asian guys like in this post are, just like me, Id say we are the manliest of men. We eat soy and yet are manliest in the world.

      Now what you do have to worry about is crap like highly processed food. Fast food, vegetable oils, artificial sweeteners, gums, etc. basically everything in the supermarket that you dont process yourself.
      We can easily observe that countries with increased high processed food diets see a rise in stuff like diabetes, obesity, cancer, cvd etc.
      Lazy rich capitalists are poisoning you with frankenfoods.

      Dont worry about unprocessed soy its natural, but processed soy is very unnatural.
      Attack the biggest elephant in the room first, that makes most sense to me.

    6. Neutralrandomthoughts:
      Western soy is geneticaly modified. Both types of soy contain isoflavones. Isoflavones are estrogen mimickers that increase estrogenic activity. But the levels in Western soy are much higher. Some say it’s because they were trying to create a superfood. Just like with so called golden rice. Others think it’s done with evil intend. I’ll leave that type of conclusions to people them selfs.

    7. Neutralrandomthoughts: Not trying to brag here. I’m a bit on the larger side. I cant use normal western condoms. I had some embarrassing moments trying to buy condoms in Thailand. Just try to explain to the shy Thai girl in the 7/11 that you need larger condoms. My Thai aint that great. Her english is very limited. They know white dude’s are larger. So she’ll give you the normal western condoms if you ask for help because you cant read the Thai descriptions. Than comes the challenge of explaining that those won’t do either and you’ll need even bigger ones. Try that with a huge language barrier. With a shy Asian girl. In a country were many of these things are considered taboo. Without offending anyone. Yea good times. (Take in mind i’m not located in a tourist area)

    8. Neutralrandomthoughts: Plastic bottles also contain estrogen mimickers. I dont think estrogen mimickers are causing Asian men to have smaller dicks. It’s however possible that estrogen mimickers from both soy and plastic are causing the increase in transsexual people. Both in the Western world and places like Thailand. When it comes to the Asian build however. I think Asian women are a clear indication that it’s just genetic. I simply cant go braveheart on a Asian woman without hurting her.

  4. Friend nr2 Light Saber won’t have his problem for long. She will leave him soon enough. Best to give him advice after she runs off with an other dude. (make sure he doesn’t kill himself) He’ll be sick for some time afterwards. That would probably be the best time to feed him the red pill. His disparate state will turn into rage. After that he might accept responsibility for being a cuck and grow a pair.

    Friend nr1 Clark Kent is in real trouble. His only hope is to run into another girl. She’s not likely to leave him. And he’s not likely to leave her. Unless he meets another woman that completely rocks his world.

    1. Clark Kent is not likely to meet another woman. Because he won’t even put himself in a situation where something could happen, let alone hunt or be on the lookout. There was a girl who hit on him and he made it indirectly known to her that he’s attached (he said she was unattractive though). That’s how dutiful he is.

    2. Sleazy’s Gal: Clark Kent is screwed. Being a loyal and honourable man is great. However it doesn’t fly if the people you’re sacrificing for have no honour or sense of loyalty themselves. So instead of pointing out to Clark Kent that his loyalty is misplaced. Something that will only trigger a response to defend his girlfriends honour. Maybe remind him what honourable behaviour looks like when it comes to women. Without pointing directly to his girlfriend defects. Lead by example. It’s all you can do at this point. Anything negative you point out about his girlfriend will only make him react defencive.

      Maybe except that the red pill is not for him. I dont believe the red pill is for everyone. Some people cant handle it. Just like in the matrix movie where the term comes from. ( I can only show you the door. You’re the one that has to walk through it.) Some people simply can’t be saved. They are to attached to the world as they know it. Others are simply not ready yet. They need a catastrophic failure.

  5. These men are heroes, not just cucks. Besides one should not use cuck as an insult, no, one should be proud of it. After all it takes courage to accept ones partner completely, and everybody is flawed. These men are heroes for persevering and sticking it through, even if its not going that smoothly because the partner is flawed a little bit, still not giving up on their true love. They love them, flaws and all, they love everything about her. Its quite romantic and the very definition of manly.

    Manliness is not being a controlling partner that commands the female as a slave, thats for sure!

    You might call them cucks, I call them real men.

    1. Whats so funny, Aaron. Im talking about true love. Theres nothing funny about missing that in ones life. I feel sorry for you, you must think love is always transactional. Always the cynic. I bet you dont even believe in the concept of the one/soulmates. I pity you, Aaron.
      You are seemingly no different from cat ladies in bitterness.

      There is in fact alot of value in sacrifice.
      If thats cucky, though its my view its more about being a hero instead, then im a proud Cuck! (Im a proud hero!)

    2. Jon: You should totally become a stand-up comedian. I would love to see you give that speech on stage. While wearing some france maids uniform . Maybe you can do it in your free time. When your half jewish single mom wife wants some alone time with Tyrone. That would be a great opening. You can tell people you were just doing your cleaning duties when Tyrone came over. And your wife ordered you to get lost for a couple of hours. That would be hilarious.

    3. ” Manliness is not being a controlling partner that commands the female as a slave, thats for sure!”

      Tell that to the 22yo who put a leash on herself, handed it to me, and went down on all fours a couple days back 😃

      (All by herself, I didnt even ask!)

    4. Yarara: Be careful. Those are often the most dangerous girls. She understands the male ego. And she knows how to play and manipulate yours. Again careful.

    5. I have been seeing her for a few months now, and I dont think she is manipulative, at least I have seen no sign of it.

      But nevertheless I am always careful. Thanks for the heads up anyway.

    6. Yarara: All women are manipulative. Not saying it’s always with evil intend. But manipulative nevertheless. It’s just how it is. If she didn’t want something, she wouldn’t have sex with you.

    7. For now there has been no indication that she wants anything more that sex. She even pays for her own drinks. But yeah, never let your guard down….

    8. Yarara: I’m referring to Briffault’s law. Not so much your personal situation. It’s one of the most important things to understand about female nature. If you understand Briffault’s law and hypergamy. You can predict most female behaviour.

  6. Some corrections, given Aaron’s editor’s touch:
    – This 27 y/o girl is not Clark Kent’s first girlfriend, although she’s the first and only one he’s had sex with.
    – I have more faith in Clark Kent’s girlfriend than Aaron that she’ll pitch in for the mortgage. [With what money? — Aaron]
    – Light Saber says his girlfriend hasn’t had sex with other guys (yet) while in this relationship, if she’s to be believed.
    – Light Saber vets his girlfriend’s photographers together with her before they agree to collaborate, and is adamant that they not be creeps or pervs. He sometimes accompanies her on these shoots. Evidently there’s a contradiction between his actions and what he says he’s okay with (a relationship doesn’t need sexual exclusivity/”I will never tell her what to do with her body”).

    Aaron’s bullshit filter and clarity of thought has been feeling like a curse of late 😞 When I look at things with a new pair of reality goggles.

    1. “Aaron’s bullshit filter and clarity of thought has been feeling like a curse of late 😞 When I look at things with a new pair of reality goggles.”

      Yeah yeah… just say it, you are mad in love with Aaron 😛

    2. Sleazy’s Gal: (Aaron’s bullshit filter and clarity of thought has been feeling like a curse of late When I look at things with a new pair of reality goggles.)
      It’s never a nice experience when somebody wakes you up while you’re fast asleep. It’s why you have to be careful when giving people the red pill. It’s predictable some people react hostile. Waking up totally sucks. Specially when you realise that everyone that you’ve known is still living in the dreamworld. You’ll start feeling disconnected from those people. And when you try to wake them, they’ll react hostile. Again it totally sucks. It’s just something everyone that takes the red pill has to go through. It gets better in time. Denial, anger, depression. It’s all part of the experience. But it doesn’t last forever. You’ll find peace with it at some point.

  7. An Asian Professor in the US released an article once which drew up the commonalities and differences between European vs East Asian Despotism to explain the innovation gap between East and West.

    In the European variant, despots (i.e. Kings) usually managed the challenged posed against centralized power from the local aristocracy through either co-option or a legal process that either resulted in prison or execution. Basically the aristocracy was strong and had to be managed

    In the Oriental variant, despots (i.e. the Emperor) dealt with the threat coming from the local aristocracy by just wiping out the clan and it’s entire progeny. No legal process needed.

  8. As you can imagine, in the Chinese case, Despots quite literally removed from the gene pool geno-types that would have probably manifested in you know… the kind of daring behavior that drove innovation. Culturally this also meant that one better be conformist if you don’t want your entire lineage and clan to be wiped off the face of the earth.

    No surprise therefore that what you see in the East is a society of cucks. This doesn’t mean that Asian’s can’t be ferocious but it’s more like a collective will kinda thing. Don’t believe me: check out the death ratio of the Japanese in WWII–they basically fought to the last man

    But yeah, Asians tend to be conformist cucks. This also based on experience. I’m Asian and when I was in university I was quite literally the only Asian that majored philosophy. It seems 99% chose the practical and less daring path. It’s the way it is.

    BTW – the Asian professor was purged and accused of racism. And no… I can’t find the article. This happened way back

    1. KW, China is exceptional and indispensable. Soon they will be the most innovative country in the world (in a safe way, thats why everything crypto ban, theyre smart).
      In fact theyre so smart, their copying what the USA did, but doing it smartly with JVs and tech transfer centres which reverse engineer which speeds up the slow process. These western lazy rich capitalists are giving up their countries tech in exchange for money, missing the longterm. And so communism wins.
      It was only 400 years ago that an upstart country copied the patented tech from the British Empire. Americans were literally pirates(see Slaitor the traitor) eventually though, copying was replaced by innovating,not just copy, but adding a twist, that made the tech even better. And this is how USA surpassed the British Empire.

      And this is how China will surpass the USA. Buy China stocks!

  9. > Previous boyfriends of hers have left her because she didn’t put out enough, and as she’s afraid that my friend will too, he tells me that he won’t do this to her.

    Let’s say that a dude was a hopeless alcoholic. What would we think of a g/f who was determined not to leave him for being an alcoholic simply because previous g/fs had left him for that reason?

    All you can do is say: dude, dumping your g/f because she won’t fuck you is entirely legit.

    As for dude #2, he’s trading putting up with drama for dynamite sex. Thoroughly understandable if he’s in his 20’s.

    1. “he’s trading putting up with drama for dynamite sex. Thoroughly understandable if he’s in his 20’s.”

      So true. The older I get the less shit I’m willing to take for sex. At age 22 sex was everything. Now, it’s more like “meh, only if she’s cool”. I guess the reason is a mix of having the money to just pay for sex and just having seen it. From the inside women are all the same, aren’t they…

  10. “An Asian Professor in the US released an article once which drew up the commonalities and differences between European vs East Asian Despotism to explain the innovation gap between East and West.”

    Hah, Western despotism and absolutism are all too light for the East. You call a monarchy like Louis XIV as absolutism? That’s almost nothing compared to one single mild reign of a Chinese emperor. Even the Soviet totalitarianism was still not as strict and destructive as the Chinese version under Mao.

    China was, has been and will continue to be the bastion of despotism, authoritarianism and totalitarianism because that’s her political tradition.

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