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How Asian culture breeds desirable women and cucked men

Yesterday I published a guest post by my (Asian) girlfriend, in which she describes two of her cucked male friends. In this post, I’m going to elaborate on my perception of Asian or, more precisely, Chinese culture and why I think this leads to the outcome we so often see: meek men and submissive women. Submissive, sexy, smart women are great. Meek men, no matter how smart, on the other hand, are generally not seen as desirable by women. My observations are largely based on encounters with the Chinese, but I’d be very surprised if, for instance, the Taiwanese or Koreans were much different.

First, I’d like to cover physical attributes as well. There is the perception that tall men are more assertive. Even if you are tall and you are not assertive, it would be very easy for you to develop that trait as people show natural deference to tall men in society. Short men who assert themselves, on the other hand, may even be the butt of jokes. Just think of the “Napoleon complex”. Short men asserting themselves is about as odd as ugly women trying to flirt. Asian men ten to be shorter than Westerners. Consequently, they tend to have a harder time if they want to get laid in the West. Sure, exceptions exist. I also know of Harvard-educated NBA player Jeremy Lin. Now go back and study elementary statistics.

With Asian women, the opposite comes into play. They tend to be more submissive than your typical Western woman, but this only makes them more attractive. So, you have women who are more petite and arguably more feminine who are also more submissive. That’s quite a killer combination. Asian women are seen as more attractive because they are more petite and more submissive than Western women as both are features non-cucked men highly value. On the other hand, short and submissive Asian guys have to compete with all the other timid cucks for a Western girl who will treat them like crap. Heck, even language reflects societal disdain for weak men. We call short and slender women ‘petite’, but you couldn’t use the same adjective to describe a man. Every analogon you can find, such as manlet, pygmy, or dwarf, is negatively connotated, and you won’t find an equivalent for women either.

Asian men are screwed because of their stature. They are double screwed because of their culture. The biggest issue I see is almost blind deference to authority. It starts with their parents. They meddle with their child’s life to an extent that would be unthinkable in the West. It seems that your stereotypical Asian kid has to compete the moment he or she is old enough for nursery. In Singapore, for instance, plenty of parents insist that only the best kindergarten will do for their precious offspring. Yup, there are inofficial rankings. There are rankings for the best primary school, too, but those are based on the results of the Primary School Leaving Examination, so that’s clearly more objective. The school system is best described as a pressure-cooker, which seems to be true of all Asian countries. Students learn to fit in and blindly follow authority. Questioning authority is apparently not what they learn. All that counts are their grades. Academic inflation is ripe. It’s so bad that the wealthy are even willing to send their kids to attend shitty schools abroad, just so they can get a degree.

Parents and other authority figures also play a paramount role in your typical Asian adult’s life. For one, there is the firmly held belief that you owe your parents for life, perhaps most concisely expressed in the concept of ‘filial piety’, i.e. once you earn money, you pay a hefty part of it to your parents, just because. Your parents would also meddle with your romantic affairs, telling you whom to date. This is not necessarily bad. Looking at the West, you can certainly conclude that a lot of women could need a bit more guidance.

One of the more absurd examples of deference to authority I witnessed on a conference I attended last year. A PhD student from either Taiwan or China attended, together with his professor. The student was always around his professor and walked behind him, at essentially a fixed distance. He kept looking to the ground. It was downright bizarre. In contrast, in the West, you deal with flat hierarchies and if your boss is enlightened enough, and your boss is closer to being a peer.

Not questioning authority leads to rather disastrous consequences. One is that the working culture is seriously odd. All over Asia, working unpaid overtime is very common. A contract for a job I was offered, but which I ultimately declined, for instance, stated that regular working hours were from 9 am to 6 pm, but if I didn’t manage to finish my work on time on any given day, I would have to work for free until I was done. That’s complete horseshit, of course, because in your typical high-skilled profession your work is technically never done. The manager told me that “normally” people leave at 7 or 8 pm. I think you have to be quite meek to work for free day after day. Needless to say, such regulations are illegal. Yet, your typical Asian employee is apparently too weak-spined to object to them.

Another issue is that if you don’t question authority, stupid processes get entrenched. Of course, if you’re afraid of repercussions, or if the mere thought of questioning dubious decisions by HR or management doesn’t even cross your mind, those people just keep spinning in a vacuum, leading to lots and lots of paperwork and chains-of-command that are downright ludicrous. If you want a taste of that, apply to an Asian company — or read some of Kafka’s books. It’s seriously mind-bending to get contradictory information from HR, or deal with an HR ditz who just ignores your questions and proceeds as if you hadn’t voiced any objections. This all made more sense to me once my girlfriend pointed out to me that people aren’t really used to being probed or having to explain their rationale behind certain approaches. I got the impression that they thought that if they employ you, they own you, which is a far cry from the more collaborative approach you can find in the West.

What do you get if you build a system that rewards people for conformity? Obviously, you don’t get rebels but cucked beta males like my girlfriend’s buddy ‘Light Saber’ who considers himself ‘woke’ for letting his girl fuck other guys behind his back. On the other hand, you also get women who are not confrontational just for the sake of it and who accept your authority, which makes for a much more harmonious relationship.

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47 thoughts on “How Asian culture breeds desirable women and cucked men

  1. Youre wrong. Sacrifice is heroic not cucky. Real men sacrifice, only fake men (the actual cucks) dont. You know something is wrong with your viewpoints if you start calling real men like most asian guys cucks and the actual cucks, real men. Grow up, Aaron…

    In all fairness, youre right that asian upbringing can be retarded. This should be changed.
    Also its sucks being a 5’10” manlet. Well at least I got big feet and some other huge things, and dont have small hands like some other famous guy.
    I can luckily compensate with my extremely rare very high intelligence.

    1. Sacrifice is heroic when done freely for a greater good. Heros are those who freely choose to sacrifice themselves when they have the option not to do it, and for something greater than themselves.

      Subsidizing the lifestyle of a selfish soul sucking bitch is hardly anyones idea of greater good. Being forced by law or social pressure is hardly free.

    2. “In all fairness, youre right that asian upbringing can be retarded. This should be changed.
      Also its sucks being a 5’10” manlet. Well at least I got big feet and some other huge things, and dont have small hands like some other famous guy.
      I can luckily compensate with my extremely rare very high intelligence.”

      Listen to this guy trying so hard! “I’m Asian but look at this and this and this! I got a BIG PENIS and I’m BRILLIANT!” LOL And a snide non-sensical insult toward Donald Trump while he’s at it. Poor guy, Jon. You sound like such a beta.

      And your idea of “sacrifice” is to be a slave. While people who dare ask to get paid for their work are “betas”, not you. Cute.

  2. Jon: Calm down Jon. He’s not saying most asian guys cucks. He’s just pointing out that teaching men to be submissive doesn’t exactly helps them getting laid in the Western world. While teaching women to be submissive will make them more attractive to men. He’s making generalisations that are generally true about most Asian people. Instead of flipping out maybe you can learn something to increase your chances. You can’t change your biology. But you could stop being a pushover. I know some very dominant Thai boxers. They are living like king’s in their country. They are doing great with Thai women. Some could possibly even get some action in the western world. One thing i know for sure is that they’ll do better than a guy saying he’s proud to be a cuck.

    1. Ben thanks for worrying about me, but im fine.

      Although im a virgin right now, it wont last, especially cause of a massive 10 cm youknowwhat.. . I have practiced so many times with and image training Im now a sex god.Im confident in my ability to please any woman.

      Im a proud Cuck/hero for life! So dont pity me. I pity you more, it seems you will never find true love like me.

    2. Be careful with that characterization yarara. Ad hominems like these are typically used, I have noticed, by fascists, to demonize people that they disagree with, like leftists or moderates like me. Because they lack the proper tools, like intelligence and proper arguments, for an honest scientific debate. You dont want to copy nazi tactics, less one appears to be a nazi. I hope you are beter than that.

      Im always deadly serious.

    3. Massive 10cm dick? Massive? Boy, you are in for a surprise…

      You do arguevlike a teenager. If you really are not trolling, you are pretty naive.

      My money is still on troll, though

  3. Yet you have already shared your pride in the social safety, environmental cleanliness, and general intelligence that can result of said culture. Lets use Japan as a prime example. Eastern and western styles have their pros and cons.

    Is it wise for us as westerners to apply our cultural lens to the analysis? Stated another way…are you truly miserable if you do not realize it? It’s true that many men from the East are in for a rude awakening if they move to the states.

    I do agree that, if contrasting the two, I prefer the western style because I highly value my right to personal expression.

    By the way (anecdotal) I’ve found that many asian women who are 1st generation – fresh immigrants or children of immigrants – have a strong preference for asian men. At least they say so and I’ve never seen evidence against it. 2nd generation asian women…usually when I bring up the subject they only complain about asian men.

    I’m curious if your girlfriend agrees.

    1. Sure, maybe you can’t “judge” cultures and use the West as a benchmark for comparison (for the record, I think you can. Though this doesn’t mean I believe that other cultures should change until they become like the West). But even if you’re Asian and were entirely raised in the culture (like I am), I think there’ll be points when you just know from your lived experience that there’s something undesirable going on, somewhere. Say when you rote-learn for years but cannot speak in public confidently after leaving school. Or when you’re working till 9pm without proper compensation and see everyone else doing this seemingly acceptingly. Or when you point out the mistakes that some elders have made and get chided for “talking back”.

      Tiger mother Amy Chua wrote that chances are, 2nd gen Asian women end up marrying White. She did so and so did her sister. Both married Ashkenazi Jews. Hoho.

    2. Indeed, the western lens is quite biased and easily fools ppl. I believe because westerners are brainwashed since birth to think of their ideas and systems as superior. We all know thats nonsense. They also claim its an universal value.

      Dear westerners, must have observed their ideas getting crushed in the past 30 years. Despite the china doomers, china is going stronger than ever and outcompeting democracies.
      “spreading democracy” in middle east failed massivly. Maybe not everybody wants democracy, but some rather have food? I have noticed “arab springs” only happen when there is massive inflation of 10% in foodstuffz.
      Western imperialists dont understand that some countries are ruled “by heaven”. Either the government is competent in creating economic growth or the population will rise up in revolution because they have fallen out of favor with heaven.
      But you cant force democracy on unwilling ppl, we call that imperialism.

      Dont forget only 40% of population votes regularly even in western nations. Seems like nobody cares? Also, democracy is probably fascist, because it gives room to populism. Likewise freedom of opinion gets abused by racists. Democracy leads to genocide.
      Tldr: stop thinking the west is superior
      There is even a book the end of history which ends with democracy as the pinnacle, what hubris! no china will win, communism is the pinnacle.

      Also ppl are naturally communist, science says so. So we should spread communism, not democracy.

    3. If a democracy can vote in Trump, what does that say? Its a sign of oligarchy, lazy rich capitalist billionaires took over the democracies. Institute more tax cuts for the rich. More income inequality. This will end in tears….

      However in china, billionaires go to jail. There is no two tiered justice system like in the west, there is more rule of law.
      As the saying goes china is land of the free, home of the brave, USA is land of the slave. After all, it is most dangerous when one is fooled into believing hes free and living a superior life. It breeds complacency. No more objective look at the facts. Real freedom comes not from the illusion of choice. Take out more debt…

    4. I think you’ve fallen for a false dichotomy. The West used to be perfectly safe and clean. Our average IQ used to be higher as well. In order to fix all of that, you’d essentially only have to bleed out the welfare state and follow Japan’s lead when it comes to asylum laws.

    5. @Sleazys Gal

      You say you grew up in the culture, by which I assume you mean singaporean chinese. Do you see a difference (regarding the attitudes towards authority) between singaporeans and continental chinese?

      I ask because it was my understanding that Singapore is somewhat more westernized, due to british influence.

    6. @Yarara

      Not really, I don’t. There’re more Western influences in Singapore but this is countered by soft authoritarianism in our politics. We’re by and large quite afraid to step out of line.

    7. That being said, the typical Singaporean woman already thinks that she can have it all and that she is “strong and independent.”

    8. No need to look at just negatives in Singapore. It is one of the examples China has learnt to improve from: how to increase standard of living massivly in a few simple steps. Just 50 years ago it was a swamp, wasnt it?
      Contrast that with “spreading democracy in iraq” and its terrible standard of living.i know which is a better place to live… One can always view authorianism as only a negative thing if one is brainwashed to believe that, since birth, since one grew up in the West, but its more like a tradeoff with advantages and disadvantages.
      If the goal is: how can I most effectivly bring prosperity to a large number of my ppl then it shouldnt be summarily dismissed. Countries ruled by heaven should take note.

      Singapore can improve though, by taking measures to combat chinese. privilege. Some chinese can be quite closeminded and racist.

    9. Jon: Seriously Iraq? What the fuck Jon? What sort example is that? You blame democracy for the situation in Iraq? You really have to stop eating those cleaning tab’s Jon. It’s seems they really start to effect your brain. You’re becoming stranger everyday. Not good Jon. Not good at all.

    10. This is highly speculative but would like to share

      Asian women living in the west but originating in countries with (perception wise) strong Asian men tend to prefer men from their own ethnicity regardless of the generation and whether FOB or not.
      –Perfect example of this: Korean Women almost always prefers Korean Men

      If an Asian American dude belongs to a cool “Asian American” ethnicity and not a FOB then most likely chicks would prefer men from her ethnicity over white dudes
      –Good example: Filipino-Americans and possibly Vietnamese-Americans

      Unfortunately if your Chinese, your toast: you belong to a country that breeds weak men and your americanized brothers are most likely super uncool

      What can you do if you’re from China or Chinese predominant country (e.g. Singapore or Taiwan)? DO THE COMPLETE OPPOSITE

  4. But, this whole “not questioning authority” should be prime fertile soil for the implementation feminist ideas.
    If this shit ever comes there (and yes, we’ve seen the West being infiltrated by leftist bullshit over the last 50 years, so no matter how conservative they currently are, the threat exists), then Asia is so fucked, it’s unbelievable. If there’s nobody to question authority and keep it in check by asking uncomfortable questions, then bye-bye.

    Btw, China in particular has a long way to go. Singapore and Hong Kong people are not representative in that regard, just by looking at the population figures.
    From my times in the hotel industry I’ve lost any interest in Chinese culture, as their middle class (yes, low-price Eurotrip-buses full of Chinese is middle class) exhibited behaviour which in terms of being disgusting could only be topped by the goat fuckers from the Middle East (I’m including Israel here). They are very far away from being a developed country – I don’t give a shit what their economic figures look like.
    Just because there have been 1-2 decades for strong economic growth percentage wise, doesn’t mean jackshit for the society and it’s development on a mental level. They have to do some critical thinking in the future, otherwise they’ll fall prey to their obedience and unconditional trust of authority.

    1. We have had the “not questioning of authority” in the west too. We called it communism. A close relative is fascism.

      We’ve also had absolute monarchies in the past. And guess what, we got rid of them, for the better.

    2. The current setup on the West might not identify as an absolute monarchy or communism/fascism. But authoritarian and destructive it definitely is.

      Also, I’d be happy to see arguments for China to change, but I’m afraid they are multiple generations away from their herd mentality. Just look at their stock market. You have to go unregulated markets like crypto to see madness exceeding theirs in terms of “following blindly the herd”.


      Jump to 9:46. Jerry Liu talks about observations from his 2-week work trip to Beijing. He says that feminism hasn’t really taken hold there. His fat jokes were even well received by his female co-workers 🙂 Just some positives to balance out the negative viewpoints here.

    4. @Sleazy’s Gal

      Thanks for sharing this. Really a cool guy. Will watch more from him, was looking for some interesting stuff to watch lately – found.

  5. there may also be those soap operas, at least the south Korean ones, that promote the effeminate hopeless romantic male who gets the girl in the end (which is at best a, wait for it, three second kiss).

    1. Ah, the “doramas”. Still a niche, but weirdly popular among young girls in this part of the world. Give it 5 or so years and they might become mainstream, who knows?

      At least the romantic interests in traditional Mexican (and Hispanic in general) soap operas were usually true Chads. 😂 The Chads had to be reformed of course, sometimes becoming a Nice Guy by the end, and you occasionally had the Nice Guy hero from the beginning.

    2. Indeed! It’s bad for female audiences too, by inflating the expectations that they have of guys. Guys should look pretty but have a 6-pack, behave nice but yet be masculine at the right moments, dress well and court them… If girls don’t snap out if it they’ll be very unhappy. The real world’s not like that and those standards are impossible to achieve.

  6. “My observations are largely based on encounters with the Chinese, but I’d be very surprised if, for instance, the Taiwanese or Koreans were much different.”

    From corporate experience, I agree. Also may I add that India is not very different either.

    1. I think the Philippines stick out as the odd one. Go figure, they are technically Portugese/Spanish/American.

  7. There is however a large difference in culture between South Asia and South East Asia the latter is what you described. In India for instance, the cock is something the Hindu gods wants you to worship. There are a lot of people in Asia who aren’t exactly mongoloid that conforms to mongoloid cultures. An extreme example of what you describe can be seen in Japan and we all know from international news whats happening there, don’t we?

  8. Adding to all these is the general negligence of sports among East Asian male population. Almost everyone looks like a thin stick with a thick glass.

    What kind of attraction can be triggered from that appearance?

  9. “The biggest issue I see is almost blind deference to authority. It starts with their parents. They meddle with their child’s life to an extent that would be unthinkable in the West. ”

    To be fair, most East Asian parents devote their lives to support their children. The extent to which they are willing to sacrifice for the kid’s education can be unheard of in the West. This is especially true for many poor household. As parents have done so much to raise and educate the children, children have the duty to obey and take care of them when they grow older. Any violation of this basic ethical tenet is simply unacceptable. This relationship is known in Chinese as “孝顺”.

    Take this from a son who is constantly called “insolent” 放肆“ since he fights against his mother’s domination, sometimes to his own peril since he doesn’t recognize his own stupidity.

  10. “One of the more absurd examples of deference to authority I witnessed on a conference I attended last year. A PhD student from either Taiwan or China attended, together with his professor. ”

    This is normal. We regard our teachers as if they are our fathers, so to speak. It’s another moral tenet that goes hands in hands with filial piety. So, disrespectful actions hailed at teachers as it is seen in the West are simply unforgivable in the East. You are simply in the position of receiving respects if you assume the role of a teacher.

    My past teachers sometimes speak on things that are debatable or even wrong, but I simply chose not to raise any objection since it’s not worth it. This may not go smoothly with a student in the West. In the East, we are not stupid, but we have a tendency to keep our thoughts to ourselves unless it’s absolutely necessary to spell it out. The way you show objection is to somehow indirectly convey it, either seeking a way to let the teachers see the contradiction themselves, or to let it pass if it is insignificant.

  11. ” Chinese is middle class) exhibited behaviour which in terms of being disgusting could only be topped by the goat fuckers from the Middle East”

    I like your graphical language. In school, I was presented with all elegant facets of Chinese Classical Culture. You can surely enjoy this in your own mind when you read the Chinese Classics, the moment you come out of the street and face real people, that discrepancy between past and present is simply too much to bear. They act more like apes than men.

    Chinese Mainland education is simply deeply flawed. It doesn’t teach and guide people how to behave whatsoever. What you have are just tons of brutes and apes despite having received advanced education.

    1. Remember the middle eastern goatfuckers also had a period of culture and sophistication, and looked down on Europeans as dirty backward brutes.

    2. Isidia,
      off-topic: My understanding is that you are from Vietnam. You did write about some male-dominance traits of friends from ex-Soviet Union Asians (the region around Uzbekistan/Kazakhstan, etc). Are there many people from this region in South East Asia, like is there a significant community?

    3. @Yarara
      Yes they had. Until their religion had them start fucking their first grade cousins an get mentally handicapped kids because muh holy booook.

    4. @Neutralrandomthoughts:

      I wrote in the past mostly about the Kazakh (not Uzbeks, they are a whole different stock of people) and the Chechen people since I have first-hand experience with them. The Kazakh males, in particular, are known to be hot-headed, eager to fight and are mostly trained since youth in martial art (wrestling and kickboxing varieties). It is not strange since their customs are rooted in their steppe culture. In this aspect, they share some similarities with their Mongolian neightbours. Chechen males are also aggressive. I think they are naturally physically stronger than other people in my old universities (winning most local sport competition). Again, they enjoy fighting just like the Kazakh “basterds”. Chicks said they love men who respect them and all, but when you have one or two of these “basterds” around, then they all fall head over heel to them.

      There are a significant number of Kazakh people in Shanghai, and in China in general. They find in China plenty of opportunities to create and expand their businesses. Opportunities that, according to what they relayed to me, cannot be found in their own homeland. Now, there are almost none of them in my own country. There are not many reasons for them to arrive here, though there is a significant number of Russians in Nha Trang city, which is very close to the beach.

  12. “What do you get if you build a system that rewards people for conformity? ”
    You should remember all, without exception, that East Asian societies have a very long authoritarian political tradition. My father aptly puts it when he says that there is no word of “democracy” or “equal rights” in the political dictionary in these countries until the late XIX century.

    Rebellion is not a choice in my country or in Mainland China. The system is heavily repressive and will spare no violent measures to suppress dissidents and preserve the status-quo.

    As for the requirement of working unpaid overtimes, that’s really new. Do you mind to share a bit more on how did you receive an offer from an East Asian company?

    1. I went through the regular hiring process and was eventually offered a contract. Those were their standard terms, apparently.

  13. “I went through the regular hiring process and was eventually offered a contract. Those were their standard terms, apparently.”

    I see. The general impression of common East Asian people in the US is that working for American corporation means much more humane treatment. While working for a Chinese corporations of whatever kinds (even supermarkets) means long hours (11-12 hours) with sub-par payment. Yet, I know a number of illegal immigrants who came from Southern China toiling themselves in these places for more than 10 years. They probably don’t know when could they come back, yet they constantly send a large part of their incomes back to their families. This highlights again the role of families (家) in our cultures.

  14. Regarding the popular culture, I think it is very easy to see that romanticism plays a much more prominent role than strong sense of opened sexuality. You see this all the times in their pop music. Female behaviours are geared more towards resembling that of a young child than of a seductive females. The pop music also portraits male as some innocent young boy who is hopelessly in love with a girl. This song, while not contemporary, is a fitting example:

    I like the romantic melody, but dislike vehemently the bloody pathetic lyrics. Men should be men.

  15. “I wasn’t referring to an American corporation, but an East Asian one.”

    What I mean is even a Chinese corporation in America ran by a Chinese (or a Chinese extended family) still treats their workers with less generosity and fairness.

  16. I have recently watched partially a video posted by Alek Novy in here:

    Now, I wish to draw your attention not to the white supremacist stuff, but only to the manner in which the student posed a question to her teacher. Normally, we will refrain ourselves from doing this usually OUT OF FEAR for vengeance (bad grades, parent’s meeting, etc). This occurred already in primary school, so that by the time you set foot in college, you have been conditioned to avoid at all costs head-on confrontation with teachers.

    However, students of this generation do have more freedom to speak up and question their teachers. It has not become a norm over here, but it happens more frequently than before.

    This is one aspect of submitting yourself totally to the authority.

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