Roosh thinks that “game” is getting harder

Alek Novy pointed me to the video below, which has Roosh talking about “game” in the current year. It seems to have been taken from some kind of “State of the Union” address to his followers. Go watch the entire thing if you want. It’s just a few minutes long. His main claim is that game is getting tougher because women are getting their need for validation met elsewhere.

Man, Roosh has gotten old! He’s in his late 30s but looks as if he’s in his mid-40s, easily. Anyway, I don’t think Roosh is entirely wrong. In particular on my forum we discussed that clubs have been dying. In particular, I was lamenting the closure of one of my favorite venues in London, Madame Jojo’s. That was is one of many hundreds of clubs that have shut down in England, and there are not many new clubs cropping up. There is also the issue that the wave of third-world immigrants has fundamentally changed society. In some cities, this has led to strange dynamics. First you have hordes of Africans and Middle Easterners in bars and clubs, then you have trouble, then white women feel uncomfortable, and soon after white men don’t bother coming to clubs either. That’s at least what happens when there isn’t a tough door policy.

Of course it is also true that attention via social media is a lot more convenient for women than having to doll themselves up and heading to a club. There is also the aspect that they can communicate the amount of attention they are getting online. In a club they only compete with the few friends they are out with. On Instagram, the more ambitious thots rack up tens of thousands of followers. That’s a potent drug, I assume.

What Roosh doesn’t explicitly talk about is that women can also get laid via social media. A bit of swiping on Tinder quickly leads to a barrage of dick picks for every woman who isn’t completely hideous. Roosh makes it sound as if people are having less sex. Quite the opposite is the case. Whoring has gone mainstream. There are now so many worthless whores around that we have STDs with incurable strands. No, I’m not talking about HIV, but STDs like gonorrhea. Yup, thots have been breeding super-bugs in their smelly rotten vaginas, and every Tyrone and Jamal just had to get in there.

I don’t think that it is true at all that “game” has been getting harder. Getting laid is easier than it ever was. However, standard “game” is nowadays more useless than it ever was. A problem is that PUA-style “game” has always been very ineffective. Now that there are fewer women in clubs, it’s harder for a “gamer” to practice. Thus, he has less success. Of course, you also have to keep in mind that in those circles, “success” often just meant practicing their “routine stack” and getting a fake number. I’d also say that in particular very young women tend to be addicted to their smartphone. Thus, it is much more difficult to get a conversation going.

Lastly, and I’m sure you’ll forgive me that jab, I have to say that I was amused when I heard Roosh say that “game” is getting harder. Roosh has carved niche out of not getting laid. His track record is abysmal. He is indeed the guru for the completely clueless. Presumably, this means that his acolytes are essentially striking out all the time.

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12 thoughts on “Roosh thinks that “game” is getting harder

  1. Roosh makes it sound as if people are having less sex

    The research bears this out. Studies are finding that people are having less and less sex. The average age of first sex is going up… Etc etc.

    1. How do you reconcile this with findings that STDs are on the rise? One argument could be that it’s a small subset of people who are having more sex than ever before, but that seems far-fetched. Here is as relevant artitlce:


      There were more cases of sexually transmitted diseases reported in the United States last year than ever before, according to new federal data. Rates of chlamydia, gonorrhea and syphilis — three of the most common S.T.D.s — grew for the second consecutive year, with sharper increases in the West than other regions.

    2. I think both Alek and Aaron are correct. People are having more unprotected sex because most STDs today aren’t death sentences. Things were different when they were. While that is the case, young people are having less sex as per the new data. But, more research and insight is needed before coming to conclusions. Stressing on more research.

    3. One argument could be that it’s a small subset of people who are having more sex than ever before

      That is the argument the researchers are making. It’s kind of like the rich are getting richer than ever.

    4. Basically, sluts are getting sluttier than ever. But they’re still banging a small portion of the guys. They’re not starting to bang the nerds.

    5. That’s exactly what the data says. A small portion of people are fucking more often while the large portion of people are having far less sex in comparison than the generation before. Regardless of what Aaron says, that is undeniable.

  2. I wouldn’t say it’s getting harder. Just different. But if Roosh wants more pussy i’ll have an idea. Shave? Beards like his don’t do well with young women. Maybe a smaller well trimmed one. Or non at all. He doesn’t look like he’s grooming that well. Thats a turn off for most women. Some men look awesome with a beard. Roosh is not one of them. It just makes him look old and poor. He should consider trimming that thing differently at the very least. This look is counter productive. If you give him a blanket and a shoppingcart he would fit right in with the homeless people. Not trying to hate on him. But really dude. It’s time for a makeover. The only women that would possibly go for it. Are the one’s that grew up in the 70s who’s daddy looked like that.

  3. Tinder killed live music.

    In this town, at least. Live music is dead. Even the bars and nightclubs are dying.

    Outright, straightforward, cause-and-effect. It’s a bid of a comedown for a musician, but is seems the only reason people every went out was in hopes of picking up and getting laid.

    The exception is gay nightclubs. Why? Because gay men like the clubbing itself.

    But a man who can get laid on Tinder isn’t going to to to a club, and a girl isn’t going to go to a club if there aren’t men there to buy her free drinks. Come to that, a woman who is midcycle isn’t gong to go to a club, either, when she can just swipe right.

    It’s a new world. Going out to find someone is a thing of the past.

  4. Roosh is little bitch boy anyway. Last article I read of his he was whining like a little girl about a consulting gig he had where he had to actually work a whole 5 hours in one day, he had to wait his turn to speak in the meeting (the horror) and he couldn’t drop everything to go ride his bike in the middle of the day. He is literally turning into everything he claims to be against. As for his appearance, I got a decade on him and look like a damn GQ model comparatively

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