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Open Thread 2018 (#2)

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118 thoughts on “Open Thread 2018 (#2)

  1. Update on the cute killer girl – investigators have finally unlocked her boyfriends phone. Turns out he had encrypted it because she used get into his phone to post messages in his name and delete contacts.

    Cautionary tale guys: if you put up with such behaviour from your girl, dont complain if you find yourself with a couple bullets in your chest down the road.

  2. Most of you have probably seen this news. But for those who haven’t.

    Basically feminists are working overtime to eliminate “hot girl” jobs. But the hot girls are fighting back. Plenty of stories came up in my feed today. Will share better links when I can.

    Basically even leftie outlets were bashing feminists for this.

    1. AlekNovy looked up some of the reactions. I love it. And what a huge blunder from the f1. Dont these a holes realise the feminist/sjw’s aren’t exactly the people that care about f1. They are giving in to pressure from people that would never watch f1 anyway. Pissing off everyone that does care. If i was a investor i would call for their head. It’s the people that made this call that should lose their job. I’m surprised that i didn’t hear anything about a boycott yet. Really wtf? This is going to cost them millions. These people shouldn’t be in higher office. They should sell hotdogs at these events. Dont they have any common sense? Again wtf? If you have any investments in that market better sell fast. I’m not sure f1 will be around for much longer.

    2. Feminist have overplayed their hand on this one. They’ll lose all the ground they gained with the metoo shit. This is great news. It’s going to have a huge backlash. When men lose their jobs because of feminist hags nobody cares. But now it’s feminist destroying women’s jobs. And ironically telling them what to wear. And what to do. Beautiful women are up in arms now. And the cucks are also more likely to chose the side of beautiful women. Feminism is again shown as a ideology for ugly women. And against beautiful women. Enormous hypocrisy is open for display here. Feminist just made a open declaration of war against beautiful women. This is great news.

  3. Has your take on cold-approach evolved over the years? I ask because I’m not entirely sure if the alternatives work

    Say you work a 9-5 job and want to meet women.

    One option is pursuing hobbies where you are likely to meet women like dance, etc…. the problem I see with doing this is that you’ll need to (1) cough up money, (2) limited to the women in the dance class (3) the people who pay to take the class are most likely there to learn how to dance and not get picked up (even if the pick up is socially calibrated)

    Another option is just going about your day. But really, outside of work, this will likely be around 5-9 pm where you’re likely to go to a restaurant, happy hour, etc… This honestly just seems too random and reliant on invitational cues. Yet, what if you’re not attractive enough to get these cues on a consistent basis

    You can also do online, but again it’s too looks reliant

    I personally just don’t see a way to integrate meeting women into ones daily life unless one is in the top 90% of looks and can therefore rely on invitation cues regularly ala Assanova. I’m physically fit, decent looking and fairly edgy but I’m 5’7. However when I do open my mouth and interact, I find it much easier to move things forward. Maybe it’s my aggression, who knows…

    It seems then that if you have a 9-5 and you’re not good looking enough to win the online game and can’t rely on invitations, and don’t have a “scene” where you can tap into social status, you’re best bet is to just block off a chunk of time to do socially savvy cold approaches like Paul Janka and run the numbers game.

    I guess this is really more about getting validation for my approach. If I’m going to dedicate myself to something, I’d like to know whether it is the best option given my constraints.

    1. I’ll briefly respond to what seems to be a central part of your comment.

      One option is pursuing hobbies where you are likely to meet women like dance, etc…. the problem I see with doing this is that you’ll need to (1) cough up money, (2) limited to the women in the dance class (3) the people who pay to take the class are most likely there to learn how to dance and not get picked up (even if the pick up is socially calibrated)

      1) If the modest fee of a dance class is too much money for you, I’d say you have bigger problems to work on first.

      2) You get to interact with all women in that particular class, and they can be expected to be a lot friendlier than some random girl you see on the street.

      3) In particular young women who sign up for social activities tend to be interested in meeting guys.

      Why not try both? Sign up for a few classes, but also run day game. I’d be very surprised if day game was the better investment, time-wise.

  4. That’s right. May be a good idea to do it in parallel. I did do dance once and it may have been the location or type of dance I did (Swing) but there just weren’t many attractive women. Also just looking at some of the salsa threads in your forum, I get the opinion that this is one of those activities where you need to invest a lot of time to build the skill which would convey status which women are likely to flock to in those settings. In other words given option A (invest time on activity to reap potential rewards) or option B (go crazy with cold approach), it starts to seem like B may be worthwile (minus opportunity cost).

    Anyway, yeah, I might as well try to do both

    1. KW: If you really like dancing oke. If you just want to do salsa for the girls better forget it. You’re not the first. The salsa girls really hate guys that do that. It can take a year or so before they’ll trust you’re not one of those guys. And after hitting on girl nr 2 you’ll be finished anyway. It would be better to learn salsa and try to impress other girls with it. These salsa girls basically already assume you’re a perv the moment you walk in. Learning new skills is always great. Joining salsa class for girls is a waist off time. Working some extra hours and buying a nice suit would be more effective.

    2. Pickup started on the wrong foot. It gave ugly & poor men too high expectations for improvement. Which they couldn’t have met regardless of the said improvements. Let alone how likely it is for them to archive. Your average guys isn’t going to have a string of ONSs with models regardless of what he does game or otherwise. Similarly your average guy won’t win the olympics 100m sprint like Usain Bolt would regardless of how much you improve yourself.

      In my opinion, the only guys who can archive a string on ONSs is the ones who have so much options with women because of their looks, money and status that they don’t care. Don’t believe me? Why hasn’t the average partner count of men increased. Let alone increase it had decreased over the past decades.

      Its not feminism to blame either. People have sex regardless of what feminists say and feminism in itself hasn’t taken much traction to stop people from having sex like Islam in Saudi Arabia for instance.

      You are much better off finding a girlfriend and if she’s good settling with her than doing cold approach pick up.

      It is very difficult to and even more tiring to have a string of ONS that even I stoped after having my third fuck buddy in the first time around. Believe me or not, its very hard keeping three women happy at the same time. How hard? You won’t believe how hard.

      As for dancing, I don’t care. My attitude always has been if you build it they will come. Similarly, if you are high status, they will cum. If you don’t like dancing, don’t do it. Go to Clubs if you like them like I do now. If not, try something else with a social component. Surfing, Swimming and language classes comes to mind.

      Once you know a few girls from these places, invite all of them to a party at some place or your place. Keep the ratio of girls to boys very high. That is have more girls and guys. Then, let the magic happen. If you are very good looking, your probably won’t have to do that even. Because they’ll proposition you immediately. Don’t worry though if they don’t.

    3. Depends on how you use it and who you are.

      About a decade ago… When I was a complete low-level beginner in social dance, I just piled ONS-es left and right. I fucked a shit-ton of chicks despite being this talentless horny noob. And I hit on everything in sight. They didn’t see me as a perv or hate me for hitting on all of them. They were actually flattered.

      That would dispute what Ben said, right? Is Ben wrong? Actually no. What he says is correct – for the average guy. He will be labelled a creep for doing the same.

      I was very attractive. Top 1% physique and clothing. Not average guy.

      Now in the decade since then things have changed a lot. I’m now on the high status side of things. Top 1% in terms of status and skill. (Looks are currently shit).

      And you know what? It was so much better when I was getting laid off of my looks. Getting laid off of status is cool, but its nothing like getting laid off of looks. When its based on your physical attraction, its much closer to porn.

    4. Don’s suggestion is smart. Its best to enter niches as a way to network and make friends. Then invite all of these people to the same place.

      Don’t minmax for status and skill. Those will come in time. You can suck at surfing and still get laid more than the top surfers. Its about playing it smart.

  5. Responding to Don:
    1. For 80% of men, I really have to question the idea that men are all chasing after one night stands or HB 10s over a girlfriend. People aren’t usually that delusional. In real life most men aren’t getting girls and would be happy to lock down a chick that meets their minimum looks threshold to GF status. Why? Because because they want to lock down a consistent supply of pussy + feelings resulting from lack of sexual experience. The myth that men are all after HB10s and one night stands were likely propagated by top 20% (looks-wise) Men because that’s probably what they really chase and they have the most visibility

  6. 2. Say you’re the average dude who wants to get a GF. You may meet her via social circle, hobby, cold approach, warm approach, or her basically coming up to you and declaring interest. Ultimately though it comes down to one thing: your attractiveness. Now the trouble with the modern world is that people usually end up atomized. It’s not unusual for people to not even have friends anymore. So you have a situation where men are devoid of a social circle and are likely to pursue non-feminine hobbies, what do you have left: cold approach or warm approach. Say you’re not in the top 20% of looks, then what’s left? >> Cold approach.

  7. So average dude (aka 80% of men in Modern Western Countries) before he can even GF AT ALL would need to meet women who are actually minimally attractive to him and he can only meet women via COLD APPROACH. In other words, average man only have the most unreliable and soul crushing way to meet women at his disposal. Sure he could pursue Dance or Yoga but he probably wouldn’t be into that and even if he did as Ben alludes to and as the forum members in Aaron’s Forum suggests, you’d likely need to be Grand Yoga Master status before you even begin tapping into that channel in a non-creepy way

    This is why the Ave Dude is frustrated. No they aren’t chasing Unicorns. They are just cognizant of reality and their existential situation: which basically means having to COLD APPROACH women like crazy to have hopes of a meaningful girlfriend while also cognizant that it’s most likely the top 20% that’ll have the success and option to convert a lay into a GF

    So what’s left? I’m thinking if you want either a GF, FWB, ONS or anything sexual with Women, you have to go Cold and move up to say top 20 in looks. Otherwise gameover. It’s what it is and there aint nothing anyone can do about it

    1. I’ll explain just one thing for you to prove rather explain that you are delusional. Personally I can’t be bothered with every one of the things you said. Almost all if not all of it is wrong.

      Here is my attempt at explaining what is an average to you. Average is 50% not 80%. 50% have to be better than the rest of the 50% regardless of the distribution of results. Therefore when you say 80% men in western countries is average, you have to get your head checked.

      You may be seated.

    2. In his defense, women consider 80% of men to be below average. We shared a link to a study some time ago, I think it was based on OKCupid data.

    3. Just try to see it from the salsa girls perspective. Mastering salsa is hard work. You can’t compare them with club girls dancing. These salsa girls work their ass off to become better dancers. They often want to dance in competitions. It’s something they take very seriously. They dont like it when guys just join to watch their ass and hit on them. It’s dragging them down. It’s unintended sabotage of what they are trying to accomplish. How would you view the people that sabotage your attempts to get better in a hobby or sport you’re passionate about. Even if it would be a hot woman. If her flirting is screwing up the things that you love to do. The things you work very hard for. Not taking these things seriously. Would you appreciate it? It’s that simple. (this is what some salsa girls told me) And i had a similar experience with women taking self-defence lessons. I had girls pretending to accidentally screw up their stance. Just so i would come close and give them personal attention. Not cute after 100 times

    4. You have many examples of faulty reasoning to conclude that men are left with only the option of cold approach.

      Your main issue is one-dimensional min-maxer thinking. For some insane reason you believe a guy can only get laid due to looks OR due to status OR due to quantity of approaches.

      And you also have this black and white thinking apparent in your stance on hobbies.

      You don’t have to either like a hobby or not do it at all. Do you LOVE cold approaching? No? Well why can’t you go to yoga in order to meet people even if you don’t love yoga. Its the same compromise.

      As a good strategist you make compromises where you can combine doing the 20% out of many things. It adds up.

      Here’s a hint. You don’t only get warm approaches due to looks. You can also get them due to social proof.

      You can casually go to yoga, photography and cooking lessons. Befriend the girls there and invite them out to go to a rock concert. Merge and connect people. You’re gonna get warm approaches and they’re likely to bring friends.

      You can also wander off of your group and do cold approaches around the venue.

      Get out of that either/or loop. Its keeping you in a mental jail of your own making.

    5. There should’ve been a difference in wording at least to indicate that women find 80% of the males less attractive. There is no chance of 80% being below average by way of definition. However, I have to say that it isn’t only example of dilution in his post and I just picked an easy one to talk about. Lets try not to pick on the example.

      I can’t be bothered to explain why it is delusional so I won’t.

    6. In Response to Alek

      “Your main issue is one-dimensional min-maxer thinking. For some insane reason you believe a guy can only get laid due to looks OR due to status OR due to quantity of approaches.”

      This is a bit unfair. You can get laid for all sorts of reason as that book I reference points out: a woman may sleep with you out of duty, love, attraction, because your famous, money to get back at her ex, or a combination, etc… Quantity of approaches isn’t why you get laid, it’s just a mechanism for filtering those who are available and actually find you attractive or just feels like it for one or more of the reasons above (I have a cousin who was mistaken for a famous skater and got laid with that angle).

      However devoid of other relevant info except looks and supposing you neither have the capability for contingent reasons (i.e. personality or environment or age) nor the resources (time/effort) to build “social proof” and get laid via status or whatever combination you imagine, then what’s the point? Most people over 30 have day jobs and want to further advance their careers. Investing time to build status in a club like 20 year old promoters just seem un-befitting. The other angles like Dance, etc… make sense logically but not emprically. Why? See Ben’s comments. Now perhaps if he was Studly mc-Studly he’ll have a different experience in Salsa…

      “You don’t have to either like a hobby or not do it at all. Do you LOVE cold approaching? No? Well why can’t you go to yoga in order to meet people even if you don’t love yoga. Its the same compromise.”

      I don’t LOVE cold approaching but I HATE being deprived of sexual agency more and I HATE having limited time to sort this out. Yes, I can pay for it but it wouldn’t be sustainable. Like seriously who would really pay $250 per lay to secure a weekly supply when it’s possible to secure it via traditional channels. Like I’ll do it once I established the default means is IMPOSSIBLE. But I don’t know that YET

      Also, again, as Ben alludes to there are norms that are usually observed in these settings, the violation of which will result in severe awkwardness.

      You could also say that rather than chasing tail that I use these hobbies to make friends to widen social circle and therefore status, status, status. But this goes back to opportunity cost. I’m over 30 and want to advance my career. I have my own hobbies like guitar that I’d like to cultivate. And besides friendship entails obligation to maintaining it and therefore going out, etc… This is all burdensome

      Regardless, I’ve already said I’ll pursue this channel in parallel with cold approach. I’m not about to give it up because who knows… it may be promising. I’m just expressing my skepticism

      And finally most of this stuff is already covered in other blogs. You want to do the Status thing? Christian McQueen. You want to Cold Approach? GLL. You want to do hobbies? Askmen or any mainstream magazine.

      The challenge is figuring out what works for me.

    7. To Don:

      I don’t understand the basis for the adversarial tone here. It’s not as if called you delusional. Rather what I said that most men are NOT delusional and they adapt to reality. Yes they want to have GF and aren’t after ONS, the reason being is that they would rather secure a steady supply of sex plus the intrinsic romantic qualities.

      If your are so stuck with my word chase “average” then I’m more than happy to toss it. I’m not writing a dissertation here. There is no need for my first post to have words perfectly defined.

      Again, the point here is the OKCUPID data that Aaron referred to plus a healthy dose of common sense. Women are the pickier sex and in practice this amounts to them rejecting 80% of men in favor of the top 20% in the looks department. Why is that controversial???

      Also, I agree that I did engage in a bit of hyperbole. No you don’t have to be a grand master but if you’re not sufficiently interested in maintaining a hobby that has the added benefits of meeting women AND you know it’s mostly looks anyway, I’m just saying better to just suck it up and do cold approaching and let the chips fall where they may

      However, if you have time, then do BOTH

    8. At KW… lol dude relax. Have a wank or two. Are you on nofap or something? That’s how these walls of text come across.

    9. These salsa girls work their ass off to become better dancers. They often want to dance in competitions. It’s something they take very seriously. They dont like it when guys just join to watch their ass and hit on them.

      Lol, that’s actually a whole 0.5% of all salsa girls. I would say 99.5% of all salsa girls are recreational beginners, and never move past the “advanced-beginner stage”. They resemble nothing of what you described. They only go out to get attention from guys.

      The hardcore competition craving ones aren’t fond of parties either. So they’re more like 0.2% of the party goers.

      They only go out to get attention from guys.

      They only mind when they get the wrong attention from the wrong guy. If she’s saying she only came to “practice her skill” it’s a fucking lie when the wrong guy hits on her. She came out hoping she’d get attention from Chad Thundercock. You don’t fucking “practice your competitive skill at a party”. That’s fucking asinine bullshit.

    10. @ Alek. Lol no. Daily wanker here. But I am frustrated haha. Sort of. And yeh looong walls of text are my MO when sufficiently motivated such as now

      Like I get lays through unorthodox methods and sheer randomness (uber pool, even dated an uber driver). However eventually want to get this women thing handled because sick of randomness and not sitting on a good chunk of change to afford weekly rotation of hookers.

      Regards the salsa thing, dunno man. I can see how you believe what you believe but I doubt most dudes have chicks looking at them with lust in Salsa lol. Might as well try though

      In general, the build social circle thing I think is sloooooww going and more suited for making legit friends. Plus is sucks if you’re on a diet or what to cut down on booze. Like with day game you come in and make your intentions known, and if she’s good then good, if not then well… sayonara. Worst case: hide under a bridge when blown out lol. No pussy footing around.

      End of wall of text lol

    11. @Alek. Oh wait your salsa post actually proves my point that this whole pursuit of hobbies thing only works IF YOURE THE RIGHT TYPE OF GUY aka STUDLY. otherwise you come off as creepy. So again even if you work on fundamentals you’ll eventually max out and if you don’t make the cut, then you’re done. Might as well creep on chicks via daygame where you can at least leverage volume.

      Now not really sure you hold the above position. Aaron in his book suggest doing dance or whatever hobby you’re into to meet women. But you do make it sound as if it’s mostly the good looking dudes who clean up or have a chance. If so then seems like a waste of time

    12. @Alek. Oh wait your salsa post actually proves my point that this whole pursuit of hobbies thing only works IF YOURE THE RIGHT TYPE OF GUY aka STUDLY. otherwise you come off as creepy. So again even if you work on fundamentals you’ll eventually max out and if you don’t make the cut, then you’re done. Might as well creep on chicks via daygame where you can at least leverage volume.

      You’re either a troll or have heavy reading comprehension issues.

      There’s that one-dimensional thinking. You don’t have to HIT ON CHICKS in order to get laid you fucking imbecile. It’s not “you either hit on chicks in a niche and get declared a creep” or “don’t get laid”.

      Do you understand that?

    13. If you’re too lazy to read the links:

      You’re only declared a “creep” if you try to move fast.

      A study can get away with moving fast and get laid.

      You can move slower and still move through the same escalation stages as the stud, and not be called a creep. It’s about the speed and how much testing the waters you do.

    14. @ Alek

      1) you’re very charming
      2) “either a troll or have heavy reading comprehension issues.” – false dichotomy
      3) i understand the testing the waters concept
      4) thanks for the link
      5) “you either hit on chicks in a niche and get declared a creep” or “don’t get laid” — that’s not what I said
      6) besides the relevant distinction is whether you’re in top 20% lookswise or not. as you vividly put it “She came out hoping she’d get attention from Chad Thundercock” — you make it sound as is if no amount of testing the waters will matter if you’re not in top 20%. I say you make it “sound” because I’m being charitable here
      7) If the worst case is to be mildly turned down in this environment and if chicks MOSTLY but not Exclusively target top 20%, then as mentioned, might as well be daring and leverage volume in cold approaches to meet that rare cute chick who responds
      8) You can use a glass of wine… make it two

    15. “You can move slower and still move through the same escalation stages as the stud, and not be called a creep. It’s about the speed and how much testing the waters you do.”

      This sounds like angling for a relationship which is fine. However if the chick is western, I’m keen to think she probably wouldn’t be worshiping my cock vs stud and therefore is a risk relationship wise (this is just me speculating). So makes sense if you don’t want your cock worshipped, but i do.

    16. Sooooo from what I’ve extrapolated so far with attempt to fill in gap in logic..

      Hobby environment PRO
      –Lower probability of rejection
      –Lower probability of insane, nasty, soul killing blow out
      –Why? Information. Either obvious ones like chick signaling flirting intentions or testing waters to find out and then you basically moving forward with women who give positive cues
      –You may actually enjoy the hobby
      –You may actually connect and make friends

      Hobby Environment CONS
      –Smaller pool of women = more challenge in finding match if you’re not top 20%
      –You will likely guess a signal wrong or chick may lead you on if you go slow >> very painful risk

      Cold Approach PROS
      –Social Freedom
      –Volume = higher odds of getting a match if you’re not top 20% (top 20% studly guy will win everywhere)

      Cold Approach CONS
      –You will get plenty of rejections
      –Much higher probability of insane, nasty, soul killing blow out
      –Why? No Info about chick most of the time
      –Opportunity cost
      –Public humiliation

      In the final analysis, it’s all about the amount of pain you’re willing to tolerate to get to your goal. Out of 100 women, probably only 5 would want to sleep with you. The main thing is whether you want to get rejected 95 times to find the 5 OR use info gathered via test the waters to find those 5 without dealing with rejection (in ideal scenario)

      There’s really no BETTER option in my opinion. Depends on the person’s situation

    17. This sounds like angling for a relationship which is fine.

      Again your one-dimesional simplifying self speaking. It’s not “they either let you move at top speed and skip levels like the stud, or you’re on the relationship lane”.

    18. How *do* you know when you’re in the relationship lane versus her just needing a bit more time?

    19. @ Alek

      This makes sense , I won’t do the one-dimensional thing this time because in real life there’s just too many factors. There could be situations where she’d sleep with you faster than the stud, maybe because stud isn’t noticing her, she’s horny and you’re just good enough, etc…. All things being equal, stud will close sooner it seems

      In general and reflecting on big picture, the idea that because some dude happens to rank highly in one contingent feature and could be significantly negative in others gets laid with impunity and ease is rather disconcerting

      I think it makes a man less appreciative and more skeptical of women — both for the guy who has to work for it and the guy who doesn’t. In the first case I can imagine feeling somewhat inadequate and skeptical of a chicks motives and history if I do lock her up, In the latter, I’d imagine such a dude would think women are superfical tramps with no ethical boundaries and therefore not really worthy of respect

      Anyways yeah I agree.. just rambling…this is all a bit dis-orienting even though I already know it.. Not easy to fully come to terms

    20. How *do* you know when you’re in the relationship lane versus her just needing a bit more time?

      To clarify, we’re not talking about pursuing a chick. Sometimes the difference can be a matter of minutes.

      Let’s say level 1 is a sexually neutral interaction. With level 30 being you grabbing her by the pussy and talking about how hard you want to fuck her. Or something like that.

      When I was the sixpack guy I could approach a chick (in a niche) and start off in level 7 immediately. Like look at her all sultry like a peace of meat and stand as close as a fuck buddy would stand. This is right after hello.

      Today I have to start off in level 2 or 3. If I go in with a 7, chicks will deem me a creep. But I can start off in level 2, and within 10 minutes get up to level 7 no problem.

      The guy who can get to level 7 in 10 minutes is still the sexual guy. He’s not the relationship chode coz he had to take 10 minutes.

      Does that example make sense to you guys?

      That’s just one example of how you can still be the sexual guy when you’re not chad.

      You’re not on the provider audition lane. You’re not the beta wining and dining her for weeks in order to get a peck on the cheek.

      You can’t move as fast as the stud. But you resemble nothing like the beta on a relationship pleading audition.

    21. @Alek & Aaron
      “Does that example make sense to you guys?…
      You can’t move as fast as the stud. But you resemble nothing like the beta on a relationship pleading audition.”

      Not really

      First off— I think it would make better sense if we just ditched the stud, status, and/or money driven fundamentals of getting laid concept when discussing practical approach scenarios because it may just lead to guys freezing out and self-doubting before even acting (i.e. “ohh she’s a 10 and I’m a 2, forget about it). It may also lead to one-dimensional categorical thinking which I’m guilty of (as in oh so if I’m not studly or high in status, i’m done)

      It seems ones best bet across these approach channels where you need to be socially sensitive is to just test the waters and push the interaction as far as possible regardless of where you stand in terms of fundamentals


      Now if she needs more time, does that necessarily mean you’re being placed on the provider lane? Also could a stud also be placed on the provider lane? Certainly “time” is an indicator but it’s just one indicator and isn’t it also partly how you present yourself? If you are a stud with wealth and status and you present yourself as this nice cuddly guy, I’d be surprised if she didn’t think of you as relationship potential and put you on the provider lane

      Slightly off topic. What’s the deal with traditional dating leading to relationships being called “beta” and “chode”? Man to man, is this really an illegitimate way of engaging women now a days to the point where you MUST be an idiot if you do this?

    22. Slightly off topic. What’s the deal with traditional dating leading to relationships being called “beta” and “chode”? Man to man, is this really an illegitimate way of engaging women nowadays to the point where you MUST be an idiot if you do this?

      You can be an alpha and pursue traditional dating. However, it’s normally betas who do that as they think it is their only option.

    23. @Aaron

      Hey Aaron, could you define what you mean by alpha? I think it’s a term that is very ambiguous.

      When I think of Alpha, I think someone who is dominant, aggressive, leader of the pack, etc… It also comes of as a “moral quality” as in this dude is alpha and therefore “good” and men should aspire to it

      However, one can be lacking and even be a negative in all these qualities (perhaps with the exception of social anxiety), be completely broke and living in his mother’s basement but as long as one is ridiculously good looking, that guy will get laid consistently and rack up notches

      Also, let’s face it. Good looks is contingent and based on genetics. A good looking guy could quite literally be the son of an evil whore and a serial killer dirt bag with no redeeming qualities and get laid easily because you know… looks. So I I’d be hesistant to use terms like “alpha” to describe such a dude given the moral connotations there

    24. Let’s put it in simple terms: you are alpha if women want to fuck you. You’re beta if you’re like your typical pussy-begging PUA panhandler who has to accost dozens upon dozens of women to get a date.

    25. “Does that example make sense to you guys?…
      Not really

      I wasn’t talking to you. You’re beyond help.

    26. How is your “help” relevant you obnoxious idiot. You’re just good looking. You just got your genes from your whore of a mother and your idiocy from your father

    27. We’ve got quite the potty mouth here. With that level of aggression I would be surprised if women sense that something is off with you.

    28. Don’t flatter yourself. I wasn’t asking for your help you obnoxious dumbass. Besides your “help” is irrelvant because uh you got good looks. Next time take a minute away from admiring your idiot face in the mirror and learn to challenge the argument moron. You do know what an “argument” is? More to life to getting laid dude but you wouldn’t know that

      @Aaron — I respect you putting my comment in moderation to back up your friend but he really is obnoxious and abrasive. Thankfully he can hide behind the internet. In real life, he would’ve gotten his eyes gouged by now

    29. Whoa, it seems like we’ve got another Eliot Rogers here with KW. Remember to kill yourself too afterwards asshole. Funny how trolls now provoke you with imaginary violence for conversation after everything else have failed.

    30. @ Aaron
      Cmon man, we both know that generally speaking personality traits and disposition or being a potty mouth don’t matter that much–you can’t infer anything from that. As long as you’re not Aspie or Socially Anxious and Good Looking, you’re good to go. In fact even if you are Aspie or weirdo, you’ll still have women approaching if you’re high enough in looks. My gangster cousin usually bad mouths girls and acts like an asshole and still gets laid because he looks good. Nor do I have much of a problem myself vs the average man. I’m just looking for options that’ll save me time and money.

      Finally – I’m pretty new to online web posting thing but in general I don’t take crap from people in real life. If one’s aggressive to me, I double my aggressiveness. I’ve been cordial to this Alek dude and never sought out his advice but he’s definitely a condescending prick that would likely get a beating if he talked that way in real life

    31. @ Don — Lol so I got provoked and dialed things up and now you’ve been provoked and want to dial things up as well. See how that works? BTW the violence isn’t imaginary: i had to earn my civility growing up in the mean streets and it wasn’t easy to be civil

      But ceasefire. I’ll raise the white flag. Just note though: it isn’t about the conversation but the tone of it. This is an open thread, where a poster can ask anything. Plus I’m a guest and not privy to the norms of this blog. After giving a second look at previous posts I can see that you and that Alek guy have a tendency to just suddenly talk crap when some guy asks a simple question or engages in debate. NOTE — I’m not even objecting to your views here or proposing some PUA crap–it’s more like seeking elaboration

      @Aaron — okay. fair enough. I see your point. While I agree in general, in this particular case, I think my response was justified. Not sure if you care about expanding your base or your fine with the same of cast of characters. However, no surprise that when you have abrasive posters like Dan and Alek, you’ll get this kind of reaction sometimes. Civility is a good thing.

    32. Here’s a hint: if you’re not familiar with how things work in an unknown environment, take some time to learn about it, instead of barging in.

    33. Ugghh Okay I get it now. Did more reading and it seems this started off as an anti-PUA blog which may explain the aggressive tone from some of the users and some of the silly out dated references (i.e. Eliot Rodgers).

      Anyway your minimal game book was marvelous Aaron and the tone there is neutral. Hence the disconnect between the tone in your book and the tone of some of the posters here. Hate to break to the aggressive posters but this whole PUA thing — that ship has sailed. No need to be a dick anymore to people asking questions. Besides most are getting some, they just want efficiency and an easier go at it. There is now balance in the force dudes

      @Dan and Alek — While I’m too old to do anything crazy, I still wouldn’t mind giving both of you a beat down simultaneously and perhaps making you both prettier out of the process in real life lol. Not imaginary, just being real. 🙂


    34. I really think you need to work on anger management. It’s one thing to be blunt in conversation, but quite another to threaten violence. So, instead of trying to escalate the discussion, how about you soften your tone a little bit. After all, you’re dealing with people who are trying to help you.

    35. @ Aaron
      Fair and pithy response. I’ll refrain from the very strong language. The content here is good and though SOME posters are ANNOYING, reading the previous posts dating way back, I grudgingly agree that the advise they are dispensing are mostly wise and sensible

      @Alek and Don — okay you can bring out the assholeness now lol. i’ll suck it up 🙂

    36. Besides your “help” is irrelvant because uh you got good looks

      Just to clarify. I don’t actually. I was very specific in my languaging. This was only true when I was ripped.

      In fact, i have the unfortunate genetics to store fat in very unpleasing ways. For example (unless I’m ripped), my face looks like a fucking soccer ball. Not good looking at all.

      The advice Aaron gives is valid for 99% people. If you’re at 12-15%, that’s more than enough to get laid off of your physique. Not true for me and my shitty genetics. I need to be more like 8%. And I come from shitty genetics when it comes to appetite control and satiety.

      I have to work 10x harder than the average person to be not-fat. That’s my actual genetics.

    1. Der Spiegel is a leftist rag. I skimmed the article. They are relativizing refugee crime by claiming that a large portion of rapes was carried out not by refugees but by migrants or that a big fraction was committed by people of unknown origin. They also dismiss sexual assault and attempted rape as instances of “fake news” because no rape was committed. (Tell that to the feminists who think that it’s rape if you ask a woman how she’s doing and she just so happens to not find you attractive.)

    2. Most newsmedia are leftist rags. I dont trust their opinion columns (not anyones, really).
      But it was my understanding that Spiegel has good fact checkers. You can see where they try to whitewash their interpretations anyway.

    1. I didn’t read your link however, as I understand and I am sure you’ll agree, my experience in attending charity events in Asia is different from that in the UK guessing from the url.

  8. Some other interesting random observations I just had to post
    –To Alek Novy: when you say ” It was so much better when I was getting laid off of my looks.” I’m inclined to say “no duh.” But then I thought of it more and it’s not as simple as it seems. Are there compelling evidence to support it? Like Yeah: (1) common sense (2) reasoning is no duh (3) you got peer reviewed stuff suggesting that the primary reason women have sex is attraction (see this: (4) personal experience (5) logs from relatively reliable forums. And yet if I were to discount psychological fulfilment, I’d say the best PSE or GFE sex I got was paid — but then again, I’m not top 1% looks wise….
    –As per entering niches and building status or entering niches to meet women I can’t help but be a bit skeptical. First off I think we can all agree that we are all born with contingent physio-psychological properties. I mean it’s not fixed but we all have range. In the case of status building, I’m guessing those with a personlity profile more in alignment with Dark Triad characteristics are more likely to succeed in this space even if introverted, etc… Why? Because the literature suggest that Dark triad types tend to be much more socially calibrated and tolerant to pain. .. What does this mean? Since personality is born not made, unless it’s feasible to do some kind of surgical brain operation to make yourself more dark triad like or you’re ridiculously good looking or you’re willing to be Mr Creep >>>, I wouldn’t count on channels like dance or status building activities as a means of getting women. Personally, I think Alek Novy and Aaron may be looking at things with a degree of bias which isn’t easy to surpass. If you’re like top 1%, the world will show up to you as a much different place vs everyone else
    –Do I discount the recommendation to do things in parallel as in Cold approach + Hobbies? Nope. Basically in my existential situation, I don’t really have a choice do I? I’ll never be top 1% looks wise partly because I’m 5’7, etc… But end of the day one has to suck it up and get the job done

    1. @KW, What the fuck are you talking about dope?

      Like when you said “more in alignment with Dark Triad characteristics”

    2. Hey Don, I’m not sure I follow

      All I’m trying to say is that it may actually require a wider range of skills to pull of the whole social proof thing vs cold approach and that those with Dark Triad traits are more likely to pull it off. My mother is an extreme Narcissist and she oozes Charisma and she has ridiculous amount of tolerance for stress. She can wake up 3 in the morning at will. Yes, this has taken a toll on her. I imagine that someone who is going to get into a “scene” and milk it for what it’s worth would need to have those qualities. Like going out every night and getting a bit boozed up, while charming your way up the social hierarchy of a scene is no easy feat

      Compare that to Good Looking Loser’s “nervous nice guy” approach and Approach Anxiety Program which is a form of exposure therapy. Basically you go up to a girl in a very nice guy way, since things are really driven by attraction anyway, you already know what to expect in terms of possibility.

      So option 1: Build Status in night scene. Merge groups, etc… I’ve seen how this can be done because my brother was a master in the Los Angeles hipster scene but he had the personality for it (he inherited my Mom’s). I DONT
      option 2: Good Looking Loser nervous nice guy cold approach (much lower barrier of entry) and you manage your expectations by knowing in advance your success rate

      That’s the thought underlying the above post (yes not fully spelled out I can see!)

    3. I see your POV and sympathise, KW. I can only imagine how tough it must be to bear the burden of approaching girls and facing rejection, especially with the type of personality and circumstances that you describe. It’s a predicament that the average girl won’t face.

      I have a suggestion, though you may have already considered it. What about team sports or exercise groups involving both guys and girls? Find a club that meets regularly in your area, that should be easy enough. It could be centred on hiking, running, floorball, touch rugby, whatever. In my experience there’s usually a core of regulars in these groups but a degree of fluidity in new members– people who want to try a new activity, tourists on a trip who’re checking out the scene, or people who have just moved.

      I suggest this because you should exercise anyway, so why not do it in a social manner? Repeated interactions with the same people also mean that you get your foot into a semi-closed group and there could be the chance for gatherings and social activities. Even if girls there are more experienced than you in the activity/sport, chances are that your physicality as a man will greatly compensate for that. You’re going to be able to run faster than her, block her with your body if you’re in defense, jump higher, etc. It’s the perfect opportunity to show your aggression and masculinity. You could impress a girl by being athletic and skilled on the field even if you’re lacking in the looks department.

      When you participate in team sports there’s the chance to work in pairs or threes, you can talk during breaks, coach her at something, exchange high-fives when you score a point…you get the idea. Your club may even travel for the occasional competition/event abroad or in another part of the country. That potentially widens your pool even further. You can hit on girls from other teams, who’re likely to be friendlier towards you because you’re from the same sporting community and are there for the same purpose as her.

      Good luck! 🙂

  9. What would you say to someone around 30, who never kissed a girl because he was always scared of this (that this is bad and he will get punished)?
    He also is above average looks, top 30%. On better days he still gets approach signals from woman (even as high as 8’s). But he is shit scared to act on it. He worked on his fear of woman, so now he could be around them without freezing from fear. But today he is still scared because of many things:
    a) be it his short comings: dateless virgin etc.
    b) in general: metooism, and other feminist bs
    c) he know first hand bad behavior of woman for all his life.
    He want sex but not at such conditions.

    I know what you said about hookers, not bothering with lower tier woman etc. but somehow most of you still pursue woman (ie not hookers). why? Are you so brave or know something?
    It couldn’t be that the urge makes you to forget all bad things that could happen (now or 30 years from now).

    1. ” but somehow most of you still pursue woman (ie not hookers). why? Are you so brave or know something?”

      Some of us have a girlfriend, others fuck around because they just can (I understand Alek has high status and gets laid from that, ben seems to be in good shape and escalate without mercy and Yarara probably looks good, too). Also, it’s not a “either-or” thing. Before I had a relationship I went to the hookers from time to time, and then to occasional lay – it adds up over time.

      But mostly, and I think I don’t just speak for myself here, people on this blog have a lower allocation of time to women than to other things like work or hobbies or friends. As you get older, women become less interesting. Remember when you were 13 and could jack off to a music clip? Now you look at a fine porno and can be like “meh… it’s all the same anyway”
      I think Aaron coined it somehow by saying that women are just the icing on the cake.

    2. The only reason I don’t go to hookers is because I don’t have extra cash lying around. If I did, I’d make a monthly escort session a regular thing. It just makes sense.

  10. Thanks to feminism women are now in danger because of lack of first aid:
    Men do not want to do CPR (ie chest compressions) to unconscious women. People wonder why, and blame mannequins.

    “Women are less likely than men to get CPR from a bystander and more likely to die, a new study suggests, and researchers think reluctance to touch a woman’s chest might be one reason.”

    “Researchers had no information on rescuers or why they may have been less likely to help women. But no gender difference was seen in CPR rates for people who were stricken at home, where a rescuer is more likely to know the person needing help.

    The findings suggest that CPR training may need to be improved. Even that may be subtly biased toward males — practice mannequins (they’re not called “woman-nequins”) are usually male torsos, Blewer said.”

    1. If you tried administering CPR but failed, you’d get the triple whammy: aggravated sexual assault, attempted rape, and murder. If you succeed, it’s still aggravated sexual assault and attempted rape. I think it would be better if only women helped other women. That’s precisely what the laws encourage anyway.

  11. I have done a lot of daygame over the last 8 years or so (mostly in London, but also in other cities / countries when I was living there / travelling). As an above average looking guy (tall, fit, well-dressed), I had about 30 – 40 hook-ups from cold approach, and a few LTRs. In fact, most of the women I banged were from daygame (majority of others were from Tinder). However, it’s very difficult to hook up with a chick on your own looks level from the street. Usually, you’d have to go down on looks scale.

    Comparing my experience over the last couple of years, versus pre-Tinder and social media era, daygame is harder now. Not that it’s ever been easy, though. Arguably, my appearance facilitates pick up, but I also have met short, average looking dudes who manage to find their niche and get laid from daygame, via the sheer quantity of approaches they do.

    I think it’s worth spending a couple of hours a week approaching women, if the guy has his fundamentals in check. If a guy has a limited social circle and doesn’t like going to bars / clubs, and not getting quality matches online, what else is he meant to do?

  12. Thanks Sleazy’s Gal.
    You know going a bit off topic, I find the first paragraph of your post interesting because it raises larger questions. For example women often accuse men of objectifying women based on looks. Isn’t it ironic that in dating apps it is women who are far more stringent in selecting on account of looks. Scientists describe non-mathematical truths as empirical and based on probabilistic reasoning. So a strong psychological study would have a positive correlation of 0.33. However in the case of online dating, it’s almost like a mathematical law that a non-studly looking dude will not get a hot chick, lol no exception. It’ hilarious when you realize that there is this deterministic scientific law governing behavior equal to Newton’s law of motion. This also implies that because most men are not >8 in looks that they will necessarily be objectified as deficient and cast into the trash can. So who is objectifying who? It goes both ways and I think this hints at the force animating the gender wars today

  13. First off, two premises. One, all that matters in getting laid is that she like you to fuck her and two, there is no direct way to identify a when she does like you to fuck her. In conclusion, one of the best ways to get laid would be to test for if she likes you to fuck her. Thus the statement testing the waters.

    If she’s already naked and asking you to come over, you shouldn’t try to force an indicator of interest (IOI for PUAs). While that is true, if you’ve just seen each other from opposite edges of a bar or club it might be reasonable to force an indicator of interest by holding eye contact with her and smiling. Everything in between having her naked on your bed asking you to fuck her and making the initial eye contact is also testing to see if she likes you to fuck her. The indicator as to which level you should start at is completely dependent on the level of receptiveness of the girl.

    If your idea is to have her that same night, it would be advised to reduce the gap between the two of you and be interested in holding eye contact with her. That is highly advisable. But you can also, become friends with women and invite her to places with other female friends of yours to a single place like a bar so they’ll almost inevitably compete for you. I find that the latter works just as well if not better for some girls. While the former is fun the latter method can be a addictive lifestyle in it self.

    When you test her for her availability, nothing bad (i.e. creep shaming and rejection) can happen unless you go too quickly or you are genuinely not attractive to her. If the latter happens to often, you may want to improve your looks, your situation with money or try and become more popular among a niche.

    After some years of doing this, as a fringe benefit of experience, you will gain a radar for women who want you to fuck her. But don’t count on that radar appearing on your experience. It might never happen. But that’s completely fine if it doesn’t.

    That is seduction. Nothing more, nothing less. Now you know.

  14. I found this shocking news story about child neglect. It’s interesting for so many reasons. One very interesting fact would be that everyone was more concerned about the white stepfather. Saying the black stepson wasn’t his responsibility. Than the neglect itself. Or the black mother that neglected the child. Nor the biological father who’s not even talked about. Another interesting fact would be that the white stepfather was still in jail. While the mother of the child was already free and was allowed to visit the child. I couldn’t find much follow-up information. Only that the neglected child was adopted by a police officer. But nothing on the sentencing of the black mother. Or the the white stepfather.

    1. Google answered this for me

      Currently there are 3 super direct sexual methods that are popular in the seduction community: Mode One (by Allen Roger Curie), Stelar Method (by Stelar from Sleazy forum who is heavy influenced by Bad Boy and Mode One), apocalypse opener (hi! how is it going! lets get out of here) or something like that, from a former player from rsd Ciaran( according to him based on observing a natural that used to lay tons of women)

  15. Here’s something interesting. It gives a bit more insight on how the modern professional career woman thinks. And why it’s impossible to give them any real responsibility in my opinion. It’s another failed piece of art produced by feminism. A new disastrous theory about how women can “rule the world”. By screwing things up until it’s good enough. They even quote Thomas Edison. “I have not failed, not once.  I’ve succeeded in discovering ten thousand ways that dont work.” Yea? That’s great if you’re trying to invent something new. And if you have the time and resources to screw things up ten thousand times. Not so great speech when you’re trying to explain to your boss why the company has lost millions.

  16. I was watching an old movie. Demolition man from 1993 with Sylvester Stallone and Wesley Snipes. It’s just scary how this movie was able to predict the future. Complete with all the SJW bullshit. And why it will never work. There is this scene that reminded me of something that happened in sweden not to long ago. Remember the 3 female cops that failed to handle one male migrant? (And now they are even moving a police station to a saver area.) Anyway look at this.

  17. Same Thread but different Topic

    Say a guy has been played by a chick and emotional crushed . Now this is more likely to happen when a guy is fully invested and is on the boyfriend track. He may have even been laid quite a few times as a reward but if she’s not attracted enough, then you can eventually expect to see response to texts taking longer, dates cancelled, and soon enough ghosting

    if you want payback, it seems the default acceptable response is:

    MAINSTREAM RESPONSE: Take the high road

    Personally I don’t think this is really rewarding. I mean the girl used you, abused you and made you suffer and ultimately ghosted. You already know you’ll never win her back — so how is this even a good response? You’ll never see her again anyway. How about an alternative

    1. UNORTHODOX RESPONSE: Make the bitch pay!

      Okay so I know I’ll never get her back anyway, I’ve suffered and spent time/money/effort on the bitch who continued to lead me on only to ghost. I want revenge. The question is given the alternatives, would this be the best one can make of a bad situation? If I said for example “Bitch.. you’re 33, you’re broke, living in an expensive city and have 6 years tops to use men before nobody looks at you for the remaining 40 years of your life. get over yourself! Karma is a bitch” would said bitch suffer even a little?

    2. BTW, since this is the internet and my previous posts may likely be here for eternity, and because I don’t want to ruin it for anyone, I’ll say this: DO NOT DO THE MEAN UNORTHODOX RESPONSE lol

      I did a hail mary and it worked — thank god I didn’t do angry response lol

  18. This video needs to go viral. Milo wrecking a university professor. Owns him so hard… if I was that professor I’d go hide in a cave out of embarrassment.

  19. Another amazing hilarious video. A ugly uber slut feminist can’t live a month without a cock. And she wonders wy she can’t find love. Popp is taking it apart nicely. The only thing i disagree with is calling her a 5. She ain’t no 5. Not even close. Absolutely hilarious!

    1. For reason americans deduct less points off a woman’s looks for being overweight. Perhaps they’ve gotten used to it or something?

      I’ve noticed us europeans vs americans differ quite a lot in how much we downgrade a chubby chick.

    2. She’d indeed having a hard time getting laid here.
      I almost can’t believe that she “just had to fuck someone” over the course of ine month.

  20. Here is something to wrap your head around. The average partner count of gay men is about 20 according to some sources and according to others its more or less but hoveres around same number. (I rounded down) If gay men don’t find exclusivity valuable why should heterosexuals? This is not to say gays don’t get married but just that marriage exclusivity is a wired concept that does no good to people. Christopher Ryan, PhD of Sex at dawn book fame also agrees. If you want to get married that’s fine but the science is stacked against you.

    Happy Valentine’s to you fuckers!

    1. I don’t quite see the argument, or maybe you aren’t aware of the fact that homosexuals can’t have children, at least not the same way a heterosexual couple can. With this piece of information in mind, can you deduce why there is a premium on women who have a very low partner count? (Hint: sluts make shitty moms.)

    2. You can’t compare heterosexual and homosexual relationships one on one. Doesn’t work. The main reason heterosexual men want exclusive excess to a woman is reproduction. Not an issue with gays. Sex with multiple partners has a negative impact on a woman’s psyche. Not an issue with gay men. 2 gay men dont have the protector and provider role dilemma that heterosexual people have. A woman can get pregnant. Not an issue with gay men. And science can not even explain why homosexual people exist in the first place. The existence of homosexual people doesn’t even make sense from a biological viewpoint. We simply dont know. Maybe it’s a natural culling mechanism? It’s a strange sexual behaviour in itself.

    3. That’s all true. Women can have children. Which alters the dynamic. But if you are someone like me and wants to justify promiscuity that is a good way to think about it. In all honesty women can have children without being married. Therefore the lover provider thing Ben mentioned above is just a societal construct and so is marriage. If you think about it you can see a woman who can have sex hundreds of times with different men and still get pregnant once per year. Biology is really nice that way. She wont get pregnant a milion times a year. As for protection she just have to find a cuck. DNA testing wasn’t available for most part of history. I say men who worry about being cucked are betas, cucks and shitjobs. Other men don’t care. Their lineage continues DNA testing or otherwise.

    4. You’re back being a troll, it seems. Quality men care about whether their offspring are theirs because of the resources required.

    5. On the same token quality men can get a DNA test if they are suspicious and therefore don’t have to control a woman to make sure she has your own offspring and not another’s.

      With the advent of the birth control pill, your argument about paternity protection just doesn’t make sense. A woman can choose when to have sex for fun and when to have children. I can see Ben typing some weird scenario where a feminist screwed him in the ass one day but that is not a cause for MGTOW. Or someone typing troll.

      I am however against providing for women. They should work for their provisions. Including baby products. And also other baby shit.

    6. Get real, Don! If you bang a slut and knock her up, your kid will have a shitty mom.

    1. Don: Promiscuity is the norm nowadays. You don’t really have to defend it. From a biological standpoint there are 2 possible breeding strategies. R and K selection. R selection is what rabbits do for example. Most offspring don’t reach adulthood. But they compensate it with huge numbers of offspring. K selection takes better care of it’s offspring. This is what more intelligent animals do. They have les offspring. And devote more resources to them to give them a better survival chance. Both can be successful for passing on DNA. But you can’t have a successful society with R selection. Marriage is a societal construct. The provider role is not. That’s why women are attracted to the Alpha in the first place. In nature he’s the best hunter (provider) and protector. And he can dominate other males. Forcing them to give resources to him. Because of that he would often have multiple women.

    2. No but I really hope you start to write like your old self again. Like when you wrote sleazy stories. Maybe even Minimal Game. You were a moderate then but now you have become an prudish conservative anti-feminist. Now I am the first to admit feminism has done a lot of bad. But that’s just the straw feminists. Not every feminist is responsible for those bad things. You can’t possibly dislike feminists so much to write a blog against them. I have stress the fact that some feminists are barking mad but not most.

    3. Don: Understandable reaction. I often feel that way myself. On the other hand. I dont have children. So i have the luxury to not give a dam about the future. I’m a genetic dead-end because i don’t reproduce. Why would i care if the world burns after i’m gone. But for people with children that’s a different story.

    4. . I have stress the fact that some feminists are barking mad but not most.

      That’s like saying “some flat-earthers are crazy, but not all”.

      Feminism is the belief that there exists a worldwide global conspiracy (by men) to keep women down. Its a fucking conspiracy theory. It also promotes that the solution is to bring down the opressor class (men).

      Unlike flat earthers though, this is has an asssociated dangerous ideology costing lives and resulting in much suffering and actual oppression (of men).

    5. @alek novy
      “Feminism is the belief that there exists a worldwide global conspiracy (by men) to keep women down. Its a fucking conspiracy theory. It also promotes that the solution is to bring down the opressor class (men).

      Unlike flat earthers though, this is has an asssociated dangerous ideology costing lives and resulting in much suffering and actual oppression (of men).”

      This helps explains a lot of the bullshit publications coming out. Like this recent book about the “bro world” of silicon valley:

      I wouldn’t be surprised if Bitcoin and other crypto-currencies maintained their nose bleed levels, there would be outcry about how “it’s not fair, womyn’s are getting shut out of this new digital currency! WAAH!” Of course, we won’t get this (yet) given the sudden rise and fall of Bitcoin recently.

      On a related note, feminism is also costing money, at least for those CEO’s. There was this white knighting of BBC men who had to take voluntary pay cuts after some cunt complained how she (while a part-timer at BBC CHINA) made less than her male counterparts at BBC.

      While I haven’t looked into this “issue”, I mean, the fact that someone works at the CHINESE outpost of a BRITISH newscaster would logically imply that you would make less. But as I learned, logic never enters the equation of feminist emotional outcries.

    6. You bigoted patriarchial pig seem to have forgotten that work performed by a woman is equal to the work of a man, even if the woman worked a lot less, performed comparatively poorly, or did less important tasks. Thus, a woman working part-time in a less important position should get paid at least as much as a man working full-time in a more important position. In fact, she should get paid more to make up for millennia of suppression inflicted on women by the hands of the patriarchy!

      (Sadly, that is what feminists think.)

    7. Feminism is gender based communism. It’s about the involuntary transfer of wealth from men to undesirable women and the government. It’s about power and money as always. It’s actually worse than the Soviet style of communism. Because it kills countries slowly. Giving it more time to spread. And the target country gets a economic boost in the beginning. Because of the increase in workforce. It’s negative effects are only showing later on. Some call feminism cancer. It’s actually more like the plague. It’s highly contagious. And the moment people realise something is not right. It’s already to late. That society is doomed. The only way to get rid of it is by going scorched earth. Isolate it and burn everything it has been in contact with.

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