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Age vs sexual experience of men and women

Alek Novy just left a comment on my first post on YouTube train wreck “Blonde in the Belly of the Beast” that reminded me of an article I wanted to write:

Consider that girls mature earlier and get experiences earlier than men. A 30 year old woman has lived the life of a 45 year old man.

A 25 year old woman has had as much experience and lived as much as a 35 year old guys…

Alek is absolutely right. Take as an example your typical Western woman: she hasn’t had a father figure in her life, so puberty set in earlier (this is not a joke, look it up!). From age 11 onward she felt a tingle around Chad, Brad, and Jack. She didn’t know why, but there was such an inexplicable craving for cock in her. It couldn’t have had anything to do with her mom who is barely 18 years older than her who brings a new boyfriend home every other month — and there is not a single quality guy among them! With such a role model, it’s no surprise little Jenny turns into a slut.

Yes, I’ll admit it, that was an extreme example. Still, women hit puberty sooner, and they also get sexually active a lot sooner than guys. I once spoke to a primary school teacher who claimed that a small minority of his students had sex. I told him to get the fuck outta here, but he insisted he wasn’t making it up. It’s a pretty crazy world out there. Now consider the average Joe who hasn’t gotten much attention — certainly a lot less than Chad and Matt back in high (primary?) school. He starts getting somewhere in life, and now all the womyn who made bad decisions in their life come out of the woodwork and message him on Facebook, asking him how he’s doing after he put up a picture of his new car.

What’s Joe up against? He may have gotten laid once or twice by some accident, but the typical woman who is looking for a meal ticket now that all the Chads and Brads have moved on to younger sluts is no match for him. In terms of sexual experience he is roughly at the level Jenny was when she was twelve years old! The disparity couldn’t be any greater. Imagine you barely know how the pieces in chess move and you’re facing an amateur player with a decade and a half of experience. It is no surprise that the average guy is simply no match for a scheming woman. She’ll trick him into getting her pregnant faster than he can say, “You don’t look like 30 at all!”, not realizing that she is taking him for a ride.

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  1. “Consider that girls mature earlier and get experiences earlier than men. A 30 year old woman has lived the life of a 45 year old man.

    A 25 year old woman has had as much experience and lived as much as a 35 year old guys…”

    To clarify you refer to a woman’s ‘sex-perience’ and not life experience like doing real travel (cancun banging doesn’t count) or anything else where a guy will focus on building career capital (since he ain’t got affirmative action to rely on).

    1. Yes, it’s about sexual/social experience. A PhD and being well-travelled won’t keep Joe from getting cucked.

    2. This refers to all types of life experience. Women actually spend more hours living life.

      No, doing overtime at a job you hate isn’t “living life”.

      See some of Warren Farrell’s lectures on “the myth of male power”. Men waste way more hours on building technical skills, overtime work and acquiring shit.

      The basic strategy is “Im working on x so that when I get it, I’ll be attractive to chicks.” Basically many more guys postpone actually living a life.

      And even when it comes to hobbies, men on average spend more hours on hobbies that don’t build up life experience.

      Video games and collecting stuff for guys vs photography or dancing for chicks.

      Basically chicks get way more hours acquiring life experience. Guys spend more hours on things that arent actually additional life experience.

  2. This has now devolved into utter nonsense. No, 30 yo women do not generally have the life experience of 45 yo men. You guys need to turn off the porn, step away from your laptops and go meet actual human women. You might learn something. Chuck, out.

    1. Chuck Most western women are sluts when they are young. And it has a lot to do with the choices of their mother’s. Girls who grow up without their biological father in the house. Will become sexually mature younger. They become sexually active sooner. And often become hypersexual. They have no experience in bonding with men on a emotional level. They have no example what to look for in a man. And so they go wild. They simply react on hormonal driven impulses. They fuck around with all the badboys. Untill the badboys dont show them any signs of interest anymore. And than they want to settle with a more reliable man. He isn’t as existing as the badboys. She divorces him and takes half his shit plus alimony and child support. Men should not fall for this. How many examples do men need. This has become the norm. Dont do it!

    2. This is based on real world experience. I remember how shocked i was when I first started making younger female friends. I had assumed that guys and girls should have similar levels. I was shocked at just how much ahead girls were.

      Most 18 year old girls had way more sociosexual experience than most 25 year old guys.

      When a loud group of girls pass you on the street notice what they talk about. At 13 they’re already analyzing social dynamics and what each girl should do to get whatever outcome. Boys at 13 are still kids thinking about kid stuff.

      Math should confirm this for you.

      – guys spend more hours on building careers and skills

      – guys spend more hours on video games and sports

      – girls get started half a decade earlier

      Do the math. How many hours of sociosexual experience does a girl accumulate by 25 vs a guy?

      Do you claim it’s the SAME?!? If so, you’re being the absurd one. Even just hours spent working would make this impossible.

      And if men/women aren’t THE SAME… then how much difference WILL YOU admit? Is it like tiny? Just 1 year worth of difference?

      Be specific. Emotional outbursts are not an argument.

    3. Just today a loud group of teenage girls was at the traffic light next to me. They were loudly analyzing what a girl should say to some boy, at which times to text him and how to manipulate him into something. No 13 year old boys discuss this shit.

  3. AlekNovy, why do you think male interests are less valuable than female ones?

    I have more respect for Nikola Tesla, who was apparently celibate all his life, or Grigori Perelman than some random woman who has worked on social manipulation from young.

    1. AlekNovy, why do you think male interests are less valuable than female ones?

      Do you have reading comprehension issues? How do you people manage to read words that don’t exist on your screen? Where have I said this? Do you have a chip on your shoulder so you’re so defensive?

    2. The basic strategy is “Im working on x so that when I get it, I’ll be attractive to chicks.” Basically many more guys postpone actually living a life.

      Is this the line that triggered you? It’s not a criticism. If you’re reading it that way, that’s your personal issue.

      That’s what we actually RECOMMEND. Why would we recommend something that we frown upon? We spend most of our time criticizing guys who chase pussy (i.e. guys who minmax on sociosexual skills, i.e. “game)…

      We are the ones who propose working on yourself (which is way more fulfilling and will make you attractive in the long run and pussy comes to you).

      The benefits you get by focusing on investing in yourself outweigh short-term benefits gained by going out more etc…

    3. The benefits you get by focusing on investing in yourself outweigh short-term benefits gained by going out more etc…

      Speifically “spend more time acquiring x than living life” is not a criticism. It’s a smarter strategy. Focus on getting a better foundation so that when you do go out there you get more out of the living.

      It can be taken too far though. Some guys spend too much time on “getting things set up” to where they never live life. It’s like a guy who who spends so much time working, that he never gets to spend any of it or enjoy it.

      There is a balance. But i don’t think that PUAs are on the right side of the balance. As for chicks being more towards the “experiences” side… that’s more suitable for them, as they don’t need as much “real worth” to be valuable as a mate. Which is why they can spend more time on socializing than building a career.


      For some reason, the more I read posts like this, the more pissed off and angry I get, and the more negativity comes rushing into me. There is something about dubious and self-congratulatory “improvement” posts like this, that just angers and irritates the bejezeesus out of me. Because I read places like the redpill and none of it seemed to have helped at all with my current situation, except overthink and get frustrated to the point of my head exploding; how the fuck is anyone improving and getting laid more when they read mental masturbatory non-sense like the redpill subreddit?

      I don’t know what do you guys think?

  4. There is a small, but distinct subset of women that have been referred to as “early consolidators”. They are usually average or somewhat below average SMV for their age, and they marry at a young age, usually while under 25 or still in college. They typically target men who are roughly the same age, relatively low SMV at the time, but with a lot of upside potential (nerdy pre-med, pre-law, engineering students, etc). They give these guys more sex than they have ever had, and convince them they have found the love of their life. Usually, the man’s SMV then increases into their 30’s and 40’s and they come to realize they didn’t get a very good deal.

    1. A cursory search online only shows one relevant reference: Rollo Tomassi uses it, which isn’t necessarily an endorsement. It’s a strange concept, though. Unattractive women may want to settle down, but they have a hard time getting hitched. “Blonde in the Belly of the Beast” is a good example. I’ve seen quite a few pairings of women who were at best average-looking with somewhat awkward guys who were studying degrees that are likely to lead to stable employment. However, those guys are very unlikely to think that they could have gotten a better deal. Sex doesn’t play a big role in those relationships either, as far as I can tell, so I’m really curious to learn what Rollo has been smoking.

      If anything, the subset of women with way above average SMV who want to settle down early (and will) is larger than the subset of below average women who will settle down early with a future doctor or lawyer because the latter have essentially zero options.

    2. I’ve seen many of these scenarios. But to be fair, most of them were matched on looks.

      Basically an experienced 5 chick will play the field and ride cocks until she’s 24 and then get herself an akward inexperienced (probably virgin) dude who’s maybe a six lookswise.

      The pairing isnt mismatched in terms of looks. What makes it mismatched is that this guy’s value is about to explode up, whilst hers is about to go down. But he doesn’t know this due to experience.

      Once he establishes himself he’ll actually be beating off much hotter and younger chicks than her. So she’s getting a great deal. He got locked into a bad deal.

    3. So what’s your guys take on Richard Feynman?

      How would Richard Feynman handle and get girls in a modern day setting? Would he be as successful as others describe him to be with women in modern day times? How did he manage to get attractive women, like pornstars/dancers if he wasn’t the best looking guy and not being high in SMV in venues where he would not be able to pull given his profession?

    4. Feynman was a celebrity. He was also highly intelligent. If he was alive today, he most certainly would have figured out how to get pussy. By the way, I’m amused by your reasoning. Western women are sluttier than ever, yet a celebrity who picked up women in the 1950s would struggle were he alive today — sorry, that doesn’t make any sense.

    5. Feynman was a celebrity in some circles, but not the ones that had the best looking women. And he supposedly picked up women before he came a celebrity. He was not the best looking guy, how did he pick up women on venues where his DMV was not high? How would he do in today’s world, where culture and behavior of women is different?

      Also women in then 1940’s were not as worse as today’s women when it comes to sheer shallowness, and types of men that attracted to them. The culture and expectations of what was considered attractive in men was different back then. That’s why I made assumption….

    6. Yet, one of the smartest men in recent history would not be able to adopt to such circumstances had he been born later? Your assumptions boggle my mind.

  5. The rule of thumb is to divide a guy’s stated lay count by a factor of 2, and multiply a woman’s stated lay count by a factor of three. Even the stated numbers are often pretty high.

  6. I thought I had seen this phenomenon with some of my fellow physicians, but it is probably due to a previously attractive woman letting herself go after 15+ years of marriage. I married in my early 20’s, and my wife was/is well above average, and has maintained herself very well for 19 years and counting.

  7. Alek, alright sure, thanks for your clarification. I’m not “triggered”.

    I just think that men who just pursue their own interests for their own sake, whether or not it leads to pussy, ought not to be derided. Not everyone can be a Newton or Tesla certainly, but I think even e.g. an ordinary man who just likes collecting WW2 memorabilia or old coins is worthy of respect if he manages to earn a decent living and pursue his interests, whether or not women are interested in it.

    The ability to obsess about a given topic seems to be very rare among females and I think is one of the best male characteristics which has brought about insights in different fields. It can take depraved, consumerist forms such as in the case of Japanese anime otakus certainly, but at its core, I think it’s a remarkable human trait.

    Even with coin collection, it’s from such collection of coins that we know the metal contents of various coins under various Roman emperors, which can add to our knowledge of Roman economics.

    1. Alek, alright sure, thanks for your clarification. I’m not “triggered”.

      Why the accusatory tone then? If you weren’t triggered and it wasn’t an emotional reaction why did you strawman me? Asking for a clarification is good faith. Asking a loaded question like “so do you still beat your wife” is not. You did the latter.

  8. It seemed to me that you thought male interests weren’t “living life”. I’m sorry if it came across as accusatory

  9. Sorry but what you describe as “typical” is maybe typical for white trash, but not for normal people or educated people from upper middle class backgrounds. I really don’t know why you (as a proclaimed elite university graduate) waste your time thinking about trash people. Who cares? You will never face that kind of problems.

    1. I’ve witnessed that kind of behavior at universities. I’d say it’s pretty universal, but of course e-duh-cated men are welcome to believe that women concoct a different set of behaviors for them.

    2. Girls from the upper middle class backgrounds are brads favourite. I know. I was one of the brads back in high-school. I was one of the guys girls came to see at training. Class really doesn’t matter. Upper middle class are often even worse. I do martial arts. Nothing gets pussy wet faster than two men fighting. It was the same in ancient rome. Upper-class women would pay for a moment alone with the best fighters of the time. Female biology hasn’t changed. They still want to fuck the champions. You always hear stories about male managers trying their luck with female employees. I had the same with female managers trying to get it on with me in the office. These upper-class educated women are often the worse sluts when the door is closed. They just hide it better.

    3. I think he’s confusing super high IQ with class. It is true that higher IQ correlates with less promiscuity at the most highest levels (in both genders).

      Super-smart (nerdy) girls do skip this early sociosexual stage and become active much later (just like male nerds). But these are like what, 2% of the population?

      It’s interesting he refers to 98% of the population as “white trash”.

  10. Interesting, but I thought we already gave funeral to SMV charts?
    They are valid IF and only IF you treat them as “marriage value charts”. Female POTENTIAL SV peaks at 15-18 and male’s at 18-21.
    Damn, if I were 19 again with my nowaday’s brain I’d probably triple my notches.

    1. What are you smoking? For a regular guy who goes to university, studies a proper degree, gets a career going, makes some smart lifestyle decisions, SMV is infinitely higher in his 30s than at 18-21, where it will largely depend on his parents’ wealth, and if that’s all you have going for, it may indeed be at its peak.

    2. Damn, if I were 19 again with my nowaday’s brain I’d probably triple my notches.

      I’m thinking the same. I’d have fucked half of my university and high-school with today’s brains.

      But I was quite attractive physically. Above average looking. I was getting a ton of attention based on looks, just didn’t know how to make a move.

      I’m guessing Aaron is talking about average looking guys. For them it might be different. Average looking guys with no wealth have a piss-poor SMV at 19.

  11. “Just today a loud group of teenage girls was at the traffic light next to me. They were loudly analyzing what a girl should say to some boy, at which times to text him and how to manipulate him into something. No 13 year old boys discuss this shit.”

    This is even truer in this age when the iphone together with wechat, twitter, etc are there to blah blah blah.

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