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What I think of YouTuber “Blonde In The Belly Of The Beast”

My angel pointed me to the following interview Stefan Molyneux recently did with YouTube personality “Blonde In The Belly Of The Beast”. Her real first name is Rebecca, if the Internet is to believed. I didn’t listen to all of it, and I think the message is a good one, praising conservatism and pointing out that women cannot have it all, i.e. a great career, the perfect marriage, and happy children.

Have a brief look yourself:

From listening to parts of the interview, I’d say I agree with the message, however, let’s look at the messenger. This is where you can only shake your head. I did a bit of research, and opened my eyes a little bit. Here is what emerged:
– she heavily, heavily uses make-up, thus she is likely past her prime (I was right: she is around 30)
– she pursued a Wall St. career, it’s not clear in which area, and didn’t make it
– she has been “dating a lot of guys”, i.e. she’s likely been whoring it up for well over a decade

This is roughly her backstory. Now that she realized that she went down the wrong path, she is suddenly a conservative. Sorry, Rebecca, this isn’t how this works. Just like a reformed slut won’t be able to fool anyone when she claims to be a “born-again virgin”, so will a woman who used to pursue a highly self-indulgent lifestyle not be able to be attractive to a quality conservative guy once she is well past her prime.

That she hasn’t changed one bit, despite the conservative facade she likes to put up, is evident when she talks about the kind of guy she wants. Yup, he has to be able to “take her shit”. Sorry, this is not how this works. A quality guy will not “take your shit”. Instead, the expectation such guys have is that their women treat them with respect.

You can summarize the angle “Blonde In The Belly Of The Beast” pursues very easily: Now that she’s approaching the wall at 160 mph, suddenly conservative values are great. Funny how that works.

58 thoughts on “What I think of YouTuber “Blonde In The Belly Of The Beast”

  1. Typical chameleon behavior. Women have always sided with the prevailing winds of any given time or moment to maximize benefit to them. She is merely an example of the host of females boarding the anti-feminist train as these women are nothing more than early adopters of what is coming.

    They see it coming, or are already living it, and want a leg up on their sisters in the never ending competition between females. Ho, hum. The red is off her candy and instead of complaining about it like a feminist would, she goes in search of a fresh candy cane. Even Stephen falls for it. I wonder if he will marry her?

    1. You John Smith must be a real lefty and just as repulsive as your post suggests.
      She speaks the truth actually and is a very intelligent and well informed still young woman,and very beautiful .Makeup it always used in videos to enhance a person’s appearance and lucky for her she has something to work with.
      she is now engaged to be married and as for Stephen he was obviously very taken with her.He is too old for her and he is already married,That of course means nothing to an immoral lefty like you.

    2. I think some here are being a little hard on her. Sometimes experience is the best teacher. Maybe she has changed because of it. I’d have to hear more of her, but from what I’ve seen of her videos so far I find nothing that leads me to believe she’s just saying what we want to hear.

    3. Chris: It’s not so much a personal thing against Blonde. It’s more that this is just the typical story of almost every Western woman nowadays. First they have their fun with all the badboys. They study. Work a bit. figure out that working sucks. And than want a quality guy to pay the jackpot for spoiled goods. The same goods she use to give to the badboys for free. Why in hell would a quality guy settle for badboy leftovers at a premium price? Western women always do this. They waist their best years. And after they lost most of their value. They ask where all the good men have gone. Simple answer. You left them standing at the sideline when you were in your prime. Now they dont want you anymore. When these women were partying with the badboys. The quality guy was working hard to make it. And because of the sacrifices he made. He will be able to date these women’s daughters when they turn 18. He can afford the young hot girls. Why would he settle for less?

    4. Chris:(Sometimes experience is the best teacher.) You’re absolutely right about that. But it doesn’t bring back her youthful beauty. Nor will it restore her fertility. Women are depreciating assets. Men value women for beauty and fertility. Women value men for resources and protection. A man can and probably will make more money when he gets older. A woman doesn’t become more beautiful and fertile with age. It’s just a biological fact. If women ignore that biological fact when they are young. They will have to face the consequences when they grow older. Being, having to settle for a lesser man. Or even ending up alone, childless and miserable. Blonde ignored her clock when she was young. And no amount of conservative talk can bring back the value she had when she was 10 years younger. And most guys here would tell her simply. Sorry you’re to late. I”m not interested in you anymore. I can do better.

  2. I wonder, is the case of feminazi Youtuber Laci Green similar to this? Earlier this year she started dating another YTer who specializes in making fun of SJW’s and since that came to light, she’s been going thru a “conversion” process. Now all her old ideological allies bash her endlessly and she has fooled all the “anti-SJW” YT community into embracing her.

  3. I think this is the tragedy for most of the western women. The moment they realise they were living in a lie. It’s often already to late for them. And even than they want to keep some of the “good stuf!” that feminism gave them. They only want to get rid of the third wave feminism stuf. They dont want to let go of no fault divorce and other second wave feminist laws. Basically they are willing to let go of blue armpit hair. They still want your money when they file for divorce just because they feel like it. It’s not like they will submit to their man. They just want a man to finance their dreams. Something not many men are willing to do anymore. They just dont want to lose the good stuf. They figured out that working hard can really suck. And so they are okay with letting you pay for everything they want. In return you get a pet on the head while she tells you that you’re the man of the house.

  4. Many people on the right think it’s just third wave that is the problem. Many believe first and second wave are part of traditional western culture. They are not. Most problems are caused by first and second wave. Third wave just made the crazy visible. First and second wave already destroyed the family unit, the foundation of western society. Still many see first and second wave as “good feminism”. There is no good feminism. It’s goal has always been to destabilise western society. Just getting rid of third wave wont change a thing. To solve the problem you have to restore male authority. Men need authority over their families. You cant expect men to take responsibility without giving him authority. The two should be in balance with eachother.

    1. You are exactly right ben and it goes even deeper .The destruction of Western Society.
      Some say it started with Jewish Freudian Psychology it was a tool of Marxism then Marxism invaded Schools and Universities.Also pornography on the Internet to corrupt Western Males then the attempt at the destruction of Christianity.Marriage and family mores and morals and it all led to the drug culture. It really is pathetic the way Western society let them cut the rug from under them. They even targeted the young in the new Disney cartoons with subliminal sexually explicit images to impact the minds of our innocent children.When viewing the history of Marxism and Communism it becomes clear it is a murderous ideology.So who and why would anyone pursue it ?Good question.This young woman is spot on and well informed.I hope she still has the moral fortitude to succeed.I wish her well.

    2. Blonde can hardly be called young anymore, and she isn’t well-informed. She merely regurgitates what she reads online, and preaches to thirsty beta males.

  5. Guys, I’m sorry but I can’t follow you on this one. Rebecca is 29, smoking hot, charming, smart and a conservative. She got a degree, worked for a bit, and now wants to be a wife and mom. This is exactly how it works. She will likely make a very good wife and make a man very happy.

    1. I highly doubt that. For starters, she is a fake-conservative. Further, a thick layer of make-up does not mean that she’s hot. I’d bet money that she’d make a shitty wife.

    2. Chuck, do you know anything about the Red Pill? She is a textbook case. Ride the carousal in her early 20’s (Alpha fux). Get her degree, work some, and then decide she doesn’t like working. As the wall is looming, now she wants to be a wife and mom (Beta bux).

      Her past is easily deciphered (as is Laci Green’s). The dude who marries her will be divorce raped. She will have another Alpha on the side for sport who she thinks will take her in when she dumps Mr. Beta.

      She is a single mom in waiting. It is as predictable as the sun rising in the east. Wake up, dude!

    3. I dont know much about her person. But 29 isn’t really traditional to be single. Looking like that at 29. I have no doubt that not getting married in her late teens early twenties was a choice. She could have easily landed a high quality man at 20. Probably she had different things on her mind. Now she’s only 5 years away of hitting the wall. Tic Tac. The best time for a woman to have kids is early twenties. She already has her best time behind her. Textbook modern western woman. Start looking when time is running out. There wont be much time for her to build up a stable relationship before getting pregnant. Otherwise it will be to late.

  6. Where is the July 2017 Open Thread Aaron?

    Heck, I’ll ask my question here.

    Why have marriage become a good thing all of sudden in your blog. I personally never want to get married. I have enough sex (with various girls form various walks of life and professions) to be happy and actively seek the whatever is the opposite of relationships. What’s wrong with fucking around? And no, I am not 18 and think this out of naivety either.

    1. I’m not opposed to marriage. The challenge, though, lies in finding a suitable mate.

  7. Chuck “This is exactly how it works” You’re right that this is how it mostly works for women that want children nowadays. It’s part of the problem. She should be breastfeeding kid nr5 at 29. Lot’s of young women spend their most fertile years in college and work a little after. meanwhile they jump from one guy on the other. Than they figure out that working can really suck sometimes. And they would prefer to stay home and let a man pay for everything. They wasted their best years and build up a student debt. And now they feel time is running out they are looking for a man that makes six figures. For a lot of them this would even be a requirement for starting a family. They have a six figures student debt to pay back. Most are lost as potential mothers the moment they enter college. Even if you red pill these women they are already lost. Are u willing to pay off a student debt of let say 250k for a woman? And even if you do. What is holding her from leaving after you payed for her worthless degree. To risky!

    1. I find it laughable when women talk about dating down because they are educated. Most of the time it only means that they have their best years behind them. Had lots of sexual partners. That they are brainwashed with leftwing bs. And that they have a enormous student debt to pay off. Somehow they believe their value has increased. UHHH? No not really. You dropped 7 points out of 10. If she’s a 10 before college she will be a 3 after. Women are better of taking a membership at the gym. College only lowers her sexual market value.

  8. Not to long ago i’ve seen a youtube video of a woman. She was in her last year of medical school and pregnant. She was very casually talking about how she would finish school, get married, have the baby and how her future husband will pay off her 350k student debt over the next 25 years. If her husband has to pay for her enormous student debt for the next 25 years, than what’s the real value of her getting education in the first place? What idiot off a man would sign up for this?

    1. She’s clearly dating down right? She has a medical degree after all. The poor guy should be happy she chosen him right?

    2. I haven’t read the book, but there’s this book called “Date-onomics” (author site here at

      It’s funny how the hypothesis for so many single women is the allegation that there are not enough college-educated men.

      Perhaps it’s that men are “on strike”? (Helen Smith discusses this in her book…”Men on Strike”). You can also see her talk about it here:

      I recall Sleazy touched on this topic…and lit a fuse among commentors…

    3. @ben: care to post the link to that video? I could use a good laugh today 🙂

    4. Yarara I Dont know the exact video. I believe it’s title was something like. Is medical school worth it.

  9. Molyneaux’s entire schtick, aside from “look at me, I am the philosopher king” is blaming your unhappiness on your family and arguing women are the source of all evil.

  10. Rebecca is clearly a rapidly depreciating asset. I see a bit of a TCS, as well. Sorry sweetheart, you can’t roll back the odometer.

    1. Thats the problem with all women. They are all depreciating assets. Men not wanting to get married is a logical decision in this day and age. Wy would you buy a asset like this. It’s better to lease it short-term. It’s cheaper, has lower risks and you dont have to worry about the depreciating value. Most modern women have only their looks and pussy to offer. If women have nothing to offer for the long-term. Than wy would you enter into a long-term contract that only gives you enormous risks? Makes no sense to me. I see no reason to get married in the western world. It has zero benefit for a man. It’s better to keep leasing so you can easily trade her in whenever you want. If women want marriage and children to become the norm again. Thing will have to change. The laws will have to change. Their behaviour will have to change. Right now it’s a bad deal for men. Specially when they sell the goods only after it has lost most off it’s value already. You dont by a 10 year old rental for the factory price.

  11. Yes.

    She has some value as a cautionary tale. Unless she has some significant personality defects, she probably could have locked down a quality guy 6-8 years ago.

  12. This idea that you’re going to marry a drop dead gorgeous 19 year old virgin who will make you lots of kids and stay loyal to your magnificent cock for the next 50 years is just silly. Guys, unless you are already a millionaire, ain’t gonna happen. And when your darling princess turns 25 and decides she never got to experience life before you locked her down, she will drop you and go wild before settling down at 30-35 with a man who she feels is her “soulmate”. Better to let a girl go to college, get an education, work for a few years and settle down when she is ready. Then she may make a good wife. Lock her down too early and you are only asking for trouble. Marrying a very young woman is a recipe for disaster. They are simply not capable of monogamy.

    1. Chuck, that’s nonsense. Sleazy insists in dropping the word “traditional” for a reason. Of course a chick with a libertine background and liberal parents isn’t expected to be a good wife or remain faithful forever. A traditional and conservative woman may cheat on her husband if he’s a chump and let’s her roll over him, I guess.

    2. Chuck It worked for thousands of years. It all fell apart when people abandoned these ideas. You need a society that condemns divorce. Men will have to take back authority. Basically make women the property of the father and later her husband as it has always been. She wont be able to drop you because she wouldn’t have a say in the matter. This idea of gender equality is not part of traditional western society. It’s feminism. It’s the number one reason western society is breaking down. Women are to old to start having children when they are 30. The choice is simple. 1 You take women’s rights away and restore society. 2 You go on this way, Society will claps, The migrants take over and they take women’s rights away.

    3. 30-35 Year old women are like expired lottery tickets. Wy would any man buy a expired lottery ticket. At that age she wont be capable of bonding with a man anymore. And her fertility is down 75% as well as her looks. Women are biologically build to breed in their teens and twenties. Settling down after 30 makes no sense for a woman that wants to have children. Women’s fertility already starts to drop at 23. At the age of 30 it’s at freefall speed. You cant even reach replacement levels for the population if most women would breed after 30. And their ability to bond with a man only decreases over time and with every sexual partner she has. The best chance of a successful marriage would be when she marries young and a virgin. It’s how biology works for women. The older they are and the more sexual partners they have. The lower the chances for a successful marriage and children become. Girls should make the choice between marriage and children or career in their teens. Women simply cant have both. Doesn’t work.

  13. Chuck: Women cant handle the same responsibility as men. They just cant handle it. They should have rights that are equal to the amount of responsibility they can carry. This would be closer to the rights of a child than a man’s. The same with responsibility. We dont give a child the same rights and responsibility as a adult because they cant handle it. The same basic rules should apply to women. It has been that way for thousands of years. It worked just fine. Women were even much happier than now. If you want to save western society you have to undo all feminism. Not just third wave. I know it sounds harsh. But this modern society bs isn’t working at all. The thing you propose can never work long-term. Women are capable of monogamy if men make them. As we have always done.

    1. The artificial womb is not likely to be available for single men. Test are only partially successful. It’s not likely it will be capable to carry a baby full term. It’s only useable to help premature baby’s survive outside their mothers womb. The technology you’re talking about will not be available before 2060 if ever. Besides that is there the problem that women cant run society. And men become indifferent to society without the traditional family.. They dont just avoid relationships. They opt out of society. If men stop caring about society. It will fall apart. Simply restoring society to it’s former structure would be the best solution for both men and women.

  14. Western society has to make a choice. Whats more important. 1 women’s feelings. 2 The survival of western society.

  15. I think ”being monogamous” has more to do with your personality then with your age, though.

    You can find women with a more conservative attitude towards dating. They are just more rare these days,but they are so worth it.

  16. Guys, I’m not following your logic here. In pursuing a Red Pill lifestyle, I assume you want women as well as men to join you. Otherwise, it would be a rather sad, lonely lifestyle. But you seem to be arguing that a 29 year old woman who wants to can’t because she is past her prime, has ridden the carousel too long, has TCS, etc. If that is correct, as it seems to be with “Blonde”, what is the cutoff age? Is a 25 year old who’s had a few boyfriends too old? A 22 yo? Are you only recruting for 20 yo “10’s”? In other words, how old is too old for a girl to say, I’m with you, I want to be a wife and mom and join the Red Pill team? From reading your posts, very, very few women would make the cut and of those who do, very few would be attainable by Red Pill men. Doesn’t seem like a recipe for success. Your thoughts?

    1. Consider that girls mature earlier and get experiences earlier than men. A 30 year old woman has lived the life of a 45 year old man.

      A 25 year old woman has had as much experience and lived as much as a 35 year old guys…

  17. Let me see if I can further summarize; you have a group of men with mixed SMV, demanding to date and marry only women with stratospheric SMV while simultaneously saying those women have near zero SMV at age 30 if they aren’t married? It’s completely illogical. And it would leave a whole lot of men flogging the dolphin in their parents’ basement in their 30s.

    1. Chuck: Personally i consider the western world lost. Dead people walking! Thats wy i planned my escape a long time ago. As for my views on how it could be saved. You have to go back to the model that worked. Most millennial women are lost forever. You should focus on those you can save. Generation Z should be the focus. And stop negotiating with women. Women only respect strong men. Negotiation will only come across as weakness. You should not care about what women want. You should focus on what men are willing to die in the war to retake the west. The women will adapt and flock to the winner of the war. They always do. After the war you tell women that we go back to the model of around 1800 AD. No negotiating, no female vote. You dont ask. You just tell them.

  18. Biology cant be ignored. The best time for a woman to breed is in her teens and twenties. Personally i would not even consider to settle down with a western women in the western world. They are not worth my time and resources. The laws only benefit women. I would rather jerk off and never touch a woman again. Than getting married in the western world. Even if you find a good woman. It’s still a criminal one sided contract. It’s suicidal in the current system. And most young men think that way. Thats wy the system must be destroyed. It has become the enemy of the people. It’s to late for reform. Only destruction of the system and a rebuild from the ground up will do.

  19. I dont believe western men have the balls to do what needs to be done. So i’m leaving. What’s the alternative? Marry a reformed slut and hope for the best? No thx.

  20. She’s a boring slag who drums up poor mercurial arguments for the sake of being a blathering, aimless, so called provocateur. If I were a dude, I would bloody off myself having to hear her chew on the corn cob of pointless sociopolitical shit that repeats. She worked as a low-level research analyst for a pathetic struggling firm in Jersey. THAT IS NOT THE STREET. And I know for a fact she never even held her series 7 or 63. She’s a waste of space.

  21. I simply feel this was a mean post, considering the low-level amount of research you did. Its fair enough to suggest you can be jerk on your own blog, but I would expect to just throw shit around about someone, you might want to listen more. This video came out just shortly after this blog post, I wonder if related.

    She clearly says she is getting married, the financial career stuff was a total mistake, moved to LA to take care of herself better (which had to end badly but it did red pill her) and then Seattle where she is trying to get all that other stuff behind her.

    1. She never had a career in finance. If anything, it was “on finance”, just like there are women who work “on tech”. Blonde couldn’t hack it in a quantitative role, so she worked as a low-level assistant. Sure, she has been trying to correct the mistakes of her past, but that does not distinguish her from any other woman who took one sausage after another in college and chased after career goals that were never even remotely possible. Once they hit the wall, the all seem to be able to re-ignite their interest in religion and traditional values.

  22. You have a whole lot of assumptions going on here and very little facts. Sounds like you are a nasty little prick incel tbh. Why do you care about this person’s past anyway? It is none of your business. Sounds like you have some kind of unhealthy infatuation with her perhaps because you got turned down by women that look like her?

    Get a life and do something productive with your time other than trying to trash people you know nothing about who is doing something with their life.

    1. Another one of you nutters! Sure, a woman’s past is nobody’s business, particularly if she’s a reformed slut or a trad-thot, right?

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