Science finds that girls who squirt just urinate

I always found squirting to be a rather elusive phenomenon. There is plenty of porn available where girls squirt entire bucketloads. There are also squirters in real life, but they are rather rare. I had my doubts about that phenomenon, because if squirting orgasms were oh-so much better than real ones, then surely more women would try to have them and there would be an established body of knowledge on the topic. Also, the various sources I consulted on squirting had nothing new to tell and were apparently designed to bamboozle guys with very little experience.

Thus, I thought I should consult science. To my surprise and satisfaction, there is a study that completely demystifies squirting. It’s bullshit! Yup, you alpha bros who make the ladies squirt, she’s simply pissing the bed:

The present data based on ultrasonographic bladder monitoring and biochemical analyses indicate that squirting is essentially the involuntary emission of urine during sexual activity, although a marginal contribution of prostatic secretions to the emitted fluid often exists.

The source is Salama et al., Nature and Origin of “Squirting” in Female Sexuality. It’s behind a paywall, though. If you’re not affiliated with an e-duh-cational institution, then maybe one of your friends is.

17 thoughts on “Science finds that girls who squirt just urinate

  1. I’ve suspected this ever since I saw Cytheria in porn and pondered where all that fluid must be coming from. No way it’s all coming out of some little gland.

    I’ve even wondered if the g spot is legit, or just a feeling a woman gets when you put pressure on her bladder from inside the vagina.

  2. Yeah, it’s been going around for a few years and for some reason still isn’t really common knowledge, except around doctors. I wouldn’t usually base knowledge off of just a study done in France, but it seems pretty conclusive.

  3. the guy at wimminz pretty much stated this a few years ago. women simply don’t have the biological capability for anything else like it but piss. if you don’t mind them losing bladder control on you, then ok, but let’s not pretend like someone discovered a new mysterious organ that all the top doctors going back to the beginning of time have never seen before. it’s piss.

  4. This is new to me. There are a lot of sites that sell courses on how to master a squirting orgasm. Are you saying all those sites are basically teaching men how to get a woman to release urine during orgasm? Funny and scary thought.

    1. There are courses for that???!!!

      Here’s my secret: get her to drink beer or coffee, that’ll make her urinate, er, “cum”.

  5. “designed to bamboozle guys with very little experience”
    Perfectly put!
    Squirting convinced idiots when they fuck some unhygienic bitch with bladder problems who doesn’t even fucking urinate before sex – let alone shower – that they are doing something marvelous when that whore is pissing them all over.
    A fake reward for pleasing the woman.

    1. I already read about this a while ago. Yep. Tons of Golden Shower Fetish porn being advertised as mainstream, even “female-friendly” porn. I don’t mind because I’d like to try watersports some day, but quite a few guys are one serious discussion away from throwing up uncontrollably. 😀

    2. Who knows, maybe we’ll be able to market that as a new and hard-to-achieve kind of male orgasm: male oral projectile vomit ejaculation. Man, feminists all over the world will be so proud of their new-found sex goddess status!

  6. This is why women are taught to perform kegels, to prevent weakening of the pelvic floor muscles as they age. Men, if at all, will generally have difficulty with urine flow as they become old (due to enlargement of the prostate) and women will have difficulty controlling their urine, expelling it while coughing or laughing, for example.

    So, women who involuntarily urinate during sex could be predisposed to uncontrollable bladder issues later in life.

    That’s hot.

  7. Talking about misconceptions I have a list of many misconceptions people have that I would like to list two big ones here.

    There is a theory that sex is about the mind more than the strokes. However, my experience is to the contrary. Provided you aren’t disgusted by the person you are having sex with and are quite attracted to them, it really is about the strokes and probably even about doing the strokes right. I wish I am able to highlight and stress on the words, already attracted to you in the above paragraph.

    There is another notion that looks don’t matter when you are having sex as long as you can turn the lights off. Which follows that the ugly couples of the world are having just as much fun having sex as the hot couples. This is partly true according to Dan Ariely found at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BzG0_aU_Fn0 but he doesn’t talk about the quality of sex ugly couples have.

    The second paragraph relates to the first in that a couple or a more some must be good looking to have fun having sex. It just doesn’t work any other way.

    What are you thoughts?

    1. Your conclusion isn’t fully convincing. Fat women don’t get slimmer just because you turn the lights off, and shrill voices don’t become more pleasant.

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