Bad dating advice from “Blonde in the Belly of the Beast”

I voiced my disapproval of YouTuber “Blonde in the Belly of the Beast” in my last post already, but in more general terms. As I dug around some more, I noticed that she has a video on YouTube for men, telling them how to “overcome unattractive beta qualities”. It’s a crock of shit, to be blunt. Here it is:

Her advice is downright ludicrous. First and foremost, “adopting masculine traits”, which she recommends, is not impossible, but she makes it sound as if it’s as simple as replacing your bedclothes. If you are a down-beaten man, let’s say because you grew up under the rule of a tyrannical single mother and had no positive father figures in your life — according to your whore of a mom any of the ten dudes who could have fathered you was a piece of shit, and all throughout education female teachers jammed feminist propaganda down your throat. I’m obviously exaggerating, but if you are the kind of guy that let’s others walk all over them, you’ll need to do some serious work on yourself. In addition to psychotherapy you may even need to leave your current negative social environment and start all over somewhere else. We’re talking about a multi-year effort here. If you’ve never set a goal for yourself and worked hard at reaching it, there is essentially a zero chance that you’ll be able to fix your psychological issues.

However, maybe “Blonde” doesn’t even get what it means to be “alpha”. I don’t necessarily have images of a loudmouth in my mind who fucks a lot of easy women and bullied guys in high school who looked like Zuckerberg. No, I consider it “alpha” to have clear boundaries, setting goals for yourself and working towards them, and not wasting your time with bullshit. In Blonde’s mind, though, being alpha means “shooting guns, working on cars, and not taking any of [Blonde’s] shit”. She’s a dolt. Let me make it very clear: I don’t believe that she has ever had a shot at getting in a relationship with a genuine “alpha”, because guys in that category who want to settle down have higher standards than she could meet. No, some guy who is doing very well for himself but fucked her twice because it was convenient does not count. A woman giving you shit over nothing, maybe just because she likes drama or attention, is firmly in the bullshit category of an alpha and will get kicked to the curb.

I cracked up when “Blonde” dished out dating advice, telling guys that trying to be friends with a girl first just doesn’t cut it. That is correct. However, her alternative is not any better. In fact, it is the exact same advice she questioned, but doesn’t even realize it: she tells guys to not “show too much of your hand”, i.e. don’t indicate romantic or sexual interest. This is ludicrous as she is recommending “friend zoning” without being aware of it.

In particular, I had to laugh when she used the term “alpha women”. With regular women, in her mind, friend-zone dating might work, but not with those female alphas. What kind of woman is she talking about, Western whores? Women who, like her, “date a lot”, i.e. have taken dick in all sizes, colors, and shapes until they realize that the frequency and quality of dicks decreases with age, until they, like her, get jolted out of their delusion because they’re approaching The Wall at full speed?

Her insistence that “shit tests” are normal behavior and that “alphas” would know how to handle it is ludicrous. While that aspect of female behavior may be very common nowadays, it is not what I would consider normal and healthy behavior. If anything, “shit testing” is a lame justification for having the emotional maturity of a poorly raised five-year old. Any “alpha” drops a woman like that. An alpha’s way of “handling it” is to kick out a woman like that.

Lastly, how plausible is it that a woman who is at best a 6 and who has a dismal dating history could give good dating advice. How about leading by example? The example certainly shouldn’t be along the lines of mediocre-looking women at wall-hitting age who spent their 20s waiting for Prince Charming but took countless cocks to make waiting more fun.

30 thoughts on “Bad dating advice from “Blonde in the Belly of the Beast”

  1. Dating advice from women always sucks. They have no idea what it’s like from a man’s perspective. Dating from their perspective is a totally different experience. They should give some tips on how to dress. Anything more and they start talking bs.

  2. She has a highly inflated sense of self-worth. Now she needs a schmock to marry. He needs to appear manly but he cannot be manly. Looking like a tranny surely doesn’t help her in locking down Mr. SixFigure. Neither do her various psychichic… errr… let’s call them “quirks”. This leads to her publishing YouTube videos how all men are shit.

    Sure honey, sure.

  3. It’s a smart move for a girl in her position. Works better than a thinder account. One of the main reasons she started her youtube career was to attract men. It worked and now she doesn’t have to work the office job. From her perspective it was a smart move. She found a man thats willing to provide. She’s getting lots of attention. She makes some money without having to work hard. And if she gets bored with her current boyfriend she can easily move to the next in line.

    1. “She makes some money without having to work hard.”
      Not sure about the making money part. The last conversion rate I know of is 1€ for 1k views. So she has made around 3k from her YT-account. Unless by making money you mean her using some dude as a walking wallet and even that is a rather unstable position to be in considering her looks and personality. It looks more like a desperate move than a smart one to me.

    2. Neutralrandomthoughts: She gets most from donations. There are many pussy hungry men out there donating money to every girl that looks half decent and rejects feminism. I dont expect her to make a fortune. Girls like that can make a middle class income out of it. You would be surprised how many cucks donate money just to get a little attention from a female. And yes you are right about the using some dude as a walking wallet part. Thats the main reason girls suddenly become “traditional”. They finish school and work a bit. They figure out that this career woman thing sucks. They think it would be better to stay home and let some guy pay for them. Than they get married and have one or two kids. Divorce her husband and collect alimony and child support after taking half his shit. And blame it all on the guy and gets support from all the tradcons and feminist alike. After all it can never be the woman thats the problem right?

    3. Neutralrandomthoughts: All the women that i have dated that said they were traditional were this way. They all open their legs on the first date saying they normally dont do that. And i’m sure that they complained about how i tricked them some how. That they are not sluts but just had bad luck with men tricking them into sex. That they are really traditional girls. Bla bla bla yada yada.

    4. Funny how all these traditional girls have the same line. Ohhh i normally dont do this. No really i swear. I normally dont do this. Ohhhh! Traditional my ass.

  4. She basically said she dated a lot of barely masculine, idiotic liberal men in Seattle. While she herself identified with the very same idiotic ideology at the time.

  5. Then she goes on to say that she tried oh so hard to not go on this expensive date with this guy by actually going with him, tells the guy during the date that she’s a whore, then gets offended when he gets turned off.


  6. I watched a few of her videos. She is nuts. I do not think she can really give good advice on much of anything. She can’t get an Alpha and cannot even land beta bucks for herself.

    1. 1. Looks at what she is able to date.
      2. Doesn’t like the options.
      3. Unable to assess herself realisticly./Unwilling to change or put in the work to better her options.
      4. Bitches about options. Dates them anyways.

      If she does sex tourism she completely Roosh-ified herself. But she has tits so instead of getting mocked like Roosh she finds a lot of sympaty.

  7. I think most women in the New Right /Nationalism – Movement are there just for opportunistic motives, which is either to promote themselves or to cash in a quick buck.
    Kind of like all the untalented wannabe models who went into anime cosplay or video game livestreaming begging horny losers to donate to their Patreon.

    Nothing new ever came from them. They just adapted quickly – which is what women do.

  8. Any guy with two brain cells to rub together knows that you NEVER take a woman’s advice regarding dating. You would do better if you did the exact opposite of whatever they suggest.

    I’m sure this woman is accumulating a large contingent of orbiters.

  9. Just a question about understanding english:

    3:07 “I had to parallel park his car, which probably shouldn´t had turn me off as much as it did”

    What exactly is she talking about, what means “parallel parking”? She did not take the steering wheel and parked his car, did she? She probably got out of the car and gave him signs while he was backwards driving into a parking spot?

    Now if this is necessary (and normal) or not totally depends on the situation and the size of the parking spot – so a one-liner without any context doesn´t make sense to me.

    Has someone an idea what the situation probably looked like?

    1. I think your interpretation is correct. I assume she simply went out and helped him with parallel parking (German: seitwaerts einparken). Well, she could have been annoyed because that guy’s car didn’t have any kind of parking aid, i.e. cameras and sensors, and thus was too plebeian for her.

    2. Thanks Aaron.

      Now i would expect that 9 out of 10 people would phrase this as “I had to HELP him to parallel park his car…”. So we probably have a character study in this simple sentence 😉

  10. “Mostly, I feel bad for everyone else that has to go through this, more than I feel bad for myself. ”

    Her priceless piece. Few years down the road, she might say:
    “Well, what I do know. Back then, I just thought it was a fun thing to do, but now with hindsight, I have grown up, I have learn to become stronger and more mature as a woman. It was just a misspent youth. I think I deserve more than the way guys treat me now.”

    And you turn your head laughing “Da fuck with her?”

    1. Girls like this are for pump and dump only. In a few years her looks are down and she wont have anything to offer anymore. Clearly you cant trust a woman like this. Just imagine what the ex boyfriend had to deal with. She’s a selfish whore. If i was her father i would disown her and chance my name.

    2. Her bright future is turning out pretty dark. She’s already doing hardcore gangbangs with black dudes. So far for the bright modelling career. She has a few years to fill her pockets before it’s over for her. In a few years no man will take her anymore. And she dropped out of college. I hope for her she makes smart investments with the money she earns. otherwise she’ll have some serious problems ahead of her.

    3. What is it with girls and their whoring. I was broke once. I never went into stripping, camming or prostitution. I got a job with my skills. Sadly for a lot of women selling their sexuality for money is the go to option.

      I agree, in 10 years she regrets this and she’ll shit like: “Porn doesn’t define me!”.

    4. For some reason, beta men (and feminists) claim that a woman’s sexual history shouldn’t even be considered when judging her character, which is downright ludicrous.

  11. It’s sad though, since if you read more carefully, her family is almost useless in trying to prevent her. The mother whispers sweet nothing to her ears and it just bugs me. Where is her father at the moment?

    American familial education just tends toward “Ah kiddo, whatever you are doing, we are loving you for that.” Such a nonsense and they can endure it and swallow it all up. I can’t figure out how.

    I don’t know what is wrong with the world we are living in, but it just seems to me that the 1960s Cultural Revolution’s effect did go a bit too far here. Normally, girls need strict guidance from either their mother or father, more reliably from her father, but some mothers can be strict and protective. So I just think that instead of hatred directed towards this girl, I feel sorry the current state of Western society. Gone the power of parents in directing their children towards the right course of life. Gone the duty of children in honoring and respecting their parents.

  12. “she tells guys to not “show too much of your hand”, i.e. don’t indicate romantic or sexual interest. ”
    The “dont indicate romantic or sexual interest part” is the exact opposite of what she said: Look at minute 6:20.
    I could spot this right away and I only watched the video one time.
    This is a huge mistake on your side. I did not read further.

    1. She uses “showing your hand” as a synonym for “indicate romantic or sexual interest”. In that part, she essentially tells guys to indicate sexual interest without indicating sexual interest. Also note that she is very vague about how this is supposed to work. I treat my readers as intelligent adults who are able to figure out that the modifier “too much” is not part of that equivalence. Your interpretation of what I wrote does not even make any sense, by the way, which you would surely have been able to figure out for yourself had you thought for a second or two about it instead of writing a comment while frothing at the mouth.

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