The true power dynamics on the sexual market place

(Note: this is another post that is based on an old draft. The reference to Alek Novy is about a very active discussion on my old blog, where we dissected the “social contract” in dating, i.e. men approach women, which leaves women initially powerless, but spares them from rejection.)

We’ve heard the feminist bullshit: men are useless, whites have stolen everything, women are better at absolutely everything, and in particular they are much more desirable than any man. I can vividly imagine those old hags who haven’t seen cock in decades thumping their chests as they spew their hatred towards the “patriarchy”. That won’t help us solve the problem, so let’s face the facts in stead.

Here is a pesky “hate fact”: Only a small percentage of women is physically attractive. An even smaller percentage is physically attractive and would be great girlfriends and wives. Sorry, Western whores, but most of you look like shit, and the less there is said about your personalities, the better. The only reason why such women sometimes get laid is because guys drink a bit too much and get beer goggles. Attractive women, on the other hand, have suitors, but those are not necessarily the men they are most attracted to. Further, society discourages women from actively approaching men. Alek Novy correctly called this a “social contract”. We spare the women the experience of rejection in exchange for reducing their role to one of a selector. So, during a time period when a woman’s “sexual market value” is at its peak, her power consists in choosing among her suitors, but if there are no suitors, then she doesn’t have much of a choice.

If a really attractive woman had a crush on some guy who just doesn’t dare to make a move, her attraction would quickly dissipate. It’s manly to approach women. If the stud she fantasizes about doesn’t make a move, he’s either gay, taken, not interested, or too insecure. In any case, he’s just not attractive to her anymore. Still, attractive women have the big advantage that it is only a matter of time until a guy they fancy fancies them and they’ll hit it off. (Here is a serious question: do ugly men fall in love with ugly women? I have a really hard time believing that they do.)

But what happens to those women who aren’t quite so hot? Sure, they get some interest here or there, but it’s not as if they have much bargaining power. When dealing with average looking women, you may have noticed that some of those are relatively aggressive and may even make the first move. They do this because they know that otherwise they just wouldn’t get any guy at all. The downside is that a woman who acts like that is incredibly unattractive as a long-term partner. Thus, their position doesn’t strike me as a particularly powerful one, and considering that this is the life of Jane Average in her 20s, you can easily imagine how quickly things will go downhill for her. An average woman in her 30s who didn’t manage to get a guy is done. Furthermore, an average woman who managed to get a guy but thinks she’ll be able to “trade up” after getting divorced needs to get her head checked.

What all this babble about the myth of female sexual power conveniently ignores is that men are sexually attractive for longer, and that their assets are more likely to appreciate. What you then end up is a situation in which women actively and desperately compete for men. Don’t believe me? Well, interact with single women in their early 30s, and maybe even pull them. What you end up are the kind of stories you exchange with your buddies when you want to have a good laugh, like marriage proposals after a week, or asking you to move in after a few days. If you haven’t experienced it yourself, then you probably have no idea how clingy and needy women can be. It doesn’t even matter if they are still attractive at that age, comparatively speaking, because any guy with options who wants to settle down will pick a woman in her 20s instead and find the occasional woman in her 30s who thinks she has a shot at getting with him rather annoying.

The upshot is that top-shelf guys, almost regardless of age, will have their pick among young attractive women. The average woman, though — think shitty personality, entitled, overweight, unremarkable face, shitty education, gets buy on diversity quotas at work, no intellectual interests whatsoever, mountains of debt — is completely screwed. Because she’s so incredibly fucked in the head, she thinks that only the best men are good enough for her. Instead, she is completely invisible to them. If she gets lucky, some drunk alpha may plow her once in her 20s, and laugh it off the next day. But those moronic women may then think that because that one time a seemingly great guy showed interest in her, they only have to wait for the next one to come around and then tie him down. That’s not how it works, though, which is why there are a lot of really pissed off Western whores out there who spew their misandric drivel online. The question, though, is whether they believe their nonsense that women whom no man ever wanted have any sexual power.

5 thoughts on “The true power dynamics on the sexual market place

  1. Its called denial. Reality aint pretty, so why face it? You have plenty of choices to distract you! There is an entire market niche dedicated to profit from you while making you feel better about yourself.

    I had such a conversation with a 30yo recently. The topic wasnt about her or her age specifically, but rather generally what men and women are attracted to in each other. She kept conceding I was right about everything I was saying, but at the same time deploring it: “Yes it is that way, but it should not be that way!”

    Most “strongindependentwomyn” seem to have a hard time grasping what really attracts men, and that merely having a pussy is not enough. Probably the preponderance of lesbians and unfuckable hags among feminists clouds their minds to this bit of common sense.

    Gay men get it, thats why they tend to take good care of their looks so much.

  2. “Here is a serious question: do ugly men fall in love with ugly women? I have a really hard time believing that they do.”

    My Take: I presume the majority of ugly-ugly relationships are indeed formed not because they are passionate about each other but as a means of avoiding loneliness. That being said, there are exemptions to this. One of the best/most legit self-defense instructors that I know of isn’t much of a looker and neither is his wife.

    The man was a corrections officer who has been in hundreds of violent encounters (his “violent encounters count” may very well be in the same ballpark as your “lay count” Aaron, lol!) and he often says that one of the reasons that prevented him from becoming mentally/psychologically screwed up from all that was because his wife truly understood him and was always there to comfort/support him in ways that most ordinary women never could.

    I can tell that the love between them is real, even though I myself cannot understand it. It probably works on the same principle of “Long-term attraction” that Alek Novy spoke of in the past.

    On another note, there are Asexual people (people who do not feel sexual attraction at all and do not desire sex) out there who are not aromantic (Asexual and Aromantic are not the same thing, as we know sexual and romantic attraction are not the exact same thing) and can still fall in love under the right circumstances. Take that for what it’s worth.

    As for the rest of your article,I agree with everything. not much for me to say.

  3. The reality is that women are not THAT beautiful either.
    Take the average guy out of his bed in the morning, no look in the mirror and out with him. Looks ok.
    Do the same with the average women. Not ok.
    Just how long does it take for a guy to get ready to go out vs a woman? Even if, in all fairness, we discount the time she needs for her hair because, ok, longer hair takes more time, still…
    When the fuck did you ever put on make-up? Like… never, because… you don’t need it.

    1. Notabene, I’m talking about average man vs woman. A woman who looks good without make-up is above average.

    2. One of the best players I met always said this. He really believed it at a core level.

      “We men are the good looking gender. I mean that’s why they have to use makeup and we don’t. “

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