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Men are to Wine what Women are to ____ ?

Note: This is another article I wrote some tie ago. It was originally intended as a follow-up to my classic post The Biggest Dating Mistake Women Make. It’s been almost four years. Well, let’s just say that I’ve been very busy.

In my last article I argued that women should try to find a partner in their early 20s at the latest to avoid being left over and having to settle for someone they don’t feel attracted to a decade later just to have kids. Now let’s talk about the shelf life of guys.

There were some excellent comments about the last post, so I’ll just expand a little bit on them. Martin wrote:

“The biggest mistake men could make is settling down TOO SOON. Unlike women, a guy’s market value will generally increase with age, which begs the question why a guy would ever want to conform to the still rather widespread custom of settling in his mid-20s or early 30s with a woman more or less the same age.”

This is spot on. A guy you should find a balance between focussing on your studies and/or career, and partying, but there is absolutely no point in picking someone your age. One reason is of course that women age faster, but it’s also important to note that men need more time to mature. No, this is not meant to be in the feminist sense that we’re “man-children”. For instance, did you know bone growth in men only ends in the mid-20s?

As a guy you can freely experience in your 20s. Try different careers if you need to, or spend a year backpacking around the world. If you’ve got the money, you could even do something irrational like going to art school to follow your ambition to become an artist, and if it doesn’t work out, you can just start over. You’ll be young for quite a long time, and if you take care of yourself, you’ll easily look five years or more below your age. With the right genes and smart lifestyle choices you’ll have no problem looking like 25 when you’re 30, or 30 when you’re 40. Many guys choose a life of debauchery, or have soul-crushing jobs, which makes them look much older than they are. Thus, I’m not sure whether it’s correct that you can look younger than you are. Maybe it’s just that most people neglect their body and therefore look much older than they otherwise would.

Age is just one aspect. It’s also important to consider the different effects aging has on the sexes. A woman’s fertility peaks in her early twenties and from then on rapidly declines. A man, on the other hand, only experiences minuscule decline in fertility. Fathering a child at the age of 40 is not uncommon at all. Heck, you could have kids when you’re 80. On the other hand, a woman getting pregnant at age 40 is quite rare. I know it happens, but then it often happened only due to in-vitro fertilization or hormonal treatment. If you’re in medical school and want to become an endocrinologist, this is what you’ll mostly be dealing with: women past 30 who have a hard time getting pregnant. (I learnt this from an endocrinologist myself.)

Apart from age there is also the financial aspect. When you’re in your early 20s and attend college you probably don’t have a lot of money. This reasoning doesn’t apply to people who view student loans lightly, but for others this might matter. However, as you get older your financial situation normally solidifies. We’re not all going to become CEOs and presidents, but you’ll probably be able to have an apartment, enough money for food and clothes, and with some discipline a steadily growing nest egg. It isn’t always like that with women. I don’t think I ever met a guy who was completely reckless with his finances. You may have been a broke college student, but now you can at least pay your bills on time. On the other hand, women often move on from being broke college students to getting a job and living from paycheck to paycheck. It’s not black and white, though, but it seems evident that on average women handle finances worse than men.

Nature is kinder to men than women, and as a consequence there is no need to settle down to soon. I would only start consider that option once you’re in your late 20s. Being in a relationship does have some benefits, but there are a few things you’ll probably have to give up, so enjoy your 20s while you can. This may sound cryptic, so let me elaborate: A big limitation is that a relationship may pin you down when you have not yet found your place in life, which means that your personal and career development may be severely affected. Maybe you want to live abroad for a while, or just move to a different city, take a year off traveling the world, or work like a maniac for the first few years of your career to see whether you can make it in a hyper-competitive field. With a supportive partner, all of this would be possible, but chances are that the bitch you ended up with will throw a massive fit if you dare to improve your lot in life. And even if you don’t have any grand goals for your 20s, spending a few more years learning from the mistakes of other people will save you a lot of time, money, and headaches.

8 thoughts on “Men are to Wine what Women are to ____ ?

  1. I agree with most of this post but you forget one problem that could arise, if you go bald during you 20’s, your 30’s or like me during your teens, your SMV is going to take a dip no matter what you do (except treating your hair loss and having hair transplants).

    Minus 1 to 3 points depending on the guy’s facial features, height and build. If you’re a short Adrien Brody’s look-alike, get ready for George Costanza mode.

    Men age like wine as long as they don’t go bald. If your genes are good in that department, sure, you can afford to wait. If not, you might end up as a 4/10 instead of a 7/10.

    Good luck settling for a looksmatched woman then.

    1. Dude, every time you comment it always has something to do with your hair (or lack thereof). Just stfu and suck it up. Make peace with who you are and your limitations and try your best. Although life is harder for some, in my eyes, there is more meaning in facing pain and hopelessness than in being a bitch.

  2. Women age like milk. They get bitter real fast.

    “chances are that the bitch you ended up with will throw a massive fit if you dare to improve your lot in life. ”

    The huge irony here is that it is actually in the womans best interest to have her man develop his potential to be a better provider. If she were rational, that is. But its not about improving your lot in life, its because you are not giving her the “attention she deserves.”

    I remember a gf who would bitch about me not caring for her because I did not make enough time to spend with her. At the time I was working my ass off at a very stressful full time job, teaching at university part time at night twice a week, plus the 3 hours commuting every day (we were not living together) and still managing to visit her 3 times a week.

    I mentioned in another comment how few of the girls I went to high school with are still desirable. Same goes for the girls I met in college, they are starting to hit the wall and the results aint pretty.

    Meanwhile, save for a couple exceptions, most of the girls I have selpt with in the last year are aged 24 and below.

  3. If you look outside the western world you shouldn’t have any problem getting younger girls at all. Most cultures outside the western world have a higher tolerance for age difference. I never date girls above 25. My current girlfriend is 21 and absolutely stunning, i’m 35. No problem at all. (yes some mgtow’s have girlfriends)

  4. > A big limitation is that a relationship may pin you down when you have not yet found your place in life, which means that you personal and career development may be severely affected.

    “To be successful, you frequently have to move away. … The minute a woman tried to dissuade me from doing my career or tried to encourage me to retire, she got drop-kicked. Because that’s what you have to do. There’s no piece of ass worth giving up your career”

    Leykis often repeats the thread title (that men age like fine wine) and that as a man, it is well worth waiting to reach a minimum of 30 years of age before considering any serious commitments.

  5. Slightly off topic, but it seems that young women (at least here in Switzerland and according to this rather leftist source) go more and more to the gym.
    Very early in the article though it becomes clear, that it is about meeting their girlfriends at thy gym, too, seemlingly being a priority.

    What bothers me the most, and you can see that in the second picture, is the beauty standard Europe seems to follow, which is the Kardashian ass, of course with these higher worn jeans and actually larger large upper legs. Sorry girls, you are just getting yourselfs a FAT ASS. Tell me what you want but for me, this is a great ass:

    Not this Kardashian shit:

    Something has happened to the female beauty standard and I fear it’s as usual a mascarade, very much in line with leftist snowflake BS. Seemingly engaged, but at the core lazy and selfish. These fat asses grow by themselves. But why bother with facts like body fat. No… that’s sexist I guess.

    1. TBH both asses look great to me. The girl in the second picture has what gringos would call a “Brazilian” kind of ass, not a “Kardashian” ass. To me, a “Kardashian” ass is an ass that looks unnatural in relation to the rest of the body’s fat levels, or unnaturally lifted for its volume. Like Kim’s sister’s ass (Kendall). Of course, there are also natural fat asses, usually coveted by the black gringo demographic.

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