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Western women and their “Asia Shock”

Imagine for a second that you’re an entitled fat bitch who has been told so often that she’s a little princess that she ended up believing it. Even if you’re not fat, your personality is very likely to be toxic. Now look around and you’ll find that there are a lot of Western women like that: entitled, unpleasant personality, and barely able to take care of their own life.

Alek Novy speaks of the “pussy cartel” if I recall correctly. Similarly to how OPEC controls a large part of the world’s oil supply, the pussy cartel controls how often men get laid. It’s an amusing metaphor, and there is some justification behind it. Women in the pussy cartel seem to think that because they are providing (selling?) access to a very desirable resource (sex), they can do whatever they want. (Just look at Saudi Arabia for a real-life comparison.) Since too many men only think with their little head, women believe they will get what they want anyway.

Your typical Western whore may very well think that she is a special snowflake and go on to bang a dozen dudes in her 20s. She thinks she can easily get a quality guy to marry her, should she ever decide to do so. More and more women realize that things seem to have changed, however. Some even speak of a “marriage strike”. It seems that word got out that Western whores aren’t really worth it. Many men don’t even want to date them anymore.

Here’s something to think about: go to a larger Western city, and count how many White male/Asian female (WMAF) pairings you see. Chances are that it’s not an insignificant number. Now, only the more desirable men are candidates for relationships to begin with, so for every white guy who entered a relationship with an Asian woman, some Western woman lost out on getting a stable and desirable partner. More and more white women will learn that they can no longer compete for white guys, so their prospects will be rather dismal.

It may just be my perception, but I certainly have the impression that WMAF pairings are getting more and more common. This now leads me to wonder how white women perceive this. Calling it an “Asia Shock” seems appropriate, in my opinion. Imagine this: Western women get raised to be spoilt brats and everything is fine and dandy because guys are seemingly willing to take their crap — until suddenly competition shows up that completely blows them out of the water. It’s not a pretty sight, and it’s not surprising that they are losing out as the women who “steal” their men are more attractive, smarter, and have infinitely more pleasant personalities. Seriously, why wouldn’t you trade a Western harpy for an Asian bombshell with brains who is a joy to have around?

It’s hilarious how Western women try to deal with their competition. Shaming guys is an old favorite. Then there is the old “patriarchy” canard, according to which Asian women are only nice because they are “oppressed” and if you date one, it not only means that you’re an oppressor, it also means that you are not “man enough” to date a Western whore. Dear Western women, if the choice is between a berating bitch and a woman who shows genuine appreciation for her partner, what do you think any guy with half a brain will do? Heck, plenty of guys who are immune to yellow fever rather abstain from sex and relationships altogether instead of getting involved with Western women. Whatever you think you are doing, Western women, I don’t think it’s working anymore.

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  1. Next step is probably going to be the attempt to bring feminist idiology to Asian women, like “you’re oppressed” and stuff.
    How do you see the chances for this to happen?

    1. Asian culture, in particular Chinese culture, seems diametrically opposed to Western culture in that regards, so I don’t think we will see this happen. Besides, the West is unravelling, which is a fact Asian elites are well-aware of. Here is a very interesting article published by the Chinese ruling party (in German translation) on how they perceive the West:

    2. That’s a good question, and one I’ve been pondering myself. I think third-wave feminism has already reached Asia’s shores, but (thankfully) to a limited extent. And it’s not turned those it’s touched batshit-crazy either. My take is that Asian societies have these few cultural traits going for them:
      – stronger family bonds as a result of lower divorce rates (children grow up seeing their parents working together for the family unit, not in conflict with each other. In fact divorce is generally frowned upon)
      – the impact of Confucianism, and not just on the Chinese alone (in its emphasis on the family unit, and how it sees members of society as having individual duties and roles to play)
      – a traditional view of the sexes, masculinity/femininity, and how the sexes should complement each other (i.e the male provider/female nurturer archetype)

      In my personal experience, the aspects of feminism that Asian women might find attractive are the “you can have it all” or “you’re powerful” message (especially for the educated). Sure, some might also share “take down the patriarchy” messages on social media. All of this is…rather watered down, considering all that feminism has to “offer”. Behaving like men still isn’t seen as desirable, although swearing is not uncommon.

      Of course, different Asian countries are affected differently too, and I think that those countries with a longer history and stronger, more confident cultural identities (think China, Korea, Japan) will fare better against feminism than a country like Singapore, which is so young in comparison and very westernised. I don’t know enough about Thailand or the rest of Southeast Asia to comment on them.

    3. Thanks Aaron and Sleazy’s Gal for your great comments.

      With regards to the article you posted, and on a more economical note:

      “Das häufige Argument im Westen dazu lautet, dass sich das Wirtschaftswachstum nach Erreichen einer bestimmten Phase der wirtschaftlichen Entwicklung […] verlangsamen würde. Doch das ist nur ein Teil der Ursachen. Der wichtigere Grund ist jedoch, dass die Vitalität des Systems gehemmt wird. […] Der Grund ist: die einseitige Fokussierung auf die Einkommensumverteilung hemmt das Wirtschaftswachstum. Wähler interessieren sich vor allem für die Umverteilung des Vermögens und lehnen gleichzeitig die Zunahme der Arbeitszeiten, Steuererhöhungen, Senkung von Sozialleistungen ab. Aus diesem Grund machen die Sozialleistungen der EU 50 Prozent der Sozialleistungen in der Welt aus, obwohl die EU nur 9 Prozent der Weltbevölkerung und 25 Prozent der Welt-Wirtschaftsleistung besitzt. [….] Wohin die Reise einer Gesellschaft geht, welche nicht nachhaltig ist und nicht zur Realisierung des Wirtschaftswachstums in der Lage ist, ist leicht zu schlussfolgern.”

      This is such a ridiculously true statement and a great observation, which sadly is not new at all.
      Strauss had this wonderful speech with great clarity on this:

      “Leistunsgeinkommen sind wichtiger als Übertragunseinkommen”

      Yes, redistribution cannot be the motor of an economy.

    4. “Das häufige Argument im Westen dazu lautet, dass sich das Wirtschaftswachstum nach Erreichen einer bestimmten Phase der wirtschaftlichen Entwicklung […] verlangsamen würde. Doch das ist nur ein Teil der Ursachen. Der wichtigere Grund ist jedoch, dass die Vitalität des Systems gehemmt wird. […] Der Grund ist: die einseitige Fokussierung auf die Einkommensumverteilung hemmt das Wirtschaftswachstum.”
      Schade, dass gerade an der entscheidenden Stelle gekürzt wurde. Im gesamten westlichen System hat sich der Kapitalismus zu Tode gesiegt. Und selbst die Tatsache, dass die Raubtiere in Nadelstreifen das System 2009 kurz vor die Klippe – und eigentlich auch darüber hinaus – gesetzt haben, hat niemanden zum Nachdenken gebracht. Im Gegenteil. Es gibt, bis auf wenige Ausnahmen wie den Mindestlohn, hauptsächlich Politik für die 1 %.

      40 % der Bevölkerung haben heute real weniger als Mitte der 90er. Das muss man sich mal vorstellen und evtl. zur Kenntnis nehmen. Wo soll denn die Nachfrage herkommen, die Wirtschaftswachstum generiert, wenn 40 % der Bevölkerung weniger nachfragen können als vor 20 Jahren? Was vor allem nicht heißt, dass die nächsten 40 % diese fehlende Nachfrage ausgleichen, Es gibt durchaus gute Gründe warum Deutschland seine Nachfrage vor allem im Ausland sucht.

      Herzlichen Glückwunsch übrigens an alle Deutschen, die Reallöhne sind im Aggregat wieder auf dem Niveau vom Anfang der 90er. Das macht China beispielswiese anders und verzeichnet Reallohnsteigerungen von 6-7 % per annum und manchmal sogar mehr.

  2. Don’t forget the “living in America” factor. My buddy married an Asian chick who was born in Asia. While dating she was beautiful, charming and loving. As soon as they got married, she chopped off her long hair, stopped wearing contacts, and became the typical Western berating bitch from hell, on steroids. I chalk this up to a combination of her hidden crazy that she let out after she got the ring, and having spent too many years living in the US, worse California! Remember, she may have been born in Asia but the West can ruin any woman.

  3. I love to see the lost western women wander around in Thailand. Often they cant even get a western man to talk to them. They are completely ignored. Desperately they try to have a conversation with a western man. It’s like 80 plus year old’s that are lonely and try to talk to everyone. Only these women are much younger. The average western women in her early 30’s cant even get a conversation with a 50 year old average western man in Thailand. Dating is something she can absolutely forget. She won’t have a chance to compete. The average western man can still get a 18 year old beauty in Thailand when he’s 50. Wonderful when you see those huge ego’s being crushed.

  4. It’s shocking when you first date a traditional asian woman. The contrast is so huge compared with western women. They behave so much better than western women. I wonder if it’s even possible to ever go back. The average Thai street hooker will often behave better than the average middle class western woman. When you experience a more traditional asian woman. You start to wonder wy you ever dated western women in the first place. I use to be into blonde women. I still think they’re beautiful. But when they open their mouths and words start to come out i feel the need to run. Even when she looks like a 10. I simply cant be around western women anymore. The more i try to get away from them. The more they want me. Funny how that works.

    1. Sleazy’s Gal yes you’re right they can be feisty. And i wouldn’t advice to take one from the streets or a bar. But even if you do you’re better off than with the average western woman. Statistically a marriage between a western man and a Thai street hooker would have a better chance of success. Than a white middle class marriage in the western world. And the man can keep most of his money if it comes to a divorce. Even the worst possible women in Thailand are still better than the average middle class western women. And the divorce laws are not nearly as bad in Thailand.

  5. Sleazy’s Gal Thai women can be feisty. On the other hand they are also willing to put in some work to make a marriage work. The mentality of a underclass women and a upperclass women can also be very different in Thailand. There are also differences between a Isaan girl and the Thai girls. Most western people dont even know the difference. My (step)family is upperclass Thai. I made the mistake to take a Isaan girl home one time. My stepmother was not pleased. She’s pushing me to marry a girl from a other upperclass Thai family that she has good relations with. Social standing is a important thing to my stepmother. I have witnessed angry thai women and it’s no joke. However once you know how to deal with them they are very manageable. Where a western woman can sometimes be angry for days after you say no to them. A Thai woman would accept her man’s decision much faster. It’s okay to be a man and to be the leader. They dont have the you dont own me mentality that western women have.

  6. Sleazy’s Gal When it comes to acceptance of having a MIA NOI (smal wife) next to your official wife. It really depends on the woman and the way you treat her. I know thai women that would be furious if their man would have a affair. I also know thai women that really dont mind if their man has sex with a other woman. It’s mostly a problem if the man is not taking care of his official wife. If it’s clear he wouldn’t leave her for the other woman and her needs are satisfied. A lot of Thai women wouldn’t mind her husband having a girlfriend on the side. However this can be deferent depending on her background. The real problem within Thai society is often that a lot of Thai men dont take responsibility. They get married and have a child with their wife. Than simply stop taking care of their wife and child and fool around and get drunk all the time. Sometimes they just run off with a other woman. And two months later walk back into the home drunk and expect their wife to just except this behaviour.

    1. Sleazy’s Gal If i would be a Thai woman and my husband would leave me and the children without any money. And the bastard would show up two months later shitface drunk expecting sex. I would probably cut off his dick as well and be sending it to the stars attached to a balloon. feisty indeed. but you have to give her points for creativity. i known many respectable Thai men and women. Sadly i have also witnessed this behaviour more than ones. Thai men and alcohol do not mix. although cutting off his friend is extreme and makes good headlines. i can understand after having experienced some of this behaviour. i guess this is the downside if you dont have a government system in place that takes men’s money and gives it to women. men can just walk away from their responsibility. on the other hand if women wouldn’t go for the badboy they wouldn’t have this problem. and if men take responsibility and avoid crazy they wouldn’t have to fear their dicks flying away on a balloon. lol

  7. Thai and Isaan culture are similar to us westerners. There are some differences however and the two dont always mix. Personally i dont really have a preference for one or the other. With the exception of the food. I really dont eat most Isaan food. I like Thai food much better. A Isaan girl in one of the big city’s in the south however can be a red flag. A lot off them go there to work in prostitution. Most prostitutes in Thailand are Isaan and not Thai. If you want a good more traditional Isaan girl i would look for her in Isaan and not in the south. The more respectable Thai women are often recognised by the way they speak and dress. If you hear her say KA a lot when she speaks you probably have a more traditional woman. If she shows a lot of skin she’s probably not very traditional. You would never see a traditional Thai woman in bikini. Things like kissing in public are also a no no.

  8. Overall Thai culture is very conservative. The family unit is the most important. Men not providing are looked down on. The same go’s for women not taking care of their husband, their children or cleaning. Sex outside marriage is no problem for men. For women this can cause problems and social stigma. Unless the couple is serious about getting married soon. A man having multiple wife’s is excepted practice. As long the first wife has everything she needs. Wife’s cheating on their husband doesn’t happen much. Most that western people know and see from thailand is centered in the sex industry hotspots sadly. This is not representative of Thai culture overall however. Outside the tourist hotspots things are different. Most women working in the sex industry are not even Thai. They are Isaan who are often looked down upon by Thai people and have their own culture and language. They are often poor and sometimes openly discriminated against by Thai people because they have darker skin.

  9. @Aaron (or Sleazy’s Gal?)
    Would you say that Asian women living in Europe are more resilient to “westernization”?
    I ask this because I see more traditionally oriented nations living here like Russians for example, who then adopt quite quickly “western values”.
    Surely the longer they live here (worst case: born here) the more westernized they become. Ultimately they keep the looks, but inside they are very much like local women.
    I was wondering if you had comparable experience with Asian women.

    1. You’ll probably be better off leaving the West behind and moving to a more traditional society.

  10. You have quite many worries about an Asian chick being born in or brought to the West. You don’t know how many white dicks she has gobbled before she finds you attractive and worthy of marriage.

  11. I can see that most of the comments here are from Western men and none are from Western women, which is a concern. Especially since some are scathing of women from the countries where they were born. I think you really would have to question whether women are ‘worse’ or ‘better’ in a particular culture solely based on how much freedom they give the man or how accepting they are of their partners having extramarital relations. As a western female, I think for both sexes it is important to acknowledge that there are perceptions of what it means to be Western. Sure, life might be easier for you in Thailand in regards to not being questioned or having your masculinity acknowledged, however, you still need to be challenged intellectually and be responsible for your own behaviour. I have dated South East Asian men (and I am really freaking tall and not exactly petite). I don’t enter into relationships with the idea that Western men are insecure dicks. That would be an insult and surely not true, right?

    1. “Not having your masculinity challenged” is a rather humorous rephrasing of “having to deal with a belligerent bitch”. Overall, Western women have a tendency to have rather unpleasant personalities. Thus, some guys try their luck abroad, and others go their own way.

    2. @Sarah
      (I can see that most of the comments here are from Western men and none are from Western women, which is a concern.) That’s one of many reason i avoid Western women. Men are not even allowed to do anything anywhere without female supervision. It’s a concern whenever you are not represented. How dare these men share their negative opinions about us? They must be schooled by a strong independent woman. Really? Like women never gossip about men whenever they are alone with the girls. What would you say if men would make that impossible? What would you think if i deemed it a concern that women are sharing their opinions without male interference? OPPRESSION!!! Why is it so hard for you women to just leave us alone sometimes? It’s this constant intrusion that makes me happy to live alone without a woman. I have to suffer them enough outside my home. It’s my last refuge. And i’m not going let any woman in. It’s the only place a single man doesn’t have to walk on egg shells.

    3. @Sarah: Overall men are getting a bad deal with Western women in the Western world. They are making high demands. Offer low value in return. And because our system is so bias against men. It’s also a high risk proposition. They have priced themselves out of the market. That means men will increasingly look elsewhere for possible partners. Or just make the choice for a life without women. Feminism has changed the hole marriage/relationship deal in favour of women. Without thinking or caring about what men want. Shocker! If western women don’t offer us what we want from women. We will take our business somewhere else. Or simply walk away from the negotiation table all together. Western women always claim that they don’t need men. Surprise! That works both ways. Let’s see how independent you all really are when we decide to walk away on mass.

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