Western Degeneracy: Germany pays Muslim migrant $400k/year for 4 wives and 23 kids

I was recently alerted to a story that made the rounds on social media. In a nutshell, a Muslim invader is rewarded by the German taxpayer with around 360,000 EUR/year in benefit payments; no, there is no tax on it. That’s the kind of money you’ll only ever get if you run your own company, or are the CEO. Alternatively, you could come to Germany with your four wives and 23 kids.

The original story is based on a calculation by a conservative German think tank (link). It has been widely reported online, among other on Breitbart (link).

Leftist shitsite, though, believed they could debunk it, and it’s a great example of leftist disinformation. I quote:

In other words, Königsstein estimated how much a man with four wives and 23 children might receive in social benefits in Germany, not how much this specific refugee actually received.

The person you presented the original calculation used publicly available information. In any case, does not even present an argument. So, the muslim in question might receive EUR 360k a year, or less. He may very well receive more due to “special circumstances”. German social law knows a myriad of exceptions, so-called “Mehrbedarf” (lit. “additional need”). The exact amount that person receives, however, is irrelevant for the argument because the issue is that he gets food, shelter, clothing for free, just like that, by courtesy of the German tax payer. No matter how you turn it, it is an utterly obscene amount of money. Also, note that the calculation used a reference to one particular set of laws (“Hartz IV”), according to which that family would have the right to receive that amount of money. There may very well be many other bonuses thrown in on top, like free cab rides and whatnot.

Shitlib site continues:

A municipality spokesperson told German news service Deutsche Welle that this is not how benefits work in Germany: the country’s laws prohibit polygamy and do not allow someone to receive benefits for multiple families. Rather, Ghazia A. would have to select one wife and her respective children to be eligible for social assistance. However, the rest of his wives could apply for benefits on their own.

That leftist shithead spokesperson should lay off the propaganda. Polygamy is not legal in Germany, but it is tolerated, and the workaround is simply to legally declare marriage to only one woman. This is an issue that has been known for many years. In particular in Berlin, which has a very high concentration of muslims, this is very common (cf. this example source in German).

Lastly, it is irrelevant who receives the money in the end. Even if you split it evenly among all 1 + 4 + 23 = 28 (!) people, the German tax payer would be on the hook. The total amount of welfare actually goes up if you split the money because those calculations always start with a base amount. You’d have one such base amount for each recipient of welfare payments, but n such base amounts for n welfare recipients. Thus, Snopes engages in lies and deceptions instead of pointing out the real problem: an utterly hare-brained welfare system that is supported by the tax payer who is literally funding his own displacement.

It’s stories like these that illustrate that the West is completely fucked.

32 thoughts on “Western Degeneracy: Germany pays Muslim migrant $400k/year for 4 wives and 23 kids

  1. I don’t know if the European readers are old enough or familiar with this 90s TV show, “Married…with Children”. I am surprised it lasted as long as it did…doubt it could in this era of left left left safe safe safe be politically “correct”.

    Anyhow, this clip is pretty funny in whole but I’ll leave a link to the part of the video where I think is apt for Sleazy’s post.

    I wouldn’t be surprised if a German citizen goes to a government office, is asked which language is their language of preference…and if they answer “German”, then that actually means Arabic!

    1. Already in the early 2000s, if not sooner, civil service offices in the most “diverse” districts of Berlin had bilingual signs and information brochures. They likely employ plenty of Arabic-speaking staff as well.

  2. A welfare system that is supported by the tax payer who is literally funding his own displacement. Yes that’s exactly what’s going on. No nation or tribe was ever this stupid. And still they dont understand wy people get angry. We are paying for our own destruction. But dont say anything about it or they will label you a nazi and everything ugly in this world. So what! They label us these things anyway. I’ve been called all these things so many times for pointing out the obvious. It doesn’t bother me anymore. To be honest i really dont know who’s worse. The migrants who parasite on us, raping women, and blowing stuff up. Or the people making us pay the bill for this insanity. If it ever comes to mass deportation. I vote to deport the lefty’s to africa and the middle east as well. Let’s see if they are given government benefits.

  3. >Muslim invaders

    We are not invaders, we are just immigrants looking for a better life.

    I work 12 hours a day to sustain Europe since I came here.

    1. I can’t imagine what Europe would be like without millions of cultural enrichers who “work hard” to sustain the continent.

    2. There are 4 billion people that all want a better life and would love to go to europe. But let’s say that europe only let’s in the productive people. Who then is going to build a better society in the middle middle east and africa? Every area with lots of migrants here has become a worse place to live. So the story that they are a great benefit to western society is simply bs. Sure there are exceptions. But overall they are bringing society down not up. Beside that i believe that the white native people have a right to live in the society our people have build for our selfs. We have no obligation to hand it over to others or let it be changed into something unrecognisable. We owe you nothing.

  4. Although I’m from the Middle East, I have the whitest skin you’ll ever see.

    Can I stay in England?

    1. That should be up to the english people. I’m not english so i have no say in the matter. But if i look at the sentiment in england about immigration i think you already know the answer.

    1. You’re missing the point. Assuming that you are productive and contribute more in taxes that you cost the government does not change the fact that, as a whole, mass immigration of unskilled third worlders is a complete disaster, no matter how you look at it.

    1. Not skilled enough to be able to use a comment chain correctly.

      (press reply to the first post that started the comment chain, that way you can keep replying to what other people say. No need to comment to the initial post).

  5. If they aren’t skilled, they should as street cleaners and janitors.

    on top of that, most “third worlders” identify with the right. The western right wing should be glad we are moving to the west.

    1. Of course they do. That’s probably why all those third world right-wingers move to those countries within the EU that have the most generous welfare system. Besides, how many janitors do you think we’ll need? There are many millions of unemployed low-skilled Europeans already.

    2. ‘they could do skilled jobs’

      And now you know why a lot of low skilled lower educated people are against immigration. Protip, it isn’t racism. It is one of those things a lot of leftwinged people simply don’t seem to get.

  6. >Besides, how many janitors do you think we’ll need?

    Well there is a lot of garbage!

    >there are many millions of unemployed low skilled European already

    We can become European as well! Even Odin, the god of the Vikings came from the Middle East according to the Skjöldunga saga

    1. There is no European culture. Only a European continent that’s made up from many countries and cultures that are all a bit different. After many wars we have found a way to coexist and respect each others borders and cultures. The native people of the different countries like to keep it that way. It’s only a small group of people that dream of a European multicultural country under the rule of a elite that are importing millions of migrants. The fast majority of native people never wanted a multicultural European superstate. That’s one of the reasons they wish to replace and mix us. They want to rule europe. They dont care about the people who build it or live here. They seem to be willing to burn it down as long they can rule over the ashes.

    2. If people would still believe in Odin we wouldn’t have this problem. We would have a fight till the death and would have considered it a honour to die in glorious battle. Because only those who die sword in hand can enter heaven. We left these primitive religions for a reason. And now they let millions of people in with the same primitive ideas. You’re making the point for us that this is setting society back a few thousand years.

    3. Odin came from the Middle East WTF? No Odin has nothing to do with, ABSOLUTELY NOTHING to do with modern Arabs and Turks and people’s of the Middle East except a few people’s like the Kurds/Yazidis/Druze and they are not Arabs or have anything to do with mainstream pisslamic Muslim culture of Middle East.

      If you are talking about the proto-indo Europeans, they DID NOT ORIGINATE FROM ANYWHERE IN THE MIDDLE EAST! They had nothing in common with you dumb fuck subhuman Islamic Arabs and Turks.

      Typical lying and disingenuous subhuman Islamic filth from the Islamic cancerous shit hole of the world. Please stop spreading your disgusting Islamic culture on the CIVILIZED world.

  7. If you are a STEM worker in a third world country you are likely making a pretty good salary relative to your expenses, and have a lot of status. Uprooting you and your family to become a refugee would only make sense if you actually lived in a war zone. However, if you are an impoverished agricultural laborer or an unemployed urban dweller, hopping on a boat to a first world country to be part of the welfare underclass sounds like a great deal.

  8. Sorry, but I don’t get this whole “elites” concept.
    So what’s this? Like there’s a bunch of white guys who hate white guys (like themselves, huh?) and make a conspiracy to do what? Whipe out white Europeans and let in a bunch of monkeys, do do what afterwards? Be a minority themselves? Ehm… sry, hard to believe. Besides, “conspiracy” means that people work together with a common goal. How big is this team of elites? 10? 20? 30? 50 people? And they can ALL allign their interests? Gimme a break. Look what happens in a corporare environment, 10 people will have a bunch of conflicts of interest, now imagine a group of rich individuals have their interests clash…
    I don’t know, but this “elites” concept is more like a “us and them” thing.
    Then again, we’d need another explanation, which… I don’t know…

    1. Wel one example of a elite group ruling over others without being elected would be the European commission. The European commission is a non democratic body within the European government that holds most power and can not be hold accountable or be recalled by the people they rule over. They have more power than the European parliament that is elected. This group of people have appointed them selfs to this position of power. And although i dont believe they have the goal off wiping out the white people. They do have a hatred against nationalism because it’s something that’s in the way of their goals. They need to destroy the national identities of the nation states to realise the European superstate. One way to do that is mass immigration. Bring in masses of people that have no bonds with the national identities. I dont really think they care at all about who lives in Europe as long they can rule it. And it’s white people that are simply in the way.

    2. A lot of white people dont care about their own race. They dont consider other white people as their people. Nor do they consider people of their own country their people. The lefty’s try to teach children that we are all world citizens. They believe that if all people mix there will be a multicultural world utopia one day. The White countries were impossible to conquer from the outside. They need to do it from inside out. If white people stand up against these people their dream off world domination would be over. They need to conquer the west first. To do that they need to destroy the white tribal identities. The so called elite know only two types off people. Them and everybody else. It’s a big club and you ain’t in it. You and i are not in their club nor will we ever be. To them all other people are just cattle. They elite dont destroy the white race because they hate white people. They do it because white people are the greatest danger to their plans. This lefty bs is just a tool they use.

    3. These people bomb the middle east. Than open the doors to the people they just bombed. Make me pay for the people they let in and the bombs they’re throwing. And tell me we need a police state and i have to give up on my freedom. Because we live in a dangerous world. Strangely i dont feel these people care about my best interest.

    4. What do people with power want? More power! And the thing they fear most is losing their power. Power is their opium. They have all the money they want. They live life’s off extreme luxury. They have all the beautiful women they want. The only thing they can achieve is even greater power. It’s all they care about. They dont care about nationality or race. They dont care about money. They dont care about the well-being or suffering off other people outside their own club. They care only about power and will destroy anyone who stands in their way off achieving it. If that’s white people they destroy white people. If it’s blacks they will destroy blacks. It’s all the same to them. They consider all people outside their own club cattle.

    5. If your goal is power. Traditional white western society is your greatest nightmare. The west use to be a collection of countries. All with their own tribal identity. With free independent people ruling their own independent countries. Where the family is the most important aspect of their lives and every man king off his own castle. where people can provide for their own food, shelter and security. Specially when these societies hold great economic and military power. This is wy they dont like traditional white society. The few can not rule over the many. This is wy they want to destroy the western countries from the inside. Because it’s very hard to conquer a society like that with just military force. And even harder to rule over it. Feminism and multiculturalism are tools for destabilisation. After this face is completed they will use force to further their agenda. Most people will lack the power and the will to resist.

  9. If Europe really wanted hard-working labourers, they could easily have let in Chinese or Indian labourers. These people at least work hard and there is abundant supply, but of course there is the long-term social impact as well.

    Instead they chose the scum of the earth to let in.

    It’s ironic that educated immigrants (even including Lebanese and Iranians who at least tend to be more educated than most Middle Easterners) have to jump through a lot of hoops to get a job while illiterate, lazy, violent sub-humans can just come in and collect welfare.

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