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Quite some time ago Mitchell from SimpleGuySkills left the following comment on an Open Thread. This was when I was still on Google’s Blogspot platform. Mitchell wrote:

I thought I had posted this already on here, but just realized I didn’t. I figured some guys would find this funny.

Last week I sitting in the cafeteria at work with a male co-worker having lunch. I looked over and noticed one of the managers from a department looking real slim. I looked at him and said, “Did she lose a lot of weight?” He said, “Yeah, about 50 lbs I think.” I said, “Yeah, I figured about that much.” He then says, “Well, she did get separated about 6 months ago.” “She’s on the prowl again”, he said with a chuckle. I literally burst out laughing as soon as he said that. It clued in to me right away. Basically, she started eating like a rabbit and couldn’t stay off the treadmill as soon as she got separated. Losing 50 lbs in 6 months sounds just right. I also find this hilarious because she obviously KNOWS men are attracted to slimmer women but she basically didn’t give a shit about being overweight when she was married lol.

This is indeed funny, and tragic at the same time. I have observed as well that many Western women simply stop caring about their appearance once they think they’ve locked a guy down. This doesn’t necessarily mean that you need to marry them to make them gain weight. Plenty of women balloon once they have a boyfriend. This is in stark contrast to societal norms more traditional societies, where women stay in shape regardless of relationship status.

There are a few plausible reasons why Western women act like that. One is the belief that the beta guy they ended up with won’t ever leave them anyway. You could call this a bait-and-switch. Another is the fact that many Western women look like shit to begin with. Being overweight is the norm, so they aren’t that afraid of the competition. When they don’t have a boyfriend or husband, though, they suddenly need to get any advantage they can get.

It is also noteworthy how those trashy women get in shape. It’s normally not due to changing to a healthier diet or picking up sports. No, instead they simply starve themselves. Of course, such women will find it next to impossible to stay slim in the long run because their lifestyle choices are not sustainable. As soon as Joe Cuck has committed to them, they go back to eating an entire tub of ice cream in lieu of proper dinner, washing it down with two cans of Coca-Cola.

If there is a moral to extract from this post, then it’s arguably that you shouldn’t even bother with women who don’t do sports and who don’t believe that non-processed meat, vegetables, and carbs are the main building blocks of a healthy diet.

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  1. As an overlap to your Eastern Europe visit, I’m here on holiday to visit my extended family in Bulgaria.
    A buddy of mine tells us at a big table that his wife wanted to have kids some years ago and he told here that they could have kids, but if one year after she gave birth she would weigh even one kilogram more than before pregnancy, he would divorce here. (She looks awesome btw, two kids, all is fine). Interesting was the reaction at the table (5 guys, 7 girls): everybody was in full agreement. No “yeah, but it’s genetic, blabla, some women just can’t lose what they gained during pregnancy, bla bla, if he loves her, it doesn’t matter how she looks like…”
    No. Everybody agreed that a woman has to be attractive. Kids, no kids, that’s it. Period.

  2. If you are in a relationship, and your SO suddenly embarks on a hardcore fitness and diet regime, the odds are great you are about to become single. If you are packing an extra 50 pounds, that is going to take a lot of work to get rid of it, and most people are not going to willing go through that for just for the future health benefits. It was interesting to go back to my hometown and see girls I went to school with ten years later. The bulk of the women who had married early and had kids were barely recognizable.

    If you read relationship advice columns, it is easy to figure out that they are written for women by women. If a woman writes about no longer being attracted to her husband after he becomes a land whale, the advice runs the gamut from outright ultimatums, to having affairs or lawyering up. If a man writes about the same thing, the advice is usually “STFU you shallow bastard”, or do more housework, or try to make fitness and healthy eating a fun couple activity.

  3. 80% of the women who undergo a stomach operation to lose weight. Are divorced within 2 years. Yes women lose weight whenever they want to trade up or become single. A women becoming overly concerned about her looks and weight is a clear sign she’s on the market. I know a guy who had this great idea of creating a NAWALT. After being cheated on by every hot girl he dated. He came up with the idea to date a fat girl with a pretty face and help her lose weight and better her self-esteem. After she lost weight and became hot she cheated on him with some bad boys. He broke up with her and after she gained weight again and the bad boys didn’t want her anymore she stalked him. Women cheat on men when they can do so without consequences. They leave men whenever they think they can do better. Women are only loyal if they simply can’t do better or fear consequences.

  4. If your SO knows you like slim women and becomes fat anyways that’s not complacency. That’s contempt for the cuck.
    I realized some time ago that nowadays we have the first generation of women which was never thin a day in their adult life and at times way before that. And it worsens. And it is brutal to watch.

  5. I wouldnt bash “starving” so quickly. When I was losing weight for the first time in years I had 2 diets – one was 3 sandwitches per day, second was homemade french fries with 3 strong beers per day. Was I starving according to diet experts – yes. Was I hungry? Nope. Did I lose weight without yo-yo? Yes.

    1. It’s great that it worked for you, but my observations of women who starve themselves slim were less encouraging.

    2. Overall diets dont work long term. The yo yo effect is a natural reaction the body has from a starvation period. The body is trying to hold on to everything it can get in preparation for a possible new food shortage. Only a lifestyle change will give lasting results. If you fall back into your old lifestyle the results will be the same as before. A lot of women are not willing to do the work long term. They only do it because they want to attract a man. Once they have locked him down. They dont feel the results are worth the effort anymore because she already has her reward.

    3. You’re an outlier basically. Most people who lose weight gain it back. Regardless of method used.

    4. “Most people who lose weight” – should have said “who lose weight quickly”.

      Losing fat if done right (in a way that doesn’t trigger a rebound) is a painfully slow process. For a fat person it takes a year. For an obese person 2-3 years.

      Do it faster, rebounds are almost guaranteed. Outliers excluded.

  6. Several years ago, one of my neighbors died suddenly in his late 30’s. Within 6 months, his widow lost 40 pounds, and went from sweatpants to “dress to impress.”

    I thought she did it to honor the memory of her late husband.

  7. Point 1 – every woman who loses 50lb on becoming single is a woman who could have lost 50lb at any time while she was with her partner. She just chose not to.

    Point 2 – there is no surer sign that your woman is about to leave you than that she suddenly loses 50lb. I’ve seen it happen.

  8. Hmm, I don’t know. I’m more hardworking than while single because I like keeping my man happy. Even whilst single, I don’t like to sabotage my health journey and still exercise regularly.

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