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Western Degeneracy: Indoctrinating toddlers with stories about pregnant trans-dads

Can men get pregnant? Well, if you’ve got any sane bone in your body left, you’d probably wonder whether the utterer of such a question is insane. Men father children, and women give birth. However, sex-change operations are apparently in vogue nowadays. Now recall that it used to be seen as a mental disorder to believe that you were born with the wrong physiological sex. Of course, it is a disorder.

Yet, in your PC-infested modern times, we want to accommodate lunatics as well. What is even worse is that nowadays apparently people who undergo treatment to change their biological sex are no longer sterilized, so you end up with “men” who can get pregnant, which is bizarre on a whole ‘nother level. However, the diversity brigade, instead of collectively deciding to live out their days in a padded room, presses on with indoctrination.

Here is a particularly insidious example: a German children’s book that has the goal to brainwash toddlers to accept abominations like trans-sexuals as normal.

Yup, “daddy” can get pregnant now. This is what we expose two-year olds nowadays. The end is nigh.

6 thoughts on “Western Degeneracy: Indoctrinating toddlers with stories about pregnant trans-dads

  1. I read a while back that one of the pioneers in sex change operations was blacklisted because he required people wanting gender reassignment to do a lot of counseling and testing, as this should only be done after long and careful consideration. But, when academics start arguing that gender is only a social construct, I guess we better start coming out with a book on Daddy breastfeeding.

    1. They already give hormonal blockers to 9 year olds. Preventing them to go into puberty and sexually develop into a adult of their natural born sex. Making them infertile for life. Until now this is only done with the parents permission. But technically they can do this now without parental consent in Canada. They can now brainwash your child in school into thinking it identifies as the other sex. If you dont go along with it child protective service can kidnap your child and put it on hormonal blockers. It’s only a matter off time laws like this are implemented in the rest of the western world.

  2. This is wy i would never want to have children in the western world attending public school. How can you protect your children and prepare them for the real world if they teach them this shit at school. Sadly they are outlawing home schooling at the same time. There isn’t really a alternative anymore. Even if you find a good traditional woman by some miracle. She wont be even allowed to homeschool you children. The only options will be this lefty brainwashing or islamic education. Christian schools are almost gone here and i’m not christian anyways. And private non religious schools are very rare and extremely expensive and also run by lefty’s. What do you teach your children? Dont believe anything your retarded communist teacher is telling you? You’ll have to spend a lot off time un-learning the crap they teach your child at school. they already past laws in Canada making it child abuse if you dont except the self-identified gender your child wants to be.

  3. I’ve already seen a documentary on this trans shit where a boy was raised like a girl by his mother. During the documentary it’s clearly shown the boy is only going along with it because it’s the only thing his mother gives him positive attention for. They say she gives him the choice but when he’s dressed like a boy she wont react to him. And when he dresses like a girl his mother is overwhelming him with positive attention. At the age 9-11 they put him on hormonal blockers. There is even a part in the documentary the boy says he wants to be a girl because that’s what his mother wants. Still they give him hormonal blockers. Making him infertile for life and probably giving him a identify crisis later on. They were even already planning his sex change for when he’s older.

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