The legitimacy of victim blaming

In my post Tailspinning Sweden: At least good for some unintentional humor, I remarked that a woman who willingly puts herself in a position in which she can easily become the victim of physical or sexual assault deserves some of the blame. This is an unpopular opinion, particularly among feminists and cucks, but let’s spend some time thinking about it.

The general idea is quite simple, really. First of all, if you become the victim of a crime, the attacker certainly shouldn’t be excused. Yet, we don’t operate in a vacuum. While there are situations in which victims are picked seemingly at random — Just think of Islamic terrorism! — in more typical situations the perpetrator will pick a mark. Now think about how the perpetrator would do that.

For instance, if you were a low-life criminal and made a living stealing from people, you would not pick the toughest target. Would you steal from a 250 lbs biker that uses a chain as a belt? Probably not. Some tourist doofus who lets bank notes spill out of his pocket is arguably a much easier target. Thus, anybody signaling that he lacks common sense is an easy target. Even worse are people who willingly seek out danger, for instance by venturing into high-crime areas.

Similarly, if you were a low-life Muslim immigrant and made it all the way to utopian dystopian Sweden, and realized that no Swedish girl wants to fuck you because they think you’re scum, what would you do if your “sexual urges” were so strong that you couldn’t help it? Note that I am not at all attempting to excuse such behavior. However, it seems like complete madness that a young woman would, by her own volition, end up in a state-sponsored apartment inhabited by Third World immigrant scum, and get shitfaced. Such women are making it way too easy to be taken advantage off. Would she have been gang-raped if she hadn’t willingly sought the company of a bunch of barbaric brutes from countries in which the average IQ is way below 100, and instead partied with Sven and his buddies? Most likely not.

These days, though, the concept of personal responsibility is apparently so nineties. I really wonder what’s going on in the mind of such people. If your parents weren’t complete idiots, they probably told you to stay away from certain kinds of people. For instance, if you see a bunch of druggies, thugs, or lefties walking towards you, you better cross the street right away as you don’t want to end up in a situation where one of them picks a fight with you just because he feels like it. Likewise, every parent that isn’t a complete fucking moron tells their daughters to not go home with a guy, or a bunch of dudes that are untrustworthy. Smarter parents furthermore don’t raise sluts, so their daughters would be a lot less likely to itch for thug dick. Yet, because it’s the current year, it’s apparently okay to act like an imbecile and blame others afterwards.

By the way, insurance policies tend to encode this principle. For instance, if you don’t lock your door, or leave your place but keep the windows open, it may be on you if someone breaks in.

3 thoughts on “The legitimacy of victim blaming

  1. It’s quite mindboggling that common sense today is controversial. How difficult can it be to understand that if one puts on an outfit made of steak and bratwurst, and walk into a cage of lions, that you have at least some of the responsibility for getting eaten.
    BTW pricelss; “if you see a bunch of druggies, thugs, or lefties walking towards you”.

    1. That’s a great analogy, because walking into a cage of lions would be extremely dangerous even without a Lady Gaga-like meat dress. In other words, a woman entering a private apartment in order to party with a bunch of Muslims is putting herself at considerable risk even without getting shit-faced. Drinking and consuming drugs until passing out, though, is like putting on a meat coat over a meat dress, and saying hi to a group of hungry lions.

  2. Personal responsibility is seemingly some sort of “hot potato”, nobody wants to have. Its the “man” that holding you back, its not your fault it the rich white mans fault that you’re a failure, absolve yourself of responsibility and writhe in your own righteousness of being a victim. All while you pay other countries to enslave natives to produce the items you desire for your consumerist lifestyle. Hypocrisy at its finest.

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