Men can learn a great lesson from the real Amy Schumer

Yesterday I wrote a brief post about my failed attempt of watching the movie Trainwreck. I just couldn’t watch it. After a few minutes I had to stop because Amy Schumer is just so fucking unattractive, and the plot of the movie seemed completely unbelievable. It was about an incredibly unattractive fat woman with a very masculine face and a jarring voice — played masterfully by Amy Schumer — who fucks one good-looking guy after another. They all seem to have their life together, and they are all cucks who want to make the fugly protagonist their girlfriend. That just required too much suspension of disbelief.

There is a worthwhile lesson to be learnt from Amy Schumer, though. In that movie, she plays a woman who does not seem to have a particularly well-paid job, is ugly, and has absolutely nothing going for her. She still gets laid a lot. But let’s look at the real Amy Schumer instead: Her net worth is probably a few million dollars. In my opinion, she is a shitty comedian, and her “career” has been manufactured with the backing of a shitlib media elite that is dying to see a female comedian succeed, just as they are dying to see a female CEO not wreck a company.

Let’s say you are a well-to-do dude. As you are reading this blog, you most certainly are. Now let’s say you go out, and it’s not the case that a woman like Amy Schumer hits on you, but millionaire-comedian Amy Schumer herself is hitting on you. The one and only! What would you do? You probably only talk to her if she’s out with a hot girlfriend. If you are like every regular guy, you wouldn’t give a rat’s ass about Amy Schumer’s fame or money as she wouldn’t even be on your radar. Looks-wise she is easily in the bottom-quartile. In fact, I don’t think I’ve ever been among a group of people where she wouldn’t be complete garbage-tier. All her fame and money won’t help her getting laid.

Now let’s switch sexes and assume you’re a male Amy Schumer: fat, ugly, jarring voice, famous, a few mill in the bank, and every chick knows about it. You would fuck so much your cock would get sore within a few days, and there would be so much pussy queueing up that you’d remain sore until the cows come home. As a dude, you can leverage fame and money to get pussy. If you aren’t famous and lack money, then hopefully you’re in shape, have a winning personality, and a bright future ahead of you. You’ll still get laid plenty. But as a woman? There is very little you could do to compensate if you look like crap and aren’t willing to lose weight. Guys just wouldn’t want to fuck you, and they wouldn’t want to have you as a girlfriend either. Your best bet would be finding some cuck who believes that beauty is only on the inside or some bullshit like that.

8 thoughts on “Men can learn a great lesson from the real Amy Schumer

  1. I want to see evidence that rich ugly guys actually get laid, a picture of Flavio Briatore walking hand in hand with this prostitute, I mean girlfriend, is not sufficient.

    You’d be surprised by how many women don’t actually have sex with their boyfriend, simply because they’re just not sexually attracted to them.

    Platonic relationships are common, especially with rich ugly men.

    To me, rich ugly guys getting laid because of their money is a myth, a poor ugly man’s wet dream. Something we like to believe in, despite having 0 evidence that it’s actually happening.

    Again, no picture walking hand in hand is going to convince me.

    If you’re rich and ugly, escort game is your only realistic option. You need to be sexually attractive to make a girl want to have sex with you.

    Obvious, but not so much apparently.

    1. The difference between men and women is that the latter are primarily appreciated because of their looks. As a guy you can bring a lot more to the table. For instance, millionaire YouTube celebrity Casey Neistat is rather unattractive, in my opinion. Just based on his looks alone, his wife would be way out of his league.

    1. Nobody wants to see fat, ugly women on screen. I’d love for Barbie with Amy Schumer to be made, just to have another utter failure at the box office. How did the feminist version of Ghostbusters do?

  2. you really haven’t been to the usa…

    Mizz Schumer could get tonnes of cock and they would buy her starbux coffee the next day….

    and her rolls of fat are quite normal…

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