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Of course ugly men are better off than ugly women

I’ve been bashing Amy Schumer a bit recently. In my post Men can learn a great lesson from the real Amy Schumer, I made the point that a male Amy Schumer equivalent would be a lot more desirable than the female original. One reader objected to this and claimed that it was a myth that rich ugly men can get laid. Sometimes, I feel as if people want to tell me that the sky isn’t blue but orange, and if you ask them to look again, they rather double down on their nonsense statement instead of open their eyes.

Indeed, it does not take much to find rather unattractive men with some serious net worth who get laid a lot. I could now tell you about the heir of a private banking dynasty I went to school with who was short, out of shape, and pretty ugly. Yet, he made it rain, and got a lot of pussy. I was pretty amazed how many women thought they could lock him down just by fucking him. But let’s forget about that and turn towards people that are more well-known.

Frankly, I think I’m wasting my time because it’s essentially a law of “social physics” (yes, this is a genuine liberal arts bullshit term!) that money leads to pussy and allows you to get sexual partners way above your league. I’ll post a few pairings below:

– James Howard Marshall II and Anna-Nicole Smith
– George Soros and Tamiko Bolton
– Ice-T and CoCo Austin
– Tiger Woods and Elin Nordegren
– Hugh Hefner and all his wives
– Flavio Briatore and Heidi Klum (!) as well as his current wife

…and so on and so forth. Now find me a few old ugly billionaire or multi-millionaire women with a hot young partner.

5 thoughts on “Of course ugly men are better off than ugly women

  1. The idea that ugly guys who are rich can’t get laid is ridiculous. In fact, this is the easiest way for an ugly guy to get laid.

  2. Yes, an ugly dude with money can get a prostitute, or a gold digger. Getting affection is usually the goal, not just “getting laid”. Paying for it feels like crap and you’re not going to have true attraction.

    Getting laid =/= sexual or romantic fulfillment

  3. Aaron, I am a fan of your blog but you might be wrong this time!! This is a result of selective perception of a very good looking guy who meets all the criteria to get beautiful women or have achoice in the dating market. I, for one, can speak from the point of view of a man who is unattractive. I have a small bone structure, feminine sounding voice, and 5 ft 10. I am not even able to find a fat women. I do have a good circle of friends and have approached over 7000 women during my prime. I am still single. And no one can figure out what is wrong with me. I am also going bald. I figured that the combination I have cannot be fixed and breaks any possible chance of success with women. I have not had a date in 4 years now. i have tried more than any guy in my city! Ugly men don’t fare well and ugly women cannot say the same as myself.

    1. Feel free to contact me for a consultation session. In your other post you wrote that you have a PhD, are well off, and in shape. That’s plenty to work with.

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