(Sticky) Call for support/fund raising

If you enjoy this blog and think I’m making a valuable contribution to the world, then please consider donating to the upkeep of this site. Your support will be greatly appreciated.

Funds raised will be used for:
– hardware
– hosting costs
– IT support
– software development

If you use BitCoin, my address is:

Alternatively, you’ll find a PayPal button with a drop-down list of preselected amounts below. Payment does not require a PayPal account, though.

Thank you very much!

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8 thoughts on “(Sticky) Call for support/fund raising

  1. What’s the avg donation? I’ve bought all your books. Can’t wait for the upcoming ones. This blog is a game changer

    1. Thanks for buying my books! I received a small number of donations already. Of those, the average is between 30 and 40 Euros. Every Euro is appreciated.

  2. I send $150 to your btc adress (0.057 at $2629 bitstamp price):

    $50 to support the blog
    $100 for your free ebook about debunking the seduction community – this had a lot of value for me to get my thinking on the right track again (after being confused about this nonsense). Thank you for writing this, Aaron!

    I did not read your other books yet – feel free to send me epub/pdf-versions to my mailadress from this post (but that´s just a suggestion, no big deal, i can also buy them sometime in the future)

    Keep up your good work!

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