We are in the middle of white genocide

When you read the term “genocide”, you may think of Hitler’s systematic eradication of “the joos” (E. Cartman). However, genocide does not have to be organized in a manner as efficient as the Nazis did it. Probably the whiteys currently in charge in Europe no longer have the technical know-how and discipline to perform a systematic genocide. Yet, that’s no problem because a genocide does not need to be carried out in a very thorough manner. The left is low in conscientiousness, so setting up a system of death camps would be beyond their capabilities anyway. Instead, they just flood the continent with a few millions unassimilable savages and let time take care of the problem.

So, let’s look at what a few intellectuals say about genocide. You’ll probably find a few definitions slightly unsettling. The following is a selection of definitions taken from the Wikipedia article on that topic.

1) Lemkin (1944)

By “genocide” we mean the destruction of an ethnic group…. Generally speaking, genocide does not necessarily mean the immediate destruction of a nation, except when accomplished by mass killings of all members of a nation. It is intended rather to signify a coordinated plan of different actions aiming at the destruction of essential foundations of the life of national groups, with the aim of annihilating the groups themselves. The objectives of such a plan would be disintegration of the political and social institutions, of culture, language, national feelings, religion, and the economic existence of national groups, and the destruction of the personal security, liberty, health, dignity, and even the lives of the individuals belonging to such groups….

Yup, that fits what’s going on in the US, Canada, UK, Germany, Sweden, France, and other Western countries to a T.

2) Nuremberg trials (1945)

They (the defendants) conducted deliberate and systematic genocide—viz., the extermination of racial and national groups—against the civilian populations of certain occupied territories in order to destroy particular races and classes of people, and national, racial or religious groups, particularly Jews, Poles, Gypsies and others

Absolutely. The European elites possesses nowhere near the intellectual brilliance of the leading Nazis of yore, so you can only expect them to do an utterly amateurish job. However, the destruction of races and classes of people, their national, racial and religious groups is happening, and it’s happening to us.

3) UN Assembly (1946)

Genocide is a denial of the right of existence of entire human groups.

Absolutely. Whites are not allowed to have their own countries, are being indoctrinated to not have children, and are told to breed with people with a brown or black skin.

4) UN Assembly (1948)

Any of the following acts committed with intent to destroy, in whole or in part, a national, ethnical, racial or religious group, as such: killing members of the group; causing serious bodily or mental harm to members of the group; deliberately inflicting on the group conditions of life, calculated to bring about its physical destruction in whole or in part; imposing measures intended to prevent births within the group; [and] forcibly transferring children of the group to another group.

I highlighted the relevant parts we whites have been exposed to.

5) Dadrian (1975)

Genocide is the successful attempt by a dominant group, vested with formal authority and/or with preponderant access to the overall resources of power, to reduce by coercion or lethal violence the number of a minority group whose ultimate extermination is held desirable and useful and whose respective vulnerability is a major factor contributing to the decision for genocide.

You do recall that we whiteys are seen as the source of all evil, right?

6) Horowitz (1976)

[Genocide is] a structural and systematic destruction of innocent people by a state bureaucratic apparatus. …Genocide represents a systematic effort over time to liquidate a national population, usually a minority…[and] functions as a fundamental political policy to assure conformity and participation of the citizenry.

It’s getting a bit depressing.

7) Porter (1982)

Genocide is the deliberate destruction, in whole or in part, by a government or its agents, of a racial, sexual, religious, tribal or political minority. It can involve not only mass murder, but also starvation, forced deportation, and political, economic and biological subjugation. Genocide involves three major components: ideology, technology, and bureaucracy/organization.

Nothing to add here.

8) Bauer (1984)

[Genocide is] the planned destruction (… of a racial, national, or ethnic group as such, by the following means: (a) selective mass murder of elites or parts of the population; (b) elimination of national (racial, ethnic) culture and religious life with the intent of “denationalization”; (c) enslavement, with the same intent; (d) destruction of national (racial, ethnic) economic life, with the same intent; (e) biological decimation through the kidnapping of children, or the prevention of normal family life, with the same intent….

They don’t put us into death camps, but the ultimate effect is the same, looking at birth rates.

9) Barta (1987)

My conception of a genocidal society—as distinct from a genocidal state—is one in which the bureaucratic apparatus might officially be directed to protect innocent people but in which a whole race is nevertheless subject to remorseless pressures of destruction inherent in the very nature of the society.

10) Wallimann and Dobkowski (1987)

Genocide is the deliberate, organized destruction, in whole or in large part, of racial or ethnic groups by a government or its agents. It can involve not only mass murder, but also forced deportation (ethnic cleansing), systematic rape, and economic and biological subjugation.

Ethnic displacement is happening in Western cities. We just call it white flight. In the end, it means nothing but Whites being forced to move in order to live in a safe neighborhood.

11) Huttenbach (1988)

Genocide is any act that puts the very existence of a group in jeopardy.

I like this succinct definition. At that point I skipped ahead. I’ll add two more quotes below.

12) Gallagher (2013)

[Genocide is w]hen a collective source of power (usually a State) intentionally uses its power base to implement a process of destruction in order to destroy a group (as defined by the perpetrator), in whole or in substantial part, dependent upon relative group size.

13) Cox (2016)

Genocide is the attempt to destroy any recognized, stable, and permanent group as it is defined by the perpetrator: [It] is a concerted effort to eliminate its individual members and to destroy the group’s ability to maintain its social and cultural cohesion and, thus, its existence as a group. The perpetrators’ genocidal goals — i.e., intent, which is central to the 1948 UN definition but is often analyzed too legalistically and narrowly — can be uncovered by examining policies, actions, and outcomes.

Indeed, looking at the policies, actions, and outcomes, there is no doubt that Western elites have been executing white genocide. Just look at the welfare state: you bring in people who are unable to contribute to society, so they can’t do much more than smoke weed and reproduce. The welfare state encourages this behavior by copious handouts for both sitting on your ass and having children. As a consequence, the imported underclass is outbreeding the natives, which will eventually lead to Whites not only becoming a minority but disappearing altogether.

Also, look at the other side of the coin. A whitey could likewise be a bum and live off welfare, and plenty do. However, as a conscientious whitey you would not be content with just having children. Instead, you would want to support them to the best of your ability so that they can be happy and productive members of society. Child support would not change your budget in a significant way. Thus, this is an example of asymmetric motivation: As a member of the underclass, having four kids could mean doubling your income, in addition to getting a bigger place for free from the state. They don’t care very much about how well their kids will be doing in life, which is clearly obvious when you, for instance, consider that Germany has been breeding a Turkish underclass that gets less productive with every generation. We’re now at the fourth generation of that utterly useless but diverse bunch of welfare recipients.

But what is the net result of the kind of asymmetric motivation I just pointed out? Well, whiteys are disincentivized to have children, while the opposite effect is true for the dark-skinned replacement population. For more fun, look up how the mathematical operation called exponentiation works. If this is too theoretical for you and this article leaves you somewhat confused, here’s an easily digestible summary for productive whiteys: get out!

69 thoughts on “We are in the middle of white genocide

  1. the question i have. when are the people waking up to the fact that this isn’t a struggle for some political idea. it’s a fight for the right to exist. it’s life or death. specially women are so distracted with their smartphones and other materialistic toys. they dont even seem to notice until they are gangraped. then they call for the white men to protect them. just so they can blame him later when things have cooled down again. if our own women dont even appreciate a thing we do for them. then wy would men risk their life’s for them? is there anything left to fight for? will western men grow some balls and stand up against their own women, their governments and the migrants? is it even possible to fight a war on three fronts?

  2. truly of the deep end…
    I disagree. First of all, you are using the wrong words. If what you´re saying is true, you do realize your elites are white, so a more apt description is White Suicide. And if HBD is our guide, thats just what white ppl like to do. you can´t fight your genes, can you? or don’t you believe in your gene theories in this case, because maybe you are hoping your rants change behavior? Because then ideas must trump DNA, no?
    Second, it’s not true that white ppl won’t have children, well not in my case at the least. Im asian but Im looking for a (German) white woman to have children with. So that’s at least one white woman that will have children.
    Third, we all know that white genes are recessive, and yet white genes seemed to persist for 10ks of years since first appearance. Imo there must be some X-factor that precludes this these genes, though recessive, from disappearing. Blonde and blue eyed ppl still exist. So I don’t take this alarmist thinking seriously.

    1. 1) The Nazis were white and killed white jews. Our elites are white and they detest their own kind so much that they would rather see it disappear. (Look up disproof by counter-example.) This one logical mistake is enough to discount your post completely, because you clearly are unable to make logically coherent statements. But let’s continue.

      2) Good luck finding a German woman. Also, better drop weasel phrases like “we all know”, particularly when you want to use them to deceive your audience. Instead, read up on genes and skin color, which may make you reconsider some of the bullshit you spout.

    2. “Third, we all know that white genes are recessive, and yet white genes seemed to persist for 10ks of years since first appearance. Imo there must be some X-factor that precludes this these genes, though recessive, from disappearing. Blonde and blue eyed ppl still exist. So I don’t take this alarmist thinking seriously.”

      I’m slightly confused as to what exactly this paragraph means? Are you saying the genes for “whiteness” are recessive, because there are thousands of genes involved purely in the aesthetics (bone structure, hair texture, general colouring, etc) of any race, and it’s purely ridiculous to state that all genes identified with white people are recessive in nature. That’s just wrong.

      Secondly, recessive genes don’t disappear anyway. Genes have exactly 50% chance of being passed on to the next generation. No idea what you mean by this, possibly you’re just a little confused by the language gap. However, if you’re stating that phenotypically “white” people can still exist when mixed with other races you’re, once again, simply wrong. It’s as ridiculous as thinking you can still have German Shepards if you cross breed them with other dogs.

      Thirdly, I don’t think purely aesthetic considerations are all that matter, or even of enourmous importance to White Nationalists or even White Supremacists. I don’t want to speak for anyone else, but I live just outside of Vancouver, and I personally know upwards of 10+ half White, half (east) Asian people. I can absolutely assure you, if you have a society comprised of Whasians you will still have a nice and pleasant society. On the other hand, if you made a society comprised of white/black mulattos, you have a pretty shitty society. There are serious racial differences between peoples that are far deeper than aesthetics.

  3. You’re correct. I rarely bother to flesh out well-constructed arguments on the internet.

    What is bullshit about the stuff I said on genes? white genes are recessive, right?

    That said, I find it incredibly ironic that you are promoting “white genocide” by promoting MGTOW. This blog is so many contradictions. Maybe I’m not coherent, but can you say that you are? If white genocide is a problem, donate your sperm or something to white women!

    And wheres your proof that your elites hate white people? Its been researched and white ppl favor outgroups the most. All other have more ingroup mentality. I dont believe in some conspiracy, when DNA explains everything simple enough. So logic says you should make children with other races who have more ingroup bias, if you dislike the prevalent outgroup bias, funnily enough. Go on, have some children with a Muslim woman! Btw, Islam is a good religion for men anyway, lots of mens rights.

    1. You don’t have a well-constructed argument to flesh out. Read up on genes. I’m not going to spoon-feed you.

      There is no contradiction, but please forgive me for not sharing details of my personal life with the Internet. Besides, I’d recommend you to mentally separate the written word from its author. Your preconceived notions of what I might be or stand for inhibit your understanding. I’m diagnosing a problem and it would persist no matter if I had zero or twenty children.

      You only need to open your eyes to get your proof.

  4. As always, it boils down to the genetic dominance of the X chromosome. Times are incredibly easy in the west right now and the X chromosome has little need for Y and is subjugating it even more to assert its dominance. The X is the definition of greedy, self-centered, survivalism carried to the extremes the current environment will allow.

    Always remember, the X is only concerned with its own survival and propagation. It is not concerned with race or ethnicity or anything else. The only way to save Western Civilization is to reinstate cultural norms of pre-feminism, meaning treating women as chattel, which is not going to happen. The West is doomed.

    But the X will survive and carry on, as it always has throughout history. Men of a conquered culture are put to the sword, thereby wiping out their Y chromosome lineage. The women of a conquered culture are assimilated into the new culture, thereby preserving its survival and propagation.

    It is all rather simple. The X chromosome rules human life and the lizard brain of both males and females is chemically programmed to assure said rule continues.

    It is not genocide, gendercide, or any other type of “cide”. It is simply the selfish genes (Dawkins) of the X chromosome doing what they have always done.

    This genetic X chromosome dominance explains all human behavior. Everything else is a side show. Occam is right – the simplest answer is usually correct – and in this case, there is no doubt. Cheers.

    1. Monkdude you are so funny.

      You can make it even simpler.

      We all born alone.
      We all die alone.
      Rest is details.

  5. it seems like the elites are creating a two class system. they have the opportunity to breed with the best women because they control all the money. women will always breed with those who have money and power. meanwhile they destroy the white middle class so they wont be a danger to them anymore. at the same time they promote breeding off lower IQ people. they are up-breeding them selfs while down-breeding the rest off humanity. in a few generations they will be like gods ruling over cattle. specially in combination with things like genetic modification that will be at their disposal in a few years. there will be a ruling class off super humans. and a working class that’s just smart enough to operate the machines and do the hard labor. but will never be clever enough to figure out what the hell is going on. they use the basic nazi idea for them selfs now.

    1. The elites are not smart enough to advance society, though. They will need middle-class scientists and engineers, and by systematically undermining the middle class, they are impeding progress. You can already see symptoms of this, for instance in the new Berlin airport, which is, at this point, eight years behind schedule and many billions of Euros above budget.

    2. Until the elites become immortal, they dont have that big an advantage over regular ppl. Soros is still going to die in a few decades.

  6. even without the genetic factor. a milticultural society is a divided society. traditional white society use to be structured on the family and the idea off freedom. today the state is the daddy in every household. today people are demanding the government takes their freedom for security. people are made dependant on the state. giving women the right to vote will always result in a majority vote for security over freedom. and dependant migrants will also vote leftwing. if your goal is power. the white traditional family structure and the idea off freedom and independence will be a problem for your agenda.

  7. if i look at today’s high educated people i see a lot off stupid retarded leftwing a holes with ego’s as large as cathedrals. i have no doubt people are not exactly getting smarter and more independent. education seems to have a opposed effect from what it use to do. sure not all studies are this useless. but specially the women seem to suffer brain damage from their education. they go in normal and come out a hardcore communist/feminist with retardation and a hatred against white men. this is a systematic problem for the white community. this is without a doubt by design. what can be more obvious anti white then teaching girls in school that they should hate white men. what other goal can this possibly have if not the destruction off the white population.

  8. Aaron Sleazy not that i disagree with you on the fact that their new age project will fail. but the building projects like berlin airport are always behind and more expensive. the contractor planed it that way. this is how you milk large projects like this. large projects and specially government building projects are always sold like this to our retarded government officials. the contractor already knows it will take longer and will cost more. that’s wy they always keep a opening in the contract so he can charge for the overtime and extra costs. he gets the job on a fals promise. then he milks it to the max. (i use to work in this sector)

    1. I don’t agree. There are plenty of successful examples that finish below budget and ahead of schedule. Look into Swiss engineering projects, for instance. The Berlin-Brandenburt airport is nothing but a disaster.

  9. Aaron,

    agree 100%, but… the simple question you avoided is: “get out” —> where should i relocate? Australia: no muslims, but batshit crazy feminists will run the country in the future. Japan? Japanese actually hate all foreigners, they will also hate me.

    I am actually thinking about Portugal, because i think Lissabon is one of the nicest cities i have ever been to (and ok… there seem to be some potential tax benefits….). But southern europe is… southern europe. They get nothing done, economy sucks, no future as long as the euro exists, and after the euro 10 years of total chaos…

    That leaves us with past-Brexit Britain. And shitty weather. And british food.

    And of course eastern europe. Now i have no experience with eastern europe at all.

    Would love to hear your / anyones thoughts on this!

    1. I dont think japanese hate white ppl. Well not as much as black ppl anyway. Rather they have ingroup bias and are fascinated with white ppl. For example im asian but fascinated with white women. You will never be seen as fully asian, but you might get an honorific, you can become an honorary asian.

      Just so you know life in japan is hard even for japanese, so dont be the lazy criminal foreigner stereotype and i guess youll be okay.

    2. we had a debate on this subject last week. nobody seems to have a answer on what’s the absolute best place to go. personally i’m moving to thailand. others are thinking about eastern europe. one thing we all seem to agree on is that the western world is doomed.

  10. This whole thing reminds me of that Mike Judge movie Idiocracy, where all the morons of society have outbreeded and dominated civilization in the future. It just so happens average joe is frozen and thaws out eventually, and is essentially the smartest man alive. Good stuff.

  11. So you finally fell for this White Supremacy/Racism/Stormfront crap, didn’t you? Good. at least we know your true colors. Your previous criticism of manosphere was nothing but a sham. You are probably more radical now that some of those fellas at ROK. Have fun being at the side of Roosh, Heartiste, Richard Spencer and Anglin.

    “The European elites is possesses nowhere near the intellectual brilliance of the leading Nazis of yore”

    First, “is possesses”. Seriously it has been more than a day. Nobody noticed this typo?

    Second – yeah, Nazis were so smart. Like when they started a world war against two largest empires (Great Britain and USSR) simultaneously. Yep, a stroke of brilliance indeed!

    Also, when somebody characterizes Nazis as “brilliant”, it is pretty obvious what their attitude towards them generally is. And I never thought that Aaron Sleazy of all people would qualify as one. Sad.

    1. Aren’t you feeling pathetic for using multiple fake users names? (Note: he is also “Arco” in the comments on my first post on my Eastern Europe trip.)

      1) Thanks for pointing out that typo. It’s pretty trivial, so better get off your high horse as you won’t win points by being pedantic.

      2) The UK declared war on Germany. That’s besides the point, though, because you can be incredibly smart, yet still overextend yourself. My point stands, though. Read a Hitler speech, and then read one by Merkel.

      3) Moralizing and lecturing don’t work when you’re a complete unknown. I, quite frankly, couldn’t care less that some libshit who has been commenting on my blog under half a dozen different user names thinks of me.

    2. In his defense, hes pretty bad at the white supremacy stuff. Just the other day he said he thinks asian supremacy >white supremacy. Its kinda hilarious. Worship me aaron! So im not sure hes full stormfront.
      I forgot to inform him that jews and african immigrants to the usa have higher IQs than asians. Maybe hell turn in a jewish/black supremacist.

      Yeah the nazis were dumb. Jewish ppl were the smartest and made up majority of intellectual capital back then. And then they massacred them. Nazi germany could have had a jewish golden age, and even a sooner atombomb if the jewish scientists didnt flee to usa. way to dispose of your smartest ppl.

    3. You’re an Asian of at best middling intelligence, so there isn’t much worth admiring you for. Also, as you rightly point out, I can’t be a white supremacist because I consider Asians to be genetically superior. Amirite?

      Also, joker, only a small minority of joos have a high (verbal) IQ. That there are some black African immigrants who are not stupid is irrelevant to our discussion as there are always outliers. Furthermore, if I recall it correctly, that phenomenon is not about immigrating blacks having high IQs in absolute terms but only relative to the native black population. But feel free to dig up some sources that corroborate your point.

    4. Dude how many nobel prizes have jews won. How many are billionaires. And how many run silicon valley. The nazis were stupid to harm the jews. No, we asians we admire jews.

      Sometimes i wish i was a jew, cause they are so amazingly smart and rich. Or black, cause black ppl are very suave and cool.
      And all i did was read the wikipedia article on african immigration to usa.

      Also i didnt say you couldnt be a white supremacist, i said you were bad at it.
      Nazis must have done iq tests on jews and discovered they were smarter than aryans. So ofcourse the logical thing to do is kill the smartest ppl alive? How dumb. Are you jealous of jews? I am, i wish i was as smart.

    5. lol you consider Asians to be genetically superior? Anyone who thinks that, should actually go live in actual Asian countries like China, and specifically the areas that aren’t showcased to the rest of the world and geared towards expat and/or the not so well of areas of Asian countries like China; it’s a great showcase of ACTUAL “civilized” Asians in action…..

  12. Great Britain declared war on Germany. Germany did more then 50 peace proposals during ww2 to Great Britain. Hitler even offered to resign but Great Britain refused them all. As for the USSR. They were building up troops to invade Germany. Thats wy Germany took so many prisoners at the start off the campaign. They were still preparing when germany attacked them. I’m afraid the history about ww2 isn’t what it seems. If you take the main stream version you’re missing at least half the story. But he please dont just take my word for it. Do your own research.

    1. Ben, the peace and literature prizes are not actually handed out by the original committee. They arent real nobelsWhen you look at just the hard sciences, irs still the jews.

      Face the facts, nazis were stupid because they gave up their early chance at atom bomb( (they were actually further ahead than usa at some point)
      Atom bomb was all thats needed and nazis could have gotten the peace they wanted.

      Nope, im definately asian. Im looking for an exotic white woman to have children with. I require her to have golden hair, gemstone eyes and a snowwhite skin. Thats my type. Im working hard to be a good provider in a few years. As somebody who studies stem, per the advice of aaron. We asians are focused on family after all. But yes, im a liberal.

    2. …an Asian with abhorrent English spelling and grammar. I’d say you’re a troll. Your verbal IQ is most definitely below 100, your logical reasoning ability is likewise impaired. I would be very surprised if you made it through a STEM degree at a reputable university.

    3. I must admit im not as successfull as other asians, but nobody cares about spelling and grammer on the internet. Just the other day you complained about this grammer nazi. Now youre not only a regular nazi, also a grammer nazi? Lol.

      Btw you dont have to insult my IQ. I know it does not define my worth. Im a beautiful human being and worth it. Im a selfless person that even donates to refugees.
      Especially since its not like the image you created for yourself being an intellectual heavyweight, kind of crumbles when you go on rants. Focus on your own IQ first, please and lay off the ad hominems.

    4. Where in Asia are you from anyway? Note that I’m certainly not making the claim that every Asian ethnicity is superior to undiluted whites. That phrase is likely to trigger you, but if it does, then take into account that, for instance, German average IQ has been dropping due to immigration, and brain drain.

      Here’s something else I learnt: people who claim that they are “beautiful human beings” rarely ever are. Ugly overweight leftist women who can’t get prime-caliber dick would write something like that.

    5. They didn’t give up on the atom bomb. The factories were bombed. The project didn’t had the same priority the US gave to it because it was raining bombs in Germany. Besides that, it was still just theory. Nobody knew for sure it would even work. The US didn’t have to worry about bombs dropping on their heads. The project costs were enormous. It was a gamble that happened to turn out positive for the US. And the US was stupid enough to let two spy’s in on the project. Tanks to that blunder the USSR got the nuke. The nazi’s did a lot off bad things. But they were not stupid. Everybody did bad things in ww2. Not just Germany. The largest genocide was done to the germans. Carpet bombing civilians and systematic rape in order to breed them out is genocide to me. History isn’t what it seems. Most history is made off lies. Specially when it involves war. It’s always a one sided story that the winner is telling you. All parties committed war crimes. Not just Germany.

  13. Jon nobel prizes dont mean shit. it only means some people want to promote you. it’s a way to buy people. Obama had a nobel peace prize for doing nothing. later he bombed thousands off people. he even had a kill list. when a peace prize winner can have a kill list you know it’s bull.

  14. Now we know where Jon should go to. not poland or germany. he should go to israel or africa. where the smart and cool people live. Jon are you sure you’re a asian dude and not a spoiled white college girl? it’s so confusing when people can identify as anything they like these days.

    1. Btw ben,

      Yes, i may actually try to find a jewish woman. Do golden-haired jewish women exist in israel? I certainly admire the jews. And dont mind converting. Im opportunistic, other asians are already marrying jews if you read the book jewasian. I even once considered islam, even though im atheist. Whatever is necessary to survive and live happily.

      And thats also why nazis were stupid. Im an atheist but isnt it common sense you dont want to be enemies with jews but friends, why does every enemy of jews meet a horrible demise? Imagine if nazis and jews were actually friends. But nazis were too obsessed with aryan features to think ahead. Sad! Nazis so dumb!
      I mean israel actually does dnatesting on black jews.

      We chinese are smart. We admire the amazing jews and wish to be friends and learn from them.

    2. You’re a troll.

      If you want to marry a joo, go ahead, but make sure she’s not one of the ultra-orthodox and comparatively stupid ones. On the other hand, an Ashkenazi woman may have very high standards.

    3. After having checked in and out multiple jews and arabs in hotels for more than three years, I can’t see much of a difference. Both seem cheap and dumb to me.
      I don’t know why there is so much jew worshipping going on.
      After all both have quite a high level of inbreeding, no?

    4. This is a great comment! What is hardly ever mentioned is that the Jews are playing out the movie Idiocracy. The few smart ones have barely any offspring, and the genuinely dumb and lazy ones, the ultra-orthodox, have plenty. I recall coming across a study on scholastic achievement of Jews over the course of the 20th century, which drew a bleak picture. In concluded that Jew-IQ has been on a long and steady decline due to the aforementioned fact.

  15. It wouldn’t surprise me if Jon turns out to be some huge ugly feminist with purple hair and a face full off metal decorations.

    1. IQ tests are not racist just because blacks perform poorly on them. Good luck with your STEM degree. You’ll sorely need it.

    2. Thanks, i guess. Good luck with your defense of the nazis and brilliant germans, i guess. You wont succeed though.

      You know that before ww2 50% of americans had german ancestry, yet americans fought on side of british multiple times, their colonizers. That tells me germans kind sucked in propaganda. The british actually monopolized transatlantic cables to put propaganda in usa. Why didnt your “brilliant brethren” had that kind of foresight? Also way to ally with the japanese, who then bring usa in on the side of britain and russia.

      Man the nazis were dumb. They never played Civilization?

      IQ tests were meant to be racist when first created i mean. Right now they obviously favor ppl like me that you worship, so i guess thats still racist. Later on the testsbecame predictive of success in the field, so the us army still uses them.

  16. Aaron, there is beauty in everything. For example i noticed that this blog looks down on single mothers. No, i find single mothers strong and beautiful.
    When looking for my white woman to marry i might actually pick a single mother and save her from loneliness. I think id be a good provider for stepchildren. We asian guys are good fathers.

    Im a very pale chinese btw, but i dont look down on dark-skinned asians. I fight alongside them against social injustice and even chinese privilege. I find it sad that chinese singaporeans dont realize their privilege.

  17. Oke i’m pretty sure jon is a feminist woman. No dude with a normal functional brain can make this shit up. First he’s interested in german women. Now he wants a jewish single mother?? You’re just a troll, a feminist woman, or maybe the result of a failed abortion. Single mothers are strong and beautiful? Single mothers are one off the worst things for society. It leads to all kinds off problems. How is it a strength? Are you a single mother living on welfare with too much free time on your hands? Are you going for the title libtard off the year? Are you on crack?

  18. Whats wrong with wanting to befriend Jews and make money with them? And admiring them, because they are successful. It sure beats admiring nazis, who were failures. What did the nazis practically achieve? Id say, nothing except making their enemies stronger. they did nothing that benefited themselves. such disappointments.
    I see alot of jealousy in this thread. I got news for you, envy is not a good basis for an objective analysis.

    And btw, Im really an asian male, though Im an outlier, because I dont shy away from a discussion with racists. I keep an open mind. thats why I can first want a German single mother, and then a Jew. Why limit myself? Who knows whats possible in the future. Maybe Ill try some polygamy. Im an atheist right now, but if your doom and gloom takes over whats wrong with becoming muslim? It has lots of mens rights. Im sort of a liberal/libertarian asian guy. Thats a rare combo. Im a little bit feminist too, yes, but not a woman.

    1. I’ve had enough of your idiocy. This will be your last approved comment on my blog for a while.

  19. What did the nazis practically achieve? They brought a country that was economically destroyed and was facing starvation back to live. Within 6 years they brought germany from the bottom back to the absolute top. It was the most successful economic reform in the history off the human race. That’s wy Hitler was loved by so many germans. That’s wy they all followed him till the end. Please go study history. You clearly have no knowledge on this subject. I’m not trying to idolise the nazi’s. This is all well documented fact. Just because the nazi’s did some tings rong. Doesn’t mean they did nothing right. You dont have to agree with the ideology to see they achieved some amazing things. Economically, scientificly and militarily. They changed the modern world in many ways.

    1. The German economic “miracle” in the 1930s was based on a command economy, comprehensive currency controls, and massive spending on armaments. Unemployment went down, consumer goods production went up, but real wages stayed at low levels. About a third of GDP was devoted to military spending.

      Even if it was a bona fide miracle (which is debatable), it would require a pretty remarkable level of moral retardation (not to mention poor grammar) to argue that a genocidal war of extermination and conquest was simply “some tings rong”.

    2. Clarke if you believe the official story that the winner off the war (US) is telling. over and over and over again. Germany was all evil. The US is god send. Bullshit they all committed war crimes. And the US always lies about every enemy and every war. And so do all other parties. Unless you dig deeper you wont know anything. If you take the version that school, the media and wikipedia is telling you. you will never know a thing. The germans did a much better job with their economy than the US. And from a much worse starting position. But that’s not something we can tell people because the US always have to be the best right? USA! USA! USA! I dont think germany was all great. But not half as bad as the official story tells us. And the US did just as much evil.

    3. Clarke go to Auschwitz and ask the tour guide to show you the gas chamber the germans build. Not the gas chamber the US build after the war were the tour normally brings you. But the one they claim was used to gas jews. He wont show you. because there is non. the only chamber they used gas in for cleaning clothes is not useable for humans. And the shower room is not suitable for the use of gas. conclusion: It’s a propaganda attraction. The gas chamber they show people was build by the US after the war for propaganda. It’s nothing more than a themepark attraction.

    4. Yes, it is well known that the gas chamber they lead tourists through was built after the war, as a “memorial”. Our tour guide said that it was “reconstructed from existing plans”. Funny that those plans survived, but a lot of other documentation did not.

    5. Clarke please dont believe me. please learn a little chemistry about the gas and it’s effects. Go to Auschwitz and look with your own eyes. Think about what they claim happened and look if it’s possible. Dont you think it’s strange they build a gas chamber after the war? Something they are not denying. They admit they build the gas chamber they show to tourists. But wy build one if the real one is still there? because it’s not a gas chamber. And the one they build gives people the chilling effects they want people to have.

    6. We visited Auschwitz, too. The tour guide told a lot of staggering bullshit, including clearly contradictory or downright absurd statements. When she couldn’t answer something, then the explanation was, roughly, that the Nazis were simply crazy. Here’s one example: why would the Nazis store piles of dirty and worn-down shoes in a warehouse, in a huge pile? There are images were doors to a barn are opened and huge amounts of clothes flow out. This is patent nonsense because the extremely orderly and well-organized Nazis wouldn’t just stuff a building with clothes (how, through the windows?) Of course, you can’t use logic to reason with them because you’re then an anti-semite and holocaust denier. Man, those lefties think they are oh-so smart in their attempt to undermine critical reasoning. Also note that the Holocaust has been a veritable gravy train for many Jews.

      I view Auschwitz as a tourist attraction. I also consider it highly plausible that a lot of alleged evidence was created by the Russians, who had very good reasons for doing so.

    7. When people tell me i’m only allowed to have one opinion. When they start criminalise people for having a different opinion than they do. I start asking questions. It’s still illegal in some countries to have a different opinion on the holocaust. Not that long ago germany jailed a elderly woman because she denied the holocaust. The moment you ask questions they accuse you off being anti-semite and a holocaust denier. Just questioning things is enough for them to become extremely hostile. Well i’m sorry but my mind doesn’t work that way. I dont just roll over on command. I like to form my own opinion. So i have to ask questions first. I dont claim to be right all the time. Thinking for your self also means you will be rong sometimes. But my thoughts are my own and not just a copy. I always question everything. Specially when people tell me i’m not allowed to ask questions.

  20. Whats wrong with wanting to befriend Jews and make money with them? Nothing rong with that. How do you think i made most off my money? I have a jewish ex-banker handling most off my finances. And he’s not one who denies the economic success germany had. He’s more rightwing than i am. He’s more worried about muslim immigration than i am. He cant go anywhere anymore without worrying about muslim teenage boys who want to kick his ass. If they see him park his car they will set it on fire or break the windows. His son has been beaten up in the street by muslims for being a jew. They are not even religious. They are just off the jewish race. And for that they are attacked in the streets. But we have to be tolerant towards them? My people were known for tolerance. Look what’s happened to my country. They are destroying it.

  21. Jewish people are fleeing my country because off muslim immigration. They have much more to fear then i do. Maybe that’s wy many jews in israel support muslim immigration in europe. They want all jews to move to israel so their prophetic story can become reality. The jews living here are absolutely terrified by the muslim gangs. You liberal idiots really think that one day there will be a multi cultural utopia. The only thing this will bring is civil war and slaughter in the streets.

  22. jon you want everybody to be friends and live in this multicultural utopia. but that’s simply not going to happen. the real world doesn’t work that way. that world will never be. it only exists in the minds off the liberals/leftwing. in the real world the strong eat the weak. in the real world men fight for power, wealth, territory and women. winner takes all. and right now europe is importing millions off dominant fighting age men off different tribes. there is only one possible outcome. a fight till death. one group will live and claim all. the others will die or will be slaves. this will not have a happy ending. it’s nature. it’s biology. wishfull thinking isn’t going to change a thing.

  23. England declared war on Germany in World War 2 in response to Germany’s invasion of Poland. Hitler did make numerous peace offers to England, but they all involved accepting the German conquest of Western Europe in 1940. Anyhow, I am a little saddened how this is going.

    So, we are now at the point that the Nazis were not that bad, the Holocaust was a communist myth, and Auschwitz was a summer camp?

  24. The nazi’s did plenty bad stuff. But they were not stupid. Auschwitz was a concentration camp. But i dont believe the gas chamber story. The jews were prosecuted and treated very bad. But it’s not like the nazi’s were the first to do this. Germany’s invasion of Poland wasn’t really a thing that Hitler decided over breakfast. There’s a part off history there that is almost never talked about. The story isn’t black and white as they sell it to us. And i think it’s time we take a honest look at history. My grandparents suffered under nazi occupation. And i have no anger against the germans. I think it’s sad we can’t look at the past and talk freely about it. The war was a long time ago. I want future generations to know what really happened. And not just the propaganda version. But this is made impossible because we’re not allowed to ask questions. We have only one acceptable version. People are still only reacting emotionally when this subject comes up. It’s unacceptable to question anything.

  25. If you are bored, google “hunger plan” and after reading, see if gas chambers seem that far fetched. Infinite sources go into considerable detail about the evolution and mechanics of the “Final Solution” so not believing in gas chambers either means you don’t believe in facts that challenge preconceived notions or you are a nazi troll.

    I am not sure if you know this, but Hitler’s peace offers were accompanied with threats that global Jewry would pay for provoking a global war. This threat was made multiple times, and makes sense if you believe, as Hitler did, in the existence of a vast Jewish conspiracy. If you want to discuss these things, that is fine, but maybe should read a few books outside of the Stormfront reading list before you form opinions.

    1. The “vast Jewish conspiracy” was a criticism of the global financial system and a mobile power elite (“international elements”) that lives off warfare between the nations or international trade. I couldn’t find this video with English subtitles, but for those who understand the German language, it’s a succinct summary:

    2. My preconceived notions were the same as your’s. I believed the gas chamber story until i learned nobody was allowed to question it. When somebody tells me i’m not allowed to ask questions and make up my own mind. It will give me all the more reasons to do exactly that. I’m not a national socialist. The nazi’s did many things i dont agree with. And they had many ideas i dont agree with. The same go’s for the US and the USSR and GB. They all did terrible things. What do you expect. It’s war and war is hell. I’m not romanticising it. I dont make it a story about a evil villain and a group of heroes fighting for good. And i’m not holding on to anger against the germans because my country was occupied. My grandparents suffered terribly in the war. But they didn’t hold on to hate or anger. So wy should i. No need to be emotional about it. What’s done is done. It was a long time ago.

  26. I try to let my notions be driven by actual data and not be a contrarian just because.

    Hitler obviously rejected the international trading system as a vehicle for German expansion, as racial struggle was an invariably armed struggle for living space. In fairness, trying to create a German superpower via the trading system of the time was not realistic.

    The international moneyed interests are synonymous with Jews. If the issue was solely a bunch of foreign bankers, it would not have been necessary to render Germany and the occupied territories free of Jews. Converting Germany to an autarky while separating wealthy German jews from their wealth would have sufficed. If you remove the anti-semitism from Nazi thought, there really is not a whole lot left over. Reducing German war aims to being about freedom from an unfair trading system is comparable to saying the US civil war was about states’ rights, or Stalin’s purge was about industrialization.

  27. Ben,
    Here is a funny observation. I have met my fair share of contrarians, including flat earthers, global warming skeptics, and even a couple that were positive the lunar landings were faked. The only people I have ever met that claimed the Holocaust did not happen also happened to be neo-nazis/virulent anti-Semites.

    You could be an exception. But, based on a lot of your other comments that seems unlikely.

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