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Eastern Europe Trip (Spring 2017): Intro + Krakow

Together with my favorite woman on the planet, I recently went on a trip through continental Europe. I will focus on three cities in Eastern Europe, though, as it ties in with the theme of the declining West. They are: Krakow (Poland), Budapest (Hungary) and Prague (Czech Republic). One motivation of our trip was, I kid you not, to explore the state Eastern Europe is in, and in getting an idea of its mid- to long-term potential. As such, we not only covered sights, but also tried to get a glimpse of regular life, as far as this is possible when staying in a hotel for a short period of time.

That the West is in decline can be easily seen when you visit Berlin. Here is a picture I took at the Ostkreuz train station, which has been remodeled for a lot of money. In total, that project cost close to half a billion Euros. The local shitlib population doesn’t like it when things are too nice and clean, so they added their personal touch:

Prosperous Berlin?

We found this rather revulsive.

However, when we arrived at the main station in Krakow (the airport is modern and architecturally pleasing, too), we were greeted by this lovely sight:

Poor Poland?

Do you notice something? If not, here are a few hints: there are no crowds, and the place is spotless clean! Overall, our positive impressions continued. Krakow is an absolutely lovely place. The old town is quaint and beautiful.

Two million muzzies would liven that place up!

Just as striking as the beautiful buildings and parks is the fact that the city is almost exclusively white. In total, we saw less than five non-whites a day. People dress well, certainly better than in Berlin. It felt like paradise or, to paraphrase my gal, like a time travel back to when the West was still doing fine. I can certainly understand why the Polish elites don’t want to go down the drain. All it takes is spending some time in the West and realizing how decrepit and morally corrupt it is.

Overall, we felt perfectly safe in Krakow. That being said, we did not venture out to Nowa Huta, which is supposedly a rough area. By the way, the women are very good-looking. People are generally friendly and in very good shape, women and men alike.

As a general evaluation, I would say that if I were younger, say in my teens, and interested in staying in Europe, then targeting Poland as a potential country to emigrate to wouldn’t sound bad at all. You’d obviously have to learn the language eventually, but we were generally surprised how well the people we interacted with were able to communicate in English. If you got a job in a company that uses English in the office, you would be totally fine. A colleague of mine jokingly remarked to that that this was no surprise since probably everyone in the Polish hospitality industry spent some time in London or Dublin, but either way, there were no issues at all.

There were some traces of feminist bullshit, though. In one clothing store, for instance, we saw this:

…and this:


Even worse, Western degeneracy is getting a foothold. Would you like your daughter or girlfriend to wear this?

In case it is not obvious, this is not a belt but a mini skirt. The thought of regular women dressing like cheap whores repulses me. On the other hand, unlike in the West, they would not have to be afraid that a dark-skinned mob descended on them and engaged in effectively legal gang rape.

Lastly, a very small number of women had tattoos. It was nowhere near as bad as the West. In total, we saw four lefties — and they were questioned by police. (Good luck seeing police in Berlin or Stockholm.) The number of feminist-looking women was likewise very low. We encountered less than five with pink or green hair.

Overall, I would say that Krakow is my favorite European city. I could certainly see myself living there. No, of course this doesn’t mean that I intend to. Yet, I see a much brighter future for Poland than, say, France, Germany, the UK, or Sweden. If my emigration choices were limited to Europe, Poland would be at the top of my list.

The next Eastern European city we went to was Budapest. Stay tuned.

27 thoughts on “Eastern Europe Trip (Spring 2017): Intro + Krakow

  1. Are polish women into asian guys? I have seen some beautiful ones, but im not sure if I should stick with German women, because im a liberal. I understand German, Polish not so much.
    I dont believe your doom and gloom but i guess thanks for the advice. If it really gets bad here, ill move with you.

    1. i never known a group of white women that were really into asian guys. most white women are into taller guys and asian aren’t known for being tall. it’s not impossible. i known asian guys that had relationships with white women. but i never heard white women to have a preference for asian dude’s. i guess it depends on what you have to offer. if you’re doing good financially it will take you a long way. a other factor might be assertiveness. in most asian cultures people tend to be a bit shy. this won’t help you with most white women. they mostly prefer more assertive guys. i had a asian friend that had a absolute gorgeous white girlfriend. but he was very outgoing and popular with almost everyone. he didn’t hold back ever. i don’t have much experience with german women but the once i known were total sluts. polish women are more feminine and tend to go for more assertive guys. polish culture can be harsh. germans are more friendly and open in my experience. but germany will be ground zero soon.

    2. I’m Polish. There are some teens (17-19) that are into Korean feminine looking guys, but those guys are not only “pretty” but handsome and probably start at 178 cm with eye operations included. By the time these girls had sex (they’re mostly virgins), they stop dreaming about Asians

    3. I have never really seen a mongoloid Asian, with an absolutely gorgeous “white” or other race girlfriend, and I don’t think it really happens. Ben I think is really exaggerating here; mongoloid Asian features are unwanted, and no other race women with some semblance of sanity wants those mongoloid slanted down syndrome like features. I think he is trying to rationalize his yellow fever fetish somehow…

  2. “Together with my favorite woman on the planet,”

    This is a truly heart warming and actually deep statement, which got me thinking of how things between man and woman should be. Made my day.

    1. “The ideology underlying racist practices often includes the idea that humans can be subdivided into distinct groups that are different in their social behavior and innate capacities and that can be ranked as inferior or superior”

      (Newman, D. M. (2012). Sociology: exploring the architecture of everyday life (9th ed.). Los Angeles: SAGE. p. 405)

      If we follow this definition, I’m a racist, too (fine with me). And you are nothing but a useful idiot.

  3. “In total, we saw less than five non-whites a day”
    ” it ties in with the theme of the declining West”
    “local shitlib population”
    “Even worse, Western degeneracy is getting a foothold. Would you like your daughter or girlfriend to wear this?”
    “The thought of regular women dressing like cheap whores repulses me.”

    Has freaking Heartiste taking over your blog? This can’t be the same Aaron sleazy who mocked Roosh and Roissy for their casual racism and abysmal writing. You are pretty much sounding like one of those angry PUA/Manosphere dudes you used to laugh at.

    Also both Krakow and Polish cities are really dirty once you leave the comfortable center. I mean it’s a nice town overall, but you make it sound like it is one of the Seven Wonders of the World. The whole thing is just a large plaza in the middle, if memory serves me correct.

    1. I mocked Roosh and others because of their insufficient understanding of dating mechanics.

      No, it’s not just a plaza in the middle of Krakow. Go look at a map! Krakow is far cleaner than the dumps Western cities are, which often have rather unsightly central areas, by the way.

    2. I am with Sleazy here. I live in Berlin and here we have a lot of very dirty areas in the central city. Some of them are supposed to be touristic areas. Alexanderplatz has to be the worst place of all western european cities. Dirty, all grey and horrible architecture. Also very high criminal rate, expecially at night. There are many more dirty places, parks and areas here.

  4. @neutralrandomthoughts

    Superior and inferior are subjective. Its not a proper way to talk about your fellow man. Look at the olympics, we can conclude that blacks are superior?

    Futhermore race is illdefined when looks based. For example there are multiple black races in africa when going by 5% dna difference, but when going by looks there are just two/3 races
    Bantu pygmees and khoisan.

    The problem with hbd really is that there has not been done science because its not PC so anybody can claim everything.

    1. Black supremacists make that claim. It is of course correct that blacks are superior in some disciplines. However, in wider society, IQ is arguably the best predictor of success, and on that metric blacks don’t do so well.

      Also, the difference between human and chimp DNA is about 4%, so what point do you think you’re making?

    2. My point is that looksbased hbd is nonsense if ingroup variations are bigger than between group variations.
      There are some chinese in western china with iq 80-90. But they will be seen as smart.

      Yeah i said before that IQ and impulse control correlates well with firstworld success. But that cant be summarised in a single word inferior, or the reverse superior. Put black in african jungle and then his psysicality means hes superior, right?

      Also its not like human worth is determined by IQ but that is what the word inferior/superior implies. Do you want to euthanize down syndromes and white ppl with low IQ?

    3. You’d have a point if we still lived in the jungle.

      What’s that “human worth” nonsense? If your yardstick is productivity or contributing to the greater good, then, yes, you can absolutely say that some humans are worth a lot more than others. How much do you think two million low-IQ savages who are unable to perform meaningful work are worth?

    4. Pompe disease cost 1 million per person per year. What are these ppl worth to you, who are mostly white btw?

      I was just forcing you to introduce some nuance in your words. Looks like i succeeded.

  5. Here in Berlin when you try Tinder (for those not living here), half of the women have tatoos, piercings and/or very short hair. It’s awful. Same goes to other western countries. When you go to Eastern Europe, Asia or Latin America like every 3rd or 4th woman in her 20s or 30s is a natural beauty. Here it’s like 1/100 if at all.

    1. It wouldn’t surprise me if Jon turns out to be some huge ugly feminist with purple hair and a face full off metal decorations.

    2. Alvin please dont insult Southeast Asian jungle monkey’s. they are funky animals. i really enjoy them on holidays. Jon doesn’t seem to come from Southeast Asian at all. he likes black people. if there is one place people with dark skin are discriminated against it’s Southeast Asian. they even discriminate the people off there own country with darker skin. they use skin cream to whiten them selfs.

  6. Jon they are worth minus 1 million per person per year. i don’t mind that much. i hope they live long and happy life’s. as long it’s not on my money. if the family can pay the 1 million per year i have no problem with it. somehow socialism has become the new norm. wy do i have to pay for other people. fxxx that. i have my own problems. if people want to donate there own money that’s up to them. as long they dont force me to pay through taxes or a forced collective health plan.

  7. Aaron Sleazy today i’ve seen a article on a migrant in germany. he has 4 wife’s and 23 children. he gets $390000 in government aid. maybe it’s a interesting article. things like this are the main problem for most white natives that have to pay for it. things like this are bankrupting the western world. (how racist to say)

  8. Aaron whats yours and everyone’s opinion on a guy like this?

    Here is a “black” youtuber from the U.S who is teaching English in Russia, I don’t understand how this guy got a job teaching English in a supposed racist country like Russia, when he seems like a typical ghetto ass low brow moron but his channel is pretty interesting:





    He says that he has no problems getting Russian girls or Eastern European girls and this is in a racist country like Russia and a region of the world where non-white students are assaulted daily (especially Blacks).

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