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Open Thread #321

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26 thoughts on “Open Thread #321

  1. Hi everyone,
    I am not a troll here. I just want you guys to me some extensive definitions of “wokism” and “woke”. I know what we post here are anti-wokism, but is wokism really?

    1. Basically a different term for politically correct, which is a different term for Social Marxism.

    2. The terms never stick because nobody ever wants to associate with them. Surprised the term feminism is still around.

    3. Basically it’s a world view where:
      Blacks and brown = good; whites = bad; (Asians are just ignored)
      Lgbtq = good; straight = bad
      Women = good; men = bad

      And this then results in politics, with the aim of elevating blacks, browns, lgbtq and women; and screwing over whites, straight people and men

    4. Anti-woke means just being against wokes. But this can mean different things.

      I think most anti- wokes, will just say „wokes are wrong, everybody is equal, we shouldn’t elevate those groups and treat everybody equally“

      However, this forum is differently anti-woke. It goes against the world view of wokes, but it does not say everybody is equal.

    5. I’d like to clarify how cultural liberalism has flourished despite its unpopularity in the general public. It has everything to do with corporatism and zero to do with the people wanting it. Open borders, women in the workforce, pandering to LGBTQ, I could go on……..

    6. It’s the irony of ironies that Social Marxism strengthened corporations in the grand scheme.

      That’s why I favor nationalism. It’s the most pure philosophy. Fuck socialism and capitalism.

    7. Yes, I always wondered how these supposed enemies both ended up on top. Forcing people to choose between the the two (especially in the US) is another big part of the plan IMO.

  2. Treat yourself to another great piece of electronic music, “LSD” by The Sunset Keys:
    I wish such artists had more than 12 followers on Soundcloud. At the time of writing. This track had been played 648 times in three years (EDIT: On YouTube this track has less than 5,000 views). Too bad there is so much electronic music out there that it is exceedingly difficult for artists to gain any kind of recognition.

    1. No, this is not at all what Berlin clubs play. Berlin techno is really rough and quite simplistic, and this has not changed. You would not get to hear any uplifting melodies. This DJ set gives you a good idea:

      I also just came across this very recent documentary on the Berlin techno scene, which gives you a good idea of what this city looks like nowadays:

      The music you hear in the background is also authentic.

  3. I just learned about the “narrative agency” Sweet Baby. They ensure that AAA games remain woke. Among their projects are Alan Wake II, the latest God of War, Spiderman 2 and Goodbye, Vulcano High (lol). Their list of projects seems like a good list of games to avoid:
    I find it quite remarkable that they do not list key employees on their website. You can find them on LinkedIn, though.

  4. Hi guys, I don’t know if you ever heard about the conspiracy theory of p0rn being a tool of the elites pushed on the masses.
    Now, I believe in quite a few conspiracy theories myself, but I always thought p0rn was just a business. Sure, the whole interracial niche looked suspicious, but I guessed that since most of p0rn companies are run by jews it was just that they couldn’t help it, but there was not any secret large scheme behind the curtains.
    However, some recent events made me rethink about it.
    Basically there is this online community that does a challenge every year, called “No Nut November”, which consists in trying to abstain from fap and p0rn for the whole month and… That’s it. Don’t fap for a month. Period.
    Now, if you search it on Google, a lot of articles from mainstream media and progressive blogs pop out. I mean.. A LOT! And they all systematically attack this community with vitriolic hate, to the point of calling them closeted nazis for not wanting to watch p0rn for a month (I wish I was making this up). There are dozens of news articles, YouTube videos, even academic essays screaming how bad these people are. One cannot avoid to notice the unbalanced disparity of the metaphorical firepower between a relatively small community (a little more than 100k people on Reddit) with a private and harmless deed they try to fulfill, and a great chunk of the power aligned media. It’s like they stroke a nerve.
    It made me starting to wonder if the ones who say p0rn is a big psychological warfare waged by the elite on the masses, might have a point.
    What do you think?

    1. Porn is definitely used as a means of subversion. It has even been used in warfare, coincidentally by Jews themselves. There are stories about them hijacking Palestinian TV station and blasting porn 24/7:
      Your observation about the concerted attack on the no-fap movement is also valid. I have spoken to guys who were “addicted” to porn, i.e. jerking off multiple times a day. I have even heard of guys engaging in “edging” for hours every evening. Obviously, if this how you spend your time, you are not going to educate yourself on the machination of the elites. The elites would much prefer to have you sit at home, sedated. The means of sedation is irrelevant. The best, for them, is probably a crippling drug addiction, but young men messing up their lives via their addiction to pornography cannot be far behind.

      There is even scientific research on the effect of porn on your brain. Extensive exposure basically fries your dopamine circuits. It also makes you perceive regular women as less desirable. This is also what the “elites” want because it means fewer children, and yet another white man giving up. They are playing a long game, and porn is one of the most powerful arrows in their quiver.

    2. I’m not familiar with the topic, but it would make sense. I always wondered why is it so freely available on the internet.
      Many people behind torrent sites were legally persecuted and had to flee to various 3rd world countries. I never heard anything of such sort happening when it comes to porn dissemination and most of it is not even torrented but freely available on servers that are located in the US.

      BTW, do you have any links in particular that show the mainstream being opposed to nofap?

    3. I think that the no-fap movement hit the elites by surprise, but no-nut November was an easier and more important target as this campaign was targeting the general public instead of the no-fap crowd, which did not need not be convinced that pornography was bad. On a side note, these movements are against pornography. Without porn, men would hardly jerk off so much, at least not with today’s women. Anyway, here are some links from the first page of Google, because this is the search engine of choice to get mainstream-approved sources:
      There were also a lot of videos on YouTube, and the usual cadre of Reddit sock puppets.

    4. Don’t Jews own the porn industry just like Hollywood? It was considered an unethical business until the 1970s in the US. So much so that people were unsure if it was even legal until the supreme court battles.

      Things changed a lot in the 1970s. For instance, Las Vegas hotels could not get loans from banks because of the casinos. They had to go through the mafia. Business ethics was an actual thing back in the day.

    5. Aaron,
      “Porn is definitely used as a means of subversion.”

      What about your typical night club/bar and strip clubs in general? The sex industry and the nightlife paved the road to the degeneracy we see. At one point, the nightlife was great but I always kept thinking in back of my head if the nightlife was also a way to subvert society as well.

    6. Gambling, alcohol, drugs, and “sexual liberation” have all been used to destroy society. First, the elites wanted to destroy multi-generational bonds. In Europe, you still see a lot of multi-generational houses, but many have been split into multiple units. In such a setting, the extended family provided help and safety, and was less reliant on both the government and an employer. Once multi-generational bonds had been destroyed, the next target was the “nuclear family”. The ultimate goal is to have people depend more or less completely on the “system”. At an extreme, you have the strong, empowered woman pursuing a career in pushing PowerPoint slides around on her screen, only to end up childless and alone, and the system will strip her of all her money at the end of her life, due to high medical costs and prohibitively expensive retirement housing.

    7. I just logged into YouTube, and among my top recommended videos is one on “the science” debunking No-Nut November. It supposedly has over four million views. I should probably add that I do not loop up no-fap material on YouTube, or anywhere else, so this would strike me as a rather odd coincidence.

  5. Regarding the NHL tragedy that recently occurred, there’s a silver-lining in the form of memes:

    I hear that according to the MSM it was a freak accident, and the real victim is the enlightened gentleman because he had to some endure mean tweets for (accidentally!) killing a man.

    1. Good find. This occurrence was “freak accident”, while the Fentanyl Floyd incident was coldblooded murder that was enabled by a systemically racist society. Honkity Honk!

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