Permissive Societies and the Brotha Dilemma

One of my acquaintances works in the penal system and he sometimes tells me about particularly remarkable, er, clients. The most recent stand-out was a brotha, in his words a pretty eloquent and superficially impressive character, not in the least comparable with a brotha from da hood. Yet, this guy seems to score high on the narcissism scale, and he managed to have so many run-ins with the law that he eventually ended up behind bars, but of course not for very long. Also, him being a fraudster as opposed to a thug or drug pusher probably gets him preferential treatment in both the judicial and penal systems. By itself, this kind of biography may not be particularly remarkable, but there is one aspect that deserves some attention: this gentleman has sired fifteen children with as many mothers.

In a purely Darwinian sense, in a society with virtually no evolutionary pressures, the optimal strategy seems to be to have as many children with as many women as you are able to. This is particularly true with men who will most likely father children that are going to exhibit rather limited potential, meaning that they cannot be expected to make more money in a real job than they could via living off welfare. The idea of paternal investment is completely foreign to individual whose hobbies may include bird watching and jogging. Yet, this guy is already ahead of Elon Musk, who merely has had ten children with three women. In contrast to the aforementioned brotha, these are almost rookie numbers.

I do not want to even speculate about the societal consequences of such recklessness. More relevant is that modern Western societies seem to have no safeguards against such behaviors. In the past, women used to be the gatekeepers of sex, and they guarded their virginity rather aggressively. They knew that they needed to secure a man and stick with him. Fast forward from 1960 or 1970 to today and you have an endless procession of women lining up to become single mothers and burden the welfare state with the upkeep of themselves and their offspring. Believing that we can gradually change society for the better is probably futile. I think that we are so far gone that the only chance we have is rebuilding after the collapse. This kind of nonsense just cannot go on for much longer. It is simply a fiscal impossibility.

2 thoughts on “Permissive Societies and the Brotha Dilemma

  1. I think there’s also the issue that the women being bred in this example are likewise low quality. Then you have the “smartest” women who are either infertile because of POS or something, those that decide to not have children altogether for whatever reason, and also those that do manage to reproduce set their children up to fail somehow (or society does it for them) while only having one or two, maybe three in general.

    We truly are an Idiocratic civilization at this point.

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