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16 Year-Old Boys and Girls

On my most recent trip I noticed a big group of teenage kids, and a few teachers, too. I do not know the actual age of these kids, but probably they were in the 10th grade, at most. Of course, I am aware that boys and girls mature differently, but if you do not work in a school, you may not be aware of how large this difference really is. To put bluntly, looking at the girls, you wonder why they are not already suckling their second child. Obviously, this is a provocative statement, but if you think that sixteen year-old women are little girls you probably need to get your head checked. Even at the age of fourteen those are fully developed women.

Apart from the discrepancy in terms of physiological maturity, another issue is that I do not think that boys benefit much from having to sit in the same classroom as fully developed women. Those women surely do not even consider them as their peers. In fact, I noticed that only a few of the boys were on a fast life-history trajectory, looking rather masculine already.

It is also interesting that while all-boys or all-girls schools have been almost completely eliminated for the unwashed masses, the elites still keep a few of those schools around for themselves, and they are also surprisingly non-vibrant. It’s too bad if you cannot cough up twice the average post-tax salary for a year of tuition, pleb! In England there are quite a few all-boys and all-girls schools. In contrast, in Germany there are only two all-boys schools left, but there are still many dozens of schools only for girls. Of course, this does not mean that there is a war on boys. It’s simply a sign of progress, and if boys cannot deal with a co-educational environment, Big Pharma is here to help, with a lifetime prescription of Ritalin.

2 thoughts on “16 Year-Old Boys and Girls

  1. Aaron,
    “…I do not think that boys benefit much from having to sit in the same classroom as fully developed women.”

    1. What would be the alternative? Military school?

    2. Wouldn’t boys who are on the slow life-history trajectory do better in academia or is academia more suited for boys with an above average IQ compare to your typical normie boy?

    1. 1) I think military school would be better than a co-ed environment. There are other boys-only schools, though, for instance religious ones.

      2) I think academia used to be a refuge for the highly intelligent and somewhat maladjusted, but this has completely shifted. Today, academia is for boot-licking NPCs. It is often quite shocking how incredibly stupid even professors are. In every subject you find people who should not be there. This was achieved by administrators pushing for a diverse angle, such you don’t just get PhD students and professors who focus on exploring their core subject but also people who “research” supposedly interdisciplinary areas such as mathematics and gender diversity or the role of civil engineering in systematically oppressing minorities. As you can imagine, people with such a focus barely have an inkling of knowledge of the hard subjects they piggyback on.

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