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30 thoughts on “Open Thread #265


    I think it’s the latest trend, they’re called “scrunch butt leggings” and they literally have a hardcore wedgie mechanism built in because, you know, wearing loose fitting comfortable clothing at the gym is silly, it’s much better to wear ridiculous clothes that draw attention to yourself so you can then get angry about people looking at you.

    First time I saw someone wearing them at the gym I almost laughed because I thought damn she doesn’t realize how bad of a wedgie she’s got right now and how silly she looks then within a couple months almost all the girls there were wearing them. Blows my mind that people think it looks good.

    1. I will never believe women who claim they dress like this because “it’s comfy!!!” When they are giving themselves a wedgie. They just want attention.

    2. @Conrad

      it’s the same with thongs, high heels, ultra tight jeans…. “Oh, it’s sooo comfy… bla bla bla”.

    1. Tate pretends to be anti-matrix, but I’m pretty sure he’s an intelligence asset. Nobody blows up that quickly overnight organically. The matrix pushed him up the algorithms in order to make him a controlled opposition leader. Tate said publicly that his father is from CIA.

      Also women never cared about him and never will because he looks like a squirrel. No car will ever change that. I would imagine that only desperate women would go anywhere near him. His whole being I find threatening and wouldn’t go anywhere near that man.

    2. Tate definitely isn’t a loser. And plenty of chicks more than likely gravitate toward him due to his height, strength, domineering extraversion, as well as his wealth and fame as a former fighter and as an influencer. Pretty much the majority of the men who follow him are clueless losers and suckers, though, and he’s banking on them. He’s never said anything more “controversial” or red-pilled that a MGTOW hasn’t already mentioned over a decade ago.

    3. I dont like Tate because he promotes pointless things like chasing materialism, but I have to lol at the idea that women aren’t attracted to him. Women are attracted to status signals, it doesn’t matter that he has a less than model-tier face. His fame alone would attract women, not to mention he is rich, jacked, tall, and has charisma.

      More importantly is why we are judging other men based on how much women approve of them. I don’t judge Tate or any man to be a loser or not based on women’s approval.

    4. “More importantly is why we are judging other men based on how much women approve of them. I don’t judge Tate or any man to be a loser or not based on women’s approval.”

      Nobody here is doing this.

    5. Pickernanny, in the link and timestamp escortmaxxer posted the youtuber says Tate is a loser because “women don’t like him naturally.” Escort maxxer also said “Also women never cared about him and never will because he looks like a squirrel. No car will ever change that.” Perhaps I’m reading in the wrong tone but that sounds like a negative judgement based on women’s approval to me.

    6. If women dont like you is because your genes are not worth passing which makes you a “loser” in some way , tate is the kind of guy men think women like. Yet there is no young girl out there who has a crush for a bald ugly dude in his thirties , they may blow him for his money tho .

    7. I think you guys are wrong that chicks wouldn’t bang Tate for anything other than his money. I agree that his head is quite grotesque-looking, but the fact that he has a domineering personality means that if he were relatively “broke” compared to where he is now that he would have no issues playing the numbers game and effortlessly pursuing chicks. His height and presence would do the rest of the talking for him, and I seriously doubt very many dudes would get in his way and try to cock block him. He’d also definitely make chicks feel safe in his presence. He’s a shit head, sure, but make no mistake he’s a guy that gets laid—money or no money.

    8. I agree pickernanny, I don’t think facial aesthetics are a deal breaker for women, even physically speaking, if you have other things going on like muscles, height, tattoos, domineering personality, etc. Tate has a masculine look + personality and has traits women are attracted to.

    9. Height is a huge factor. Even ugly-faced tall guys get a ton of attention from girls. It’s almost like an on-off switch. Below certain height (average and less), the face is a MUST, like you can’t have an ugly face, doesn’t matter what else you do, get all the muscles and anything you want. After a certain height, it almost flips to where you can have an ugly face and still get quite a lot of interest.

      Tate with his face would NOT be able to get girls if he was average-height or shorter.

    10. Tate with his face would NOT be able to get girls if he was average-height or shorter.

      Just to be clear, I was responding to the discussion if they’re only banging for his money. At his height, it’s not just his money.

      If he was shorter, with that face, only reason any chick would bang him is his money. His attitude, muscles etc. don’t make a broke short guy fuckable.

    11. If he was shorter, with that face, only reason any chick would bang him is his money. His attitude, muscles etc. don’t make a broke short guy fuckable.

      i.e. broke, short, ugly-faced guy => no amount of muscles or macho attitude makes that attractive to girls. If anything, the same attitude on such a guy is seen as overcompensating and disgusting.

    12. If tate was broke instead of fucking beautiful 18 year old rumanian girls he would bang american sluts who would look just as trashy as him .


    I presume in the interest of not only getting laid,but general quality of life,most men are best off swiping left here.

    If Alek’s reading this,I’d be interested to know if you’ve ever gone down to 10% bodyfat or below. How did it feel like? I’ve heard before that many models out there,despite looking great in the photos,have to put up with being constantly hungry and low energy from being so lean.

    1. I can confirm that a very low level of body fat will make you feel hungry and suffer from low energy. You will also likely freeze much more easily, albeit this will be no issue in your part of the world. You get somewhat used to a latent feeling of hunger, by the way.

    2. I got to about 12-13% and maintained that for a few years, getting a bunch of lays and chicks letting me get pretty direct without it being “creepy”.

      Maintaining wasn’t difficult. I only regained weight when I fell for some theory about clean bulking or some nonsense like that.

    3. To answer your actual question, even though I haven’t done it myself, you kind of hear it from everyone that has.

      They all report issues like that. And it’s like a cutoff thing. It’s not gradual. Like at 12% you can be all ok. Drop 2% and all of a sudden all the issues come in all at once.

      Fortunately 12% is ideal and looks better than 9% in clothes. The one situation where 9% looks better than 12% is if you walk around shirtless.

  3. I caught wind of the dissatisfaction for the FFVII “Remake” literally titled Remake, and watched a couple videos on it. Apparently, calling it a remake was false advertising because it’s a play on words. The long and short of it is that Sephiroth is now a time traveler or something and is going back into the past to “remake” the original events that took place. As a result, you as the player end up killing Destiny at the end of the game and all the characters that originally died when the Midgar Plate fell end up surviving at the end. Now, it’s debatable if Sephiroth will kill Aeris (now apparently Aerith for some reason) as the series is essentially taking a Kingdom Hearts approach. They essentially pulled a bait and switch on the old fans and delivered a sequel instead of an actual remake.

    One of the commentators mentions how terrible FF games have been since VIII, with light exceptions for IX and X. I’m more skeptical of XVI now than I was before. Sure, there’s different leadership on that project but there’s no reason besides an M rating to think that the game is going to be any near as good as The Witcher—but maybe.

    1. I was under the impression that the FF VII Remake was a modernized retelling of the story of the original. This was also the PR angle. I recall numerous statements to that effect, and even after the release of this game there were statements according to which the remake has only covered a certain amount of the original yet. I think it is 25%. However, if the creators of the remake take such liberties, then it is pointless to speculate how many additional parts to this game there may be. They could just come up with all kinds of bullshit in the follow-ups. I don’t recall that fans were asking for this kind of treatment of their favorite game.

      I just read that The Callisto Protocol cost the equivalent of $160 million to make, placing it among the most expensive video games ever. Sales are projected to reach two million. All this money, and they could not think of getting unbiased game testers.

    2. “I was under the impression that the FF VII Remake was a modernized retelling of the story of the original.”

      Yes, that’s exactly how it was advertised and that’s part of why a lot of the classic fan base felt cheated. Of the few reviews I watched, everyone seems in agreement that most of the original content was done justice and even some very subtle changers to the story were made for the better. The battle system also gets a lot of praise. Where it gets wonky is the fact that they pepper in these “time ghosts” called Whispers (so gay, like the Heartless from Kingdom Hearts) that act as some sort of an extension of Destiny or Fate to ensure that certain plot points unfold as they were originally supposed to, as Sephiroth (the Advent Children version of him) has traveled back in time to influence events. So, at the end of the Midgar Section (which was only about a fraction of the game as you mentioned) you take end up defeating the the time ghosts. They’re no longer going to try and influence events apparently. What this means for the series going forward is up in the air, as your cast is told by Aeris “the future isn’t set in stone.”

      Also, there is some mid to late game footage that made its way into “Remake” in the form of visions and hallucinations. This was another sneaky marketing tactic they used, where there was all this late game footage technically present in the base game, and it was used during trailers and advertisements. It wasn’t exactly a lie, see, because it was in the game, except it alluded to the game having much more content then there actually was. At present, the new series of FFVII games will be a trilogy.

      Besides, the shady marketing that went into the game, it does look like they got a lot right, though. The battle system looks insane. Tifa’s tits are huge. They kept Barret has having a stereotypical foul-mouthed speaking style reminiscent of Mr. T. It looks gorgeous etc. I think they made Cloud and co. way too awesome and overpowered. There are scenes where Cloud is chopping through giant blocks and trains and jumping tens of meters into the air, then there is actual gameplay segments where you can’t hop over a fence and instead must find the long way around. There also looks to be way too many “press forward to make character perform action” sequences.

    3. If my math is in the ballpark then TCP is projected to earn around $120m versus the $160m they put into it. No wonder that game was being hyped up so hard prior to release. I wonder how much of that exorbitant budget went into hiring B actors for motion cap etc. and advertising? This is amusing because part of what killed Dead Space is EA investing way too much into an early franchise in some attempt to put it on par with the likes of Resident Evil.

    4. EA got way too greedy with Dead Space. The first two games were excellent, and instead of building on it and giving fans what they want, they jumped on the dudebro co-op shooter bandwagon, with a generous helping of Michael Bay-style cinematics. This franchise could have been completely dominated the horror genre, in particular considering that Resident Evil was moving away from horror and towards relatively generic action with RE 5. The first Dead Space game was often compared to RE 4. Even the studio leads said that they wanted to make “RE 4 in space”. I think that Dead Space controls better than RE 4 and it also does a better job with creating suspense. While I have not played Dead Space 2 yet, fan consensus seems to be that it does everything better than Dead Space 1, which already set a very high bar.

    5. Dead Space 2 is arguably a better game. The anti-gravity sections were worked out better for sure, I think. Boss battles are virtually non-existent in the game, however. Not that they were phenomenal in the first installment. I played some of DS3 via co-op with my buddy after I beat DS2 and it is a major departure from what made the first two such a hit. Even so, from a pure co-op experience perspective it isn’t a terrible game by any means. I’d say it’s almost on par with RE5, with worse boss fights per usual. Not bad, not great—simply passable.

      I watched a video a while back explaining some of the mistakes EA made in handling the franchise. They spent a ton of money on advertising, for example, which never paid off. Arguably, you wouldn’t want to dump so many resources into advertising a baby franchise. They were pumping out multiple animated movies to help levitate the game as well. Then the action co-op decision they forced on the developer for the third game with pay-to-win transactions baked in was the nail in the coffin.

    1. I made it through about half the video. Normally, I’d say that what is happening to JP is terrible and should be rectified, but the fact that he’s been gaslighting Canadians about their legitimate concerns for ethnic replacement makes me feel no sympathy towards the man. Not to mention he’s been openly gatekeeping for the tribe. The Left are again eating one of their own, yet people on the Right will cry out that a massive injustice is taking place. Perhaps so, but fuck ‘im.

    2. I am also in the fuck-him camp. This guy rose to prominence thanks to right-wing dog-whistling, and once he has established himself, he told the goyim that they are wrong to be proud of anything their ancestors achieved. This faggot shall burn in hell, and by the looks of it, the devil managed to sap a lot of his life force out of him already.

    3. Difficult case. I like him for many of his criticisms, but he made himself somewhat unsympathetic by insulting MTGOWs and by putting most of the blame on men…

      Still, shutting people down just for having different opinions does not reflect well on the Canadian “elites”.

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