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Guest Post: The Case for Lady Boys (by P Ray)

P Ray recently asked if he could write a guest post on the advantages of lady boys over regular women. You will find his detailed thoughts on the issue below.

First, lets get a few obvious things out of the way. If you are looking for “the one” to father children then obviously this advice is not aimed for you. Second, many men such as Roosh V who claim they are in the triple digits as far as sex partners and have travelled to dodgy places such as Eastern Europe have probably had a sex adventure or three that they will deny. For example, they may have engaged in gay sex after many drinks (perhaps even while being detained in a prison cell) or they may have received oral sex from a Blair White individual (who probably gave them one of their best experiences.) They will endlessly claim how “het cis” they are and I have no motivation to call them gay. My motivation is merely to be honest with myself and pursue maximum pleasure with the least amount of pain. I will also advise that whilst one may develop warm and affectionate feelings towards a Lady Boy and may go clubbing and eat at restaurants, they should always keep “arms distance.” That means realizing that at the end of the day, this is a financial transaction. One can develop warm feelings towards a Lady Boy as they do towards a business associate. But once the relationship is no longer profitable, it is time to “cut them loose.” I know to some this may sound cold and mercenary but it is merely the way of the world. Once this is accepted, one can pursue maximum pleasure with the least amount of pain. Do understand that some pain is inevitable, that is a fact of being alive.

Now onto a few points about the Lady Boy experience!!!

1.) The oral sex is phenomenal. Something about having had similar equipment makes a Lady Boy 9 times out of 10 deliver better service than a woman merely going through the motions. I first experienced a tongue on my bum with a Lady Boy. Then I experienced a finger or two in my bum. My orgasms with women usually ended with my seed landing on my belly as I was laying on my back. But my orgasms were so strong with Lady Boys doing bum play that on more than one occasion I have shot so strongly that my seed has landed on my face. While embarrassing to admit, these were some of the most satisfying orgasms I ever had. And, Lady Boys are more likely to swallow than women for those who are into that!!!

2.) Lady Boys know what the deal is! This is the most difficult to explain but possibly most important point. A man who visits a woman escort my think she actually likes him. She may provide what is known to punters as the Girl Friend Experience. He may be happy that he is screwing an “8” whilst his coworkers are settling for ones land whales or are incel. Things reach a critical mass when she offers him sex without a condom. If he thinks with the wrong head, he is headed into dangerous waters. I am sure many readers of this blog know of men whose lives was ruined by an escort or mistress. If he is lucky, she only extorts him for money to “make the problem go away.” If he is unlucky, she tries to pressure him into a marriage or paying for a bastard he doesn’t want. Women have leverage supported by the legal system to extract wealth from men. Lady Boys can’t get pregnant and so don’t hold the same power. They know that this is a financial transaction and when it no longer makes sense, it’s over.

3.) This is possibly the most important point. While modern women reject femininity, Lady Boys embrace it. Modern women cover themselves in garish tattoos and think fat is beautiful. Modern women take some of the worst traits of men such as heavy drinking and wear it as a badge of honor. Ironically, while feminists demand that someone not born a woman is a woman, they also insult feminity. I have never gotten in an argument with a Lady Boy on what pronoun to use though I do address them by a feminine name. They are all to eager to embrace the feminine role that feminists demand is beneath woman born women! Just look at the immaculate hair and nails on most ladies boys. Look at the pride they take in their make up and their overall appearance. Feminists like Lindy West are telling women to eat more cupcakes while Lady Boys are trying to become the women they can never be. But while you are with them you can enjoy the fantasy.

4.)Now, onto the most controversial point of this post. I have ben called gay on this very blog and I am sure that readers laugh at me as they read my posts. That’s okay. I am happy with whom I am. I am NOT gay as I am drawn to the femininity of Lady Boys. If I was gay, I would have sex with manly men but I find manly men gross. I vomit at the thought of kissing someone like Roosh V with an unkempt beard! Sexually orientation is a very personal thing, I admit, I may be bisexual. I would rather be true to myself and enjoy life than fit in someone else’s box and be miserable. As the LGBTQI+ acronym is ever expanding “het cis” men have an increasingly smaller pool of high quality women to get with. Not everyone can be as lucky as Aaron and find “that one Asian chick” who didn’t party whilst getting her education and also decided that staying fit was a virtue rather than jumping in with the fatty crowd. “Het Cis Straight” men will be increasingly demonized whilst also be less likely to find a quality mate. Those that can satisfy themselves without a woman-whether through sex dolls, porn, encounters with men or Lady Boys will be less frustrated and face less demonization that those who want to stay on the narrow path of “traditional masculinity.” More men who would’ve ben considered a “Chad” in the 1950’s would now be bitter and lonely men posting on incel forums in 2023. So for the men who can liberate themselves, this is one way. This won’t be an answer for every man reading this blog but for those who can, they should if you get my drift. As I said above, this is highly personal and as I would find kissing bearded Roosh gross, I understand that some here may have a natural revolution to sex with a Lady Boy even if they understand every point I have made on an intellectual level.

(I know I mentioned Roosh V multiple times in this post. While I think he sold snake oil, I only used him as he is a prominent figure most hear would know. It is neither an endorsement nor condemnation. He is merely an example that serves my purposes well. )

Thank You Aaron for your consideration and open mindedness on a subject that could be controversial in other places.

17 thoughts on “Guest Post: The Case for Lady Boys (by P Ray)

  1. Aaron, is this intended as some sort of satire for us to laugh at or something? Because otherwise I have a hard time seeing its purpose… I’m all for different opinions and open discussion, but promoting homosexuality* seems a bit much!

    I mean, otherwise, what’s next? “How to rescue modern society – the Marxist solution” ? 🙂

    *We can go on about beards and femininity all day, but a man who fucks other men is a homo- or bisexual, ladyboys or not.

    1. The guy is quite like an over-the-top comedian.

      This place seems to attract many kinds of strange people, you know.

    2. The discussion section of this article can be used to explore the ladyboy issue. This way, it can be collected at one place.

    3. I personally don’t understand the logic. You’re paying ladyboys to have sex with you because their femininity is supposedly greater than the average Western land whale, yet in Thailand, f.e., you could just as well use those same tokens to purchase a woman whose femininity should trump both the Western land whale and the ladyboy. Maybe you can argue that ladyboy’s give better head, but Thai women have vaginas and you can rag doll them since they’re generally quite petite.

    4. Lol, Richard Spencer’s acolytes seem to be doing something similar to what you described in your second paragraph these days.

    5. Aaron:
      Fair enough, that makes sense. 🙂

      I know, eh? Just like you say he’s got the choice of paying for ladyboys or paying for women, and he’s choosing to pay for ladyboys. He obviously prefers chicks with a dick over real woman all other things being equal. If he’s gay or bisexual, well, that’s his business. But to claim he’s heterosexual is absurd.

      (Assuming he’s not joking – I’m still not entirely convinced he’s not just on one big trolling spree.)

    6. I can certainly see an angle where the presence of a dick does not have to bother him much. If he only cares for BJs, followed by anal, then there may be little difference to banging a chick. In fact, I can imagine that this is how this fetish got started, i.e. he accidentally ended up with a ladyboy, did the usual BJ/anal combo, and learned afterwards that he was not with a girl but a dude. If the experience was indeed that much better, then it could very well have led to him only wanting to bang lady boys afterwards. (This is also assuming that P Ray is not a troll.)

    7. Aaron:
      That’s one way for him to have discovered his homosexuality, I suppose. Would fit the pattern: avoiding pussy to the extent that he doesn’t even notice there’s a dick there throughout the whole act. 🙂

  2. Well, I for one can see his point, and I respect the fact that he fleshes it out. I understand if you have that preference, if ladyboys are your thing (fetish?) and make you happy, go for it. I myself dont share it, but hey, we all got our kinks.

    It says a lot about the degeneration of femininity in the west that ladyboys may be considered more desirable for some.

    I have never paid for sex so far, so my knowledge of the prostitution world is a bit theoretical, but I dont see the point of saying “its just a financial transaction”… you can have those with biological women too, you know? The only true advantage I see is that they are unable to trick you into pregnancy, but for level headed guys who can keep control of themselves this should not be much of a problem.

    I also dont agree with the line that traditional masculinity will become less likely to find a desirable mate over time. On the contrary, I find women still appreciate traditional masculine qualities very much, because it is deeply ingrained into our evolved psychology, even if they may not say so out loud because its uncool. As more and more young guys without masculine role models embrace effeminate “modern masculinity”, the few traditional masculine oriented guys may even grow more and more valuable… you just need to be careful in how you play your cards on order to minimize your exposure to “demonization”.

  3. Aaron,

    I wasn’t “tricked” in my first experience. Drunk, yes but not tricked. And yes, my experiences were consistently better with Lady Boys.

    As far as not being a troll, all I can say is that you could see my posting history on the Omega Virgin Revolt blog if it was still up. I suspect it was taken down because of the Ubermesch fellow who gave you trouble a few months back.


    Re-read my point #4!!!


    If you have personally done a cost-benefit analysis and decided that you prefer woman born women, then that is your right and your preference.

    I know what I am stating is controversial. There was another dark enlightenment blogger (whose blog I also commented on) who suggested men visit prostitutes. Many PUA types said “Ew. gross.” Now many of those same types would say that prostitution can make sense for a man who has done a cost-benefit analysis. I am suggesting that this is just another option and now am getting the “Ew. Gross” factor. Maybe in a few years some will come around and say that this isn’t a bad idea. Just like prostitution this will not be for everyone but for those who can try it, they might like it!!!

    1. The first time I tried online dating, I was contacted by a guy. He wrote to me that, based on my pictures, he would really like to blow me, and if I had any qualms about it, he would simply keep the door to the apartment open, call me into the bedroom, and wait for me inside a canopy bed. I would only have to stick my dick through a hole in the curtain, and he would get to work. I was disgusted by this, of course. Yet, this does not seem to be a completely uncommon strategy in heterosexual dating either. Once a fat chick hit on me, telling me how much she would like to fuck me (she was a bit tipsy and hence so rude), and that if I only let her put her lips on my dick, I would not want her to stop because she is just that good at it. This kind of argument does not seem to work on me, yet I can see other guys being a bit less discriminatory. Plenty of guys are happy to fuck fat chicks, after all. Also, it is well known that bodybuilders, with their elevated T-levels, have absolutely no qualms with banging trannies. There is also some talk about roids making you gay, i.e. you get so horny that you don’t mind plowing a dude. The bottom line is that if you are bit drunk and/or a bit too horny, you may put your dick where you otherwise would not.

      P Ray, how did all of this even start? I assume you did not just wake up one day and say to yourself that you are going to fuck a lady boy today. Based on the brief description of your first time with a lady boy, it almost sounds as if you got seduced by him.

  4. “P Ray, how did all of this even start? I assume you did not just wake up one day and say to yourself that you are going to fuck a lady boy today. Based on the brief description of your first time with a lady boy, it almost sounds as if you got seduced by him.”

    I don’t know how much backstory you want and for privacy reasons I will be vague. I was a late virgin/incel. I had the opportunity to work in an area where prostitution was legal and inexpensive. (For Westerners, you can teach English abroad.) I thought this would be a good opportunity away from my narrow minded family and nosy “friends.” I told everyone it was for my career but some people made jokes that I was going to pay for pussy.

    Someone I worked with told me about “massage girls.” I had less than stellar experiences with woman prostitutes. They just lie there and don’t do much massage. I’m not sure if this is what Pickernanny meant by Ragdoll, but I didn’t ;one it very much. The Blowjobs were really bad and only to get you out of there quicker. In fact the last was when she humiliated me and I left in tears. I was made fun of by the other prostitutes and they even laughed and said, “try your luck with a lady boy, you are not man enough for us.”

    I went to the spot where they congregate and the first few times I got drunk but didn’t try one. As it is an area where one can drink and buy food there was no suspicion I was there for that but it was available. One time I was very aroused by one and I had asked a few times in a friendly way so I knew what to expect. I want to say that I was tricked or seduced but I secretly was curious to try the experience. And it was better than with the woman prostitutes. I was lying down and the beautiful Lady Boy started with a real massage and even massaged my scalp and temples. Very gentle and very caring. And then cam the oral. It was really good. I think it is called edging. I had never lasted so long and I felt like I was being worshipped. “She” even sucked on my nipples and played with my chest. “She” said I was a handsome and strong man. I know she just said this for money but no one ever said those things to me. The next day when I woke up, I was a little hung over but couldn’t believe how well the experience was. I felt conflicted because I was supposed to feel shame and discussed but I felt really happy. The next experience was with a different Lady Boy and was even better.

    1. This is a pretty sad story. It seems that escorts aren’t even really a viable option for a lot of men, with preferential treatment being given to those with better looks or with lots of money and power. I can certainly get the incel argument about how fucking whores who see you as part of their job is no match for “free” sex with a chick that genuinely desires your seed. I’d just assume go without before smashing a trap or ladyboy, though.

      Perhaps now that you’ve gotten more experience you could go back to one of those whores that said you weren’t man enough for them and show ‘em who’s boss? Pull their hair, smack their asses, perform some light choking and flip them over like a rag doll when you’re sick of ‘em looking at you. I’d like to hear an update if you ever decide to try your hand at a female escort again.

  5. P Ray
    I think you may be baby-stepping your way toward a dick in your mouth and ass. Be careful.

    Ps lots of ladyboys in Phuket Thailand (BangLa road) is that where you went?

  6. i think it would at least be healthy to your mind to admit you are bi, when you are able to have sex with other guys. it’s distressing to mind to deny being bi while having sex with ultra-feminine guys in dresses.

    what you are describing is a kink to fantasy roles.
    this time to the sexist exaggeration of gender roles as a fetish. it’s a common fetish among men, maybe more among men than women.
    the fantasy of which anyone can act. that is what feminists have been saying all along, that anyone can act them, as extreme as they can. nothing to do with biology, anyone can do it.

    also, you berate the feminists but.. feminists made trans people happen, the gender-role kink people, that you like in this in the first place.

    have you considered having a real relationship with a trans?
    one that works without money.
    unless your extreme gender kink requires that you treat the trans like a masculine role “provider” of the 1950s, heh. that you claim to hate paying.. despite paying all the time, with escorts.
    would you be comfortable with acting out the fantasy of a provider in a safe environment relationship where babies cannot be born? what if the trans-lover wants to adopt a baby one day? uh-oh.
    about marriage being an economic contract, in some countries, you can marry trans with full benefits that women would enjoy, too.

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