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36 thoughts on “Open Thread #256

  1. Men of culture, chiropractic is getting pretty popular on YouTube. The video below, highlighting the problems young women with large breasts face, is extraordinarily popular, having garnered almost ten million views so far:
    At the start there is a humorous scene where he tries hard to not stare at her tits, despite her wearing a loose T-shirt.

    1. Aaron,
      The girl is pretty decent looking. She does have a nice body compared to your typical Western whore. Initially, it looked like a porn video. I didn’t understand what they were saying, but it did remind me of a particular chiropractor on television show called Two and Half Men. I’m not sure if you have heard of it.

    2. You can bet that a part of the audience watched this video to the end, wondering why there were no sex scenes. Two and a Half Men is that TV show with Charlie Sheen, right? I have not watched it but I once met a chick who was really into it, for whatever reason. The most likely explanation is that she had a crush on one of the actors.

    3. Do you know some pornstar who looks like her?

      I’d like to watch some porn video.

      She’s very young, is she 18 year old?

    1. Lyrics are also interesting with references such as blood clots. Unfortunately, it looks the music video was age restricted, and this group has recently disbanded:

      [Verse 1]
      The last straw (Lock-jawed)
      Ataraxis by chainsaw
      Dead calm (Fuck bomb)
      Guillotine confetti, epileptic nailgun
      Possessed (Protest)
      Set the horde ablaze
      Rise in riot, clotted brain
      Post traumatic stress

      To the bone
      Finding out
      How fire burns
      It didn’t occur to me
      Ideas can be disease, terminal
      Dogma off the chain
      And it never occurred to me
      Deceit becomes belief in unknowns
      Culture war cocaine

      [Verse 2]
      Unspoken (Broken open)
      Beaten down and letting go
      Punch drunk (Gun dumb)
      Those lynch mob parrots
      Run down everyone
      Hang the fuckin’ simpletons
      Just string ’em up by their martyrdom
      Hate arrives in waves of blood
      Breaking in demon dust

      To the bone
      Finding out
      How fire burns

      It didn’t occur to me
      Ideas can be disease, terminal
      Dogma off the chain
      And it never occurred to me
      Deceit becomes belief in unknowns
      Culture war cocaine
      Maimed, fractured, guilty
      Feared, afraid
      Punctured head
      Fucked by nightmares
      Fucked by righteous dickheads
      Bring it
      Write your pain
      On an effigy
      Burn it alive
      I always wanted to belong
      I didn’t want to be invisible
      I didn’t want to be the one, the loaded gun
      I didn’t want for this to be my truth
      See what they made me do?

      It didn’t occur to me
      Ideas can be disease, terminal
      Dogma off the chain
      And it never occurred to me
      Deceit becomes belief in unknowns
      Culture war cocaine

      Write your pain
      On an effigy
      Burn it alive

  2. So, is the vaxx going to fuck off, or not? It seemed like it was going to, and then the CDC was essentially given permission to add it to the mandatory children’s vaccination criteria for public school, and now the WEF is suggesting a vaxxport for air travel. Whether or not they’re successful here is yet to be seen, but I don’t think they have any choice except to keep doubling down and pushing these onto us. Their alternative is to admit fault and switch gears to the whole “let’s forgive and forget” narrative, though that relinquishes too much power.

    1. The vaxx is an arrow in the quiver of the elites, and I think they will ride this out to the very end. Long ago we entered the realm of outright nonsense where the mainstream sends out conflicting messages. For instance, on the one hand, the vaxx is still safe and effective but, on the other, people nowadays just die suddenly, for no reason at all. The latter has nothing to do with the vaxx, yet apparently clotting is now a confirmed vaxx side effect — but clotting can also happen due to Covid, supposedly. Of course, if you died from a blood clot, you should have gotten vaxxed, and if you were vaxxed, then the vaxx prevented an even worse outcome. The bullshit is off the charts, and has been for easily one year. Yet, it does not seem to matter. Give it a few more years and little you read in the mainstream will have any connection to reality anymore.

    2. Speaking of arrows in the tyrannical quicker, I wonder how much traction the whole carbon currency narrative will get?

      “Give it a few more years and little you read in the mainstream will have any connection to reality anymore.”

      Somehow, they’d end up linking the vaxx to your carbon footprint so that you can’t afford heating for the month of January because you didn’t comply to getting booster number 13.

    3. The good thing about living in a 3rd world country is that enforcement of nonsense gets quite lax very quickly.

      Having millions of hungry poor people just a couple steps away from serious social unrest does put real limits on what they can get away with.

    4. Seems to vary depending on jurisdiction. In Sweden the government has removed the recommendation to vaccinate children under the age of 18, and adults have been told they don’t need any more boosters (except for high-risk groups).

    1. It is incredible how dysgenic SBF looks. During my research on the FTX fiasco, I could not avoid coming across his mug, and I still have an immediate visceral reaction whenever I see a picture of him. His ex-girlfriend also scores really high on the dysgenics scale, she’s a solid 8 or 9 in that regard. Similarly, SBF is basically an anti-Chad.

    2. Pickernanny: Is that video edited? He’s shaking like like a tweaking methhead on a dry spell.

      Aaron: Had to google the girl to see what she looks like. Good Lord, she looks like a human-groundhog hybrid!

    3. Anti-Chad lol. It’s his ex-girlfriend now? I wonder what happened there? This guy was being (artificially) promoted as some kind of crypto/financial rockstar (high status) and a known billionaire, yet that’s what he decided to shack up with? Maybe looks (genes) are way more important than we realize her. With that kind of money he should easily be able to afford a harem of super models. Anyway, I’m sure he’s into all kind of debaucherous shenanigans these days that the average person only dreams of.

      And I guess it’s real, it doesn’t look edited at all to me, but I guess it’s possible. What’s definitely not edited is what actually transpired. I’m starting to wonder if when the jig was up that they really failed here. I mean, I know some of finance youtube apparently started abandoning FTX when it came out SBF was attempting to pass some shady regulations on the crypto industry. However, considering the debacle that this whole charade ended up being it’s possible that this can be used as justification for the type of regulations they want to pass anyway. “We need a government regulated digital currency”, I can hear them saying.

    4. “It’s for your own good!”, the money changers whisper in your ear as they limit your freedom even more and confiscate even more of your money. The silver lining is that SBF was the best they thought they had for this project, and if someone with such poor genetic markers is the best they have, they should be pretty concerned about their future. Actually, this may explain the ridiculous push for increased AI in the form of “algorithmic governance” and the simultaneous creation of various tyrannical structures, of which Covid was a trial run.

    5. This is a clear case where nepotism was not optimally beneficial for them. They could have, in theory, corrupted some gentile into carrying out this project with much better results. Something tells me that generations of lavish and sedentary lifestyle fueled with booze and cocaine hasn’t translated all that favorably into the genetic code of the chosen. SBF looks like schizo on a permanent bender.

  3. Guys, this is a good article. I think Cuckold Hotwife dynamic is a good solution for Incels like me. Right now I’m on Tinder looking for a woman who wants to date a cuck.

    Cuckolding and hotwifing are hot topics and are newly embraced lifestyles. These days, women are more comfortable with their sexual desires and are not afraid to act them out; they no longer prefer just lights out sex or the missionary position.

    If you are stuck in a rut in your relationship, watching your woman have sex with another man — known as cuckolding or hotwifing — could be exactly what you need to reignite passion. Many females are getting into voyeurism, meaning they love people watching them have sex, which soon leads to cuckolding. Voyeurism used to be just a fantasy for most couples, but experimenting with sex and welcoming another person into the relationship (to carry out fetishes and fulfill desires) can often strengthen the relationship.

    So, what are the benefits of cuckolding and hotwifing? Let’s explore.

    1. It’s a turn on to watch.

    Have you ever wanted to show off just how amazing your wife is, whether it’s her body or her skills between the sheets? By watching her have sex with another man, you may be surprised at how much of a turn on this is. There is a big difference between sex and a loving relationship, but your partner knows this, and the steamy encounter is ONLY that. Don’t worry about her cheating; cuckolding is likely to make her love and respect you even more.

    2. Explore voyeurism.

    Cuckolding is a great way to spice up your relationship because it can make you see just how good you have it. Exploring with voyeurism, and watching your partner have sex with another man, can make it like a competition; when you get her to yourself, you want fine-tuned skills to become the best lover she’s ever had. Not to mention, it’s a huge turn on; it’s kind of like watching a hot porno, but your wife/girlfriend is the main star. Usually you will be just a viewer, but the details about whether or not you want to participate in the action can be discussed.

    3. She is less likely to cheat.

    Hotwifing can make your woman less likely to cheat in the future because she doesn’t need to. She is having another penis with your permission. These type of relationships generally make the partnership with your woman that much more trusting and open. Next time she feels the urge to have sex with somebody else, she doesn’t need to go behind your back and do it—she can simply invite you to watch.

    Since the release of 50 Shades of Grey and other naughty erotica novels, people are becoming more open to trying new sexual things. You only live once, so why not help fulfill your partner’s biggest fantasy and watch her have sex with another man? You can search online at a swingers website to find somebody, or even ask one of your friends if you are comfortable with doing so. People think that cuckolding can hinder a relationship, but it does the exact opposite and makes your connection better than ever.

    1. A frequent commenter called Lisbon (known as Dipen among blackpill/MGTOW youtubers) tried this out of desperation, but in the end he couldn’t fool himself. He just couldn’t be happy in such a relationship and ended it. Some guy who claimed to be a friend of his later wrote in a comment on this blog that Lisbon had also ended his own life. Don’t repeat his mistake of lying to yourself just because you’re frustrated with being alone.

      In my opinion you’re better off focusing on making money so you can take a vacation in a third world country. See if you can find a decent woman there. Several white incels have testified that this has worked for them. Of course if you find “true love” you may have to move to that country to maintain the relationship, but I consider this less of a sacrifice that pretending to be something you are not: a cuck.

    2. How do you know if i’m not a cuck?

      I need to ask you:

      How cuckolds are created? How men become Cuckolds?

      I hope Aaron answer too.

    3. I find his comments repetitive and of little value. After observing him for a while, I have decided to ban him.

    4. @Nokia105europe:
      I know you’re not a real cuck because a true cuck would never identify as incel.
      A true cuck is supplicating to women. He would gladly pay to watch porn where attractive women are fucked by other men, and feel that it is his privilege to financially support the woman in this lifestyle. A true cuck would rather “prep a bull” to bang his wife than bang her himself. A true cuck would gladly sleep in the shed while his wife cuddles all night with another man.
      But you are bothered by the fact that YOUR dick isn’t get wet with pussy juice. This means you are not a true cuck, just a desperate incel grasping for copes in the wrong place.

    5. By letting your girlfriend or wife fuck other guys, she is “less likely to cheat”. This article is idiotic.

  4. I’m going to use Nokia105europe’s cuckold trolling as an opportunity to see if anyone has heard of the “parasite pill” conspiracy:

    In a nutshell: the elites allegedly maintain control through the use of a “parasite hivemind”, deliberately infecting everyone with demonic parasites to make them weak, sick, and yearn to engage in deviant behaviour – e.g. homosexuality, beastiality, cuckolding.

    The clot shots fit into this because certain metals in the bloodstream make a person more susceptible to parasites.

    It’s definitely in kook territory, but it does have elements of plausibility, in that deliberately untreated parasites that cause illness could be very beneficial for pharmaceutical company profits.

    1. Well, toxoplasma gondii makes lesser animals engage in potentially self-harming behavior in order to cruise through the food chain into its promised land inside a cat’s belly. To humans, it just makes them very sick, but I guess the same principle could be applied some day to create that kind of parasite.

    2. @Manuel S Yes, like crickets being driven to drown themselves, which would tie into “eating ze bugs”.

      I will note I’m an optimist, so I don’t think insects as food will ever be widely adopted or even forced, but I’m sure a sizable segment of the virtue signalling left will give it a try. Will be interesting to observe from afar the effects it has on them.

    3. Someone recently leaked one of the set menus of the recent COP27 climate change event. The main course was wagyu steak. Hell will freeze over before the elites will eat bugs, but they will surely try to push this onto the goyim.

    4. Kind of unrelated but I read an argument recently claiming that if you just raise a head or two of cattle and freeze the meat, you end up killing way less animals than if you were a virtue signaling veg-tard. The argument basically stated that to produce enough calories to sustain yourself as a vegan, the amount of land you have to till, the heavy machinery used during harvest, the pesticides etc. to grow enough produce kills thousands more small mammals and insects, as well as upsetting the lifeforms in the local creeks and streams, than if you just ate the meat. Leftards obviously don’t make the connection, and just equate eating fruits and vegetables as benevolent at face value.

    5. This kind of short-sightedness seems very common among the left. My favorite is them demanding that we let in unaccompanied minors, and clothe, shelter, and feed them, because “they are children”. Of course, this completely ignores the anchor babies phenomenon, and also that those supposedly cute and harmless children may very well grow into gang-bangers and welfare recipients. Well, the next Syrian we turn away may be the next Steve Jobs, bigot, so better get used to housing a gazillion more third-worlders!

    6. @Pickernanny: raising cattle free range where they just graze on a field is indeed more ecological and involves killing fewer animals than being a vegan. But almost all the animal protein we eat in the west comes from Concentrated Animal Feeding Operations where the animals are fed grains. The CAFO system means that more small mammals and insects are killed to create a given amount of calories than the equivalent vegan food (for example, just eat the grains yourself instead of raising cattle with it).
      Circular farming is the best, but it just can’t support our huge global population.

      People talk shit about the elites for their depopulation agenda, but in my view it’s inevitable that we’re going to have a huge die-off at some point, at least half the global population. Doing this in a controlled, carefully thought out manner may be the best. Preferably they would weed out the dumbest people with the lowest potential. The coof seemed promising since the risk of death was linked to obesity, and obesity is linked to poor self-control. Alas, the coof was just to harmless to make a dent in the over-population problem.

      Unfortunately it seems the elites’ plan is not to weed out the mentally weakest people which is disappointing to me. Still, the smartest people will realize what is happening and avoid the purge, so there is some hope this will turn out positive from a eugenics perspective.

    7. Meanwhile, the elites are pumping billions into Africa, propping up a population that would, for the very most part, be unable to sustain itself. Of course, they do this while they tell you that you need to reduce your CO2 footprint. I think that the elites have degenerated to the point where they can no longer think critically and instead look up to those that came before them with unbridled and blind reverence. Thus, they happily implement the Kalergi plan, not realizing that it has completely gone of the rails, as the result is not a more controllable and somewhat less intelligent kind of man, but a population that is unable to even maintain civilization. This aspect is captured wonderfully in the documentary Empire of Dust.

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