Female Managers and Female Leadership Skills

A few days ago I came across a video that summarizes how well a team of women did compared to a team of men when given the task of surviving on a tropical island. You can watch it below. I will list some of the biggest weaknesses of the women, and follow-up by comparing this to my experiences with female managers. First, enjoy the video:

Some of the key parts of this video are that the women:

  • Struggle to establish a chain of command
  • Struggle to set up a division of labor
  • Rather sun-bathe than doing any useful work
  • Get lost in the jungle
  • Turn animals that could be eaten into pets
  • Abandon said pets on a whim
  • Eat rotten meat
  • Throw away tools that would be useful for survival
  • Are convinced that they are “winning”

I found this video rather interesting to watch and, of course, I never laughed at any of the misfortunes that befell any of these women. While the standard defense is that those women are only a sample of the population, or that this was “just a TV show”, I think that people who have had a female manager may have a rather sober view of the leadership potential of women.

I had few female managers, and also a small number of supposed peers of the fair sex. Yet, I cannot say that I encountered a lot of competence in this group. Allegedly, before wokeism had taken over the world, there were competent women in the workplace, often rather masculine looking ones. In fact, once I was interviewed by a female engineer in her late 40s, in the final non-managerial and non-HR interview, no less. She looked like a butch lesbian and was possibly on the autism spectrum. I had no reason to doubt her competency, but this is not the kind of woman you normally encounter in the modern workplace (yes, I got offered that job).

A bad female manager is essentially like a bitchy high-school chick, except older, likely no longer fuckable, and oftentimes nastier. It is worse when those women are unattractive because they often want to unleash their pent-up frustration from their decades on this planet without even having gotten railed by Chad on whoever comes their way. They rarely are technically competent. This is quite prevalent among today’s tech companies, but maybe this is becoming a little less so given the current wave of layoffs. In contrast, no incompetent man gets hired in order to “increase diversity”. Perhaps you should even pity female managers, but given their pay, this would be somewhat misguided.

One of the main aspects of the job of a manager is to set direction for their team. Of course, to do so effectively, you need to have domain knowledge and you also need to have a clear idea what your team needs to build and how it can get there. Now, imagine someone being told to run a team or a department who has not clue what they are doing. What inevitably happens is that they settle into some kind of reactive style of management where they look for immediate fixes, while completely ignoring any negative long-term consequences. This is partly due to them not even understanding those. Well, probably this reminds you a lot of how our feminized political class acts.

I was once told by a female manager to stop work on a months-long project because it “was taking too long”. She had no idea of the complexity of the work, and she also did not understand that the status quo was no longer sustainable. In short, this woman was a complete fucking idiot. Yet, she thought that I was wasting my time on this and that I could achieve a lot more by working on a string of smaller (yet insignificant) projects. There are several moves you can make. If you are cynical, you just agree, do the minimum amount of work to not get fired, and keep drawing a paycheck, but in the long run, this is just not very satisfying.

Ad-hoc decision making is another big issue with incompetent female managers. Yes, of course, I could say the same about incompetent male managers, but for some reason these all get washed out before doing too much damage. I simply never had a male manager who was even remotely as incompetent as any of the female managers I have had. (The best one of them was completely indifferent to what anyone did and spent her days on social media.) A manager making ad-hoc decisions on what you should work on is highly disruptive. Imagine you work on project A, only to get told to pick up project B instead — and the ditz may try to start some drama the week after, demanding to know why you are ignoring her orders and stopped working on project A!

To deal with horrible female managers, I began using email. If I got a dumb request, I just sent an email to her after a meeting to confirm that I would now do X, Y, Z, as we had just discussed. You could not believe how annoyed this cunt was when I referred to email chains that completely contradicted what she said in a team meeting. Of course, butting heads with your manager is not a good idea, but at some point you are just too fed up. Well, as I wrote in another article a while ago, women can help you advance in your career, albeit unintentionally, so even such levels of incompetence can be seen as a positive. In any case, be it on a tropical island or in the workplace, you probably do not want to be subjected to the leadership of a woman. Death or bankruptcy await you.

12 thoughts on “Female Managers and Female Leadership Skills

  1. Here is another video showcasing female leadership, with a BIPOC woman incessantly boasting about her leadership position, which she surely only got because of her competence. It is quite puzzling that she demonstrated absolutely no leadership ability outside the workplace. If given the choice, I do not think anybody would want to work for her. Of course, some people think they cannot easily quit, and if you are, like in this case, a firefighter with roots in the area, then getting a new job in your field may indeed be difficult to impossible:

    1. This is the correct video. The BIPOC female is not shown in the image, but she features quite prominently in the video. She boasts about her leadership role in a fire brigade, and displays extremely poor leadership when interacting with her host family.

    2. Just from looking at the image you can guess whose idea it was to become swingers, and who is reluctantly dragged along.

      I imagined it would be cringey, but I underestimated by how much. I skipped some parts, but unless I missed something, what they are doing does not seem to be swinging nor polyamory. It looks more like they have an open relationship where she is cuckolding him most of the time.

      Swingers would go on dates together with other couples, or meet them at a swinger club, and exchange partners for sex. But both would be doing this together, you get to fuck the other guys girl too. Ideally, there is no longer term contact between them either, it is truly no strings attached to the other couple (of course if you frequent the same club you may run into them again).

      Polyamory is where there is supposedly a relationship that goes beyond the occasional sex. This rarely works out well AFAIK, the only way it may work out is in a polygamous setup where a very dominant male has 2 or more females attached to him (poligyny, to be more specific). Thats how it has been historically in primitive times, and women have a higher tolerance for their partners having other women. Even so, the women are rarely equal, there is always an official wife or a favorite, if the others are not happy with theyr subordinate status thats a recipe for drama.

      In contrast, poliandry (1 woman with several men) is extremely rare, very few societies have practiced it. Men are much less tolerant of their partner being sexually accessed by other males, most likely because the paternity uncertainty factor (A woman knows her child carries her genes, but as a man how do you know you are not wasting your resources helping to pass on someone elses genes? Before DNA testing there was almost no way to know)

      I think some people getting cuckolded like to use the term polyamory because it carries less stigma than getting cuckolded, but they are kidding themselves.

  2. @Yarara
    I think a lot of first timers sign up for polyamory because they are hoping to bag additional women, but it doesn’t work out as well as planned.

    Even some guys with options try it with one relationship. And then see the scoreboard in six months is 15:2 and never sign up for it again.

    1. I have an arrangement of that kind with my current regular girl. During the last year, the scoreboard has been going 18-1… in my favor ?

    2. Not to sound naive, but I am pretty certain about it. I know her enough to know she is not cheating or lying. And there is no reason to, anyway.

    1. https://nitter.it/biancoresearch/status/1593567140950540288

      “Supposedly Twitter has lost 90% of its staff (7.5k to 750).

      The fear is this app stops working soon.

      Or is the real fear that it does not and it sends a powerful message to the rest of Silicon Valley, and even all of corporate America, about true staffing needs?

      Anyone remember the 1981 PATCO air traffic controllers strike? And how Reagan fired all of them?

      The fear was planes would be crashing everywhere. It did not happen.

      Instead it was a catalyst to breaking unions in the US.

      Just a thought”

      Downside: now they’ll just have even more time to REEEEEEEEEEEEE for gibmedats from the 10% still working.

    2. Tech is incredibly overstaffed. There is a very good comment further down in this thread where someone writes that software engineers (in reality: the “Product” team) is always looking for new features to build, regardless of whether they are necessary or not. Rarely will any manager admit that their feature or tool is now complete and can be put into maintenance mode. However, the bloat added due to diversity hiring is much worse. I have witnessed entire teams doing virtually nothing for months. Presumably, they did not work a lot, and when they did work, they produced garbage. One particular case I am familiar with is particularly egregious because this team was supposed to build a data processing feature I had implemented myself once, in the course of one afternoon.

      Twitter is still working fine, despite Musk firing about 4,000 of their close to 8,000 employees, and sending 4,000 out of 5,000 contractors packing. Then some blue-haired diversity hires resigned in protest, so the company may well be down to about 3,000 people right now. Claims of there being only about 750 left seem sensationalist. In a tech forum, someone made the unsubstantiated claim that there are fewer than 300 people left, without posting any proof, and a majority of people seemed to believe it at face value. In contrast, we have evidence of people doing hardly any work at Twitter. Think of all those “day in the life of a female software engineer/product manager” videos, or those Project Veritas videos where senior engineers talked about people not showing up for work for months, or himself only working about four hours a week.

      Musk recently tweeted a whiteboard picture of the Twitter architecture, perhaps not the whole of it but presumably the key part of it, considering that he actually sat down with engineers to discuss it. Looking at it, it is hard to see why it took thousands of people to maintain it. Quite frankly, just from using Twitter, without knowing anything about the implementation, it is baffling that this is a 1,000+ people company.

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